The Girlfriend Josh Groban Ignores

January 21, 2014 Manhattan 519



THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, this is my friend, Rachel Beider, a massage therapist from Brooklyn, NY who has been with Josh Groban since 2012. She loves him to death. The problem is Josh pretends he doesn’t know her in spite of their red carpet pictures together and evidence of their affair. She’s a great girl but he treats her like dirt and says he’s single when asked in interviews. Everybody in Williamsburg, Brooklyn knows about them; there’s nothing that she wants more than to be acknowledged as his girlfriend. He will hit on models on twitter, take old girlfriends on tour and his fans, mostly horny middle-aged women, have already started to notice his behavior. Rachel suffers a lot because of his behavior and it shows. Her family members are very concerned and watching the act he puts on just to pretend Rachel is not a part of his life. I think Josh is a perfect example of a good boy image built just for his fans.

Rachel, why are you wasting your life. Josh is never going to marry you. You are just a sex vessel.- nik