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The Predator is at it again

November 20, 2014 Cleveland 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this POS abuser is at it again! This time Alan Lee is targeting an unwitting 19 year old he met off the movie set. He was put on blast here recently for his horrible abuse against all of his ex’s, his horrible maipulation tactics, his repeat game with his girls and he got blasted for the real POS he is. He thinks by running around acting like a fake director for the new movie he is fiming, and being way more than he is he can lure young females who are stupid and naive. Please, what does a 34 year old man want with a 19 year old who has a boyfriend? If people cannot see the repeating trend here they are stupid. He is dangerous and people need warned! He seemed to be working on many girls on set, but I guess this one is the one who hasnt told him to get lost, Jen your way smarter than this, hes an obvious predator! This POS needs stopped! He goes around going after girls who have relationships, targets them, hurts them and leaves them with nothing when he is done! Too many people have learned the hard way.

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Medina’s Stankest

November 20, 2014 Cleveland 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is the stankest hoe in medina county, she travels to Cleveland for clubs and to meet up with random dudes to suck they dick. Her and her mother are both giving out pussy from the back of Arby’s on north court ( her moms the manager). She is a hair dresser best known to fck a bitch hair up, and of course the best known fact is her stank ass fishy pussy filled with blisters, dudes gotta tell her to take a shower before they fck. This skank is dumber than a bag if rocks living off welfare and staying in the ghetto ass ABC\’s her apartment filled with bugs. Fckin every one of her freinds men.. You can find her most nights stumbling around Johnny j\’s or Paul\’s. Oh and to top it off the hoe is a mother, quick to give the kid to its dad every other day to party.

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Jessica Cox

November 18, 2014 Cleveland 97

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica cox I mother of 8 with 5 different baby daddy’s started at the young age of 14…likes to go around and call others sluts but hmmm..let’s her man fck who do whatever cuz she know she can’t do any better and that no one else will ever what her fat ass…she thinks she better then everyone else now that she lives over the bridge in her section 8 housing..has no job barely an education but she’s Cleveland’s finest…

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Mr. DRD aka Brad Green

November 17, 2014 Cleveland 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Brad Green is as dirty as it gets. While I stayed home taking care of his son he was running around stealing, sleeping with prostitutes, basically ever law you can break, he did. Also, he says he’s not a sexual person, when in reality he just doesn’t like to sex the same person. We were engaged to be married, I saw his ads on craigslist with naked pics. He also uses other dating sites.

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Duck Face Jessie Diaz

November 17, 2014 Cleveland 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Jessie Diaz, Clevelands clown. She wears more make up then Bozo the clown. Jessie brags about people stealing her make up tips, but the only way someone would want to look like that is if they were joining the Barnum and Bailey circus! This girl is as dumb as a box of rocks! Her days consist of sleeping all day, taking duck face selfie and bar hoppin all night. This girl is a gold digging whore. One minute she is dating a cop and then next a convicted drug dealer. Jessie thinks she is something special. Why does her man cheat on her all the time? Get a clue bitch, the whole city is laughing at you, not with you!

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Pathetic Cammi Helion

November 17, 2014 Cleveland 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Id like to tell the public about this girls sad, sad life. Her name is Cammi Helion. She’s a 27 year old Korean adopted by a family in New York and lives with her boyfriend now in Ohio. Her family doesn’t talk to her and now I know why. We were friends for 8+ years until very recently she became a psychotic hypocrite. She is a self righteous bitch and absolutely two-faced. She claims to be a professional singer and says she used to model yet has nothing to show for it. She calls me out on social media sites and says I have no life and cheat on my boyfriend when her life consists of sitting on her boyfriends couch crying to guys online about how her boyfriend doesn’t call her beautiful and won’t have sex with her or let her have friends. She’s obsessed with ruining people’s lives and dedicates every second of her life causing drama and starting problems. She lied to my boyfriend saying I tell people he beats me (how sick is that?) and that I edate guys and cheat on him. She’s so ignorant and thinks she’s the greatest person in the world. She even publicly talks about how she hates morbidly obese people and they disgust her. 27 years old with nothing better to do than poison our air with her lies and drama while her boyfriend works 60+ hours a week to support her pathetic self.

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Mallory Schoff

November 14, 2014 Cleveland 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let’s see…dis bitch Mallory goes by Babie, but the bitch ain’t shit. everyone from Cleveland know her. she fucks anyone and will hop on yo dick faster if u have money. she the definition of ratchet and a gold digging ass ho. she be loving her sugar daddies that she finds from the strip club she worked at or whoever she can get sumthin from. she fucks her boyfriends homies to. she get what she can out a nigga. once u don’t got money or let her whip ur car or buy her drugs she gone and finds another nigga. she a dirty ho that will get fucked in the ass then suck yo dick. she think she cute with them fake ass titties she got that her grandpa sugar daddy got. If u want yo dick sucked or fuck just hit her up all u gotta do is act like u got some paper or buy some pills to blow. she make dough on the side hustling that blown out pssy on backpage. dis pic shows how dis ho be.

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Mentors Motorcycle Sloot

November 13, 2014 Cleveland 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey everybody this is Gina Fedele she is Mentors biggest slut. Everybody knows her as the whore that works at the Mentor Harley Davidson store. The only reason she has that job there is because she gets pounded out by all the employees there. My friend who works there even told me how she lets the workers run a train on her in the back room. This girl is such a whore, she has been with almost 15 different guys in the past 3 months. Its funny because now that she works at the HARLEY store she is a die hard biker who knows everything about bikes, and only will fck guys that have motorcycles. She is such a follower. I’m so sick of this bitch and that’s the reason I aired her out because she is a home wrecker. This girl is a fcking dumb ass whore. she is dumb as fuck, she has no college degree, she 26 and works for a clothing department and she thinks that she is better than everybody else. Haha get a fucking education instead of letting every guy get balls deep inside your beat up, nasty, gaping vagina. Fuck this bitch. Gina also proclaims herself to be “mother of the year” while she parties, gets hammered every weekend, and spreads her legs to every guy in lake county. Great mom huh?

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