John Giles of Future POS

April 3, 2014 Butler, Pittsburgh 81 6,507 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: John Giles is the owner of future pos in butler pa and a few other cities. John often cheats on his wife with ME. This slime bag has more money then god. What does he use the money for? Hookers and drugs. No joke Nik. I have no idea how this loser got so rich. John is often seen with escorts right at his place of business. John Likes to belittle people and once offered a guy $100.00 to spit on him. Ill tell you what jerk. You need to be on Scumbag you are not better then anyone you let your disabled mother walk and ride the bus to work because you refuse to help her get a car and told her she needs to work harder. Like I said. SCUMBAG.Give your wife another drd John Your ugly wife only stays with you for further face lifts anyway. Broad is ugly as sin.

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Brittany Martin

December 4, 2013 Butler, Wichita 27 6,393 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Brittany Martin A.K.A Nilla. She is what the majority of us who grew up with her like to call the whore of the city. She is the type of girl who will say,or do whatever it takes to hide her true self. Brittany has faked pregnancy’s, had sex with her best friends boyfriends, cheated in every relationship she has been in and still continues to claim the title “Princess”. Brittany has lied countless times about troubles in her life for sympathy and even a good fck. Nik, please help us give this barely legal wannabe playboy bunny what’s coming to her.

Princess’s wouldn’t have that much trouble fitting into their pants.- nik

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November 25, 2013 Butler, Would You? 33 11,567 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I recently found this girl on twitter and completely fell in love. Nice thick body, blonde hair and just out of this world green eyes. I know she’s not your taste but I think she has great qualities. I just last week found it she’s a he…

Answer: No, those greg pleasers are disturbing, they look like cysts.

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Shelby White

November 8, 2013 Butler, Dirty Craigslist 2 6,051 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Shelby White were to start were to start ok i became really good with Shelby she needed help so i moved her into my apartment and helped her out i fed her supported her cigg habbit bout her clothes took her out places 100 percent supported her and never asked her for a single penny i will admitt me and her dated yes we are two bisexual female i introduced her to a guy friend only hoping we could all hang out and become good friends Shelby and the guy friend hooked up Shelby then threw me to the side like a piece of paper and left me for him a but Shelby was with a another girl named Shana before she got with me when they broke up and shelby got with me she told me a bunch of stuff about Shana saying she has alot of’s and even when she gets out the shower she still stinks really bad she said her house was so nasty and stunk like the 5 cats and 3 dogs she has and she said they dont change the litter box and there is roaches crawing over the stove when they are cooking and the place is just nasty and i can say that is really true because i have been to Shana’s house to hang with shelby and her one time and told my self i will never go back i had bed bugs biting me i thre my clothes i took with me away and i was affraid a roach would craw on me it was that bad but back to shelby we stayed friends she hooked me up with another girl and me and her are doing great then things start going down hill shelby wont do nothing with me she feels as if she is so madly in love with this guy she just thinks he is the most wonderfulest guy ever he has been ignoring his 5 kids just to make her happy when me and shelby was together she told me she was told she can have kids now that she is with this guy she has lyed to one of us cuz she is now saying she is prego idk what to believe alot of shit went down after me supporting her and being so nice to her she fucked me over ran her mouth and it was all lies i got kicked out my apartment and lost alot of stuff friends and much more because of her well it all came out the friend i lost is now my friend again he found out what she said was lies her man she is so in love with fucked another girl while he has been with her and he has mayjor plans to rob her mom he robbed his own nefew and much much more she went back and got with shana which is a true nasty cum guzzling bitch cuz y would u go back to a girl who has stds and u talked a bunch of shit about her she is such a nasty bitch it just creeps me out to know u go back to a girl who is gunna give u stds and to think if she is prego u think he is gunna take care of that baby when he dont even take care of his 5 kids wow your fucking nuts but when it all comes down to it she is one nasty bitch who needs help and she needs to wake up and relise he is not the greatest guy he is only wanting a girl to take care of him he is not looking for anything long term.

One handed selfies would trim away half your shoulder fat…just saying.- nik

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Lynette Antonelli

October 4, 2013 Butler, Pittsburgh 25 8,465 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: check it nik richie,this smutbis lynette antonelli. she is a cheating slore that shoots dope dancing drunk off her a** at bars. this b*tch blew me for h*rion on the corner of virgina ave and she countined to tell me about her daughters running butler trash with some pedofile by the name of justin castilyn. did i mention she told me that she cheated on her husband during the times she got knocked up with her three wh*re daughters? this smugly wh*re should be on butler trash. she leaves her house dirty with roaches and rat s**t for her grandkids to play in. nasty.

Whose been eating on the floor?- nik

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Amber Daugherty of ICT

July 22, 2013 Butler, Cougars, Wichita 162 9,264 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Amber Daugherty the Sloot of ICT is from a meth head family uses drugs herself. Her dealer name is (Severo Olivarez) Sleeps with anything that walks her 3 children all different dads unfortunatly Charlie signed the birth certificate on all 3 stupid move men. Everytime they split up she ended up prego. Well around the 5th Charlie caught her flickstering a guy named Johnnie C. Rogers a meth head druggie truck driveer out of El Dorado Picture of her nasty snatch. He walked in saw what she was doing and she called cops on him has him arrested for DV he didnt touch her but if i saw it and she was my ho I would smacked it up. So he goes to jail she has Johnnie boy come cristen the skank hole in there house. BTW she has no DL been suspended since 2011. This chick has sex with his best friend and numerous other guys he is associated with even tried to hook up with his cousin kevin.  (update Charlie is Paying for 3 months of her bills while she left him out in cold and she is mad he took her Chrysler 300 away (Patricia) I guess fun and fantasy wont meet there lol. She also thinks she is gonna get all her nills paid by SRS (they drug test now). Btw her tan looks Jaundis and her heir has a nasty red tint as well as her teeth could butter a buffet. BTW last picture is with her and her Cheating sloot best friend who cheats on her husband Andy ( sorry dude you had to find out this way) DeAndra Kistler.

Her hands look like they do hard labor…aka man hands.- nik

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Brian Rezzetano

June 28, 2013 Butler, Pittsburgh 4 8,861 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lets see where to start….He persued me and was quite charming in the beginning.I thank God that Im a very smart women and was able to see thru him and not fall for the bull!! He has a criminal history a mile long It will make any mother grab her daughter and run screaming into the night!! He is sentenced to house arrest beginning July 10th 2013 for his 3rd DUI yup 3rd DUI for 7 mths and is looking for compant to stand by him til hes done!!! LMAO!!! If thats not bad enough he has multiple charges of assulting his ex wife after she told him she may be pregnant w his child and he admitted doing it to the police.All can be verified thru the court of common please public record and also look up the Cranberry/Butler times!!!Also throughout the time with him things began to seem wrong( stories/excuses didnt add up)…So since I am much smarter than him I ended up finding out he is a preditor!! Hes on multiple websites seeking out NURSES yes RNs and he says hes a Resp Therapist(in nursing school~~ some rinky dink online thing which is a joke in itself cuz NO RN school will take him w his recent and ongoing record) I sure would never want him caring for my family or friends) well yes he is but license is suspended for working w/out renewing it!! Back to the websites!! I ended up finding out he was haveing sex w multiple women at the same time along w his ex who knew nothing of me until I contacted her. Then I came to find out he also was screwing around with many other women promising everyone the same bull..From the looks of it he copies and pastes the same to all women!!! Then he lives at home w mom and dad who support his no good lying azz and he has NO job..To top it off hes addicted to narcotics and his ex told me hes strung out on steriods also!!! Which now from experiencing his mood swings well lets just say he needs more help than any sex or drug rehab can give.He is a sick manuplitive man who prays on women who are just looking for an honest man to spend some time with!!! Oh ya lets NOT forget that he has a ………..drum role please A PENILE IMPLANT and lets just say the Drs FAILED him….seriously !! Now ladies let me say I am not vengeful or sad over this man.I told him from the beginning DONT LIE TO ME!!!! Dont play games.We are to old for that and if we dont work out whom ever just needs to say so NOT LIE LIE LIE then cowardly hide from you and wont speak to give ya truth…Unless of course it was when he got caught lying ,then he will practically be in tears beggin for forgiveness and another chance and promising to never do it again and hes trying to be a changed man ,a man of God he says!!!!! The only thing close to the bible this man is about are the parts about burning in HELL for your sins!!!!!!!SO again I dumped his sorry butt and I am doing this only because I am done with men who think they can lie and take advantage of women and use women!!!

You can start and finish saying he’s a nurse..nuff said.- nik

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Drunken Joke

May 31, 2013 Butler, Cincinnati 57 8,627 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Christo, the town joke. He tells everyone it’s his birth name to sound more italian, but his real name is Christopher. I hope this gets posted before he has drank himself to death. He is proud to be gutter trash. His lifelong dream of being a bartender is in full effect, because he has no other skills. He tried to sweet talk me into sleeping with him before I was even legal, but I knew better. Now he sticks to sleeping with his friends girlfriends, and his boss’s wife. His favorite shirt says drugs are wack, and he wears it while doing them. He used to let me drink for free but now I don’t even go in because he creeps on me. He defines the word drunk. Would you?….pull him out of a fire? I hope your answer is “No”

The truth won’t help, he already knows he’s a bum.- nik

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