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Gone Off the Deep End

January 14, 2014 East Carolina University, Raleigh-Durham 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: I have been friends with Cindy Patterson for 5 years. Her fiance broke up with her over a year ago and begged me to take her in 6 months ago. Her fiance broke up with her because Cindy beat her and stole $2,000 of her money. Cindy begged me to take her in and to never leave her alone. As a friend should, i took her in. She is the worse roommate ever. She doesnt clean, she lets her dog piss and shit all over my house and doesnt clean it up, i have to constantly remind her of her bills and rent. All of this wasn’t a problem until i found out she has been bringing drug addicts and have been a using drugs in my house. I asked her not to and she still did. I gave her an alternative to move out or stop, last night she has 2 drugs abusers in my house and was blasting music till 6 a.m. I told her she needs to leave. In return she posted up lies all over social media and has said what was her mess, my own. She sleeps with strangers for money and i found out last night she has been doig that at my house also. This is the thanks i get for rescuing her like a good friend should. On top of that, my neighbors have made me aware that the cops have been watching her and have been asking about what goes on in my house. This is the most disrespectful way someone could pay back a friend. The worse thing about it all, she lead on one of my guy friends to loving her and used all his money and left him. She will use and drain everyone that will help her until she gets pushed out of their lives. She has 2 dwi’s and have been drinking and driving still and still can not get her life together. She strips to make ends meet and i have no problem with strippers but when she uses her exs lingerie to strip in, that is a bit insane. She even tried to use her exes name as her stripper name. This girl has gone off the deep end! Help me spread the world so that she can never use a single person for their kindness ever again! No one with good intentions and a kind heart deserves to be taken advantage of!

Yikes.- nik

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Zumba Slore

January 6, 2014 East Carolina University, Portland 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I Fcked this Zumba Instructor after she taught a class my wife was in. She wouldn’t leave me the fck alone until we did it in the 24hr Fitness parking lot. She sucked my dick in my SUV because her pussy smelled disgusting and I really regret meeting this nasty hoe. I’m posting this now because I realized that she is interfering with other marriages at my gym cuz all the guys here talk and there isn’t a single one that she doesn’t try to lure in after her stupid fakes ass Zumba classes. This nasty bitch is old and acts like a college whore who hasn’t gotten laid in her life. Someone please remove this whore from our gyms because a lot of females don’t even know what she does once they leave her class… And guys, watch out because besides having a disgusting pussy, she tries to rub it in your girl’s face if you ever did anything with her… Don’t even say hello to this walking std.

That wrangle was too close to home, what were you thinking.- nik

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Cera Goodhoe

October 17, 2013 East Carolina University, San Francisco 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cera goodrow, really spelled SARAH, has not had a job in YEARS, she collects foodstamps wic and welfare, and lives in a house that she doesn’t even pay for somewhere in the ghetto of DT modesto. Her fathers kid, (not to mention her second kid by two different men) beats the living shit out of her, she showed off her bruises, she constantly leaves and comes right back. All she does is sit at home all day ” watching her kids” and drinks beer and smokes cigarettes on “ceras porch” the one she doesnt even have to pay for. She flabby and fat, and fuking ugly she looks like typical valley white trash that has no goals or will ever ammount to anything but getting knocked up and sitting home gaining a beer belly and cellulite thighs because shes never worked out in her life, I feel sorry for her kids that dont have a succesful hardworking mom to look up to and wont see that you have to work and try to do something with yourself other than sitting home milking the system and her boyfriend that beats her. someone should seriously call cps with the drinking and fighting that goes on in that house, shes a skank the only think pretty on her is her eyes, maybe long hair, but her teeth are yellow as fck shes out of shape and flabby and has the ugliest fuking nose known to man. drunk sloppy ugly ghetto bitch i pray for her poor children

Enough with this self medicating.- nik

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Augmentation Advice

March 5, 2013 Charlotte, East Carolina University, The Dirty 113

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! I have been a part of the dirty army for about 4 years now and I am so addicted. I finished school in December and have finally made the decision to reward myself with some +2s. I am 5’8″ and currently have A’s, which I am SO done with. I am tired of having to use Miracle Bras and want the real deal! I have an appointment with Dr. Cummings in Kinston, NC and have met with him to see what I could do. I opted for the silicone implants and under the muscle so I don’t get as much sagging and that awful rippled look. He also said he is going to go under the breast and make an incision as to not harm the nipple sensitivity. What I want to know is has anyone in the Dirty Army used him before or known anyone to do his work?

Why not through the armpits? The scarring under the rack is a JWoww eye soar for dudes.- nik

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Cami Hall, Trash

January 9, 2013 East Carolina University, Raleigh-Durham 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: First time posting on your site Nik. I loved watching you guys on Couples Therapy. Anyway, I feel compelled to expose this self proclaimed “pocahantas” after she gave my best friend genital warts. She’s slept with most of Greenville which is why she moved to new teritory in Raleigh to spread the love. Her name is Camille Elizabeth Hall and usually goes by the name Cami. She caught warts from a 20k millionaire named Roy who is a fitness trainer in Greenville. The scary part is that she sleeps around without telling these guys she has it. My friend was devestated when he found out and cut all contact with her. She’s tried sleeping with his friends to get back at him but he’s told them about her secrets. She does hair in Raleigh and goes to the club about 5 nights a week. She weighs like 80 lbs and her body is that of an 8 year old boy. If you come in contact with her, please wrap it up. You’ll thank yourself you did. She’s also faked a pregnancy just to get money for an “abortion.” Yes David, she was never really pregnant, she used you to get that money. She’s scum Nik. Please put this trash on blast.

Without those ruffles her swimsuit would be getting eaten.- nik

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Needs A Baby Daddy

December 6, 2012 East Carolina University, Raleigh-Durham 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this bitch Jordan will fck anything that will stand still long enough. She was a teen mother in highschool but she pawns her child off every weekend on her parents or baby daddy. She had been with over 30 guys by the time she had graduated highschool. There is no telling what number she is at now. She has no respect for herself or anybody elses relationships. She spends her weekends partying in greenville or whoring around in JoCo gettin sloppy drunk, & f’ing anything & EVERYTHING. This girl is the definition of dirty. Keep your men away.

She nailed the dimensions of a bee, not that she had change much (other then throw on an outfit).- nik

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Jamie Bayless

December 6, 2012 East Carolina University, Raleigh-Durham 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I hate to cause problems but this “girl” is on several online dating sites. She contacted me asked a series of questions and then had her “boss” (some crappy DJ) email me for some job interview. Whoever this girl really is…. Patrick Cooke ) has stolen her pictures and is using them to coerce girls meet him in a hotel room. Girls beware this is the same person!

Your not causing problems, your saving lives.- nik

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Tyler Clifton – The Truth Comes Out..Of The Closet

October 23, 2012 East Carolina University, Raleigh-Durham 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, this is Tyler. He is an old college friend of mine that lately has been acting really strange. I’ve walked in on him several times masturbating to gay porn. Which is cool I guess, do your thing man. Then one time he bent down to wipe something off the floor and I seen he was wearing a pink thong… which again, I just blew off. And finally, the strangest of them all, I found pics on his computer with him and other guys naked and playing around with dildos if you know what I mean. I didn’t know if I should throw up or give him advise on shaving his hairy ass. What should I do Nik? Confront him about these allegations or continue to brush it off until he gets an drd… again.

Brush it off, don’t wanna send any mixed signals, he may take it as an invitation.- nik

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