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Still Up To Her Old Tricks

May 24, 2012 Jersey, Nintendoll, Oregon, The Dirty 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik fat ass Fallon (Nintendoll) is still up to her old ways.  She’s still slipping nips for tips and sucking d*cks for whips.  Here’s a few of her clients hmm hmm I mean clients, ops I did it again, I mean boyfriends.  She got the trashiest tattoo on the side of her body,  she thinks shes a robot.  I dunno how guys could stick it in such a crazie b*tch, I heard she smells down there from a one of the few guys she didnt sleep with in town, although shes tryed on mutiple occasions.  Hes mine sweetie, stop asking if he wants his d*ck sucked.

Nintendoll, the dark hair ruins you. Please fix it immediately.- nik

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Classic Comparison With A Classic

May 21, 2012 Jersey, Nintendoll, Oregon, The Dirty 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik since this girl finally turned of age, drinking age that is, thought I’d post her again.  I mean you did name her after all.  Nik I give you, once again, Nintendoll,  Fallon Hawk.  Not much has changed about her, except the color of her hair and the age of her men, they’ve probably doubled which means I’m sh*t outta luck.  Anyways that’s neither here nor there, I have no beef with Fallon other then the color of her hair.  You’ve change my perception on hair color I used to think it looked trashy, after seeing you explain yourself I not only like blond I lovee it.  To be fair I added pics where she looks great with both, so nik Blond or Brunette?

This doesn’t look like Nintendoll, this girl’s nose is way too sharp. And Blonde for the WIN.- nik

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WTF Is Wrong With Nintendoll?

April 10, 2009 Jersey, Nintendoll, The Dirty 18


THE DIRTY ARMY: okay so raine is never going to be taken seriously. Look at all the dumb ass pics. she makes me so freaking mad when she preaches about not getting drunk than takes pics like this. check out those d-bags she chills with n that sl*ttt Naz. I’m so sick of partying with her because all the boys like swarm around her cuz of her new t*ts.

Nintendoll got her +2′s because of me… just ask her.  I told her it would advance her comic book career.- nik

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Jersey Nintendoll

July 21, 2008 Jersey, Nintendoll, The Dirty, Would You? 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: So i recently added Nintendoll on myspace and took a look at her pictures. if ms. raine wanted to be taken so seriously why pose for retarded pictures?

Nintendoll please let me purchase your +2′s.  I promise people will take you seriously!- nik

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Nintendoll’s Fat Friend

June 12, 2008 Jersey, Nintendoll, The Dirty 30

EMAIL: hey Nik. I just wanted to clarify a few things for you. I was out a few nights ago with a group of friends and we were gettin tipsy. a girl who is in mine and raine’s (nintendoll) friend group named megan and i were talking about the whole raine on blast issue. in her drunken stupor she admitted to have sent in raines pictures in to your website. shes the one who stirred up all this controversy. we’re all pretty pissed at her. i think it’s only fair to have her pix put on blast to!
she’s such a backstabber and a gossip and she looks way to much like that blond officer from Reno 911. not to mention her teeth are pretty jacked up. her body isnt to bad however. i think she needs to be publicly humiliated the same way she did for raine.

DIRTY ARMY, unfortunately Nintendoll turned down my offer for free +2′s. She told me, and I quote, “Sorry Nik I am trying to focus on my comic book art career and I want people to take me seriously.”- nik

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