Dino Taglieri

August 20, 2014 Calgary, Toronto 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Is the world’s biggest scumbag. He is extremely delusional, and beyond pathetic. He came to Calgary about 5 years ago and started dating my friend. After about a year they got a place together and moved in together. He was ok in the sense that he furnished the place and paid the rent, he also bought her lots of gifts. But that’s about it for anything good to come from this ugly midget. The whole time he was married with 2 kids back in Toronto. And upon there break-up she comes to find out from a bunch of people that he was actually banging numerous girls who worked for him at the bow from young ones to gross 50 year olds. This guy defines what a Pig is and should Rot in Shame. And to top it off now hes back in Calgary doing it all over again, you can find him on POF under the name Sputach.

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Kim Larson

August 20, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kimerlie Larson. She works at Jackpot C**o and will only hire girls who are larger or uglier then her. She met her husband, who worked in the Luckys lounge kitchen and would refuse to marry him unless he had a rig job. She expects flowers and presents every time he comes home and expects him to give in to her every need. This girl is so self conscious about herself its almost sad. The way she talks to her staff and her friends really disgusts me. If its not Loui Vaton, she doesnt want it. She thinks her husand is gone doing extra jobs making her more money, but shes really out fly fishing.

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Crazy Clinger From Calgary

August 20, 2014 Calgary, The Dirty 143

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this girl is on a few online dating sites. She seems sweet but has a bit of a wild side that turns into a bit of a crazy clingy side. We hung out a few times and she couldn’t keep her hands to herself. I wasn’t going to say no so I gave her the D! After a few weeks of crazy sex I had to leave for work… that’s when the crazy kicked in and the rash showed up. She was blowing up my phone accusing me of being with other girls, I’m actually a good guy and was online looking for more than just play so she was the only chick I was messing with. She started threatening to come and find me and even said she was going to kill my puppy. Crazy b*tch. I moved and changed my number when I got back into town. I just want to warn other guys about this chick. The rash turned out to be genital warts and she also gave me the clap. Just looking for love and now I need a doctor and body guard. Stay away from Chay.

This is why dating websites don’t work.- nik

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Slooty P.O.S

August 19, 2014 Calgary 13


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Well theres this girl Named Kelsey wong shes a tiny poser with nasty lady parts . Surprised they havent fallen off yet. Shes one of those sloots who use men to get anything she want even crack to snort. Shes done so much shes like a skeleton. All of her friends are guys cause they are the only ones who fall for her crap, she uses her ass to get everything cause its all shes got. Shes one of the dumbest sloots I know. Shes been sleeping some guy she knows so she can have a place to stay and so she doesnt have to work. Just a nasty piece . Expose this people need to stay away!

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Sam Sweet the Cheat

August 19, 2014 Calgary 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy is a real piece of work ladies. Watch out for him on pof. He is a smooth talker and will say anything to get you to think he cares when the whole time is is cheating on his girlfriend with lots of different ladies. He will make you promises that he will never keep. He will call you his babe and promise you are the only one. He is nothing but a lying piece of crap. He cheated on his girlfriend with lots of ladies including me. He is the most selfish and self centred person you will ever meet. His only goal is to get ladies in bed, which he really does not have that much to offer in. He will lie about his life when really he is still living at home with his mom and he has really bad man boobs. Do’t call for this guy ladies. You’ve been warned. He has lied to everyone and all the ladies so far are finding out. Now he is on the hunt for more.

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Saddle-Up Photogs

August 19, 2014 Calgary 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl Ashley Jeffrey or ASHHJJ in Calgary Nik thinks she’s the next top model…while she tries playing off as a innocent angel in front of people she’s back stabbing them to their face when they aren’t looking. Dumb bitch thinks everyone best bow down to her or take it up the ass cause she dont give 2 fucks about anyone but her pathetic self. I’ve seen her walk all over people while in school and I heard from numerous sources that she got around in Bowness Highschool when she was there and gained quite the popularity with the boys in the school. Get a life you dirty skanky 2 faced bitch, the world isn’t only yours but its for the rest of us too. The fucked up part is that this girl has no tits, I don’t know if she is half boy or half girl cause her nipples look like a boy growing up around 9 years old. Fucking disgusting and odd to look at….there might be a photo on her Facebook or POF account (loves taking new fresh meat from all aged men) where you can see her fucked up body. Kind of wonder if she has even entered puberty yet…GIrl you have to get your shit right and stop prancing around like you own the city with your photoshoots for your so called model career or dream and quit adding everyone to your facebook like you know the world. I dont recall you had many friends to begin with and sleeping your way around school wasn’t the best way to gain new friends.

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Lethbridge Psycho

August 18, 2014 Calgary, Lethbridge 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick’s name is carrie morrison and she is a fuking psycho. she uses everyone she meets. she’s ripped off pretty much everyone tha’s ever met her. Her own family wants nothing to do with her. She tried ripping off her grand mothers estate and kept her old senile grandmother locked up in a little room in her basement. she tried to fraud a charity by raising money for a charity and then spending it. If you ever meet her don’t believe a single word that comes out of her mouth. she has an extremely bad habit of cking people over. And an honest word doesn’t leave her mouth. she’s fcked so many people over that she had to leave lethbridge alberta and she’s now somewhere in British Columbia now. She can’t keep a man because she is fcked in the head. she even makes up Facebook accounts to Fuck with people and makes up boyfriends Facebook’s. that’s how pathetic she is. stay away ladies and gentlemen!!

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Jeff the coward Coates

August 18, 2014 Calgary 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware single POF women –> Jeff Coates = He will fuk with your head! Any man that has to lie to get laid has absolutely no respect for women! Oh, and he’s a wanabe prospect, but unfortunately he is the definition in which most people portray bikers to be – an asshole – he makes the good bikers’n’clubs look bad!

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