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Daniel Duke Law’s Girlfriend Beater

May 15, 2014 Duke, Raleigh-Durham 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Daniel law school alum and military man also a top notch wolf in sheep’s clothing. This \”man” beats up on his girlfriends. He has already had charges and restraining orders brought against him by a previous ex and he has left his most recent ex black, blue and bloody. Girls need to be warned about this guy he seems sweet and innocent but he is far from it. But hey if the military/lawyer thing doesn’t work out maybe he has a decent career in drag?

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The Duke University Porn Star Is Delusional

March 19, 2014 Dirty News, Duke, Raleigh-Durham, The Dirty 186

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DA Strong! I love your site. Here in Raleigh, Duke University has a reputation for two things: Money and power (and maybe lacrosse douchebags). People who go to this university tend to do, well, better than some other graduates. Recently, however, Duke’s been getting some press for one of its undergraduate students, a girl who goes by the name “Belle Knox.” Knox is a “porn star,” and she’s been writing articles on how she’s a symbol of feminism and how the recent backlash against her profession (she was outed as a porn actress by a fellow student) is an example of how the patriarchy oppresses female sexuality. IMO, she’s delusional. What do you think? Does she have a point, or is she just trying to throw around the feminist card so that future employers won’t reject her?

Porn is for girls who give up on life… it masks much deeper issues that chicks don’t want to face. That’s why drugs and porn go hand in hand.- nik


The Duke Student/PornStar Miriam Weeks

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The Duke Student/PornStar Miriam Weeks

February 26, 2014 Duke, The Dirty 959

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so Miriam Weeks is the 18 year old Freshman college student at Duke that wrote that long article about how she’s doing porn on the side to pay for school. She goes by the name Belle Knox… she said that doing porn makes her feel “empowered” which of course made all the feminists in the country go wild.  She is insane and not attractive one bit, she asked everyone on campus to not ask her about porn… so why did she choose to do a huge article for the school paper exposing herself?

The Dean of DUKE should kick her out of the University. Porn and Blue Devils don’t mix.- nik

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Rodney Shoulars

February 25, 2014 Duke, Raleigh-Durham 68

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Rodney shoulars will use women for every thing thing that they have he will make u feel like its ur fault or its something to do with u he will take every thing u have he has drd. He gave them to me he won’t get tested when he has a out break cuz he don’t want it on paper that he has it all so heard he now has ai*s pleas lady’s if u see him run he’s on all the dateing wed sights

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Beverly Wayman Indenial Addict

October 18, 2013 Duke, Raleigh-Durham 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beverly wayman. The ” sweet ” caring person she tries to come off…as soon as she realizes you have something she wants. Money, dope and any drug you can think of. This so called woman will scheme you into thinking she is your friend then take advantage of what she can get from you. I’ve heard from numerous amounts of people who this girl has fcked over for drugs. This isn’t just coming from me personally but also a guy who she dated his friend. Here was the convo. “she was dating my boy back in the day and she tried to stab him and then stabbed her dog three times, this was all because he asked if she was cheating on him because he knew she was fucking other guys ” Please women and men. Stay clear from this chick, she talks about her so called girlfriends as well.

Just F’ed, not F’ed over.  I decided.- nik

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What Do You Think Of Carrie Now

June 9, 2013 Duke, Hollywood, The Dirty 10




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Carrie was posted here a couple years back- you said her nose was a little “African American” for you lol but seems like she got it fixed since then. I find her absolutely stunning! What would you say about her today??

Can I see real pictures, not artwork.- nik

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February 1, 2011 Chicago, Cinnamon Twist, Duke 33



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl loves to lick a good popsicle if you know what i mean. if its your bday hit this girl up for a bday surprise ..not realy a surprise cause you know whats going down anyways love driving and getting a lil he*d hit her up.

Is she rinsing her mouth out with windshield wiper fluid?- nik

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Brock Landers Loves The Strippers

December 13, 2010 Duke, Raleigh-Durham 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I find it ironic that your boy was a Duke lacrosse player.  We very well know what those guys have been up to in the past and there is no doubt in my mind Brock Lander’s got down like the rest but never got in trouble.  Now it makes sense why his posts were so detailed and so crazy.

Brock was my boy. We partied hard. He made Duke proud.- nik

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