Rose Vargo

April 23, 2014 Cleveland 1 7,831 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Rose Vargo. From the Mentor Area. She is a skank whore with many drd’s. She bounces bar to bar man to man. She sleeps with black men she meets off of craigslist. She runs personal ads off of craigslist too. She claims to be italian and have mafia family but nothing ever proven. She claims to have a father with millions but probably doesnt know who her father really is. She is a major gold digger. She will sleep with anyone that gives her attention cause she is so fat. she always looks like she is pregnant too. She tried to even claim she was then was called out on it and then blocked my number. She also smokes weed and a major pill popper. She also has a history with her**n abuse. Guys stay away!

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Jessica Erin Nash

April 23, 2014 Cleveland 7 7,853 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Jessica Erin Nash, from the Twinsburg area. She is a money grabbing skank whore. She jumps arounds between guy to guy looking for a sugar daddy. Making men buy her things for sexual favors like prostitution. She and her mom buy things on their credit cards then claim fraud all the time. She even try to have me pay for her breast implants. The guy after me who was my best friend did. She claims to be a musician and cant sing worth a damn. Tries to mimic her life after rock and roll and just wants a sugar daddy. She actually thinks she can be Amy Lee. She is dumb as a box of rocks. She even put diesel fuel in an suv. Men beware! Oh she also has 3 different cell phones one with a las vegas area code to keep her men in check.

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Two Timing drug dealer Victor

April 23, 2014 Cleveland 1 7,549 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik. Let me fill you in with the latest dope boy whore. His name is victor. He use to date my friend. She left him after she got 3 staples in her head, multiple black eyes, choke marks from being choked, bruises from head to toe. She finally left him and it was the best decision of her life. I just wanna warn girls about him. He says he was born in 1983. Really he was born in 1978. He is just bad news. Unless you like being cheated on and beaten up and your money taken from you. He did nothing but use my friend and as soon as she hell in love, he started beating her. You can see her pictures on Instagram. I uploaded a few to show you what he does. Her sister filed charges and he will soon be locked up. Just be aware if you meet this bum that lives with his mom. Lol.

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Not Worth the Trouble

April 23, 2014 Cleveland 30 8,750 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Long story short NIK this Chick Andrea Lee hit me up in Jan 2013 to come over to her place. She all about the black guy and once she told me she work for a legal firm i was all in. lawyers be freaky. anyways her fiancé at the time now x hired a PI dude shows up at my work with all kinda documents so I have to now put this out to the dirty world that you can’t trust a Lawyer or someone who works in legal field.My boss looked at me and now I’m being asked a million questions and had to turn over all emails and pictures this chick sent me. crazy This what she sent me. Would you Nik?

*Also Noted she has appeared twice on the dirty prior in 2009
Ohio state trash
Andrea at it again

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Michelle the Dog Abuser

April 22, 2014 Cleveland 6 8,725 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: BEWARE OF THIS WOMAN! She is doing anything to get dogs. She is making up fake names and trying to get dogs through rescues, the warden, and kennels. Her name is Michelle Opaliski. She is using multiple other names. She has even created fake profiles and added on dog rescue pages. She is stealing and hoarding dogs. Worst of all she is baiting these poor dogs and flipping them. DO NOT LET THIS WOMAN TAKE ANY DOG!It will not be her dog but she will try to convince you it is. This woman needs to be stopped before she can hurt anymore innocent dogs. She lives in Amherst and will be trying to get dogs in surrounding areas and county’s.

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Cranky Firecracker, Liz Schneider

April 21, 2014 Cleveland 5 5,449 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this young firecrackers name is Liz Schneider. You can find her at pharmacies around Middlefield hustling people for packs of pseudoephedrine to make meth. She uses anyone and everyone she can to get her drugs no matter what the risk. She’s lost everyone that was by her side because she burned and smoked all her bridges and now gets heroin and methed up with her man. Recently she got busted for coaxing people into buying her ingredients fr many different pharmacies with the promise to give dope or money too, who didn’t see this coming? She thinks she’s so badass and hot shit she smiles in her mugshot like she won Miss America. She’s denying everything claiming she was in the game for cash but in reality she didn’t wanna give meth binging a break and is the true addict. Hopefully she cleans her life up and returns to the Best friend I once had but until then she’ll be in handcuffs sucking dick for drugs or smiling like Justin Beiber in the back of a cop car.

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Rave Life

April 17, 2014 Cleveland 15 8,802 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this skank ass hoe who thinks that she is hot with her ridiculously over the top slutty outfits baring her stretch marked pudgy failure of a stomach keeps on trying to break up a happy home of newlyweds with a baby on the way. This trailer trash whore sets a great example for her child while she is passed out on the floor from her her**n overdose and extended weekend of “peace love and rave” parties. She will take anyone she can get whether it be boys or girls in a bathtub while they shave her disease filled rotted roast beef blue waffle vagina….and sends said pictures to a married man. Threatening to beat up a pregnant lady is not cute but rather a cry for help for her pathetic life of sucking dick to get them to buy her trashy hair extensions. She went on “The Hookup” after sucking off a tin man and coming off of a binge because she was so desperate for her next fix. I guess thats what happens when your dad tries to molest you.

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Beware Of This Guy

April 16, 2014 Cleveland 5 9,751 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, beware of this guy he lied about being clean he does care what he does he just want to f*ck everything and pass everything around youve been warned stay clear of him he says he clean and after we had sex he told me he was not clean.

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