Kelsey Sorensen

September 15, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kelsey is A Bad Whore Who Cant Keep Her Legs Closed She Fcks Everbodys Boyfriends Lies And Cheats On The Ones She Has Had And Even Give Me Cla**idia When She Was Cheating On Her Boyfriend With Me She Needs To Be Put On Blast Hard She Always Lies And Says She Either Not With A Man Or Just Broke Up With One And Then I found Out She Has A Man She Is So Shady I Feel Gross For Ever Touching Her But To Any Lucky Guys Out There She Where Lingerie And Will Speak French To You As She Sucks You Off

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Nasty Girl Pretends To Be A Model

September 15, 2014 Edmonton 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, her name is Sharon Davison. I had the displeasure of knowing this psychotic bitch for years, and she is hands down the most passive/aggressive bag I have ever met. She’s a judgmental bully, gossip, and certified whore to boot, that has caused so much drama and hurt to everyone. Her douche boyfriend cheats on her all the time, but that doesn’t stop her from bragging about how perfect her sad life is. Not to mention her non-stop rants about how “pretty” she is, and how “everyone’s jealous” of her. No bitch, everyone hates you! She runs her mouth constantly and if someone dares to retaliate she will get her crazy ass family after you or call the police and play the victim. I don’t know how this slut can call herself a Mom when she’s tanked all the time. She flirts with all of her friends’ boyfriends right in front of them, God knows how many of em she sleeps with on the side. A friend complimented her shirt and asked where she got it from, and her response was, “Doesn’t matter they only have small sizes left”. PLEASE NIK put this fugly c**t on serious blast here! I beg of you.

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High Level Escort

September 15, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 18


THE DIRTY ARMY: Beverly crashed her bf at the times vehicle and was still paying for it n was on drugs n her kids don\’t go to school n she keeps getting kicked out of her homes cuz she cant pay bills. she sleeps with men for money and likes to use guys for their money since she has no job and shes a whore/loser that cant do nails right. she will brake up a good relationship because she is jealous she cant find a good man because she is a WALKING MATTRESS IN HIGH LEVEL,AB her son steals from vehicles around their house that they r getting kicked out, her daughter don’t go to school n cant talk right because bev is not a mother looking after her kids she rather be a whore/slut n bringing in any dick and harry to her home and she has 5 other kids that don’t live with her THANK GOD

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Goonie Goo Goo

September 12, 2014 Edmonton, Montreal, Winnipeg 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Remember that old Eddie Murphy joke about Aunt Bunny, the bigfoot? Well, I met one of her kids. Her escort name is Electra of the Montreal escort agency, book-herself. She is also known by the names Imane Chaa, Imane Lechat and Zarah. This girl had so many hairs sticking out of her chest tattoo that I had to question whether or not the tattoo was shaved hair or ink. She also had tonnes of hair on her arms, back and butt. Shaved bigfoot. Then there was the smell. I could smell her ass standing facing her or maybe it was just her breath, but she needs a lot of mouth wash and soap. She also needs to stop eating fresh fish out of the local rivers as she tours across Canada as an escort. Also, she’s looking to get a nose job to shave done her gonzo from the Muppet show like beak in Los Angeles. Save the money you’re making as an escort to put towards regular laser hair removal before people figure out your secret as a shaved bigfoot. Goonie goo goo.

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Player Player

September 12, 2014 Edmonton 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Justin Lambert. He likes to walk around acting like hes the best thing thats ever happened to the world because he used to grow dope. But Justin here has a secret, hes in the closet. On the outside he acts all tough always hating on gay people. But he himself is very much bisexual. He talks about how he wants to be with a guy, suck him off, etc. Not to mention he cant keep his tiny greg in his pants for a day. He constantly has girls on the go, inappropriately talks to all his ex girlfriends while hes dating someone, the whole nine yards. He moved back to Alberta from Ontario to be with his “kids” when in reality the deadbeat wanted to get away from his 36 year old, hambeast of a girlfriend in a wheelchair and attempt to date both the hambeast and his ex gf here in Alberta. This deadbeat goof needs to be put on blast. Ladies beware, this guy is the definition of crazy. He will punch walls, scream, yell and call you every name in the book when hes mad at you. Wont let you have any friends and will cheat on you constantly.

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Lying Cheating Scumbag

September 12, 2014 Edmonton 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This lowlife right here is Randy Potskin. Not only is he 25 and sleeps around with 17 year old ratchets, but he also has a bad Pepsi and drinking habit. He will use his 4 year old son, whom he consistently does drugs around, as an excuse to disappear and then go off drinking with under age girls in his hometown. After his fiancé found out he had been cheating the first time, he vowed to change his ways and even delete his facebook. Turned out he didn’t delete it at all and just blocked her so she assumed he took his page down. After receiving more messages from the girls he was playing, his fiancé figured out he had been stringing along 4 different women at the same time! He even got his fiancé pregnant and says he refuses to be involved in her or the child’s life. Ladies, save yourself a whole world of trouble and avoid this scumbag at all costs.

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Dirty Newphie

September 11, 2014 Edmonton 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik, This little Tramp named TRACEY from Lloydminster is a walking drd- She gets checked almost monthly for being a dirty skank and is now pregnant with her ex boyfriends baby!! She’s been having abortions since her last son was born, but her kids hate her and stay with their father as she is an unfit mother and refuses to keep her smelly cunt closed. She’s over weight and fat and fucked pretty much every man in Lloydminster. She’s poison and sleeps with her friends boyfriends and husbands ALL the time. I feel bad for her shitty life and bringing a bastard child into this world. She is mentally unstable and smokes and drinks while being pregnant. This bitch needs to be exposed, she sleeps with her boss and employees at the husky upgrader. Please take your newphie trash talking self back to Newfoundland where you belong physco.!

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Clinton Perrin

September 11, 2014 Edmonton, London-ON 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Updated information: Confirmed DRD carrying scum bag, months this loser spent(POF winner) , he rented a car came down to Edmonton from Edson where he apparently lost his job (if he had one) for refusing a drug test for weed but more likely blow bc hes cool like that. We “got together” then he got with my roommate not hours later (also confirmed by the condom found by MY BED, winning lol) anyways this loser stayed in my bed creeping my fb hitting on my friends, i know this by my LOYAL gfs, he ends up going back to Edson, sorry i cant spend the whole day in bed im not a drug addict junkie, he calls me, boo fucking who my grandma “died” come pick me up, like a retard i drive four hours to get this fg lol he needs a medal for that one, only for me to find it all out the next day, apparently hes married too probably to a girl in london ontario (if thats not a lie who knows who really cares) anyways sorry for that life choice, seeing as hes still lurking like a DRD predator on pof prepare for this psycho hes a catch

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