Sandy/Ian Pacheco

July 22, 2014 Hamilton, Kitchener 0 6,079 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is dirty Sandy Pacheco and her dirty husband Ian. These two are the nastiest married couple around. The two of them sleep with anyone who will let them touch them. They both claim they are DJ’s but never get work. Sandy has no friends because she fcks all their men. If you see either one of these two proceed with caution they are fully loaded with DRD’s.

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Nasty Purple Lover

July 21, 2014 Hamilton 6 8,228 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: where do I start this girl is the nastiest person Ive ever met she doesn’t know how to clean her house she sleeps with everyone she thinks everyone wants her but clearly no one wants her she can’t hold a man down because of her nasty ways she stinks like fish and is full of drd she never showers she doesn’t even take care about her kid her oldest daughter Tony is babysitting all the time she’s with an old ass man that’s in his fiftiesand he doesn’t like her kids she chooses a man over her own kids her own family doesn’t even like her because of her nasty ways she didn’t finish school she’s never had a job in her life she doesn’t keep the house clean she had bed bugs in her house she would never wash her laundry her daughter would always have head lice including her she slept with her own cousin phil and stuff with her brother Ben and Norman don’t let me forget him her body is nasty looking she was sending pictures of her pussy it looks like cottage cheese that’s how nasty it isshe doesn’t care what people think about her she’s always saying she’s going to change and never diedyou might fall in so beware of the stinky fish woman you may need a rope because you may fall in and you won’t be able to get yourself out she looks like she got hit by a Mack truck she’s in her thirties and still can’t take care of her kids and acts like she’s a teenager she gossips about everybody she loves the drama this girl really needs to get a life and needs to take care of her kids and stop going out to club you’ll always see her two brothers there and they cant do nothin they’re nasty your whole family is gross none of them can keep a clean house poor excuse as a woman I feel sorry who ends up with her next she don’t care who sleeps with her man she’ll still be with them she don’t care who she lays down you need to put her on blast someone needs to call Cas on this bitch and she says she’s addicted to weed and can’t get off of it and sleeps all day well her daughter takes care of the kids and her daughter is 10 years old taking care of her siblings and not as pretty sad and her daughter has a learning disability I feel so sorry for her

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Alyssa Belanger

July 21, 2014 Hamilton 23 6,274 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: where to begin with Alyssa Belanger. This girl is a fat drunken mess. I used to be friends with her until she turned into a gigantic whore. She will secretly sleep with your boyfriend then deny it to your face. this girl has been with everyone, bartenders, photographers, djs, you name it. she likes to call out other girls for being whores when she may be the biggest of all. she has an affinity for blow and will do just about anything including steal from strangers to get it. you can find her and her annoying deep ass man voice slooting it up all over hess pretty much on the daily with her friends who are generally way more attractive than her. I know she loves it up the ass and claims to be allergic to condoms. With the amount of men she’s been with, I wouldn’t be shocked if she had a whole handful of different DRDS. shes completely obsessed with other peoples drama and gets into arguments via facebook all the time. I feel sorry for you alyssa. please post this nik, I feel it’s my duty to warn my city of this scum.

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Nasty Greg Pleaser

July 20, 2014 Hamilton 26 7,819 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik So its been going around for a bit especially within STM that this chick Vanessa tara or Trenchard loves giving BJ’s for any type of drug or even money. She is basically a prostitute, not 100% sure but ppl have been talking. She has genital herpes and I know because I have dated her in the past and she came clean and told me. Thank god we used protection,,, She cheated on me 3 times with 4 different men… this girl is trashy and does way too much coke! lay off da drugs mizz tara trench

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Charged For not Disclosing DRD

July 20, 2014 Hamilton 48 9,565 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hamilton Police Service Alert Community in a Sexual Assault Arrest. This photograph of April Dawn Bullock as she may be using different names. On July 17, 2014, investigators from the Hamilton Police Service were contacted by an individual that had just learned of April Dawn Bullock’s medical status. April Dawn Bullock’s medical status is one that requires her to notify all of her sexual partners of it. The individual had been sexually active with her on multiple occasions in 2014 and was not aware of her medical condition. This allegation was investigated and as a result, April Dawn Bullock has been charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault x 3 and Failure to Comply with a Probation Order x 14. It is highly recommended that anyone having sexual contact with her since 1997, to please contact their medical practitioner immediately. Citizens can also contact the City of Hamilton Sexual Health Information Line . The Hamilton Police Service Victims of Crime Unit continues to investigate and believes there may be more persons that have been sexually active with April Dawn Bullock and who are not aware of her medical status. These individuals and witnesses are encouraged to contact proper authorities

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Portia Strong

July 20, 2014 Hamilton 19 9,430 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Holy shit where do I start with this sac of shit!! First off, LMFAO what is wrong with this bitches eyebrows!? How can she think they look good lol. This bitch lies, steals, cheats and is the worst mother ive ever met! Shes always shipping her kid off to anyone that will take her so she go out and drink and drug it up. Shes a lazy slob that cant hold down a job yet a lone a place to live. What kind of parent cant keep a place longer then a few months!? Her kid has met so many different men in her life time and the kid is only 6!! Shes stole from everyone including her own family, her little brother was 5 at the time and she stole his birthday money so she could get high!! PIG!! Shes a whore that spreads her legs for anything that will giver her the time of day. Now with some petty loser named mike that she uses for everything because she cant and refuses to get off her fat lazy ass and make something of herself. If not for herself, at least for her kid!! Shes not just into men either lol this scab will not only go after females, shes even had her cat perform nasty acts on her!!! HOW DISGUSTING!!!!!! She walks around Hamilton like shes gods gift but in reality shes full of DRDs and infested with lice because of her poor hygiene habits. Nik please blast this deadbeat nasty whore so everyone can see just really how this cum guzzling thief junkie is. portia you’re a fat disgusting waste of space on this plant. You’re a stinking disgusting deadbeat mother!!!!!

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Kingston and Niagara Falls Floozy

July 19, 2014 Hamilton, Kingston 23 10,120 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Sophia Xadjieva. She sleeps with whoever she can because she has low self esteem. Then she uses her man for their money and social standing. After she is done with them, she moves onto the next one within days claming it is true love. She has slept with so many guys people would recognize her on here and she is a well known slut

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You are What you Eat

July 17, 2014 Hamilton 44 6,681 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this here is Stefanie keen. She’s living the life working at tim hortons and going out to eat and party every night. She gained atleast 100 lbs in 2 years and she thinks she’s hot shit. She talks shit about everyone behind their backs, including her supposed “BFF” Allison. I don’t need to here how disgusting your friend looks get over it! Stefanie has a beard growing in, which makes the double chin even more appealing so she must be excited about that! She’s always out at restaurants getting drunk, eating (obviously) and attempting to hit on men out of her league (so basically every guy). When she goes to the clubs she can’t get a guy to dance with her other than Indian men, which come to think of it…. Aren’t cows gods to them? Must be why they’re attracted to her. She’s 20 and still has a curfew. You’re a big girl stefanie ..literally, you should start acting like it. Oh btw, stefanie if you see this, wash your snatch because I can smell you WAY more than I’d ever like to, close your legs and take a shower. God I wish I didn’t have to play nice around you. I hate having to be around you.

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