Used Up

July 29, 2014 Hamilton, Windsor 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: This pig right here thought she was one up on me. How’s life Ashley Kay? Sucks don’t it, you have no one because you selfish and all you do is use people. Your fake. You live wit ur moms You have no friends and no decent man will ever want you. Keep up the “auditions” we both know your just a free hooker. Peace boo. Bahahahah We all talk about it but someone needs to tell you that your extensions are giving you bald spots your eyebrows look horrible and you need Botox. Watch for her on POF boys she’s looking for someone to take care of her and be her next baby daddy.

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Manface Horevero

July 29, 2014 Hamilton 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Amanda Rivero, The dirtiest walking drd you’ll ever lay your eyes on. This girl is a pure junkie, she smokes crack, oxys 80′s mth and basically anything out she can get her hands on. She’s such a piece of shit she gave up her only child just so she could continue prostituting and doing drugs. She has a busted grill thats why she never opens her mouth in pictures her (sugar daddy)paid for her fake boobs, because before that she had little boy boobs. Look at her face.. she looks like a cheap transvesdite. She couldnt even be a successful stripper because she reminded the men of a little boy. BEWARE OF THIS GIRL. She has random men at her house, who fuck her and leave money on the end table, if that’t not a prostitute then i don’t know what is. ALSO she took a 16 year old asion boys virginity just because he offered her a couple of bucks. She’ll do anything for money she even sent out a pic of her taking a shit and wiping her ass just to make a couple of dollars. WARNING if you’re going to pay for this escorting crack whore, wrap it up because she has herpes and doesn’t disclose it to men. Just another crack head Hamilton skank on welfare.

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Photog Ralf Vandermeulen

July 29, 2014 Hamilton 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ralf Vandermeulen, who calls himself a photographer but really shoots the same thing over and over every time. I swear he has to be the most creepiest, dirtiest, smelliest, “photographer” out there. Constantly harassing models to shoot with him, texting, facebook. He won’t stop! Your work sucks and your attitude sucks, And you Smell Bad! He goes around and tries to take photos with as many girls as possible and posts it on his facebook so people dont think he is a creeper. Please Nik, put this creeper on blast before he takes advantage of some poor girl, if he already has not.

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Custy German

July 29, 2014 Hamilton 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do I begin? Used to chill with this ratchet cm dumpster until I realized what GARBAGE she is!!! She hails from Simcoe but is going to school in Hamilton. She does not shower nor do her laundry and she smells like dead fish. She is fat flat chested covered in cellulite and has a face full of acne and jacked up teeth. She will sleep with ANY guy who gives her the slightest bit of attention, and thinks its hot to wear teeny tiny bikinis at the beach and scream out while having sex when others are sleeping at her house. She would totally sleep with another girls bf and she is a liar a bitch and a mean spirited person who loves gossip and to put other people down for no reason. Hmmm Im sure thats how u got that DRD???? She is trash with no values or morals who gets drunk and high every weekend at the trashy bars in Simcoe. Hangs out with low life drug addicts who use her and who cannot take care of their children so they end up in CAS care….how sad. She constantly takes about herself how great she is how hot she is how every guy wants her how she wears a size 4 blah blah bitch u weigh like 200 pounds………delusional much?? Low low intelligence space cadet….wake the hell up!! No one likes u….they use you for money sex and whatever else they can get!!! And you a backstabbing shit talking bitch who deserves it!!!

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Amber N Robertson

July 29, 2014 Hamilton 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik , this is Amber the nastiest junkie you will ever meet she’ll do any drugs that’s around including needles , dirty and used ones at that (I’ve seen it myself ) Amber will suck you off for a bottle or drugs or a drive , anything she wants shell be willing to give herself away. Amber has a Son who is the cutest little boy ever that she lost custody for , along time ago but has no desire on trying to get him back or even see him !!! It’s clear what’s more important to her. She has nothing anymore an she’ll cry about it but NO ONE CARES AMBER … you did this to yourself . You’re going no where in life girl . And your Sister Jessica Arthurs isn’t any better . LOW LIVES . Get your diseases treated .

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Jib Tec Worrie couple of Cambridge

July 28, 2014 Hamilton 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: She went from bein a great a jib tec worrie cuz of her new bf she she dont watch or care about her kids she has had new guys at her house ever weekend her new bf is a meth head name matt huges goof tgat a dad and can be spotes buyin.meth at trap house in kitchener and cambridge she take her life not she is a trashy mom and wont give up meth for her 3 kids its a sin sge lost.100 lbs and thinkd she looks good that the part the scars ppl lmfao she a dirty partty girl that will suck and black guys cock sje fck anout hlf the city its carzy

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Hanna Yager

July 28, 2014 Hamilton 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet hanna Yager, she resides on any couch you’ll let her sleep on in the Willoughby least lake area. Shes homeless and every week she lives with a new friend and calls their couch her home, she actually works a little but doesn’t offer to pay anyone rent that she live with I know about five people she stayed with that said she only showers about once a week sometimes less and she never wears deodorant she cakes on 5 pounds of heavy orange coverup, black eye shadow and red lipstick because she is truly hideous without makeup she is obsessed with this kid Chris who has cheated on her multiple times with multiple people and have a friend of mine herpes and other drds she thinks shes so hot but everyone knows Hanna doesn’t shower and her vagina stinks like fish and she always starts shit on twitter with girls over her ex boyfriend. The one picture she even took with her hair up in a towel because everyone dawgs her for not showering but why do you need to put on a full face of makeup to take a picture of you fresh out the shower. Nik, this girl is truly ratchet please keep smelly Hanna off the streets

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Emily Alexandra Fleming

July 28, 2014 Hamilton 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this stupid bitch likes to think she knows everyone and everything when in reality she is a ditch pig who gets double teamed on the regular for cheap vodka. nothing but a no good prostitute. she cheats on her smelly ass ugly brown boyfriend all the time with lowlife crackheads. look at the pic on top of the shitty old beamer, this girl actually thinks is a nice car and it’s embarrassing. she loves doing ass to mouth and gives the best rimjobs in stoney creek. watch yourself girl, don’t wanna get pink eye. Nik do you like her more brunette or blonde?

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