Shaelene Desgroseilliers

October 21, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet the biggest cheat! This 20 year old whore has already slept with your man guarnteed!If not yet shes about to! She thrives off attention and thinks she is the hottest player out there.Go back to BC and try out for your dream girl calendar.Excuse me but dream girls are supposed to stay loyal to their boyfriends who support your cottage cheese ass. QUIT THINKING YOUR SO HOT AND BRAGGING ABOUT YOUR BODY!!! #fckmeover#fckuover# Watch your men women this one is out for the money out to just get fcked for more attention with TIPS!!!Once a wild bills LOW TRASH uprgraded to Tilted Kilt where she blows men in the car out back. All while stealing your blow just so she can stay UP to get more attention. She lays it on so thick that shes this nice girl who wants only you. Except while shes sleeping with your man her boyfriend is at home paying her rent. Poor guy doesn’t even know! I used to be her boss till I found out she was texting MY EX to meet up with her. Her boyfriend cant make her cum she tells him so she has to have others. Always in need gold digging SLUT.She will give your Dick warts. SHAE fuked my ex this weekend and he just fucked a lotus whore. You stupid CnT!!!!!!!!!!!!Take out your FAKE hair, YOUR FAKE eye color, YOUR FAKE personality,and maybe you will do something with your life other than being a LINGERIE WAITRESS!! HAHAHAHAH! Fantastic goals! By the way your fan page? PATHETIC, you’re not a model. Your a SKANK who has warts NOW!!! LMFAO

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Shyla Cornel

October 21, 2014 Calgary 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Shyla cornel she is a lieing bitch. I spent one night with her and saw three men she was obviously sleeping with and all “dating”. She is a c*ke whore and will steal lie and manipulate her way into your life. She is always saying she’s engaged (all different men) this has happened at least 23 times that i have seen and she is always “pregnant . She always announces it and there’s never a baby or an ultrasound or anything. She is evil and a slut and a gold digger. So watch out calgary men.

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Lethbridge Goof, James Moczo

October 21, 2014 Calgary, Lethbridge 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Janos, Jayson, or his real name James are some of the names he goes by. He has been in jail multiple times for beating his GF’s up. And I say GF’s because he usually has many on the go at the same time. He will try to turn that around on you and acuse you of cheating because he thinks everyone is a dirtbag like him. Not only will he cheat and beat on you he will drain your bank account dry and force you into debt. He thinks he’s a reformed gangster who had a tough life on the street mean time he grew up playing rep hockey. The only jail time hes done is for beating his GF’s up…. oh and he has a charge for picking up a dirty hooker. Oh and who can forget the tattoo in his stomach that says “Hot Boy’… code for being a bitch in prison. Hes currently living in Lethbridge Alberta on dating websites claimibg to be 29 whrn hes 34 trying to pick up 18-22 yr old girks.

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Poned by Ryan

October 20, 2014 Calgary 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Likes to play the pof game. Has hundreds of photos of girls yet has a gf. Lies cheats spreads drds. Beware ladies he’s half pretty, completely stupid, small uncircumcised dick. And lack of respect of his gf. Real winner, and I feel sorry for his gf!! Watch out for all the half naked body pics he will send you, guy is so high on himself and doesn’t look like his old shitty bathroom pics he will send..

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Paul Freeman

October 17, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 82

THE DIRTY ARMY: Paul Freeman is the biggest Guetto around that’s for sure. He thinks je hot shit till someone come’s along and picks a fight with him then he act’s out of his roid rage like daddy’s boy and gets all crazy infront of his friends like a guetto bitch ive seen him alone he isnt very scary at all without his bar hopping big roid friends i know this becuase me amd my boyfriend have seen him coward lots or just play nice so he doesn’t get imbarassed like the pretty boy he is and decides he just selld coke too like rest of his crew they call themselfs is so gross nikki he is just a boy who watched to many movies and those tattoos were never erned he has never even been to jail for more then a night in the drunk tank stupid twitt paul your such a Red Deer Jersey Shore wannabe i think you should stop posing your silver spoon fed sweetheart we all around here that know you know it all to well this is why your such a Guetto….

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Bubblemania Greg Jobs

October 17, 2014 Calgary 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Renee Louie-Martel, where do I even begin with this b*tch? First off, she’s a mad hoe. She’ll try to sleep with you if you’re single or taken. Not only did she choke on her tattoo artists di*k for some poor excuse of an unfinished tattoo but I caught her snorting lines of coke off some girls ass in the handicap stall at Flames Central. I’ve never met such a repulsive human being in my life, I’m sure her herpes has herpes. You might wanna ask one of the many co-workers at Bubblemania that she’s slept with or maybe a customer that contracted it after she spit in his drink LOL. And get over Jeremy Yip.. (name ring a bell?) Not only did he hit it and quit it but it looks like he switched sides soon after.. then again that could just be an act considering she’s utterly obsessed with him I mean, I would fake being gay too if I had some drd infested coke whore chasing after my d*ck, who wouldn’t? And to lie about being pregnant and having a miscarriage!? PSYCHO! just like the rest of your family. I forgot to mention that she beats her poor mother when she doesn’t receive money to buy some drugs and alcohol. No wonder your daddy left your ass. He, like everyone else, is sad that he didn’t pull out. You need to close your legs and act your age sweetie, your tits are already saggy so we know the rest of you being tight and right either.. And no one is jealous of you, you don’t have anything going on for yourself. – all you need to know is she’ll suck just about any dick for a couple of rave tickets and some blow or maybe if youre a Filipino, right Harry Aquino? haha so ladies keep your men far away from this one because she knows no boundaries and fellas try to have some self control because you might just end up with an itch.

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Jordan Buttfuck

October 17, 2014 Calgary 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: To start off this is Jordan Andrychuk and his slutty girlfriend Naomi nearing. To start off I dated Jordan for a year and a half on and off due to the skank in the picture. He cheated on me the whole relationship, with numerous girls constantly. He’s the biggest fuck up I have ever met, barely passing high school & using his friends constantly. Not only did he cheat on me the whole time, but he loved playing mind games. If you ever see him avoid at all costs as you may get a**s just from looking at him

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Bi-polar Gage

October 17, 2014 Calgary 53


THE DIRTY ARMY: hi nik, this lady, Chelsea Gage is a huge game player. She uses guys and women to get what she wants. She has a goal on being a cop but when she was in Australia she worked in a strip club and was an escort. She steals and takes money. When she moved back up here she still doing her bad things but yet wants to be a cop. She has a few friends that are cops and she sleeps with them. Im just warning the guys in calgary to watch out for her. She is not worth anytime. Chelsea tried out for the Stampede Royalty but didnt get very far because of her attitude. she freaks out on the smallest little things and runs away from the problems. She cant fix any problems and just calls the cops to help her out. She cant do anything unless her parents or cops help her. She cant grow up.  Nik, this needs to be posted so that everyone in calgary is safe

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