Dwayne Hay Is At It Again

October 31, 2014 Calgary, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ohhh My!!!! This idiot is at it again. Beware. He is on POF and Tinder AGAIN!!! If you have matched or messaged with this Douchebag, take a moment and google his name. Or perhaps find him on here and read all the previous comments from all the previous women, he has lied to, cheated on, used, borrowed money, gave empty promises and endless lies. He deserves to be single FOREVER!!!!! Baby teethed, wanna be hockey player.

He really needs to use that pro hockey money to buy veneers.- nik


Dwayne Hay

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Way To Go Lamarr Houston

October 30, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Houston, The Dirty 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, did you see Lamarr Houston’s injury caused by celebrating a sack of a backup quarterback when his own team is getting crushed on Sunday? Only Lamarr Houston would be that type of idiot. Hey Bears fans, it is time you all open your eyes and realize your team will never win another title again. On a good note, Green Bay is right next to you. You can always switch sides. What a joke. Now you are out for the season big timer.

Is this supposed to be a Mafia picture?- nik

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Dream Killer Killed Jay Cutler’s Career

October 27, 2014 Chicago, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 100


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, PEYTON MANNING, TOM BRADY, not even f*cking Johnny Manziel is STUPID enough to have their dream killer on the sideline before a game against an NFL team “hugging it out.” Jay Cutler STOLE his $50million guaranteed CASH from the Bears and invested it into Chinese Laundry so his dream killer can make clothes, jewelry, etc. people won’t ever want to wear. When will these F list celebs realize they aren’t the next billionaire Mary Kate & Co. and it’s all for show so they can “pretend” to have a career. If she was on SHARK TANK with these whack ass designs MARK CUBAN and company would kick her off the set I think for BEARS nation that Jay Cutler cut his dream killer before his NFL career is over. Seriously you are an NFL QB that just signed a $50 million contract and your throwing it away for an MTV reality show? Laguna Beach can be for the off-season where you nail hot ass Newport Beach girls, not washed up high school girls living out their prom school dream. YOU ARE ELITE get ELITE ASS not reality tv show trash. I get it you were BLIND, move one.

Cutler is done. Bears will move on next season. Kristin was always in it for the money and double chin — True DK.

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Info On Colin Kaepernick And Brittany Renner

October 24, 2014 Dirty Athletes, San Francisco, The Dirty 83

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have a friend in Mississippi who is friends with Colin Kaepernicks rumored new girlfriend Brittany Renner (Fitness Model) well a couple weeks ago she was down there and she gave my friend the details on her and Colin. Well my friend told me Brittany told her that she and Colin have been having a fling for over 3 months and their relationship is “tricky” but they are semi together. There were rumors saying she was pregnant but I can confirm she definitley is not and it was just a silly rumor that people speculated . Well this is where it gets messy ! LOL, Brittany told my friend that Colin had a very tiny d*ck, and she was suprised due to his big size. She said his sex game was whack and it was dissapointing and that her ex was way better dang……. Brit said her and Colin are still talking despite ups and downs in their relationships but I just had to let you know that his sex game is WHACK! She want’s to be the chosen one so bad, and is mad that he doesn’t claim her, she want’s the package of a NFL girlfriend but I guess that package doesn’t indluce good sex! LOL.

Colin can do better.- nik

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Dwight Howard’s New Future Baby Mama

October 17, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Hollywood, Houston, The Dirty 101


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Dwight “sh*tty baby daddy” Howard’s new side piece of sh*t. She is trying to act like she is above gold-digging yet she is creeping hard with him like a gold-digging wh*re would. Hey Toni aka Bella, whatever your name is you hypocrite, guess what you are number 27 on the list of all the bitches he smashes so get off your high horse. C’mon Dwight Howard you can do better. Really man, a fugly looking peasant with a kid? N*gga you funny!!!! LOL. Hey ratchet girl bring on the stupid hoochie quotes on your social networks about how “people are just hating”, “don’t believe everything you hear”, “I am different”, “I am independent” like the basic bitch you are. I am tired of thirsty Louboutin wearing clowns trying to become number 1 in the lives of these men. It is hilarious though but honey you are just a new warm hole for him to play with. Enjoy all the perks that comes with it and hopefully you will get knocked up, get on a reality show and be set for life because men like Dwight are idiots, pathetic trash haha.

Go Knicks!!- nik

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Hannah Stocking Is A Horrible Girlfriend

October 17, 2014 Dirty Athletes, San Francisco, The Dirty 89

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Hannah Stocking might have a smoking body but she’s a nightmare for a girlfriend. Ever since preseason started she’s caused Klay nothing but drama and they are constantly fighting. He is such a good guy so he is trying to make it work but there is no way he can start the season like this. Nik, please let Klay know everyone will understand if he gets rid of her he doesn’t need to keep up the front anymore.

Klay who?- nik

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Why Is Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend In Justin Timberlake’s Mercedes Benz

October 16, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Hollywood, Orlando, The Dirty 360

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, defintely the Penthouse Pet of the year Awards!!!! Love Joanne Elizabeth from Playboy! Kimberly Williams went out with Marcus Allen, her and Taylor were in the New York Post before. Taylor is friends with Claudia Jordon from the Real Housewives of ATL and case #1 on Deal or No Deal. You want to know the dirt on her, Jorge Cruz, manager at Gucci Orlando and JCruzStyle Events. Pics of her with him, Maggie Kennedy and Jacqueline Siegal in Islesworth, Orlando. Vegas pics on her twitter in Vegas same time as Phelps. Turns out they have known each other much longer then originally thought. Plug Ugly’s rumor mill is she is pregnant and they were fighting over money and keeping the baby that night. Debbie Phelps is nice to her face, but privately hates her according to David Silverman and Chris Stuuts. There is so much more going on here then meets the eye. Why after all this time is neither side talking? How does Nicole Johnson play into this? the weekend that Taylor was not in town, guess who was? Miss California 2010. No wonder he needed 6 weeks away. This man is deep in the SH*t! Kelvin Moses, New York Jets Why is she in Justin Timberlakes Mercedes Benz????

JV make an ‘also see’ so people know who the hell this thing is.- nik


Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend Is Stalking Me

Michael Phelps’ New Girlfriend Is Beat

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Hannah Stocking Learned From Some Professionals

October 14, 2014 Dirty Athletes, San Francisco, The Dirty 159


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, while Klay Thompson was winning the gold medal for team USA in Spain, his girlfriend was busy partying with well known escorts, ex Taz’s Angel Ieshia Marie and Jennica Olliffe. Klay is going to end up like Landry Fields if he doesn’t wake up!

Is Laundry Fields still in the NBA?- nik

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