Cameron the Rapist

April 16, 2014 Dallas 1 6,159 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Cameron Brackett, he lives in Cedar Hill Texas and thinks he is a rapper. He frequents alliance skate park. He has been in and out of jail multiple times for beating girls and drug charges. I want this asshole to be exposed for what he did to me! He drugged and raped one night while I was at a friends house. The next morning when I woke up he had me tied to his bed frame with my mouth duck taped. I started screaming and fighting and he finally let me go. I heard him saying on the phone to someone that his mom was coming home. He told me that if I told anyone he would rape my sister. I called the cops and reported it because this little midget doesn’t scare me. The only reason I wasn’t able to defend myself was because I was drugged! I want to know if there are other girls he has done this to! I want to put Cameron Brackett behind bars for life!!

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Bottom Feeders Fooled

April 15, 2014 Dallas 3 7,186 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Bryan Burger. He’s usually followed around town by white trash bottom feeders that sadly believe he is a notorious drug dealing womanizer. He has no standards when it comes to women. The only respectable female he has had a relationship with was his ex-wife that left him once she found out what a low life he really is. She nearly gave her life to have his child and he repays her by continuously disrespecting her. He tries to compensate for his unattractive looks by posting stacks of hundred dollar bills on social media and serenading bottom feeders with stories of his served jail time from being a notorious drug dealer when in reality he only served time for a DWI which is clearly stated on his past criminal background (we all know how you get cases dismissed). Stop chewing on logs beaver and use that money you brag about and fix your beaver teeth. You might have bottom feeders eating out of the palm of your hand, doing your dirty work for you but any respectable person knows that you’re nothing more than an uneducated trash box.

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Drink Eat Play’s Dirtbag Dan Silberstein

April 14, 2014 Austin, Dallas 11 9,087 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Millionaire promoter and founder of Drink Eat Play, Dan Silberstein is a true dirt bag. He used his money and personality to win the heart of a leading “B” movie actress and scream queen. She has asked to remain nameless. anyway he did and said anything and everything he could to win her heart and get into her bed. Including convincing her that he wanted a family, which she desperately wants. so she proceeds to let him into her life, then her bed. From the first time they begin to have unprotected sex as they are both in love and if a child is produced then so much the better as that’s what they want right..happily ever after and all that goes with it. Then she ends up pregnant!! And our hero here completely flips and the madman in him comes out. He proceeds to tell her he’s not ready for kids and that if she doesn’t have an abortion immediately that he will sell everything he owns and kill himself as to make sure that his child will grow up with no money and no father. The actress is confused and lost and in a lot of pain and has asked me to try and get the word out about this dirtbag. She doesn’t want to be named but wants to make sure this ass cant do this to other women.

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NCAA Final 4 Party Scam

April 12, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 8 92,988 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I got invited to this party and it was the worst thing ever.  NO HOTGIRLS, NO CELEBRITIES.  The open bar attracts freeloaders and posers like flies. Old coke whores giving people dirty looks and fighting over who will sit next to a retired broke athlete. Old white men standing around looking like rapists. Old black men who think they’re pimps and dress like SHAFT. Assholes sitting in reserved tables and booths wearing flip flops with no bottles. It is by far 1 of the worst events EVER thrown.  This is going to happen next year in Indianapolis and I just wanted to warn people.

What did you expect from a company name “The Pump Group”.- nik

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Remi Ayodele Isn’t Fooling Anyone

April 12, 2014 Dallas, Dirty Athletes, Grande Prairie, The Dirty 47 92,135 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Remi Ayodele got cut from the Minnesota Vikings for being overweight and too slow.  He is never seen with any girls but has been known to buy cars for his guy friends or should we say “boyfriends”.  He is obsessed with becoming a fashion designer/ghetto nightclub owner and didn’t seem to learn his lesson with that dump AM/PM (which has been closed). Hopefully there will be a shooting at Monroe’s soon so that POS will follow suit. Finally, a strong rumor circulating that he and another black club owner are homosexual lovers. Get down off your high horse Remi, you’re nothing but an obese has been from that sh*thole known as Grand Prairie and you are not fooling anybody.

What’s that championship ring from? Pop-Warner or CIF?- nik

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Kinsey Cummings

April 11, 2014 Dallas 2 7,513 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy is such a looser. He was a crack head for over 10 years and has mugshots all over the internet for it. Hes disgusting. He lives with his ugly ex wife who has 3 baby dads and 4 kids. This looser kinsey cummings doesnt even see one. He started going after my friend hard acting like he was single. I found out he was talking to others and Iiving w his ex wife that he cheats on her ALL the time for years now. She always finds out by stalking his phone. She evens gives this 34 year old an allowance out of his own paycheck. He works in construction as a framer so no baller status there. Hes a faker and a looser with major DRD problems. All truth. Sleeps around all over Tyler tx. Thinks hes hot shit but hes just pathetic. Kinsey cummings is a whore

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Prime Bar Sucks

April 10, 2014 Dallas 3 5,944 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Do not waste your hard earned money at prime bar dallas. Even located between Kung fu and concrete cowboy, this place still stays empty. Probably bc of the useless rude bartenders who can’t even get off their lazy asses to take orders or the fact that their food is comparable to horse shit. The bathrooms are disgusting and the floor is so dirty, it makes your shoes stick to the point where they might pull off your feet. It’s disgusting & uptown deserves better.

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Nancy Sisombbath Continues

April 10, 2014 Dallas 1 9,729 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: The chic NANCY SISOMBATH continues to try to claim she is going to get better high end properties, clothes and get a high-end car better than the next bitch. Everywhere she goes she talks about how awesome her life is and then says how things for her will get even better. Her boyfriend who she brags about does not deserve her and needs to know besides getting dick pictures, she fucked a dude in living in Dallas for a while. Cheating on her now fiancé. He took her back knowing all she has done to him! This bitch goes to a community college and claims she almost done (as in a university bachelors). Pathetic she continues to lie and bullshit about anything, anyone. She thinks she so pretty but no matter what she puts on makeup. She just got her eyebrows tatted. She’s so fake’. Now working out because she got fat and it does not look like its working she still has a gut and her horse face is shining bright with her buck tooth sticking out. Nik tell this girl to stop talking bullshit and hoeing her ass around!

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