Brandon the A-hole

October 23, 2014 Edmonton 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Brandon I started talking to him on pof he is nothing but a huge liar. He goes by the user name real12guy. He messages you sayin he is interested. But he just wastes time and plays games. Saying he can’t meet up cause he has to go out of town at 9 to pick soemthing up for work… And says there isn’t enough time in the day. He is seeing Somone and that is why he is supper busy! Just another player. And then when you do try to meet he lies and says his car breaks down half way there. But yet he is the one who made the plans in the first place. He talks a lot about sex and is trying to cheat on his gf. Which I know he has cause she messaged me…. Beware ladies don’t fall for him. Don’t waste your time on a piece of shit cheater!

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Natashia Cardinal

October 23, 2014 Edmonton 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met this Nasty, Chug , whore off Plentyoffish! She is very gross and has a sour smelling Vag. This bannock ass squaw tells everyone she meets she is Asian! Just a gross, dirty, pig !! I met her at a coffee shop , she looked nothing like her pics!! I was very disappointed but what can you expect from a back page Hoe!!This girl is nothing but a whore, who will screw anything !! She even has drd on her lips, get a life Natashia!! Everyone in Edm knows your just a drd hoe,,, I immediately left her at the coffee shop and I had to block her from my cell.hey nik , what do you think of this hoes Pof pic?

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Tyrel Nuttal

October 22, 2014 Edmonton 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this kid is the biggest leach ever because he refuses to get off his ass and get a job. So he uses everyone around him for smokes and food. Mostly his girlfriend. He has wanted to break up with her for over a year because she treats him like crap but the only thing stopping him is the fact that he’d have to find a place to live and a job if he did dump her. He is totally mentally ill and he blames all his problems on his mental issues instead of his poor choices. One time he was crying and punching himself in the head and threatening to jump off the roof all because I was mad that he keeps making a mess of my place. He is the biggest hypocrite in the world. He calls people childish while saying something childish in the same sentence. He accuses people of loving to start drama but that’s all he does online is start crap with people for no reason. But he’d never have the guts to say it to their face. I gave him food, a place to stay (and escape from his crazy girlfriend) and gave him everything he needed then he stabs me in the back and acts like I’m a bad person for fighting back, completely oblivious to the things he does. I don’t know which one is more psycho/delusional, him or his girlfriend Sammy Sala. I’ve dealt with his drama for over a year and a half because this psycho can’t let things go and stop raging on me starting up dead drama again. He really needs/deserves to be blasted up here. Sam is next.

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Alannah Denchuck

October 22, 2014 Edmonton 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alannah denchuck from north side Edmonton is the dirtiest whore there is. She acts classy and rich, when I used to be her best friends and she would STEAL Make up. Everytime I offered to buy she would start singing “imma hustler baby” she’s poor and spends all the money that she does make from working at a salon on crack and weed. That’s not even the worst. She claims to be so in love with her boyfriend yet recently I went to a birthday party (she knows which one) and this guy osama was showing us pictures of her giving him head last weekend! Finally I put these hoes on blast.

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Trianne Troll

October 22, 2014 Edmonton 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: trianne miller on pof want pics and nudes fast well ask her took me a whole 10 minutes could be because shes a stripper dont let face fool you i think she photo shops her pics looks much older in person

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Flap Jack christy

October 22, 2014 Edmonton 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I met this broken down dirty slut from Edmonton named Christy on pof a few months back and a caught some nasty things from her,after a really shitty one night stand. Stupid bitch even ask me to pay for her nasty fishy vag when we were Done…. She told me she no job so she takes money from anybody who tries to help her ugly ass, and the best part of all; this hoe has no morals she fcks anything that has a dick. Warning to the guys in Edmonton and surrounding areas watch out for this drd spreading bitch. Use condoms or you will regret playing around with this beast.

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Jesse Jacknife

October 21, 2014 Edmonton 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik, this is Jesse jacknife house she’s the biggest slut in edmonton. I’m posting her to warn the people of edmonton that this girl is a walking drd. She smells like fish. Her house is the greasy bed bus infested party house of clairview . She thinks she so skinny but she’s the fattest slob you would ever meet she tries getting with every guy she party’s with. She has a son who she doesn’t even take care of nor’ even pay for . She uses her sons child tax money to support her alcohol and drug habits . She thinks she so solid and can kick anyone’s ass but on the real she only tries fighting small girls who can’t even fight . She’s just a gross sorry loser . Her pictures on the internet are all false advertisement she’s fat, ugly, and disgusting she’s so phoney and fake and looks like a Asian big man. This bitch is a big Sasquatch man lookin no titty no ass hoe who steals from her friends and family . Please nik post this to put her on blast people need to know about this excuses of a person who thinks she’s the best top shit

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Skin Beef

October 20, 2014 Edmonton 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Buddyz a skinner…Edmonton Alberta has him on file…check this ugly b**ch a** indian before yu fuk around…hez a walking drd wit full blown A**S N drd .he infected my friend…guyz like him need to be posted to keep b**chez aware !!

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