Katie is Back At It

March 12, 2014 Chicago, Oregon State 36 7,517 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, Dupage county’s favorite pay toilet and source of drd, Kati Kluser, is back from rehab and she’s working the fiance scam again (She should be put on blast for that shit alone). Word is she lost her last kid by being a drunk, pill-popping, hooker and she wants another shot of baby-juice and another child support check. Her latest victim is this poor schmoe, Bob De Readt. When he finds out how many guys she has on the line from Craigslist and other sites, I don’t think he’s going to be a happy guy. But, hey, Bobby, if it’s good enough for all them black guys it’s good enough for you. right? The bright side of all this is that when HE finds out she’s draining more male members than a urinal at Wrigley Field, SHE will find out why Bobby had DV charges and orders of protection from multiple women filed aganst him, and why he’s been arrested a bunch of times for violating those orders. Not to mention that little thing where he tried to lure two 13 year old girls into his truck and offered ‘em 50 bucks to lick his purple crayon. Ya can’t argue that they deserve each other. It should be entertaining, so watch this space. Enjoy her at the Tilted Kilt, while she lasts.

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Never Ending Ex

March 6, 2014 Eugene, Oregon, Oregon State 2 7,907 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ginger skank attempts fool everyone by dying her hair and eyebrows bleach blonde, this is probably so people won’t gag at the sight of this ghostly giger with almost transluscent skin almost completely covered in freckles. This down home slut moved from Oregon to Texas to spread her legs where “everything is bigger”. What is obvious is how completely busted this girls face is…lets be honest her parents should have put a condom on that drunk night. This pathetic little bitch got dumped over two years ago and still could not get over her ex boyfriend. Stooping as low as sending saggy titted nude after nude when he had a gf, trying to lure him back into her tatted sausage arms. She was rejected of course, taking pathetic to a new low. As for the taken women in Texas, watch your man because this ginger two-faced snake has no qualms with throwing herself at taken men.

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Cheerleaders And Beer Don’t Mix – Melissa Chinn

March 3, 2014 Dirty Cheerleaders, Oregon State, Portland 10 9,793 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, curious about Oregon State University cheerleading alumni? Check out over confident stuck up prissy high maintenance skank whore slut bag Melissa Chinn. She still cheers and coaches. But uh hey Mel, lay off the beers? Her dating blog (google awkward: a dating blog) is almost as worse as her rolls are to look at. Cover up honey!

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Homie Hopper of the Year

February 26, 2014 Oregon State, Portland 15 7,522 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brooklyn Salgado. Where to start with this homie hopping slut. I came down to Corvallis last weekend to see some buds from high school and heard all this while I was there. This girl that I thought was the opposite of a slut turns out to be one of the biggest ones ever. She fucked two of my friends, who happened to be great friends with each other and she thought that they had no idea. Little did she know they would hang out and talk about it all the time!! Then she goes on to fuck one of their friends YOUNGER brother! Worst part about that is that she started her period on him… fcking disgusting. Now she’s got a thing with a guy in a frat down there, Phi Si I think, and she still goes over and fcks my friend on the regular! Either she’s got the worst daddy issues ever, or she just loves dick. Probably both. If you meet this girl in Corvallis… DON’T BE A FOOL, WRAP YOUR TOOL! You’ll probably catch something if you don’t.

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Gone To Far

January 31, 2014 Oregon State, Portland 6 8,651 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Lina Liebe, is a misleading slut who prances around in stripper attire. She claims to have no affiliation with a production company who was not only busted down for allowing minors at their shows but was actively involved in conduct with these minors before getting busted down for involvement with drugs, yet she lives with them…. Uh come on… This company (AKA “Stage 6″) held a summer festival with no plans for restrooms, needless to say this left a crowd of ravers shitting and pissing everywhere for three days. Which is completely illegal and unsanitary I might add. The show left off with an angry neighbor coming down with firearms harassing the “guests” bringing the police who shut the show down for good. No one was refunded. Having thrown her only show with the company “Stage 6″ in the past she decides to claim she is now an event owner and “Stage 6″ is no longer involved. Jack-in-the-Box, where she is employed, hardly pays enough to pay rent let alone fund an entire EDM summer festival??? Her personal Facebook exclusively “Stage 6″ party promotions….. WTF, Nik… seriously.

Basement ravers are ones to look out for.- nik

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Stripping Crew

January 6, 2014 Oregon State, Portland 76 11,145 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is the wonderful and mighty great Tatum. Stripping is her career choice and flaunts her great lifestyle around and acts like she is so much better than everyone one els. she is the biggest ho every and flirts with every guy that gives her attention even though she has a bf if he only new!!!!!get out of pdx ho!

They’d be flaunting +2′s if they were any good.- nik

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Psycho On The Loose

December 30, 2013 Oregon State, Portland 0 8,958 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: You people of Corvallis,Oregon might want to keep your guy away from this psycho bitch, Jordyn Collins. Jordyn might have a pretty face but has a not-so-pretty attitude. Jordyn is narcissistic and obsessive cunt. She has the tendency to make things up that may or may not be true and then post them on a social networking site such as Facebook. Jordyn also is a cunning bitch as well, she will make you feel like sh*t about your own relationship if it’s somebody that she so happens to be romantically interested in. Can you spell D-R-A-M-A Q-U-E-E-N?

Weak post, submit real dirt.- nik

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Kimberley Knight

December 12, 2013 Oregon State, Portland 18 10,251 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This girl Kimberley Knight, goes by Kim. She went to Oregon State her freshman year, and not only did she drop out, but she ended up fcking a guy that had a girlfriend in the dorm rooms. She was well aware of the fact that he had a girlfriend, and still continued to pursue the relationship and decided after a month of him not breaking up with his girlfriend, she told the girlfriend. When she told the girlfriend, she made it seem like it was all the girlfriends fault and wouldn’t leave the guy alone. She thinks she’s a model but she is clearly NOT. Her eyeliner is so fcking thick she looks like a damn raccoon. This bitch thinks she’s hot shit but anyone who is anyone or a normal human being would immediately say she’s ugly as fck. LONG STORY SHORT, she’s a hoe that needs to be put in her place. Oh and did I mention, she’s ugly as fuck?

Is that a pregnancy belly?- nik

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