Jessica Kimberly Luong Rips Off People

August 19, 2013 Dirty Craigslist, Montreal 280

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this B*tch Jessica Kimberly Luong from Montreal is really starting to piss the hell out of me. Not the first time I heard story about her ripping her friends off for money. I few friends of mine has been victim of her. She will always find a way to borrow money or give some sort of service to her friends for money. The worst is , she used the money to pay her vacations, she goes on vacation 5 times a year. She drives a Porsche Cayenne , always buying luxury jewelry and cam-self with it. She is one M*TFK*er B*tch stealing her friends money. A really sh*tty move by her. When the victims try to ask for the money back, she will always come out with excuses likeeeeee realllly sh*ttty excuses for example: Oh sorry didn’t see you call/msg last night – I won’t be in that area – I have to wait for my Boss to come back – I’ll ask my friend to give it to you (most one used) – my friend will pay you back for me . I’m like SERIOUS WOW. WHAT THE F** is going in her head scr*wing her friends like this. She deserves to be exposed about her dirty rip off. If you’re from Montreal and you know her. Better Unfriend her and cut any friendship with her before she scr*ws you guys over. The best of it, she mentionned that she works 5 jobs. ***Xtra Info, She changes Boyfriend every 1-2monthes like she was changing her undies daily ***

That pic at the gym is a scam, she doesn’t work out.- nik