Oilfield Pass Around

August 21, 2014 Edmonton 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is a coke head n drunk he has 4 kids which he don’t see or give money he sleeps with anyone his name is chuck chalifoux hes a loser hes a goof n a cheating lying whore that only cares about himself

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Coated in MAC

August 21, 2014 Edmonton 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Met this slut online. When i went to meet her in person i had to bail out. Almost puked. She smelled like a trash bin and her face looked like it beaten in with a shovel. Shes so much heavier in person, doesnt drive, drinks way too much, and loves sleep with dirty Arabs and black men. She tried to tell me she needed a lift to see her “guy friend” after meeting for like 20 minutes. I told her to get lost and left. What a disgusting pig. I deleted my profile.

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Thinks He’s So Hot

August 21, 2014 Edmonton 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this loser is Ansley McMahon. He lives in Lloydminster but we met in Fort Mac where he was working. I had no clue he was engaged until after I slept with the scumbag! We would only talk through snapchat and texts because he said he didnt have Facebook(REDFLAG!) But the real kick in the teeth was when I found out he’s actually married with 4 kids! I felt so dirty and even dirtier when he called to tell me that I should probably go and get checked for an drd. I thought that bump on the back of his dick was normal, clearly I was wrong. Warning to all your ladies who come in contact with him….he is dirty & married with kids & engaged!

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Will (I AM a loser) Buck(Wessman)

August 20, 2014 Edmonton 37


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fckin idiot is what is wrong with the world all wrapped into 1! This sick fck robs ,beats ,jacks ,steals and probably kills and that’s what he does to girls he is involved with. He thinks he is some big bad biker when in actuality he is a scrub! He rapes women regularely he recently a girlfriend of mine whose man owed someone along the line who now owes Will ,and this winner P.O.S rapes her and tells her the debt is 10,000$ and he will take a dollar off each time he rapes her! WTF is wrong with this idiot he runs around bragging about people he has hurt or disfigured or robbed and some women fall right for his bullshit. I don’t know how look at him he is so ugly. I cant believe that bikers allow garbage like this to be associated with them ,he rapes girls ,with G …what a pig! He tried to fck my friend one night and I dragged her away before she made a huge mistake. Someone really needs to teach this guy how to treat women ,we are not your toys pig! One day it will all catch up to you loser.

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Dirty Dion

August 20, 2014 Edmonton 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is dion the biggest douche bag ever. He has a kid that he doesn’t take care of, and a player like to tell girls that she’s his wife & want to have kids with them & then as soon as they are getting close to there period he fucks off & tells them that they better learn on how to be a single parent he is a big drug addict and a drunk always think about the inch worm in his pants and never with the one on his shoulders & is a shitty lay, thinks he’s this big tuff guy and beggs for girls to go out with him! & thinks all women want him

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Violent Sloot

August 20, 2014 Edmonton 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nikki this bad mother of a slut would do anything to see her only child’s dad in jail derick parker we were in family court and she had the nerves to assault me she is a thief and a liar she comes from a dis functional family were her brother tape the sisters this girl has no respect for her kid and would created a public circus around him she is mistake of a mother she is Somali and thinks she is hot shit with high forehead and a nasty body this girl is the biggest loser and jump from men to men when I first met her she was sleeping with a friend of mine and slept with her the same day we hung out I made the worst mistake to think I could turn this hoe into a wife I help her when her family was in trouble and was honest towards her and change her lifestyle she got addicted and thought she has made it forgetting about her son bad mother

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Ratchet Onion of Lake Savage

August 20, 2014 Edmonton 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this ratchet b!tch sleeps around with anyone who will get her drunk! Typical native c&nt. She is a low life savage who didn’t finish school, actually none of her family did they all collect welfare or sleep around with carnies and go on the road with the carnie crew so they can get drunk, do drugs and f@k any guy they see. This dumb h@e has a kid that she doesn’t keep because she rather spread her fat legs to different guys….she jumps towns, cities, reserves just spreading her stds. All her pictures are only of the face cuz if you seen her body you would be grossed out that’s why she gets the guys drunk before fu(king them! Loser b!tch and her slu+ sisters should move far far far far far far away! What you thinking Nik?

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Ginger with an Itch

August 20, 2014 Edmonton 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Devon Graff also known as Ginger. He thinks he’s cool cause his mom is a dope dealer he brags about it to anyone and everyone. He even begged his mom to let his ex-girlfriend move in then demaned his ex get out once they broke up. Your such a drama queen I think its time you lay off the molly, coke, and all the other drugs your on. He acts like he’s tough shit when really he’s a little bitch who goes cryin to his mom, he can’t fight and has more tempertantrums than a 2 year old. He’s 19 years old and can’t even keep a relationship, he treats girls like shit and has more than one girl on the go at a time. Devon likes to try and brag about having a big dick when really its only 4-5 inches and it isn’t thick at all. Devon has an itch down below and since he never uses condoms who knows what else this kid has growing down below. He’s a compulsive liar who can’t keep his stories straight. Ladies be careful of this one he’ll convonce you he loves you then start cheating and lying so much he’ll even believe his lies.

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