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Sketchiest Loser

December 17, 2014 Edmonton 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This joker’s name is Scot Adams. Hes a liar, a cheater, and no good bum. I dated this chump only to find out that he was seeing other girls. He even gave me 2 infections at the same time, how in the bloody hell does that happen??? You’re that dirty??? He plays girls, even approaches some who are already in a relationship and offers them sex and relations. He’s the sketchiest douche bag out their. Says he’s in the drug business, can’t even hold a Facebook page because of his supposed “reputation” and he’s constantly paranoid. He can’t hold a job and has constant uncontrolled mental issues. A warning for the females of Edmonton. He looks like he had a stroke, it seems like one side of his face is sagging. He has sleeve tattoos that are awful to look at. Who ever did them needs to stop tattooing people immediately. You have no talent and you just makes your clients look even more like ass clowns. He’s bald, in his early thirties and is profoundly stupid. If you see this man, avoid at all costs and wash your eyes with soap, or acetone works.

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Mother of the Year Revision

December 17, 2014 Edmonton 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well it was cute reading about one of my best friends on here but these are the ladies who posted her u have Robyn Houle her late ex grant Houles sister plug yes we know pretty face ugly body she wants to talk about a good mother well she shouldn’t talk her grandma raises her son and she got pregnant by a guy cause of his money she’s the only gold digger along with smoked weed while pregnant with her kids what kind of mother is that and she’s only a text warrior but her brothers can’t protect her now only reason she’s acting smart is because she still pregnant…..then u have Felicia Houle the mother of the year that smokes crack weed and drinks while popping pills she’s only nice to get twenty to support her habit she taught her kids from a young age how to be drug dealers and uses all their family allowance to buy herself drinks and drugs then u have Katie Houle Robyn’s bestfriend that she talks so much about the 3gossip queens of goodfish anybody that knows Katie knows she too dont raise her kid and sees Adrain for money then u have grants Lil side chick that thought she was something when he was playing her the whole time he fooled u good Celia u dirty girl he won’t be with someone his older brother fcked with he only used u to cover his hurt from finally losing his family and now that he’s gone these girls have nothing better to do than try hurt this woman but a mother of two still has a nice body cute smile n all no wonder u plugs would hate u need to get in shape

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Christina Amyotte

December 17, 2014 Edmonton 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Christina Amyotte, a dickless dyke tracy who has Genital W**ts and spreads DRD’s around to females who don’t realize that she’s a female. She calls herself ‘Chris’ and takes hormones to change her voice and to hopefully grow her clit into a dick, which ain’t going to happen. This dirty little piggy needs o be put on blast because she’ll continue to spread her nasty DRD’s to females that she gets drunk and takes advantage of.

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Sheryl Goldfeder – DRD Machine

December 17, 2014 Edmonton 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Sheryl Goldfeder, an Edmonton slut that has given drd, Cha***a, Genital W***s and several other wonderful diseases to unsuspecting men and a couple of women in this city and in Calgary. She tells men not to wear a condom because this slut likes it bareback but then it’s too late, and the unsuspecting person gets the same diseases Sheryl pretends that she never had in the first place. Nothing could be worse than get a DRD from this slut! People of Edmonton, beware of this skank!

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Total Loser

December 17, 2014 Edmonton 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: met this woman 2 weeks ago while out having a few drinks with a buddy. we exchanged numbers and started to hook up after talking for a bit. didnt think anything was up until i found out shes ENGAGED and cheating on her soon to be husband! not only that but this stupid broad gave me the dose. i caught go***rhea from her and called her on it but she just denied everything and said it was me who was dirty. yeah. right. i havent been sexually active with anyone in over a year, Jess. how many guys have plugged you bareback without your husband even knowing? should have clued in to the ring on your finger in that one photo you sent. when i finally ended things with her , her friend pulled me aside one evening and showed me her craigslist ad. shes now trying to find “generous” men on craigslist. so basically shes tryna turn tricks online and her fiance has no clue. someone

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Amanda Runcer Does Not Look Like This In Person

December 17, 2014 Edmonton, The Dirty 40


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl needs to be called out for more than editing her pictures. Everyone knows Amanda Runcer doesn’t look like her pics in person. There’s a lot of stupid ass guys out there who actually think this girl is a goodie goodie. Idiots.

Her lips = perfect Snail’s ass. Kissing her probably tastes like escargot.- nik

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Danica The Hypocrite

December 16, 2014 Edmonton, The Dirty 49


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Danica Olsen, I’m sorry, but you need to be on here again. You constantly preach on FB about how girls need to use their brains, their wit, their words, not their tits and ass. Meanwhile, you’ve got pics of everything on your FB, food in your cleavage, showing off your butt-everything you like to make fun about other girls for! I’ve never met anyone who uses men and relies on the throngs on sad, pathetic boys who will do whatever you ask of them; you demand it, they supply it. And looking back at your old pics… your face sure has changed, and the slight weight loss isn’t it…nose job? Brow lift? Vaginal rejuvenation? It’s ok to not have 3 or 4 different men on the go, it’s exhausting for those of us who have to hear about it, even if it’s over FB! Let Dario eat his damn tacos in peace, bish.

Moles.- nik


Found Your Nanny In Canada

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Trailer trash Janelle Lambert

December 15, 2014 Edmonton 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Janelle Lambert.This wanna be Top-notch humane bitch seems to forgotten she’s nothing but trailer park trash with all bark,she cakes her face in the make up because she’s so insecure how ugly she looks, lol.guys this girl looks nothing like her pictures she photo shops the shit out of them.her face is infected with pimples zits boils drd ETC, her teeth are disgustingly yellow and crooked.she is a compulsive liar cheater.she sleeps with multiple guys even when she’s dating.she’s got drds genital w**ts ETC every guy should probably stay away from this on worthy slut. She will steal from you ,use you. She probabl couch hops. Seriously she is a lowlife piece of shit

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