Army Psycho

July 2, 2014 Anchorage 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jb…. Jb. i don’t know what to say. Oh wait i do theres TONS i have to say. Nik Meet JB. This mother fucker thinks he is the hottest shit to walk this earth literally thinks he is gods gift. If he’s not out drinking all the time he’s out pretending to be a wrestler apparently. He’s not nice. He’s rude if he dosnt get his way. He will talk shit about you for anything and everything. He can’t get a girl due to he is such a asshole and so rude to females that no girl wants to date him. And if you don’t text him 24/7 he gets all pissed off and will go off on you like a crazy ass gorilla. He honestly needs help. If you tell him you don’t like him good luck trying to get him to stoop messaging you cause he will blow your phone up i kid you not. He lies than again who dosnt. But hell lie about anything and everything even if its the reason he’s late to work or the reason why his man boobs look like females boobs. He cocky as ever hell move is muscles constantly . He very in love with him self. He most likely would marry himself if he could. I mean come on we already have the tag chaser on here, The dumbest army guy, the army slore, and the two fraud cheating couple. Who should be next.

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Marriage Scam

July 2, 2014 Anchorage 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alex Allen And Cierra Allen Aka Cierra Stellings. These two decided hey lets create fraud and get married while I\’m in the military so we can sham money off of them anyways. No surprise tons of people do it anyways. But we are here to tell the facts and truth. Alex Allen is a liar and a cheater to this day he cheats on his wife. He barely gets the chance to now due to she won\’t let him go any where with out her apparently even to the bathroom. He does drugs and also rips people off. He’s not smart either we will shit talk behind your back and i wouldn’t bother to trust him either hell let everyone know your business. He’s on plenty of fish as well. And he has been talking to this guy lately kinda forming a gay relationship. But do your thing bro. Whatever makes you happy Once a cheater always a cheater. Now… Cierra Whew your a story to tell. She will try to get any guy in the military to marry her. Literally she had to drag alex to marry her or shed kill herself if he didn’t. She’s physcho she wont let her “husband” go any where!. Shes a barracks rat like most of the tag chasers here. SHe wants all your benefits people. She has 2 kids by two different dads and she suckers child support from each of them and yet she has no job. Cause she’s too lazy to work she would rather rely on state benefits and her now husbands pay check to stratify her needs. She’s what we call a depends who is to lazy to loose weight to be at least healthy looking.

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Pathetic Couponer

July 2, 2014 Anchorage 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Check it, This is Maria Mylinemiajr She apparently use to live in anchorage with her family and has now moved to some where who cares. Well eventually find out later. She\’s a pathological liar. She also is a pretty bad couponer at that. I know pretty pathetic how we care about that but she commits fraud and makes fake coupons and sells them. She also has been cheating on her husband lately from a few sources of mine. Lets just say she gets around pretty well. She’s a barracks/ dorm rat. Don\’t trust this girl. Good thing she\’s out of alaska she honestly should be banned from it. She steals. and lies. and just can’t seem to worry about her own home life when shed rather worry about other girls and other families who have issues of their own shed rather stir up the pot. Congrats Maria You made it on the dirty. Next time lets try not to commit fraud and cheat on our 5 husbands that you have

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Army’s Dumbest

June 30, 2014 Anchorage 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Anthony Armiger AKA AJ Armiger. For starts lets get this out in the ball field well you guessed it! he’s a cheater. He’s been dating this girl for about a year now from what I’ve heard. He’s on this dating site called Plenty of Fish and also Meet me and a few other from what i was looking at. This guy and his friends call themselves the ” Wolf Pack” as if cheating just wasn’t enough aldo whoring himself around town. AJ has slept with almost every girl in alaska and has a you know what. drd. This guy really needs to be put in his place he’s played my friend and i honestly feel extremely bad for the girl he’s dating now cause he drinks weekly he’s aggressive and beats females! watch out girls he will bash your face. Word from the wise AJ next time don’t sleep around with so many girls learn to stick to one female and than you wouldn’t be having this problem.

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Military Slore

June 25, 2014 Anchorage 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meghann Neumann Is at it again. This bitch lives in The house of an even crazy bitch named Ashley who Married well lets say a not so attractive army guy David Cole. Well this girl claims she is a good mother and not a slut ask anyone she is at the bars every weekend on a different dude every week. I mean she goes through guys like i go through tolite paper.She is always talking shit she lives off state assistance Does not Have a job She droped out school in seventh grade she Sleeps with her friends husbands and denys it she is far from real she only dates military guys but only goes on dates and fucks these guys so she can get them to give her money and buy her stuff.

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Low Life Sloot

June 24, 2014 Anchorage 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: let’s meet Kaelene Lanszing Roberts she is a 21 year old slut she has a 2 year old son she never sees she sends him to hog father so she can be a huge slut not to mention her sister pays for all her kids stuff and the cloths she wears belongs to her sister the same sister who apparently help this girl out even after staving her in the back so many times does she know that you made out with her baby daddy? Here is a list of guys she has fucked in the last year Kyle Cox-fort wainwright Jeremiah Poltz-fort wainwright Robbie spencer-fort wainwright Danny Dorethy-fortwainwright John Mccloskey-fort Richardson Ethan Johnson- fort Richardson roger Hammond Bradley Hoignser Andrew fortrichardson..And that is not even half of them guys beware she plays all innocent and that everyone is at fault even the sister who keeps helping her and giving her a place to stay she will turn on any female even her own blood for. Some dick she is a free loader and a pathological liar she can’t keep a job let alone take care of her son she has been treated for chlymidia 4 times since January don’t bealive what the bitch says if she feels threaten she talk shit about her Competition by calling her crazy or a slut even her own sisters sad she is a unmotivated gold digging trashy free loader

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Army Psycho

June 19, 2014 Anchorage 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy is another level of creepy. He is truly Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde goes crazy if you try to end things with him as far as stalking your home your work your parents WOMEN beware he is abusive and will try everything in his power to trap you.

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You Aint Stealin My Husband B*tch

May 26, 2014 Anchorage, The Dirty 125

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this wanna be husband taker thinks she can have my husband. She even went and got +2′s to try and get him to stay with her. Truth is this girl thinks ever guy wants her. Newsflash b*tch, no one wants your sl*tty ass. Nik you think she looks better with her +2′s?

Honest answer, yes she does. Hence why they are called +2′s.- nik

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