This Is Why Rachel Can’t Get A Good Man

September 16, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. Rachel has been posted on here before for having the worst REFUND gap ever. That still has not changed, but she needs to be posted again for other reasons. She recently had a baby with some sketchy ass dude that she barely even knew. Before that, she used to work at 3rd base (Wild Pitch is its current name) as a bartender. She would always take pictures with half of her forehead cut off and her sh!tty boob job. I don’t know if this is to get her ginormous head out of the picture (get some bangs already!!) or to get her boobs IN the picture. Rachel, we know your tricks, but the creepy guys still like it. Anyways, she just posted a status that I had to screen shot and laugh at. RACHEL. You choose douche bags because look at what you used to do/want to continue doing! When you post pictures like that, you are saying to guys come and get it, basically. The guys that you attract are going to be like that because no decent guy is going to want to go out with some girl that posts the sh!t you do. I love all the comments on the status too that are saying “You are such a great person, idk why you attract those kinds of guys”. Get a grip. And we can see the baby in that cropped picture of you…. why did you have to crop her out? BTW Nik, do you know of any great plastic surgeons in the Dallas area that can fix her now saggy REFUND gap?

I don’t see a REFUND Gap in this image.- nik

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Marcus Grodd Is A Cheater

September 14, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 43


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I met Marcus in Dallas not knowing he had filmed Bachelor in Paradise (so clearly he was engaged but it wasn’t aired yet). He proceeded to give me drinks so I couldn’t drive and offered a guest room. He went down on me, and tried to have anal sex (clearly so he wouldn’t feel like he was cheating) but I fought him off. Marcus Grodd is a liar and cheater. He is the typical Dallas due he. Lacy Faddoul- RUN!

That yellow doesn’t look good on her. It makes her arms look elongated.- nik

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Marcus Grodd is a Cheater

September 12, 2014 Dallas 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met Marcus Grodd while out in Dallas, not knowing he had finished filming Bachelor in Paradise. I was clueless who he was, but he’s the typical Dallas deuche. He cheated on Lacy….. He offered his friends extra room, and proceeded to give me drinks to try and hook up with him. Hes a total liar and clearly had already proposed to Lacy, but that didn’t air until Mondays finale. Lacy should know the truth. Run! He’s a liar and cheater!

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The AR Mystery Has Been Solved

September 12, 2014 AR Mystery, Boston, Dallas, Hollywood, The Dirty 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Amanda Roadmen. Some people get confused and think it’s Arielle Reitsma but the truth is they were twins separated at birth. They both refuse to acknowledge this fact and keep saying their twin is a Catfish.  Done solved.

My money says Amanda Roadmen looks like a real life Danny DeVito.- nik

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The New Shah Of Sunset

September 12, 2014 Dallas, Hollywood, The Dirty 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, some girl named Marbel Banda replaced Lilly on Shahs of Sunset. I guess she is from Texas also. I don’t understand why they try to cast the ugly Persian girls for this show? Anybody know the 411 on her?

Marbel is still better looking than the rest of the shims on that show.- nik

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How Is 8 Belles Looking

September 9, 2014 8 Belles, Dallas, The Dirty 26


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, wanted to update you on 8 Belles and how she is doing.  Life after nightlife industry has been great for her.  As you can see, she is still working on fixing her face but she is about 7 years a little too late.

Why are her eyes bugging out like that?- nik

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NTX Diesel Dick

September 9, 2014 Dallas 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I would like you help outing this Douche Bag named Austin Frazier from Lewisville Texas. He has a habit of hitting girls and somehow has got away with it until now. This 5 foot nothing Emo tool claims to own his own company and to be in to the Dirt bike culture, but the truth is he has a domestic violence complex and must not have got to breast feed or something to fck up his head. This evening I found out that he got arrested recently in lewisville after a neighbor called in what was a loud fight. It was this conversation in which I found out that he had open hand slapped a young female family member and was put at the top of my list of guys to deal with. North Texas Diesel, Automotive and Performance is where he works and claims to be the owner, but looks like a lie. Be Aware and do not let those close to you around him. Please help me blow this ass clown up and keep any other girls from getting involved with him.

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Don’t Go To King Spa — Buyer Beware

September 8, 2014 Dallas, Dirty Business 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: King Spa… my affair with you is OVER… I’m so done with this place. After multiple visits and high tabs at the end I won’t spend one more dime here. I usually take a day off during the week, like Monday to go, with the expectation of it being less crowded. I always got the full scrub $120 plus maybe a foot rub $60, plus admission, plus lunch… etc. so, a couple hundred bucks later it hasn’t been all bad…

On most visits I’ve been annoyed by children somewhere in the place, but on my last visit all I could hear was children screaming and a mother yack yack yacking during my entire treatment. The scrubs are done in the “wet” room where the hot tubs are located. It’s been on and off that you have to deal with noise during a treatment… $120 treatment you should be enjoying and relaxing…

I finish that and I go out to the main room to get some lunch. It’s a buzz with activity as usual and then I notice… everyone is playing with their phones. Then a guy a couple of tables over takes a phone call, then another one and I ask myself “Don’t people come here to relax?” WHAT IS THE POINT!!!!!

It looks like some people go there during the week, pay the fee and use the wifi to work, take phone calls etc. It’s utterly ridiculous. When I go here I don’t want to think about work, I want to enjoy the spa, the hot tubs, the scrub and lose all of the stress I bring with me. I have been unable to do that 100% on the last several visits… but the last visit was it for me… I left more stressed than when I came in and I was out almost $200.

When I told the guy at the counter he said “Sorry” and ran my credit card… sure you are. A woman, husband and a couple of kids were standing there trying to decide what to do. She stopped me to ask “Wait, did you have a bad experience, will you tell me about it”… I looked over and said “You have a family, you are here with kids… you’ll love the place” and I walked out.

I’m not sure how much business here comes from screaming children or how much comes from adults who want to relax… but it’s clear to me that one part of the business is being sacrificed in the name of the other.

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