Nela Is So Hood

August 28, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 21



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I guess when white men won’t give you the time of the day you have to resort to using words such as “Nigg*” this “Nigg*” that. Does this girl understand how stupid she sounds as a white 20 year old saying the word “Nigg*” in every statement she makes. She follows at least 1,000 black females that take 50 selfies a day and take short clips of themselves licking their lips and squinting their eyes in the camera in attempt to look sexy. Arnela, look up the term BASIC BITCH and you will find your picture. You claim you’re so educated and you work so hard yet you HAVE NO JOB ???? I guess Tom Tom has no problem flying your stinky ass out to Miami every other weekend as long as he can get what he wants from you. Nik do you feel it’s appropriate for white people to throw this word??

Nobody should say that word, even black people.- nik

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Triflin Dude

August 28, 2014 Cincinnati, Columbus 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Terry Turner , he posted me on here and my friend. He’s the real dirty one in all of this , I was young and dumb when I was with him just like all you other women getting suckered into his game , ladies he is sharing those pics he sends you so watch your backs and how is he still on house arrest ? Dayton Ohio’s best

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Fire Crotch

August 22, 2014 Cincinnati, Cleveland 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to start with this train wreck? this spoiled brat is Amanda baranoski and she has had everything handed to her on a platter. She studied abroad at the London college of fashion but quickly threw that away into her first semester. She has become well known for her alcohol abuse and fcking dudes on the first date, she’s a habitual home wrecker always trying to steal men away from other women including her OWN family and friends. She’s a purple crayon chaser, she Ironically walked away with herpes and a kid after one of her first sexual encounters (with a black dude.) Ever since she had the kid she went off the hinges banging any guy that shows her the least amount of attention she walks around like her shit don’t stink calls her self the embodiment of Aphrodite lmao….more like Courtney love with a severe case of Down syndrome. Work your magic nik maybe putting her on the dirty is the wake up call she needs to realize that she should focus on her kid instead of getting that snatch of hers beat on a daily like it owes her money. So in all honesty nik…would you smash?

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Jessica Rapp

August 22, 2014 Cincinnati 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This girl is trash who puts on a innocent act to manipulate people that were there for her. she is a compulsive liar, alcoholic, weed & cocaine addict. she is a wanna be coke dealer that got robbed & beat up(notice the shiner in the pic below)so then she ended up getting strung out on the cocaine she was selling(notice major weight loss) now shes in debt with her “plug”. Not to mention she is a terible mother to her daughter that she neglects & never sees because she is too busy getting wasted at all of the local downtown bars chasing purple crayons of every local wanna be rapper & drug dealer. you can find her downtown cincy walking the streets late hours of the night drunk out her mind on coke benges stumbling or bartending every saturday night at the low class trashy ghetto Main Event bar on main street. this girl is a mess that needed to be put on blast for a long time.

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Homewrecker Thinks she can Change

August 20, 2014 Cincinnati, Columbus 31


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet kaleigh. unfortunately I’ve been with a man that has been talking to this very unattractive female. thats done now but lets get to it! I just happened to stumble upon my ex boyfriends phone (which js I am 5 months pregnant with his child and he lives with me, in MY house) and to my surprise a conversation of him begging her to send nude photos is there. In this conversation, shes begging him to tell her that hes not going to cheat on her like he is on me. LMAO the relationship is over but this little girl loves to show her stuff, so I figured I’d share it with the world. Love, a pissed off ex girlfriend.

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Married Man and Catfishing

August 18, 2014 Cincinnati 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Chris Lockmeyer, aka Riley. He was seeing me and other women while married. He lied and said he was single and even lied about his name and pretty much everything about himself. Honestly he broke my heart and I don’t want him to do it to others. I feel terrible for his poor wife.

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Drake Vs. Lil Wayne Concert Tour at Riverbend Music Center Tonight

August 15, 2014 Cincinnati, Columbus, Lexington, Louisville, Ohio State, University of Kentucky 0


The joint headlining tour marks the first time the two artists have toured together. Get you tickets now for the show at Riverbend Music Center tonight!

Click here to get your TICKETS!!!

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Hot Mess

August 15, 2014 Cincinnati, Dayton, Dirty Mugshots, Hamilton 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: she is a junky is Priscilla Crawford a terrible friend, poor mother and will use you for all you got. I made the mistake of thinking she was worth helping nope. She will steal from you lie to you, have drama in your home and drugs in your home, Stay clear of this thing. Dont fall for her fake friendship she will show her true color. and Her*in is her love

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