Noah Auspitz Is Not Gay, He Is Gay-For-Pay

March 5, 2013 Las Vegas, The Dirty 166


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you people need to stop hating on my boy Noah.  Here in Vegas he is a true GOD and every guy is jealous of him and wants to be him.  So what if he did gay porn?  He did it for money, not because he liked it… and everyone knows that if you are Gay-for-Pay, you are not gay, it is just a job.  Noah runs Vegas, that is why he is so famous here and that is why he gets to travel the world all the time.  Old and young rich men come to Vegas just to attend one of Noah’s parties, he has also been taking to very expensive vacations/gifts from these gay men, but he doesn’t do anything sexual with them.  Its more of an eye candy type thing.  So you guys can back off and go suck a Greg for free.  I said it once and I say it again, Gay-for-Pay is a term used for a straight man that only do gay stuff on camera… not in real life.

So if you are a Gay pornstar like Noah Auspitz you are not gay? How is that possible? So a guy just thinks of a girl while he is ramrodding some dude in the butt?- nik


Does Douchbag Promoter Noah Auspitz Tell Girls He Use To Do Gay Porn