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Momma of the Year

December 19, 2014 Halifax 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello! Just here to stop by to tell everybody some facts: here is a girl well known by a lot of people, she doesn’t shower, she loves drugs, old men, and selling herself for item profits. I use to send this girl money for pictures I use to think she was a good looking gal til one day I seen a big gapping wart on her vagina. I then stopped sending her money, she then got furious …. Told me she was going to stab me with a needle ? And then proceeded too tell me she was going to shot up and die because she doesn’t have any income besides myself ? I was surprised. Such a good looking girl I thought, then one day I decided to webcam with her. She looks nothing like she does in pictures, the poor gal had her checks sunken in and dirty spoons and needles all over her bed. You’d think she would at least try too tidy her belongings. Everybody, I am sorry if you ever had to come across this monster. She’s a drug addicted money hungry hoe !!! Stay clear

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December 18, 2014 Fredericton, Halifax 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik there me and my bro were at the mall food court when this nasty bitch comes up to us offering us to suck our dick for buss fare cause she needs to get to the clinic, so u know a dogs gotta eat so we were like fck yeah and she sucks us off for $2.50, total, not each! so like an hour later me and my boy leaves the mall and who did we see walking home. this pig, I mean do u know whats worse then sucking dick for bus fare and walking home?, sucking dick for bus fare and walking home, so we almost fcken died laughing when we saw this and took a drive by snap of her to show the boys. A few of them knew her one buds even told me that she has 5 kids from 6 men, how is that even possible but i dont know im not here to judge her. So where was I, oh yeah, so tim hauled out his phone and and showed me her profile on backpage, there she be all spread out, shit looking all blown out and i could damn near smell it through 4g, ts a good thing he has a 5gb limit cause that nasty is a big bitch and that pic took forever to load, i mean damn he is gonna have o put his iphone on weight watchers after that dl. So if your see her kickin about,flopping about or waddling about her name is kristen pond, she was deff worth the $2.50 but now that bus fare is jumping up to $2.75 in the new year i would prob tell a brotha to pass

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Will Trade Love for Liness

December 17, 2014 Halifax 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ratchet hoe is one a kind,and the drugs got her good, she 19 and has harrased me all threw high-school telling everyone all kinds of lies about me, but forgets she was the one drunk pooping in the streets in grade 8 and it was all down hill from there , she calls me a slut and junkie but is with my ex sniffing all his coke for free,and is mad I slept with her ex, like she cares, she didn’t care when she was getting banged on the hood of Jason Jenkins car cheating on dave,news flash sarah, he still calls me every night telling me how he can’t even get hard to you and misses me so much,and how it hurts im with his brother, shes the first to call someone a bad friend when really she is the most 2 faced going, she is down right disgusting, standards don’t matter to this slob, if your friends with dave hooper and got lines then you got a chance with sarah biggar,she’s been threw pretty much everyone of them but Ryan, probably because he knows what she is like and they have been friends forever , when if he really knew all the shit she talked his head would spin, she thinks I’m scared of her but then takes off at the bar when she sees me, well sarah im calling you out for once, go sniff another line and fck off cause everyone sees right threw you, we all know your jelious, take a look in the mirror I can’t help that your face is starting to sink in and that I am looking better then ever get off the pipe sweetie, xoxoxoxoxox

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Emotionally Abusive Limp Greg

December 17, 2014 Halifax 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy is a Grade A Asshole. We can start off with how much of a dead beat dad he is, or how he can’t read or write past a second grade level. But those are two cans of worms uglier than the guy himself. I only know him through his ex girlfriend, and he did a doozy. He berated her, threw things at her, stalked and humiliated her in public, boxed in her car so she couldn’t drive any where, just treated her like garbage. He criticized everything she did and with held sex for months to “teach her how to act”. So finally she left. He had another girlfriend in Cape Breton, and while he was away with her my friend had a one night stand with someone else. She admitted it and said the relationship was over, but it was only the beginning of the nightmare. That night he locked her outside naked, and waited for her to break in so he could call the cops. Because she wasn\’t on lease, the police had no choice but to take her to a safe place, and in the mean time he shredded her underwear, filled her shoes with glass, utterly destroying anything she could prove as hers. He kept a few things, her foster dog and her passport and held them for ransom for 1000 bucks. He then came to her work the next day and threatened her in front of her co workers. In the following months he stalked her and her friends, tried to smear her name in the work place and continued to threaten her, all while selling the things she used to own that she could not prove we’re definitively hers (games, furniture, etc). He followed her when she went on dates, later emailing the guys stating how much of a whore she is for not doing what she’s told. She’s moved 3 times in 6 months, and had to have her bosses intervene on her behalf. There’s evidence hes done this before to the mother of his son that he doesnt even care to know. Hopefully no one ever has to go through this ever again.

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Jkush slave mentality

December 11, 2014 Halifax 120

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this simple slavery minded bitch set black people back to 400 years, all she doesn’t is put dark skin and brown skin woman down she act like she better then everyone cause she looks close to being white looking and she has curly hair so she’s disses people for putting wearing weave yet she has no problem putting extension braids in her hair I swear your such a lightskin beauty from scotian lmao NOVA SCOTIA is still in Canada I don’t see the hype over it! Just cause your lightskin doesn’t make you better or prettier than everyone read a book dummy that’s what the salve matters put in black people head your so simple minded it’s skurs me like wash the pimples off your ugly face fix your bunny teeth black is beautiful not only lightskin dumb bitch!

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Shelly Boisvert

December 11, 2014 Halifax 124

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Halifax , this useless slut isn’t good for anything besides selling her ass on back page. I felt like I had to call her out because I know for a fact she convinces young underage girls to escort for her when she is pushing 30 , sick isn’t it ? and I’m talking 16 and 17 year olds. So halifax , if you happened to run into this peice of work , be warned that she is a good for nothing cunt who has ruined several lifes . STAY AWAY . I also heard she was absolutely infested with drdS . I wouldn’t give this worthless bitch 2 cents to suck my dick. So shelly : Get your head out of you’re retarded half slow ass and stop putting under aged girls on ….I hope you burn in hell one day

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Sleezy Scott Samson

December 11, 2014 Halifax 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is disgusting. He will sleep with anyone! He is constantly talking tk numerous girls at the same time. Sending and receiving dirty pictures and videos. Takes videos of himself hooking up with girls. Takes screenshots of you while skyping. He will cheat on you in a heartbeat and he is infested with drd’s. He has a daughter with his girlfriend and is out cheating on her all the time. I feel bad for the poor kid. Gojng to groe up and realise his dads a dirty pig that sleeps around and doesnt use protection. Im suree there’ll be more siblings soon

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Shit Mouth

December 10, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright.. This is Freddy Dominix, Freddy is one the most repulsing creatures I have ever come into contact with. He’s a disgusting punk, he takes sweet, emotionally damaged, naive, alone little girls and ruins their life a tad bit more. He sneaks into a girls life right after a heartache and controls and uses her. He thinks he’s the man, like everything he does is the right way, He takes sad girls and just makes their life worst and acts like it wasn’t his fault and it was theirs.. and on top of his douching attitude.. he has the worst rotten teeth and baffling B.O., and the fact that he has had plenty of drds from fcking old prostitutes and trying to fuck a cat.. makes him ten times more gross. I just feel sad for this new girl he’s dating, she’s sweet and caring and does not deserve what is coming to her, even if she is deeply lonely.. he’s not worth the damage.

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