Brett “The Roofie King” Williams

July 31, 2014 Calgary 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Brett “the ROOFIE KING” Williams. This guy has a poor girlfriend that he cheats on constantly and when he doesn\’t get what he wants he roofies you and screws you over. Now thats not the half of it! He has given one of my friends herpes and I just want to warn the ladies out there that this man is not to be SLEPT WITH!

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Melanie Gonzales

July 30, 2014 Calgary 4


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is speedy gonzales, she makes her way from guy to guy faster then I can draw my penis. Never thought id see myself on here stooping to the same level as so many others. But this girl I work with has been poked more times than Pillsbury dough boy. At first I was proud for crushing dat ass, but then after I realized that all my friends did as well, plus the rest of the building I was more worried and went straight to the drd clinic. If you want to fuck raw, don’t fck Melanie from Shaw. Wrap that shit up!

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Double Chinned Gopher

July 30, 2014 Calgary 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is how Shaylynn Miller aka Shaylynn Lanelle looks when she’s not sucking in her gut or cheeks. As you can see she looks like a fat slob and resembles a gopher. Her teeth are terrible, now i know why she always hides thems in her pics. Shaylynn, if your reading this: you should have got that chin fixed instead of your t*ts!

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Nola Weeks

July 29, 2014 Calgary 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: sooo my ex nola weeeks is a dirty lieing bitcch sleeps with one guy at the red deer carnival sleeps with another guy thursday then fcks me all weekend yet she plays off like shes fuking innocent yet all she is .. is a fcuckign user

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Smale ya Keagan

July 29, 2014 Calgary 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies, watch out for Keagan Smale, he is the biggest player in Calgary. He’s 18, and goes for 15-25 year olds. He draws girls in with sweet talk, then gets pissed off and insulting when they won’t sleep with him. He does this to several girls at a time. He forces girls to send nude pictures to him, and if they don’t, he gets really nasty. He likes to be a “facebook warrior”, and start beef with kids 5 years younger than him. He hangs out around his old highschool, mooching smokes off people, and when he has smokes, he gets girls to give him blowjobs if they want one. *cough cough* Alyssa Hornberger *cough cough*. He goes around advertising that he only lasts 5 minutes in bed, and sends pictures of his 3.5 inch dick to any girl who talks to him.

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Brittany Nicole Harmes

July 29, 2014 Calgary 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brittany Nicole Harmes this girl is ratchet , She will sleep with any guy for LIQOUR AND DRUGS , her favourite is black guys , she lies about her age she banged my boyfriend when she was 15 lying about her age saying she is 18 . nobody likes her she stinks so bad you can’t even sit beside her .. her house looks like a family of pigs live in there . SHE WAS 13 HAVING SEX WITH 30 YEAR OLD WATCH OUT , she is packing thoughs drds she gave two people i know genital wa**s … she steals lies and sleeps with who ever she can watch out for this one Calgary i warned you . you will se her at any lrt station probably with her hood rat friends , or around heritage . she is a loser drop out with no future but bumming off her mom that has some crazy illnesses and gets payed threw the government like get a job hun , oh wait you already have one 24/7 sleeping and sucking off every guy you can . nik this girl needs to be known before she ruins other peoples lives !!!

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Old Debbie Green

July 29, 2014 Calgary 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Debbie Green….she has drd and doesnt let any guy she hooks up with know. She works for Shell so she thinks.shes a big deal but in reality she is just another woman with dumb bitch disease and drd!!! She uses Plenty of Fish to pick up men and even thosw aorry folks on there should know….she also only dates black men so look out there!!!?

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Holly Heinz aka Hollyday Eve

July 28, 2014 Calgary 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is my first time posting, because I never found anyone who I thought truly deserved it. Nik unfortunately it is my oldest daughter Holly Heinz aka Hollyday Eve. Because Holly crossed that fine line with me by posting on The Dirty. Plus creating profiles under my name on every dating sites where Holly is pretending to be me, spending pathetic lies and giving out my cell phone number. This time I’m not turning the other cheek on what Holly is doing to me out from her hate and bitterness. It is fair for Holly to put up a post about me, than it is fair for me to put up a post about her. Holly has so many boy toys over 50. She hops from one cock to another, to play with anytime she feels like it. Her poor boyfriend Tracii Claeys does’t know what he is getting into. Holly is best being manipulative and getting her way, where she learned to be manipulative from the best her Step- Mother Leslie Heinz. Holly already had an abortion. She didn’t want her boyfriend Tracii Claeys to find out she was pregnant with a black man’s baby. Holly went to a school for handicapped people in Calgary. She is a habitual liar and has a personality disorder. Holly also has anorexia nervosa and she is mentally delayed. Holly is living in a dilusion and fantasy world. She is speaking Elvish language where she shows on Facebook. Elvish language is NOT a real language. Holly is doing witch craft where she became an evil witch. So be extra careful Holly will put a hex on anyone who won\’t let her to have her way. She pretends to everyone she is this innocent school girl on Facebook , but really she is a manipulative, pathetic, wacked job slut. Everyone in Calgary , Alberta and Windsor, Ontario watch out for this manipulative, unpredictable, wacked job slut!!!! Be warned!!!!

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