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Deadbeat Dad thinks he’s a Model

July 22, 2014 Kansas State, Wichita 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy Joseph villalon just makes kids and don’t support them he does drugs but mainly coke and can\’t pay chikd support he likes to fck dirty old bitches and thinks he still has a chance to model… he cant even hold his shit in he’s shitted on himself a few times makes me wonder why he cant hold his shit in any bitches that date this guy beware he owes alot of child support so if you want to live with him at his moms or have him live with you and want to enjoy the dollar menu for the next 18year have at him…he can’t keep a job or anything…

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POS Kansas State Football Player

May 23, 2014 Kansas City, Kansas State 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik  this tough guy likes to make fun of kids with disabilities, calling them names and leading the charge to cause them problems. I don’t think this is the kinda player Coach Snyder would want, he is a pour excuse for a man. Hope his kids have a disability when they are born and they suffer the same fate that the kid Logan Thompson that he is a sad little boy that will never be anything g in life.

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Scumb Justin Logen

April 15, 2014 Kansas City, Kansas State 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this boi is a total mess. He fucks around on his baby mama he sleeps with anyone an everyone. His babies mother don’t need the shit he causes. He sleeps with all his friends women. I just don’t think he should have a chance with his baby mama. He has made her into someone I don’t know anymore. All he does is talk shit and fu** everyone. Ladies stay away he gave me an std and boys if you have your women around this boy be careful because he will try, I seen it myself. This boy should have been on here all along. He doesn’t even take care of his kid what a shame. Total loser. Thinks he’s hard too lmao

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Boner Boy

January 13, 2014 Kansas City, Kansas State 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is John Mies. He thinks just because his family has money he can do what ever he wants. He dates girls and tells them all the same thing’s, even as far as telling them what he wants to name their future kids. Also sleeps with them until he has had enough, also why’ll cheating on them the whole time with girls from his past. Every relationship ends because he makes up a reason to why he cant commit to anything more serious. I have first hand experience of how heartless this man is, He dated my friend, cheated on her and didn’t tell her until I had to black mail him into it. It was about time someone caught on to his sleaziness. She even told me one time he was chasing her around the bars trying to get her to go home with him and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. She tried everything then finally slapped him, called him a bitch and he started to cry. Any girl he has been with would agree that was a great sight to see. John needs to beware of where he is poking his peter, and every women needs to know not to waste their time on this cheating, worthless tool.

Whats up with his pits?- nik

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ICT Skanks

November 11, 2013 Kansas State, Wichita 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This little Ho ( Savanah Dee) HMU the other day while her BF was @ work. I left her drop by and hang out. My boy decided to hit it and here is is 3 days later and he is p@$sing blood and fire. When he put her in check she said it wasn’t her, that her and her BF “Worm” are clean. My boy didn’t know who her BF was but I know the punk. He has the warts that grow in moist areas south of the border. She is scum of the earth that has 3 kids her mom & dad had to take custody of cause of dope and jail. We have seen her walking the path on Broadway many of nights. Beware ICT another of our fine pin cushions has the stuff.

Come again?- nik

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Ryan the Tool

September 13, 2013 Kansas State, Wichita 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK THIS TOOL is Ryan Glennie. where do i begin? first off, he thinks he is hot shit as you can tell in his “muscle pic”, but notice his five head?? not to mention he looks ten years older than he is, and is going bald!! dudes only thirty something! hes a washed up drunk, no..not alcoholic, hes a straigh DRUNK. Even chose booze over his kid!! last i knew, he wasnt even allowed to see her. good thing too. I went to highschool with this dude, and he thought after the fact he was the man because he banged my girl a few years ago, after i was done with her for contracting the drd. you win jack ass! hows my leftovers?!! and your blistered dick?? dude has a girl, but still frequents the plenty of fish site, where hes a known chubby chaser. that poor girl “has faith” in him or whatever. dumbass. When he was with his baby momma, he used to smack her around, til she seen him in a couple fights. with myself included, and realized he was a pu$$y. Then she started beating HIS ass. dude cant even whoop a girl. and not like he didnt try. But she stomped a mudhole in his ass. funny shit. Every girl thats ever banged him, has always said he has a tiny dick. That would probably give me a complex too. As i said, dudes a tool. and thinks hes the badass of wichita. when in truth, hes a big pussy, free loading off his parents, dead beat dad, titty baby.who runs to mommy to solve all his problems. grow up fck stick. and if your ex is smart, she will keep you as far away from her kid as possible.

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Carl Walston Pays For Sex

June 25, 2013 Kansas City, Kansas State 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Carl Walston trolls around the KC area malls, looking for young girls that he offers a few hundred bucks to, for sex. Carl got one of these girls pregnant, when she was only 15. Carl is like 50, and refuses to give her a dime for his son, who is now 4 years old. He still trolls the malls, looking for his next victim. Someone should tell his wife..

That’s not surprising…- nik

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The Kansas City Beater

May 7, 2013 Kansas City, Kansas State 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this 23 year old predator likes to feed off of teenage girls and manipulate them. He cheated on his girlfriend Angie Romero with me and left me with an std. I broke it off with him as soon as I found out and he said that I couldn’t leave. He threatened to hit me and later I found out that I was not the first. He actually beat Angie and now she is emotionally traumatized. Please, this loser is out there on the Kansas City scene still preying on young girls. Every time he is out he has a high school girl in his arms. He has been in trouble for rape with multiple parents. Angie told me that she has a restraining order on him and he STILL calls her everyday. In the picture shown he is with his best friend Fabian, who also likes the teenage girls despite being out of high school for a couple of years. They probably have the same diseases. Oh, and he has a bed wetting issue that he blames on his “nervous system”. I had a rude awakening when I woke up covered in urine.

Click here for a life saver….you’re welcome.- nik

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