Rave Life

April 17, 2014 Cleveland 2 8,238 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this skank ass hoe who thinks that she is hot with her ridiculously over the top slutty outfits baring her stretch marked pudgy failure of a stomach keeps on trying to break up a happy home of newlyweds with a baby on the way. This trailer trash whore sets a great example for her child while she is passed out on the floor from her her**n overdose and extended weekend of “peace love and rave” parties. She will take anyone she can get whether it be boys or girls in a bathtub while they shave her disease filled rotted roast beef blue waffle vagina….and sends said pictures to a married man. Threatening to beat up a pregnant lady is not cute but rather a cry for help for her pathetic life of sucking dick to get them to buy her trashy hair extensions. She went on “The Hookup” after sucking off a tin man and coming off of a binge because she was so desperate for her next fix. I guess thats what happens when your dad tries to molest you.

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Beware Of This Guy

April 16, 2014 Cleveland 2 9,587 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, beware of this guy he lied about being clean he does care what he does he just want to f*ck everything and pass everything around youve been warned stay clear of him he says he clean and after we had sex he told me he was not clean.

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Homie Hopping Olivia Coleman

April 16, 2014 Cleveland 3 5,463 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl is the south euclid/cleveland heights SLUT! olivia coleman was basically born to be a whore. She grew up with a drug addict mother and a father who attends AA meetings weekly. Her first boyfriend-a.j liechtinger, was a bipolar 5’4 200+lbs ugly mother fcker who was the first idiot to give her the time of day. He showed everyone in his high school naked pictures she would send him and how she would take it in the ass when she was still in grade school. When they eventually broke up, she ending up fcking 10 of his best friends within 2 months. She started a large group of eskimo brothers who all attended her boyfriends high school. it became so easy to fuk this girl that people would get sick of it. If you hung out with her you were basically gaurenteed to get you’re dick sucked. She’s such a two faced bitch that the two best friends she grew up with weren’t as important to her as THEIR boyfriends dicks. Her parents admitted that she was a mistake and they never planned on having kids. But good thing they did because that mistake turned into a field day for many many guys. If you’re ever in the mood to get one off without putting in any effort, she would be the first girl to come to mind. Find her on FaceBook!!! be careful though, you might catch something

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Shireen Deanna

April 14, 2014 Cleveland 8 9,994 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Shireen Dianna. She is a gold digging whore. She always complains how women are much prettier that her and she had divots all in her face. She stalks all her man friends and is a dope weed-head. Was fires from her last job for not passing a drug test but blames her BF Jim for it. She even threw a brick threw his window and keyed his car up and was caught on CCTV and arrested by the cops. Jim had to file a restraining order against her terrorist ass. Yet none of her friends wants nothing to do with her drd ass. She is a trainwreck. Boys beware!

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Alex Stephens the Dirtbag

April 8, 2014 Cleveland 25 8,116 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Alex Stephens lets talk about this dirtbag here. Lets see where shall we start? Okay lets start with this douch bag deserves to still be in prison with his nasty prison tattoos on that god awful body by the way cover up no one wants to see that. All this kid does is drink and do drugs he just hit the streets again a couple months ago after a 5-6 year bid for being ignorant with a gun dude stop the ghetto swag and get a job oh wait you are going to have a hard time doing that because your a felon this dude is a straight bum how he gets b*tches is beyond me he is with some washed up manly looking mixed girl who thinks she is all that because she is in the reserves really girl? Try going active army before bragging your ugly washed up been ran though and still being ran through all she does is drink oh wait that is why they are prefect right he still flirts with every girl that crosses his path as they would want this scrub boy times have changed no one wants you washed up ghetto boys you have dblock across your belly was that your cell block number that proud of being in prison go snort some more pills smoke some weed bum some cigerates and drink some beer and do nothing with your life cleveland women beware of this self pitty drug headed alcoholic bum

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Gabrielle Palladino the Hussy

April 8, 2014 Cleveland 5 7,824 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this my friends is Gabrielle Palladino…. from Strongsville… dirty dirty dirty, never try a relationship, but if your down for a good fuck, hit her up! shes got no love for the male race, even if she says she loves you, she will juggle you between multiple, and when i say multiple, I mean in the summer, she didn\’t know who she was pregnant with between six dudes, not to mention she will sleep with all of your friends… and i mean ALL of them. She Luhs them Xannies, and forgetting her nights, which everyone knows what a girl is tryina do when they roofie themselves…

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Poor Girl Thinks She’s a Model

April 7, 2014 Cleveland 75 6,495 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Allison Allycat.. I follow her on Facebook, I am a guy everyone girl is a slam piece to me. Except this one, I added her then instantly delated her. She claims to be a model but looks like her mother was a horse who fucked a pile of shit. She says she does big things. Cleveland is not doing big things. you’re a joke a ugly ugly joke. She says she works out also and has the nicest ass. I do not see an ass your squats are not working. Nice ass Ha look at it was it wrong with it. She connately talks shit on other models because of being old. They may be old but at least they are pretty. The farm called they want their horse back

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Whiny Gopher Cierra Tate

April 7, 2014 Cleveland 3 7,653 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Cierra Tate is so damn annoying! Her and her friends are really weird, they stick tampons up their noses thinking that it’s funny when honestly it’s not. She thinks she’s so cool by posting pictures on her Facebook of her smoking weed. She whines, complains and bitches about everything on Facebook. She’ll usually bitch about her so called “friends” treating her like shit and saying she gets blown off, ignored and taken advantage of. However, she does the same thing to other friends, so she’s a lying, dumbass, contradicting hypocrite. Quit your bitching already!

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