THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, an update on Tohnni Jones. You had her before as “Cougar Trash.” She has just married rich sap hubby NO. 5, Patrick Whitt of Dallas, and now goes by the name Tohnni Whitt. I can’t believe she convinced another rich idiot to marry her. This woman is pure poison. She lies about EVERYTHING. She lists on Facebook that she is from Sweden – lie, that she went to a private school in Hawaii – lie, that she has an MBA – lie. She has no college and did not even finish high school. She ran away as a teenager and was a prostitute for a while. She has lived in Hawaii briefly, but only as a rock band groupie. She is a very practiced con artist, a liar, a cheater and a scammer. She is a master manipulator who seems to be able to convince people of anything. But every single word out of her mouth is a lie. Tohnni is not even her real name, she made it up. If you google Tohnni Jones State of Michigan, you will find court documents from a custody fight she went through up there. When an appeals court calls you a “psychopathic liar” “a con artist, a scam artist” and says your life is “a circus” or “like a soap opera” with a “revolving door of jobs and men” you know something is very wrong. She is a horrible mother who has 4 kids with 4 different men and treats all of them terribly. They stay away from her as much as possible, but they act the part of the happy family when she demands it, because they are still terrified of her. She screws everything that moves, whether she is married or not, or they are, and prefers boys in their early 20’s. She married this new guy’s money, she does not love him any more than the last 4, and she already bitches behind his back about everything from his receding hair line to his performance in bed. I don’t know when these rich guys are going to figure out that fake boobs, fake hair, fake teeth, fake tan, botox, lipo, and other various plastic surgeries and enhancements do not necessarily mean a person is what you want in your life. Once she has you, and you get to see the psychotic rages for yourself, you might have second thoughts. She is a sociopath and a disgusting whore. I guess she is still making her living on her back, she is just doing it one rich man at a time. All of Dallas needs to be warned, she has conned so many people out of money, and destroyed so many marriages is several different states. She destroyed my parents marriage without a second thought. After she tears up enough of you in Dallas, she will move on to another state and start again. Buyer beware!

That lifestyles one way to keep yourself off the job force…Just saying.- nik