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“He’s Like a Brother”

December 3, 2013 Seattle, Western Kentucky 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is the story about what this girl did to my best friend. Her name is Jesse jones and she is the most cruel and heartless person I have ever had the displeasure to come across. My friend Kenzie loved a guy with all her heart for 4 years his name was mike and he cheated on her more times than I could count watching her cry. Jesse once got Kenzie’s boy to cheat on her with Jesses best friend. Weeks later Kenzie found out she was pregnant so Jesse of course disapeared for awhile…when she came back even I thought things could ACTUALLY go back to normal, until Kenzie could no longer deal with knowing Jesse had already hurt her so much. 2 years went by, Kenzie married this guy and eventually told Jesse to take a hike…2 more months later Mike left Kenzie under the impression from Jesse that Kenzie had cheated. Not to mention my friend was abused by her husband and Jesse knew it! Not only did Jesse assist 4 girls in telling Kenzie’s husband she had “cheated” she took the next step and spoke against her in court claiming 4 years of abuse I personally witnessed had never actually happened…this girl will go to extreme lengths for make attention, she is desperate and will hurt anyone including someone she called a friend. She broke up a marriage that wasn’t hers to break up, and put a 2 year old baby whose leg had already been broken once at risk by lying in court. This girl is bad news, would you be her friend? She destroys things for her own personal gain. Yes the overall situation was bad to begin with, but Jesse was Kenzie’s friend before mike ever even came into the picture and she did all of this to get his attention? I call it far girl syndrome.

You know what karma is…- nik

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Pathetic Ass Momma

December 2, 2013 Nashville, Western Kentucky 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Courtney Nacole Martin recently changed to Wiley because people talked SO much shit about her(just telling the truth about her) is still at it her sons 6 years old and if he’s not in school he’s at her Ex boyfriends grandparents (65 & 70 years old) because since birth she’s never done shit for him she’s 24 and has no job and lives off the state and now has no license because she lost it to a DUI because shes pathetic she’s had other ppl take him trick or treating this year so she could party if she’s not doing that at the bar to pick up a guy to fck her nasty ass she now has a 18 month old that JUST learned to walk because she keeps him in his crib or playpen ALL DAY she even went off to Chicago and left the youngest with her grandmother who is 70 and her eldest with her ex grandparents ( which her ex isn’t the father) and no one knew where she was but she was with her boyfriend of the week. She has bounced around from friends to family’s houses in the passed 2 years and she’s tagged along the youngest somewhat if he’s not at his dads and the eldest she would go weeks without talking to and he would cry and no one would know her number because she changes it weekly. Before she got pregnant with her second child she even left her eldest with her ex boyfriends grandparent so she could live in Montana with a man she met online. Her family says she’s bipolar and screams at the kids the whole time if she does have them. She will jump for a guy before she will keep her kid … She’s fcked up in the head and should not be allowed to reproduce because her poor kids already don’t have dads.and they might as well not have a mother . Sad thing is she isn’t even pretty she wears WAY to much bronzer has a horse grill and a huge vein pop out of her forehead along with her saggy bag eyes … Sad waste she is… I just wish her kids would have a better home with loving parents .

Changing your name won’t help.  Coming out of the corner (of the frame) will.- nik

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August 21, 2013 Cincinnati, Western Kentucky 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Im sure you all know Emily Harden. She seems like the sweetest funniest girl at first glance. but don’t be fooled ladys. Or should I say COllin, her poor unsuspecting boyfriend, whom she lies and manipulates to pay all her bills while she goes out and fcks her money off and drugs sex and tattoos. This poor guy has no idea that shes using him or out fcking around on him all the time and loves her nasty hairy floppy vagina just the same. shes evil and worships satan and has a case of schizophrenia just like her crazy ass mother who is in and out of the hospital all the time. which is probably why she is always fcking people over she cares about. I mean I guess you cant really blame a crazy bitch for her actions, or her dirty poon. shes scandalous and will fck you over if she hasn’t already so be warned.

That’s one sculpted hairline.- nik

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Would You

May 16, 2013 Louisville, Western Kentucky, Would You? 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Senada. She was one of the “pretty girls” at our high school. So would you?

Answer: No, I see a couple snaggles and a lot of shoulder meat.  I’m doubting she ever ‘was’.

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Rihanna Wanna-be

January 4, 2013 Lexington, Western Kentucky 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jalessa. She thinks that she is the sh*t, sleeps with all the guys & girls possible and thinks she looks like Rihanna. I just don’t get it. To me she’s built like a man, smells like mildew, has the IQ of a 3rd grader, needs to do something with her eyebrows and not to mention has 2 young children (1yr twins) that she loves soooooo much…..from inside the clubs every weekend. What do you think of this caveman/horse?

Rihanna’s not even remotely hot, she’s not complimenting herself by saying that.- nik

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Mary Caroline Watters Of WKU

April 12, 2012 Louisville, Western Kentucky 4

Mary Caroline Watters of WKU

Mary Caroline Watters of WKU

Mary Caroline Watters of WKU

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Mary Watters from WKU. She sleeps with EVERY guy she meets including, her friends, her boyfriend’s (whichever guy she is “dating” at the time) friends, and other girls boyfriends whether they are married or not. She thinks she’s really hot especially ever since she started doing cke and mth and lost all that weight (but she thought she looked good even when she was fat.) She’s a total alcoholic psycho stalker once she sets her sights on a guy. She latches on like a parasite and starts as much drama as she can. This girl is plain nasty and really gets around (much like the drd she undoubtedly carries.) All of KY should be on the lookout for this nasty sk*nk.

Does she wear shoulder pads…- nik

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Mackenzie Titchener

June 14, 2011 Vancouver, Western Kentucky 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl is a nasty skank!! Its been said that she has a wizard sleeve for a vagina. She goes from group to group fuking what ever she can. She also loves to get tag teamed..countless guys who shall remain nameless have run the train on her.. includeing 2 brothers who railed her one after another. She will be a sweetheart and a friend to you and stab u in the back by trying to fuck your boyfriend!!!! I know this from personal experience. ALso she will lip u off and call u out but when it actually comes down to something she will cry in the bathroom trying to get sympathy from people.. SHe is DIRTY stay away from her!!!! oh and her dad btw since he was charged for sexually asaulting his patients (he is a chiropractor). What a dirty discusting pair.

I understand its Halloween so she thinks she can dress slooty, but this is just not acceptable at all.- nik

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Melissa V

March 23, 2011 Western Kentucky 8

Melissa V Branham (West)

Melissa V Branham (West)

Melissa V Branham (West)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s a great catch. She’s a meh smoking, cheater, who tried to get her bf’s mom arrested for beating her up when she in fact, beat herself up, even going so far as giving herself a concussion. I think she looks like a walrus personally (and these were her flattering pics). She pretends to be a good person, and I guess she has managed to fool some weak minded individuals, but anyone with half a brain eventually saw her for what she really is. So, Nik…would you?

That’s her long lost relative in the bottom pic.- nik

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