The Stick Figure

September 23, 2014 Detroit, Grand Blanc 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this skinny ass hoe is a complete bust down. Where do I even start?! Ok so her name is Shannon, she’s a 37 year old alcoholic mother of four. She’s had two different baby daddies before the third. She has cheated on everyone single one of them! The third father of her children actually fell in love her ass and after over a 10 year relationship with him he put a ring on her! Even after cheating on him twice before that. Well after putting all that behind them and getting married this boney ass bitch cheats AGAIN! Not only is she a shitty wife but also an unfit mother…her 3 older kids want absolutely nothing to do with her and she couldn’t care less about them. It’s only a matter of time before she cheats on the new guy. She needs new dick every couple months but I guess my question is how does she find guys to even fck with her ass…she’s got nothing but bones to offer!!!

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Likes Gullible Women

September 18, 2014 Detroit 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy here is a total fake. He likes to prey upon women through dating websites. He tells them everything they want to hear and then uses them until he’s done with them. What a joke, this is one dirty bastard that should be put on blast for being a conniving snake that gets off on ruining lives of women in the tri-state area. Get a life loser and go back to whatever hole you crawled out of.

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Jimmy Gilewski

September 15, 2014 Detroit 511

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Jimmy Gilewski a.k.a. Jimmy G the Wyandotte town drunk.This guy comes into the bar I work at.To put it mildly he is just flat out disgusting.But for some reason he is always bragging about his business empire,when in reality he always seems to find women with low self esteem to freeload off of.He tries to be flirty but he is so gross we laugh at him.I mean who really wants a guy that reeks of beer and sambuca and cigarette smoke?

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Anthonia Yates

September 11, 2014 Detroit 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: This woman is a vile dirty tramp. She’s an abusive mother with a temper tantrum.. Her head needs to be examined. She likes to freeload off of people, then when people are good to her she snaps. She’s a miserable soul in Michigan. She prostitutes her body for $40 on backpage and has trouble making money even doing that.

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Meet Shelbii Burch

September 8, 2014 Austin, Detroit 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Shelbi Burch, again…how bout a taxi???

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Warning Crazy Women in Downtown Area

September 2, 2014 Detroit 440

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Antoinette Richett,(From Wyandotte,MI) Seems nice at first then after she gets to know about you and your life she turns on you, tries to tell everyone around town untrue information about you & Family, Not to mention the fact that I got multiple drd’s From this Women.

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She Has No Idea What Loyalty Is

August 30, 2014 Detroit, The Dirty 77


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl right here fake as f*ck!!! A few months ago this bitch was my bestfriend now you wouldn’t know we were cool, she turned on me after years of friendship for some other bitch with a baby. She played gay with me to scam n*ggas out of money but while she “played gay ” I know the real deal. I was on here too and now I believe she did it so this is my get back. She a jealous, short, funny looking, gimpy bitch. She sucks and f*cks for money.  She talked mad sh*t to everyone about her sister and now their bestfriends again. Loyalty is cleary not in her high school vocabulary.

Detroit.- nik

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Brian King Is a Theif

August 22, 2014 Detroit 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brian King is a 14 time felon who is posing as a gym owner to steal money from people. He says he has 20 years in the fitness industry and is 45 years old but was locked up in prison for 14 years….do the math. His MDOC prison number is 710751. He is currently hiding out in Columbus, Ohio at Westside barbell, stealing money from a guy named Christian Mello and his wife. He owes the Feds $105,000 in fines and $125,000 in restitution. Watch out for this guy he already stole $70,000.00 from a couple in Howell, MI and $105,000.00 from two business men in Brighton…and everyone is looking for him…he\’s a scum bag..even his own Mother went to court against him to help get custody of his son for his ex-wife…a real dirtbag!!! BEWARE!!!

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