Samantha Kaiser

October 21, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Samantha Kaiser is a nasty prostitute.When she’s not with her baby daddy she’s out turning tricks mostly to the Arabs. She commits welfare fraud living off taxpayers dollars and making hundreds every month from hoeing. The bitch pawns her kids off on people to babysit while she is out hoeing to make a living. Working until 5 am most nights. Then sleeps all day and her one and a half year old in two and a half year old have to fend for themselves going through the pantry digging for food. Her daughter is almost 3 years old and still is not potty trained. Be careful cause she likes to hook up with her friends baby daddies. She also told me that she has HPV and has gotten chlamydia. She has head lice really bad and so do her kids and she does not take care of it just trying to spread it around. She is hella sloppy when she drinks letting anyone grind on her at the bars and make out with any guy no matter what they look like. She is always taking selfies with her nasty ass teeth and beer gut. This girl or shall I say IT needs to calm down with her UGLY self and take care of her poor kids.

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Young Sloot of Chico

October 10, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: ni k this bitch is named Telicia Glaum, I dated her unfortunately, she is a big cheater. Loves her “best friend/brother” Ryan Fraser. They Fck every chance they get. She cheated on me so much and ryan had a gf at the time too. She broke up with him when she caught them. She is a fcking liar. Guys if you catch her cheating, she will self harm and blame it on you and get you with abuse and file a lawsuit against you. She also Fcks her dad Tyler. One night, noises were coming from her bedroom, he exited to the bathroom and she was all sweaty, claims the a/c wasn’t on. You guys put it together. She also tells guys she is a virgin and never had sex. Yet that is a lie. I fcked her so many times. Her pssy is stench. Nassttyy. She loves anal, toys, you name it. She needs to be on blast. Guys be very careful of this ugly ass troll and the ugly ass “brother”. Ryan works at safeway on east. They both think they are hot shit and if ya see pics she is nasty. Glad I opened my eyes. Ladies and men, run from them.

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Jessica Dirt Leg Castro

September 29, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik whats better than 1 dirtleg skank? Why 2 dirtleg skanks of course! Both Jessica Castro and Nicole Archibeque have been featured on the dirty in the past few years. And randomly they were hanging out together just LAST WEEK. Yes, indeed birds of a feather flock together…Yup. Jessica Castro graduated from highschool. That’s it, and that’s all this lazy, unmontivated, burnt out, 20 year old whore, will ever accomplish. Her days consist of putting on make up to take selfies on her so-called millionare, 65 trick-turned-boyfriends bed which sits on the living room floor of there luxury manufactured home. Or you might find her taking a selfie in the burnt holed, cat hair filled recliner that sits on the porch. Eating, smoking pot and cigs, and sending nudies to anyone that will reply, along with standing in line at the methadone clinic (the only exercise she gets) are the highlights of her day. And nooooo this whore didn’t fck my boyfriend but if I were you I would keep and eye out because she may be giving head to your father or grandpa behind closed doors. And…..she drives her trick-turned-boyfriends truck occasionally, unliscensed. FYI, this bitch still fucks for free and claims to have “game” but shes known to have been payed 10 dollars. So that’s an update on Jessica castro, just sayin.

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Nancy Bustami

September 3, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This girl is another Arab hooker. She has fcked the whole south side. She has married this sissy they call Sam. Only fool to be foolish enough to marry the hoe. She treats him like a pssy. She be Checkin him and putting him in place all of the time. She’s fcking all NBA and NFL stars that come to Tjust SinBad hooka bar. What a whore. Her sister suck fat Dick as well. Her cousins the alias and the other bustami’s are also whores. Her sister Diana is another white married to that pilot who is fckin that lawyer reem odeh. They talk shit about all these people when they are the number 1 whores. This is one evil bitch.. She need to be put out there Nic. She can’t get away clean like this.

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Caelah Joelle Parsons

August 26, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: This one’s for you bro! My buddy told me about Caelah Joelle Parsons D.O.B. 11/4/82. Caelah has lived in Chico Ca. most of her life. She has 3 kids form 2 dads & she has HSV 1&2. Caelah has a large tattoo of black circles that represent “Scoirpio”. She was working at a Pizza place in the Chico mall last I saw her. My buddy had been in love with her since 7th Grade (almost 20 years). He knew about her super robo Slut past she convinced him that she had changed. To make a long story short, it all started out when my buddy had “hung out” with her a few times when she was house-sitting at a friend’s apartment. Then my Buddy helped her move into a new apartment on the second floor with her mom little brother & her 2 kids. She started making moves on my buddy & even convinced him to have unprotected sex with her even though she has  drd  She also told him to cum inside her, that she always loved him, wanted to get married & have kids with him. The whole time my super nice buddy was treating this girl that he knew was a total slut like a princess It turns out she was fcking a guy named Chase Chachi Moreau at the same time. She uses guys for financial gain. The last guy she was with promised to pay for an apartment for her and her kids. When he didn’t Caelah dumped him & moved in with Chase. Chase was traded for my buddy who is pretty wealthy. Last I heard she was still with Chase. However she was spotted on Tinder on 8-11-14 looking for more big dicks to infect.

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Alvey Gods Gift to Women And Men

May 26, 2014 Chico State 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Alvey. I was dating one of his roommates, who told me that Alvey one time slept with four different partners in one night. My ex told me that he only used protection with one of them, which was not even his girlfriend, just a high risk choice. He is the type of guy to have a few serious moments with you, and then make fun of you immediately after with his roommates.

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Chico State Sloot

May 12, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento, Would You? 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey this girl goes to chico state n is just dirty as can be her name is veronica leon. She gets freaky with just one drink n gives it up rite away how many of u guys would hit this? Btw she likes it raw

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Megan Yucker

May 8, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 155

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Megan Yuck Uecker. She just started working in Chico and has already fooled around with 7 guys here. Be warned Chico, this one has seen it all, won it all, done it all. How do you sleep with 7 guys you work with in under two months? Id tell you that she has drd or ***but this site is designed to be informative and I think people already kno that she may be a carrier just be meating her! Dont order tacos from this one.

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