Chris S

April 18, 2014 Air Force, Oklahoma 0 8,745 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Chris, US ARMY, Oklahoma City at the airforce base. I met him on a flight…we talked/text and skyped for hours…For weeks. We agreed that I’d go visit him and as soon as I purchased my ticket…he disappeared. What a douche bag!! $400 for a ticket that’s non-refundable Watch out for this jerk ladies…he’s obviously not single. Expensive lesson for me.

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Army Cheater

March 28, 2014 Air Force, Pittsburgh 78 8,065 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Jamie peaglar, a husband and father of 2. He cheats on his beautiful wife Sarah with local Latrobe and greensburgh girls. Jamie acts like he is mr perfect and pretends like he is this amazing husband and person when in all reality he is a LIAR and a CHEATER and his wife has no idea at all. He has control problems and Alls he does is talk about himself. He does not let anyone forget he is an apache pilot. While his wife sits at home and takes care of their children at times he is screwing other girls and being the piece of shit player and husband he is. This man needs to be put on blast because he is truly a piece of shit and deserves everything he can possibly get. One day your children wil read this and know your disgusting and this might be a horrible thing to do but It is well deserved. And if anyone knows his beautiful wife please feel free to contact her. Because she truly has no idea. Sincerely: your worst enemy.

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Faithful Bennie Mixon

March 19, 2014 Air Force, San Antonio 11 7,067 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: NOT!!!! nik this is Bennie Mixon, a man who introduces his wife of 20+ years to the woman he’s cheating on her with! He also had another kid with his “girlfriend” although he’s legally married. He’s a wanna be rapper that is 40 years old. He’s a whore and I want San Antonio to know about him. He’s a bad father that leaves his kids to go be with his side bitch and her kids that knows he’s married. I hope no one comes in contact with him because he’s manipulative.

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Shout Out To My Gay Homies And Lady Friends

December 31, 2013 Air Force, The Dirty 34 84,429 Views



Let’s end 2013 on a happy note – full of strawberries and purple crayon penetration. Ladies and Gays pick your flavor.

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Who Is This Girl In My Boyfriend’s Phone

October 21, 2013 Air Force, Hollywood 13 9,438 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just found this pic on my boyfriend’s phone. It is not my ass, anyone recognize it?!  I need to find out because I need to figure out if I’m staying with him or if I’m leaving him.

You are leaving him… you can’t compete with that ass.- nik

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I Don’t Find This Attractive At All

October 9, 2013 Air Force, The Dirty 42 90,810 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out this girl crush this can by just flexing her ass.  Yes, she believes it is so cool and special, but all I see is a girl that works out her legs way too much.  What do you think?

For some reason I feel gay after watching this.- nik

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Why Does Any Girl With Big Boobs Assume They Are Attractive

September 21, 2013 Air Force, The Dirty 556 139,787 Views




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Amanda Ryder.  Now the girl has some really nice big huge boobs but her face is beat and she is chubby.  Why do girls with big boobs assume they are so damn attractive?   I feel like they even forget to look at their face and body and all they see is their boobs.

The reality is girls with REAL big boobs are fat chicks. Even if your boobs grow in your young twenties before your waist does… don’t worry the waist and arms will catch up. It’s ok though because you can find a skinny black husband who will love you for your thickness.- nik

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Home Wrecking Loporto

August 23, 2013 Air Force, Atlanta, Columbus-GA 11 9,839 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: WHO: Erin Loporto WHAT: Home Wrecking Slut WHEN: October 2011 – July 2012 WHERE: Kadena AFB WHY: This whore slept with my friends husband 2 times and has had previous problems at her first base. She fuks every guy she can at her job married or not. Her husband is a little bitch and takes it in the ass repeatedly as she sluts around with their entire squadron oh yeah forgot to mention they all work together… Her husband has to work with all the fukers she fcks with on TDYs and Deployments.

Always brings a smile to my face when someone busts out the 5 W’s.- nik

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