Scam Artists

October 22, 2014 Atlanta, Dirty Mugshots 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik. This guy Ty Freeney needs to be stopped! He goes around Buckhead/Midtown promoting his training company “gottatrainer or dream1122. He prays on women who have money but not much but just enough to run their credit cards and tell them he will pay them right back and then he run for the hills. He has at least 6 kids for which he denies most of them and its very sad. He is now dating/ using this mindless Asian girl Thida Penn who claims she’s this big actress but its all wishful thinking. They have now moved in together or better yet he moved in with her and she is claiming all over Instagram that he is her king. This guy needs to be stopped in his tracks for being a serial baby maker who doesn’t take care of his kids and for using his fake as training business to rip people off. Also his new girl needs to wake up and smell the coffee. For being such an “actress” why has she not had a boyfriend until now. Hmmmm. Makes you wonder. They both have criminal backgrounds. Bad news!

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Brannon Millard

October 21, 2014 Atlanta 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this lying sack of dung met my friend on Tinder and told her he was divorced. Turns out he wasn’t. He didn’t even have his wife belongings out of the house yet. He even went as low as to use the sex furniture he used with his wife with her. His kids where in the house the entire time as well. Yup then when he finally came clean to her he gives her this sob story about how he is in the process of getting a divorce mean while he didn’t even have a lawyer. She goes out of her way to help him even trying to get legal advice and he dumps her because he feels “guilty”. You know what hes doing now? Sleeping with another poor sucker and still married. Yup acting like a victim. Lying to his wife because hes worried shes going to take the house and he doesn’t want to pay support or alimony. This IT pot head only cares about himself and his penis. Is using women 2 coddle his mammas boy ass because he isn’t man enough to face his wife and get a divorce like a real man. What’s worse is that he wants custody of his kids. He brings his kids around all this craziness. My friend walks around feeling guilty about being involved with him and getting back at him. Marietta douche bag.

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Brannon Millard Marietta Liar

October 21, 2014 Atlanta 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well turns out this dude likes to lie about being divorced. He met my friend online told her he was divorced for 7 months when he wasn’t at all. Then told her how he was in the process when he didn’t eve have a lawyer and her stuff wasn’t even out of the house yet after he slept with her. He even lied about having a brother. According to him half brothers don’t count. The guy was a massive coward when it came to his pseudo “ex”. My friend I love her to pieces was a dumb ass for putting up with his dumb ass for so long. She ended up getting hurt. In her defense she did get back at him pretty good. Dropped off all the sex toys he gave her in front of his “ex” told him to F-off called his job and told them about his pot smoking. Hey he did tell her if I screw you over you can throw a brick thew my window. She threw hew version of a brick. Now I’m not saying my friend is a complete victim but he did lie to her and string her along. Now this guy is doing the same thing with somebody else. I feel bad for his wife. More importantly for his kids because he is bringing women into his house and all this crazy crap is going on with his kids around the house. All this from a nerdy IT manager guy that works for a real estate listing company. My friend is going to be pissed if she sees this but hey other women need to be warned she will get over it.

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October 17, 2014 Atlanta 10


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, check out this #lying #cheating #douchebag ex of mine.Not only did he get engaged the same month we started dating but he stayed engaged and got married while we were dating. I am not the first nor will I be the last. He has been doing this for 8 years with his self-loathing, doormat of a wife. This douche bag pursued the hell out of me, all the while being jealous, insecure, a drug addict, an alcoholic, steroid using meathead,and a compulsive liar. He introduced me to his family, told his friends he wanted to marry me lived with me for 6 months. The year we dated was all a bunch of lies. He was asking my opinion and sending me pictures of houses and telling me how I was going to have half the closet. This is the house his wife paid for, for THEM! He text me the weekend before getting married confessing his love for me..again! This wedding of his was a “family vacation” as he told me.His best man was my “friend” and her “friend”that helped to cover up the lies. His exact words after I found the wedding pics on FB was “I had to do it for financial reasons.I am sick and need insurance.I don’t love her,I just feel bad for her,I know I made a mistake letting you go.” I thought I was the only one.Come to find out he had several one night stands all over GA and a wife in the same city we met and spent most of our time together. He not only cheated, lied, lived a double life, but he is violent. Don’t let his looks fool you. He wears no ring. #DUTCHWESTBROOKJR #DuthTheDouche

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Dumbest in Monroe

October 15, 2014 Atlanta 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this hoe from Monroe could possibly be as dumb as they come. She is married and word round town is she and her husband cheat on each other with best friends, strangers, strippers, etc. she kinda looks like a fly that surrounds poop. Sh’s got her man fooled and he’s got her fooled. Their marriage is a joke. She only stays with him cuz iof the money she only has a part time job and story is said that the husband does illegal things for extra money. The point is she’s the dumb hoe of ghetto Mionroe

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Amanda Cameron, Anderson SC

October 15, 2014 Atlanta, Augusta, Charlotte 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this “woman” wanted to attempt to drag my name through the mid all because her husband has been cheating on her since they got together. Something everyone who knew him tried to warn her about. Guess she wanted to learn the hard way. Two years after she found out how much of a scum bag he is, she made this post on a website calling me a homewrecker. Okay birch here’s a vocab lesson for you in order for me to be considered a Honeywell I would have had to wreck your home. You stayed with Chris who BTW for all you who can see the pictures, he’s in the military. You want to call me names and remark in my weight yet that didn’t stop your “husband” from blowing my phone up wanting to get with me. You sat there and got people to not only harass me but those closest to me. Wonder how you’ll feel if the shoe was in the other foot. And remember karma is a bigger bitch than you’ll ever dream of being. Oh and FYI I wasnt the only one so why don’t you go cry to your counselor about how you’re the moron to marry Anderson’s biggest man whore. That’s right! The award goes to your “loving” husband, Chris Cameron. Congrats! You’re the dumbest bitch ever. Sincerely, The woman who wouldn’t pay to be around your nasty ass, man whoring husband.

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Michael Phelp’s Girl Is A Pro Groupie/Stalker

October 10, 2014 Atlanta, Hollywood, The Dirty 69


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, she isn’t stalking you.  She stalks everyone.  So don’t feel special or anything.

Is she rolling 24-7…what’s with that jaw?- nik

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Jonny Mitchell

October 7, 2014 Atlanta, Augusta 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this loser is Jonny Mitchell. He is 32. He is a burger flipper at Steak N Shake. He will never be anything more than this because he thinks being a manager is too hard. He doesn’t have a car or a license and so his family has to take him everywhere. He hasn’t had one in 10+ years. If you date will have to take him everywhere. He will say you don’t have to but if you don’t then be prepared for an argument. He is best at taking any insecurity you tell him about and using it against you. He will then tell you that he doesn’t mean to hurt your feelings and that he is just too truthful and will work on it. He has hit, pushed and/or scratched EVERY girl he has ever dated. He has even hurt his own mother. He will tell you that he did not mean to do this or he was drunk and doesn’t remember. He will say how ashamed he is. How depressed it makes him that he acted that way. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. HE DOES NOT FEEL BAD. After you agree to work through it, He will then find a way to make you feel bad. He will make you feel crazy. He will give you the silent treatment. Once you leave him..He will move on to the next girl (who he has either been talking to on Snap chat, a dating site or various other social sites he frequents) and tell her that you are crazy. That you make things up. Believe us. Its best to just stay clear of him

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