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Montana Girls

August 13, 2014 Billings, Montana State 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I won’t even ask would you because I already know the answer. Here are a few of the montana slews that we have all come to love. This picture pretty much sums up their life in a nutshell. Wasted, smoking cigs, in a trailer park. Guess which one is the stripper?

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Is Whitefish The New Aspen

July 14, 2014 Fake Equis, Montana State, The Dirty 43


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what is the attraction with douche millionaires going to Whitefish in Montana? Fake Equis was just there last week and I have noticed it has become the trendy place for those with a lot cash but not a bunch of class…

Whitefish is code for something… you do the math.- nik

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Mallory Henderson

March 13, 2014 Denver, Montana State 8

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Mallory naked no suprise

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Neuter this Dog

January 6, 2014 Las Vegas, Montana State 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Someone needs to put a leash on this dog and throw him back into a cage because he humps anything that moves. His name is Chris Roy Cheff III. He’s a substitute teacher in Montana and a Beachbody coach because he can’t get a real job. He once slept with a fifteen year old girl and has slept with at least one of his students. He owns his own Archery business, Grizzly Archery Programs, probably so he can get young girls to sleep with him. This POS fcked a fatty, knocked her up and then turned his back on his kid because he doesnt like children and he was embarrassed he was porking a porker. He was fucking fatty, a beauty school dropout and a married Russian skank named Amaliya Lillethun at the same time. Fatty and dropout finally wised up and kicked his cheating ass to the curb but the Russian left her husband for this douche bag and now he’s cheating on her with a chick he met online. He’s into orgies, three-ways, and lesbian porn. This guy is all over the internet on adult dating websites showing off his tiny junk. All women need to be put on notice that this nasty stray is running loose in the neighborhood. He’s a typical Mormon guy who claims to be god fearing but drinks his ass off, fcks anything with a pussy and steals their money. Once you have sex with him, you can’t get rid of him. When you dump him he cries like a little baby and begs you not to leave because he loves you so much. He always promises he will change until the next hairy bush comes along. This guy needs to be put on blast. He’s not hot shit, he sucks as a coach, h’s not a Christian and he has nothing to offer anyone…period. He owes his ex over $50,000.00 in back child support. Any woman that sleeps with him is committing beastuality because this guy is a dog. (Although I did hear that one of his AFF girls liked doing it with dogs – I’m talking to you Sally).

He’s into the boyish bodies (aka: forgy).  You can tell by his butt.- nik

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Smelly Fietz

October 22, 2013 Billings, Montana State 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Caty Fietz. She nasty. Debatably the nastiest. She’s a class ‘A’ homie-hopper, a drama whore, a hypocrite and a straight-up slut. As you can see in the first picture, she is DESPERATE for attention. The caption that went along with the photo was something along the lines of “this is me, if you’re mad or offended, idgaf, delete me.” She started a huge Facebook fight with a 17 year old girl because she thought this girl was talking smack about her. She later found out it wasn’t true and of course she couldnt let herself be made an ass of, so she just went along with it calling this girl immature and a myriad of other names, all on facebook for the world to see. She’s 20. Right? She is constantly complaining about how lonely she is and how secretly jealous she is that all her friends are in relationships yet she spreads her legs for any guy that looks at her twice. She is a raging alcoholic. Trusted sources have informed me that she can’t even afford her house because she spends so much money partying and drinking. Like this is the type of person who gets drunk at 11:00 in the morning. On a tuesday. Her immature behaviour and “lavish” lifestyle wouldn’t be so bad if she were making a decent living. She barely graduated high school and is currently working at McDonalds as a manager making $12.00 an hour. I know, wow. If only I could be making that kind of money and had the privilege of getting drunk every day but instead I have to go to college to get a career to make money to support my future family. As you can tell from the second picture, this is one classy individual. I don’t know about you, but someone who grabs another girl’s crotch while, in turn, has her own crotch grabbed by the same girl is a fine dime piece. I look at that picture and my mind just screams “dating material.” Look how bad-ath she is.In addition, she has a creepy-close relationship with her brother. Like, tattooed-his-face-onto-her-ribs creepy-close. And hey, I have nothing against close-knit families. But they’re a little too close for comfort. They take creepy intimate pictures together, oh and did I mention she has a picture of his face tattooed right next to her boob??? The last two pictures really capture her personality. I like to call them the “*Don’t* look down my shirt,” because well, she’s posting a picture of herself where her cleavage is obviously the focal point, yet when someone makes a comment about her boobs, she gets incredibly offended. While we’re on the subject of her nasty boobs, let’s look at that first picture again and notice how one of boobs is substantially bigger than the other. Ew. On top of all of this, she has disgusting teeth. She tends not to smile with her teeth in most of her pictures, not that I blame her, they’re horrendous. In closing I would just like to say that this girl needs to be taken somewhere and put with her own kind. She’s a terrible human being and I’m sick of her tormenting people because she’s insecure about herself. Plus, she nasty.

She won’t be very good at scamming people eating Mcdicks every day.- nik

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ADPI Is The Model Sorority

September 18, 2013 Dirty Greeks, Marquette, Mississippi State, Montana State, Montclair State, The Dirty 136



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m so sick of people on this websites claiming ADPI has ugly girls. That is not true, all you other jealous sororities mind your own damn business. Don’t be jealous because ADPI runs your campus. Yeah maybe Iowa has easier girls to sleep with, but other campuses are not like that. We don’t really consider Iowa real ADPI’s. So stop with your insults and give us the damn respect we deserve!

Nice shorts… is it just me or does it say “STD Day” on their shirts in the first image. I think the point the OG Iowa poster was trying to make is that ADPi has beat chicks (across the board).- nik

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Sonya Fools Men

January 30, 2013 Billings, Montana State 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok so nik this nasty beat up looking bitch Sonya Huelsman Woods thinks she is the hottest person in the world. She thinks that she is god’s gift to men, and she thinks that she is a model. LMAO. She is a stalker. I’m mortified everytime I log onto my account and see that she’s viewed it 20x. She actually thinks that people are jealous of her ugly ass. She looks like an aids patient hooked on crck. I don’t think that taking pictures in a dark hall or on your kitchen counter with your legs open showing the world your rotten gash is modeling. Someone should beat her in the face with a brick to make her look better. I think that is a 12 year old boy. What do you think?

That emails about to blow up.- nik

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UPDATE: Dirty Jennifer Welsh

December 17, 2012 Montana State 83

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is a pic of Jennifer Welsh with a group of guys she sleep with hope yhry know what she has i think she needs to put her bra back on before her boobs hit her knees what do you think?

You know you still live at moms house when you put a towel down on the table.- nik

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