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Another Football Player Beating Up On A Woman

December 16, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Oklahoma State, The Dirty 179

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Tyreek Hill who savagely beat his pregnant girlfriend and got arrested. He told the cops that he was arrested “because she is white and he is black” so he’s a racist women beater. At least OK State kicked him off the football team which is more that you can say about Florida State and their rapist, crab stealing QB. Mike Gundy is more of a man than Jimbo Fisher could ever be.

I really hope Oregon wins it all this year.- nik

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Stillwater Public Schools Cuts All Safety Officers 18 Months After Shooting

March 28, 2014 Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, The Dirty 10


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Stillwater Public Schools in Oklahoma needs the DA’s help. There was a school shooting in 2012, and now the district is cutting all of the school resource police officers to save money. Why are they broke? They spent 7 million on buildings, $70,000 on cell phones for coaches and admin, $150,000 raises for several thousand administrators, and although the district is facing huge deficits, even cutting the music program for special education students, they are not touching athletics. Help us keep Stillwater kids safe by getting this news out. The O’Colly, OSU’s newspaper, is covering the story, but The Dirty has a much higher profile. College students can vote in board elections and are a part of the Stillwater community, we want the OSU voices heard.

I wouldn’t want to go to a school that needs to rent police officers. Doesn’t sound safe at all.- nik

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Laura Sikes Is So Vain

March 20, 2014 Oklahoma State, The Dirty 87

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Laura Sikes, this b*tch has got to be the biggest cry for attention ever. She bounces from guy to guy and has no idea what the hell she wants. She tweets about how no men are interested in her just to get men to tweet back how they are. She is so vain. She laughs at her own jokes that aren’t even funny. She has no self-identity. She is always trying to act a certain way to get men to notice her. The truth is, everyone notices her…we just don’t pay her desperate thirsty ass any attention. She’s always in a relationship… fresh out of one and right into a new one. She wastes no time. Who the f*ck can’t be comfortable with themselves. No one wants you to take all that damn baggage to a new relationship. Then she’s got the nerve to talk about how she’s ready to have a family. Uhhh.. the desperation is so depressing, but it’s also hilarious.

The armpit cleavage makes me think her boobs might be real.- nik

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EXCLUSIVE: Country Star Gary Allan Has Been Spreading STD’s

November 12, 2013 Oklahoma State, The Dirty 560

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Gary Allan is a country music star who I got herpes from. My friend and I were picked out of the audience last year at one of his shows in Oklahoma. My friend was with CJ the steel player, and I was with Gary. He told me he was clean but I found out I had herpes. Gary gave me no way of contacting him.  After checking twitter, I noticed there are pictures of him like the one I sent you almost every tour night so goodness knows who he got the herpes from. This douchebag needs to be stopped. Nik, I have faith in you that you will help me and the countless women who’ve been infected by him, thanks.

He kind of looks like a fat Kevin Bacon.- nik

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Multiple Personality Disorder

October 25, 2013 Oklahoma State, Reno 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kenzi Viser from The Biggest Little City In The World A.K.A Reno, Nevada. She is a very confused soul… Sometimes she is a ghetto black chick, sometimes she the whitest girl in Starbucks, sometimes she’s a alleged tattoo model, sometimes she doesn’t know who she is. A few years ago, she moved out of Reno due as an attempt to escape the scrutiny and ridicule of everyone after she was exposed for being a homie hoppin, home wrecking whore! This girl has well over 30 confirmed bodies in her. She was married but couldn’t keep them dark ass chocolate logs closed. All she does is post online about stacking paper, going to medical school and how she’s getting signed to a major tattoo modeling agency. She can’t keep her story straight with anyone because all she does is lie about every single aspect of her life. She acts as if she’s some ultra religious god fearing woman, but then minutes lAter she’s talking about getting turnt up. Spending one day with her is like hanging with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. She’s calm one minute, snapping out the next, and then you never know what you’re going to get with her multiple personality disorder. Nik, please help.

Getting tattoos that make people look up your pants…classy.- nik

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Dirty Darcie

September 17, 2013 Oklahoma, Oklahoma State 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone this is Darcie Palmer.. She is a nasty no good smelly fat whore. Who claims to make thousands of dollars, being a “dominatrix”. When indeed she’s a broke bitch, no body wants to hire her. She can’t even afford to make her car payments, a gold digger, a terrible role model for her daughter, she will suck any dudes dick in a tattoo shop for some new ink, pathetic, worthless, sold c*ke to support herself (keep in mind she has a 4 year old daughter but wants to make fun of people who do drugs.) She post herself on craigslist, backpages, fetlife, and get sick amusement out of taking money from people who do not have it. She now got back with her ex because he has a job, but a year ago he was beating her. haha. Be warned this bitch will play nice, lure you in, pay for your shit, then take everything you have, and will use her daughter as an excuse. So Moore Oklahoma stay out of this troll bitch’s way.. Cause she will ruin your life. Nappy headed, troll ass, pretending to have lupus for sympathy.. HAHAHAHA The things pathetic people will do for a little bit of attention. That’s all folks. TROLL ASS BITCH.

Love the hair…(heavy eye roll).- nik

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Swinger Body Builder and his Girlfriend

June 26, 2013 Dallas, Oklahoma State 180

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this meathead’s name is Isaac Chapman who calls himself an NPC competitor yet he has a broken down, long waste, and beer belly. He not only uses steroids, he deal them too! What a winner, I mean wiener. He has a past (and surely future) criminal history. He is extremely insecure, very jealous, and is just down right a bully to nearly everyone– including his new ignorant girlfriend from Indianapolis (where he recently made a total ass out of himself). While his girlfriend may be pretty, she is a very weak person who is addicted to male attention. He attempts to bully her into swinger sex, and fully manipulates her at every chance. He apparently could not satisfy his ex-wife, he owns no house, has no real career, appears to have no friends, and makes his carnival ride of a new girlfriend pay for mostly everything. He’s also an ugly, gypsy– a former meat-peddling pig who is so selfish and reckless he did not even take care to lock the bedroom door on what was essence their second date–which led to her 7 year old daughter witnessing them have sex, followed shortly after by the 7 year old walking in on him in the bathroom where she saw his penis (to give undeserved fairness to this douche bag, this was not intentional, just reckless and grossly negligent as well as selfish). He also wears shoes that make him look like a clown; he’s a joke, a moron, a total loser. Further, most of what comes out of his mouth seems to be outright lies– quite a slithering piece of work. He likes to spew malicious lies about others and is quite a hypocritical prick who lives in the biggest glass house ever yet loves to throw stones like a coward.

His arms look way to small.  Tell mom to put more protein in those sandwiches.- nik

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What Is Former Miss USA Runner-Up Morgan Woolard Up To

January 2, 2013 Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, The Dirty 33



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, okay I just have to know what do you think about former Miss USA runner up Morgan Woolard.  She is a model for a couple pageant/prom gown brands she is really pretty but lately I’ve been seeing some suspicious stuff on her instagram whats your take?

It’s pretty obvious what Morgan Woolard does for a living.- nik

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