Crusty Curt

September 16, 2014 St. Louis, Washington 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik the dude is Curt Croy. He’s from Troy Missouri, we went on a date and he showed me his entire house. He’s extremely creepy I felt like he wa going to keep me locked in his basement and let his psychotic cat kill me. We went to dinner and he talked about getting with me the entire time because he is a pig. After dinner we went to his house and I didn’t want to go inside because he made me extremely uncomfortable. And as soon as I backed my car down the drive way he starts yelling at me ” where’s you’re friend, my car is leaking anti freeze, did you plan this? You’re extremely sketchy.” And then texts me saying “sorry something was knocked over.” He’s a fucking nut. Then calls me strange/crazy. Yea right dude get real. If he sees you out in public he will follow you but won’t say any thing. Dude is off the chain lol stay clear ladies

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Drake vs. Lil Wayne Concert Tour

September 11, 2014 Aurora, Bellevue, Boulder, BYU, Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colorado State, Denver, Oregon, Oregon State, Portland, Provo, Seattle, Tacoma, The Dirty, Vancouver, Washington, Washington State 15


The joint headlining tour marks the first time the two artists have toured together. Get your ticket now!

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Nyecha Wilson

August 11, 2014 Washington 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright Nik this stupid bitch has been on here before but this time she really deserves it! This is Nyecha Wilson mother of 3 beautiful babies that adored her and are now in foster care because she decided she needed to get high with some other nasty mom in front of their kids!! This bitch was constantly posting on Facebook how much of a boss ass bitch she was and how there are levels to her shit and how fcking amazing and awesome her life was well we can all see how fcking amazing it was now!! Her babies were found with no clothes and dirty diapers in a disgusting hotel room with dirty needles and stamp bags laying around. What kind of mother would ever do this to their kids?? A fcking sicko that’s what kind! She needs to be fucked up!! I hope this bitch realizes what she has done and can never live it down for the rest of her life I hope those kids get taken away forever and loved like they should be!! I hate this nasty cnt!

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Stay away from Anne Welling

July 29, 2014 Baltimore, Washington 3


THE DIRTY ARMY: Just wanted to warn men out there that she is married and has slept her way all over the dmv. She was sleeping with multiple men while engaged to this guy in pa. It takes a heartless person to do that. Does anyone else notice the weird knots in her chin and her huge caved neck. Wtf- thoughts nik

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Clubrat Norris

May 15, 2014 Washington, Wichita 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is elizabeth paige norris also known as elizabeth pen on facebook. I think she is a no good b**ch, she likes to sleep with peoples boyfriends(i know from experience) she also will talk to anyones boyfriend for attention she was suppose to be my friend and did this to me!. She is obsessive and lies so much, you can catch her at any club in downtown with a purple crown. She loves them!! She hangs out with jaye hall a guy who was previously posted on here. Just a warning for you guys out there watch out for paige and her drds and not to mention those horrid eyebrows also girls watch out for her trying to take ya man!

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Says She’s an Astronaut

February 24, 2014 Baltimore, Washington 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ridiculous 23 year old girl claims to have a Masters Degree and is a rocket scientist(!) from Lyman Park, Virginia – which is about 30 minutes outside of Alexandria. She goes by the name “Astronaut Joslyn Nisvis” on her profiles, even though she isn’t an astronaut, and lists her occupation as a Naval Aviator, even though she isn’t one (nor is she enlisted in any of the US Armed Forces). She took a tour of some airplane hangar and got a helicopter ride, and says that she’s a pilot now… She claims that she’s going to enlist in the US Navy next summer (suuure), but for now she’s basically doing that whole stolen valor thing by claiming stuff she’s not. She wouldn’t even be able to pass the ASTB Aviation Screening Test anyway. If anyone calls her out for calling herself an astronaut or a Naval Aviator without having the credentials, she goes ballistic and calls them ‘haters,’ says theyre jealous of her because theyre weak and their dreams in life didn’t come true. Veterans are offended, especially those who have sacrificed to actually enlist in the service and go through the treacherous training to actually become what she pretends to be – I guess they’re haters who failed at their dreams, too? This chick just needs to be put on blast to learn that you can’t just pretend you’ve got some rank and/or profession in the Navy without earning it – and to realize that its really disrespectful to those who have put their lives on the line, or lost their lives in the line of duty.

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Port Orchard Homewrecker

February 19, 2014 Seattle, Washington 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I want you to put this butch (not bitch but she is)JODI ECKLUND on blast. My first mistake I guess was getting into a relationship with a lesbian but in the end we got married and had 3 boys, all under 5 right now. For at least the last two years this Port Orchard homewrecker has been contacting my partner and professing her love for her, that she misses her, sappy bullshit really and in the end they’ve exchanged secretive emails, texts, phonecalls and even meeting. They are former “lovers” and I finally caught up …stupid me but the reason I want her put on blast is because she has hurt my three little boys through her meddling – she can have her ex (now mine) back but hurting my kids is unforgivable.

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Pink Panty Man

February 11, 2014 Richmond, Washington 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: So, I was on the internet and I found these photos of a guy named Bryan Jepsen and he happens to be the “pink pantie man.” I also saw that he uses women to get what he wants, but it looks like he’s just your average, yet regular Joe who likes to post up pics in his little sister’s pink panties.

You’d think he’d at least be able to fill them out…no homo.- nik

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