The Pondscum of Woodlawn

April 15, 2014 Halifax 15 9,805 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Nick Burdock in all his glory. Is he cute? Absolutely. Charming? Oh, very charming. Is he a worthless piece of dirt? You better believe it. Nick Burdock prides himself on his ability to pick up women and getting them to suck his supposedly huge dick. This is all well and fine, except for the girly, emotional bullshit he will also try to snare you with. Nick would never be content with just fcking and chucking – no, he needs to make sure you’re good and attached. Why, you ask, don’t girls just dump him? Well, we do. But then he comes crawling back, grovelling and begging for forgiveness, which begins the vicious cycle all over again.
Ladies, be warned. Nick is scum. He has absolutely no fashion sense, he gives terrible head, and the crowning jewel – hes 21 and still lives at home with Mommy and Daddy, because this little bitch is too spoiled to live in the real world where he might have to pay bills and make his own bedtime snacks. Keep breast feeding, boo. Let me know when your mama runs dry.

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N.E.D Crew

April 15, 2014 Halifax 2 7,711 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this douchbag is Kurt willner, AKA RAT this little bitch thinks he’s hard as fck but really hes nothing but a no good pos..! Guys so hard he rights KGB statements on a few peeps the flees nova Scotia most likely under protective custody….fckin goof , then got the nerve to call my boy a rat then got his ass handed to him by him and a girl lmao on top of that started in my little cousins house little do u know kurt…ya started that one in the wrong house, cause when that little boys father gets his hands on ya your done for…fckin rat stay where your at cause you show your face around here u know what’s up you mutt….

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Fairviews Rats

April 14, 2014 Halifax 35 7,238 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: These two scumbags are non other then the cities biggest rats. The girl looking like a monkey is Ashley Mcneil. Dont even.know where to start on this infested mammel. Complaining everday she got cancer and bo whooing to her nasty snagle tooth aka corn nibblet man geordy dean schults. Perfect match. This bitcb goes around calling crimestoppes on drug dealers because she cant afford to keep her own shit going. Also cant express myaelf enough on the whole fase she goes through callimg childrens on everybody becauae shes jelous pd everynody and cant managae her own kids because shes mad strung out on the crack and pills . This bitch is ratchet got her man beat up because she thretend him if he didnt get his ass outside to bearmace some boys then she would throw him to the curb. And like the dummy geordy is, his ass got murked and he was still thrown to the curb. Not to.mention he fucked over his own family . Came home and found his whore laid up in bed with the next man, but wont give geordy none of her pussy, the man aint been laid since his last bitch qho didnt want his scuzzy ass neither. They are both known for having dnd, and bumps on there areas. This bitch will lay up with any man in her sight not to mention she got cancer supposidly. The bitch hard off on the crack and cant manage her own life. Every week she layen.up with some man. Geordy is a fucking woman beating rat. Beats his woman for a living and goes to work for a week and quits. Hes a lowlife excuse for a living human being. I heard he didnt even care his mother passed away to worried about getting his dick wet and smoking crack. Girls who did have him have said his penis is legit 3 inches long and all bumped up. Fucked his friends over a bumpy ass rode off bitch. His teeth are hurting , got a yellow chicklet ot corn nibblet in the front looking like a frog that got ran over by a car. These two children. As i call them. Are disease bags and full of green shit. Someone seriously needs to beat there monkey looking frog faces off.

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Gold Digging Soldier

April 14, 2014 Halifax 10 7,629 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Take a good look at Misty Allday. She plays the sweet innocent country girl with old fashioned morals. She is really a soldier in the Army who uses the uniform to gain your patriotic trust. Men and old ladies look out, she will drain you dry. She will ask to use your credit card over the phone to put a deposit or pay for something (all planned before hand). Misty Allday says she will pay you back, but guess what she won’t. Words of advice guys, verbal promises recounted in Court are not contracts and she knows this. Misty loves the word’gift’ which leaves you hanging in Small Claims Court. Misty Allday has scammed a gentleman out of a free boob job, and has stolen from a 70 year old lady for personal gain and vanity. She changes her phone number often and has moved a lot. Be careful.

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Dyke Of Halifax

April 11, 2014 Halifax 35 6,760 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl right here is the dirtiest dike I’ve ever seen. She’s eaten every dirty girl up in burnside jail from prostitutes to junkies shes had a taste of them all. Went to jail for selling crack to kids a real winner. Takes steroids because shes thinks there cool a wanna be he she .. Plays every girl she has been with even the one who shes now calling her finance always has about three girls on speed dial at all times . This woman or man wanna be should take a long look in the mirror before she is pointing fingers at everyone else. Give her mouth a good washing whiles shes at it too.

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The Filthy Lady

April 11, 2014 Halifax, The Dirty 44 93,789 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to the lovely Jessica, known online as Filthylady. Don’t let the cute innocent sexy look fool you, this girl is a down right slore. Shes a military brat who is so damn high on her own pedestal that it willl make you want to put a gag in her mouth… No actually she’d like that. She thinks she is gods gift to men, and she wants everyone to know just how amazing she is and how in love everyone is with her. Shes a regular freak, choking, tied up, spanking, the whole shabang. Not sure about now but she was in an ongoing sexual relation with a 50 something year old guy from the city.

People in Canada have serious issues. What kind a sexual move is a ‘shabang’?- nik

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Halifax Town Fool

April 10, 2014 Halifax 6 7,760 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This bright young lad is Matthew Cowan. A very delightful young boy preaching the word of the Lord to any idiot that will sit around to listen. He has an assortment of whores to lie with, casually telling each and every one of them carefully that he has drd. When you look past the fact that his penis has a life time infection, He sticks around long enough to suck you dry. When you have nothing else to offer, he prays on the next young girl. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Get a REAL JOB, so the rest of us will not suffer with your lack of intelligence and motivation!

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Kanucub – Get Checked

April 10, 2014 Halifax 14 9,085 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy Jamie Pasley AKA Kanucub online needs to be on here. If you or your partner has had an encounter with him it is best you get checked. He has the gift that doesn’t stop giving… starts with H and ends in IV. This is no joke, he prefers not to tell anyone and loves to sleep around with everyone and their BFs and not wrap it. He jumps from city to city trying to escape it. He is now in Montreal, he just came from St. John’s and is from Halifax and has spread this around everywhere.

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