August 18, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Manhattan, New York, Tucson 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Courtney Strickland. I met her at the University of Arizona in Tucson AZ. She’s now in New York City. She has a major case of “yellow fever”. She threw herself at me almost immediately because I was Japanese. I heard rumors she was had fcked nearly every other Asian exchange student while we were supposedly “dating”. She even slept with my best friend, at a party we went together. When I went back to Japan, she immediately hooked up with some other asian guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s cheating on that guy too. So if you’re asian, and want an easy fuck, look her up.

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Breanna Alyse

July 21, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Just another crazy tweaker chick. Basic run down from october to now. Her bf left her because of her drug problem in october. She was acting violent and wouldn’t contribute to the household. After he left she called his work multiple times looking for him and creating lies to get him fired. She then stalked him to wear he was moving to after he got off work at midnight. After she found out he was with one of his friends she went home and got every single thing he owned that was left in the house and ripped it up, poured bleach and oil all over it and threw it on his friends car. 2 days later she was obviously high out of her mind and showed up at his new residence, banging on the door in the middle of the night demanding to see him. They decided to call the cops instead. After not being allowed to see him she decided it would be a good idea to run her car into his friends. Yes crash her car into his friends. Did I forget to mention she had a BABY IN THE BACKSEAT. Cops later filed a report, she was charged with criminal damage and restraining orders were set in place. Shortly after, Breanna totaled her car and faked a pregnancy to try and get attention… After getting evicted from her apartment, Breanna convinced her now, Ex-boyfriend\’s mom to let her move in. That didnt last very long, she was discovered doing drugs around the kids in the house and was kicked out. But by that time she had a new man on the hook. Daniel took care of her by getting an apartment with her and driving her all over the place and helping her with whatever she wants. At this time it is March and Bre still doesn’t have a job. After Daniel calls bre out on her drug problem and laziness Breanna freaks out again. Fortunately her rich aunty has bought her a new car and bre decides she doesn’t need daniel anymore, he is cool with it and moves out but leaves her with a check for the nexts months rent. She cashed it for drugs and a tattoo and tries to blame daniel for the missing money and apparently a midding bong…. so here we are in july and she is now homeless and jobless and lookijg for someone to take care of her. Watch out men, its saif that she might not be in tucson anymore but san diego or phoenix. ….

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Nick McClure, U of A Liar

July 2, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Scottsdale 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Long short story: Nicholas McClure (Nick) wanted to hook up with me, despite the fact he is not really into non-white geeky ladies like me and I wasn\’t really interested in a one-night stand, FWB or NSA, but I finally relented. After we got drunk while I was on meds, he did some risky things I requested, he took video (without asking me), he left a hickey and two bruises on my left breast, and I reconsidered my position on the FWB agreement he proposed, he said that what happened was fun, but he really didn\’t want to do it again. He went on about how terrible he felt after watching those videos, that he deleted them and wished me luck with my stuff because he talked to his ex and he wanted to get back with her. What took me over the edge was that he gave me advice on finishing school because it \”will help improve my life and my potential opportunities too”. Not only he made me feel like a worthless slut because I hooked up with him, but he made me feel like a complete loser dropout when in reality I took a couple months\’ break due to burnout and I was going back. Because of that stuff and my anxiety, I cried for more than five hours. I really don\’t care about the dude besides the fact he was cute (he’s an U of A fratboy and admitted to potentially assaulting another student). Sorry dude, but every man who makes me cry for any reason doesn’t realize I get stronger and ready for a fight. I’m sorry your ex will fall for your crap again.

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Tubby Tabby Is Back In Tucson

June 25, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 56




THE DIRTY ARMY: Guess who is back living in Tucson. That’s right Bull frog Tubby Tabby! He so call love of her life/ pump/ sugar daddy left her & kick her to the curbside! Now she has no where to go but once again she is back to being a stripper & working at TD’s West or Tens to make her wannabe money. Poor Tubs! Maybe one day a man Will respect you until then guys keep you Greg out of the cum dumpster!!!!

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520′s Grimiest!

June 23, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: If you don’t already know who this fat disgusting pig is it’s the pretend famous Jalal Al-Ajam! Tucson, AZ’s Grimiest! This low life bastard goes around sleeping with girls spreading drdS!!! LADIES!!! DO NOT FALL FOR HIS LAME, BUSTED ASS GAME!!! This guy thinks he’s so damn fine with his ridiculous hipster glasses and lice infested beard! I’ve never met anyone so gross! Yuck! This idiot also claims to be famous because strangers like pics of his ghetto, tacky, ugly shoes on instagram! Haha he’s such a joke! People beware of this lying, cheating, dirty, sick, piece of shit, broke bastard! He ruins lives!!!

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Tucson Car Scene

June 17, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Angela Taylor of Tucson Arizona. She is one of the biggest two-faced, backstabbing, manipulative, Homie hoppin, Attention Whore Drama Queens of this generation. If there is any kind of drama in the “Car Scene” you can bet your ass this little bitch is involved. She has to be the center of everything. If she’s not, well then you can bet your ass that she is gonna create shit just so she can be in the center of it. Now let me get to the guys. She is what you call the modern day Homie Hopper. She will come out one night with one guy and say that she’s dating him, and then the next weekend she would be coming out with some other guy. This girl is only 17 years old and has probably fcked more guys than a prostitute on Hollywood Boulevard. So if you don’t want your own name slandered and rumors spread about you, then steer clear of this chick. She is bad news, and will go around Talking shit about anyone that she doesn’t like and spreading rumors about people she even considers her “Friends”. So this is a fore warning to anyone in the car scene to stay away from this chick.

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Hypochondriac Cheater

June 5, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty sloot is a major hypochondriac. She’s ALWAYS sick or has something wrong with her. Its because she has daddy issues so she needs the attention. She never brushes her teeth or her fish trap. She claims to be allergic to soap. She\’s just nasty. She befriends girls and then gossips about them behind their backs. She has her husband wrapped around her finger. Before she got with Travis she would get with random men and tell them to cm inside her because she wanted to get knocked up and when they try and dump her she would claim she\’s pregnant. Also it’s not that shocking but Travis isn’t even her daughter’s father. She cheats on him all the time but he is in denial. Julie prides herself on being an ex her*in addict yetshe pops pain pills and when she runs out she goes back to the ER to get more. Julie Fucks a guy at her fast food job in the freezer. Nasty. Julie is a narcissist that feels like she has to prove her life is better than yours. Julie fled state because she is determined to make Travis father a little girl that isn’t his and no one could tell him where he is that she isn’t his. Alright Nik let’s put this hypochondriac cheating home wrecking sloot on blast!

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John Clark III Is A Womanizer And Junkie

May 26, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is John Clark III from Tucson Arizona. He is a womanizer and junkie. He cheated on his Ex countless times and stole money from all his friends. He has never held a job from more then a month. Doesn’t have a car or a house. Not even a apartment to live in. He lives with is Mom. He has been on drugs for as long as I can remember. Drinks non stop and sleeps with any Tucson slut he can find at the Cow Pony. The sex wasn’t even that good. Small and uncut dick. His last girl friend kicked him to the curb. The girl he is with now can’t stand him and will soon dumb his ass. He has cheated before and will cheat again. He will take all your money and do drugs with it. Steal all your friends and act like it’s all fun and games. I just wanted other girls to know how much of a dirt bag John Clark III is. Ladies please don’t fall for his lies like I did. He is a jerk and coke head. He will always put the drugs before anyone else. Trust me. He tok everything from me. Thank You Nik for letting me put him on blast.

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