Deadbeat Mike Timmers

October 20, 2014 Hamilton 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Normally I would never post on this site, I view it to see what the comments out there say, because there is always a bit of truth to every story even if embellished and it’s almost better safe than sorry to view the comments about people you welcome into your life. This character here, Mike Timmers is quite terrible. He will sleep with your friends behind your back. He has no problem beating women, which I can claim to know for absolute certain. He has a massive stealing issue and does B&E’s at night-time. To boot will grow a grow-op literally anywhere he can. He has an almost-five year old son whom he has seen a total of 5 times in this poor child’s entire life, without exaggerating. His Facebook photo image is of him but what the photo doesn’t show is that it use to be a photo of him and his son (One of a few rare photo’s) and he cropped out the child from the photo. He has never had a job longer than a month, and literally lives off his mother Francine. I’m almost questioning if she even wipes his ass… In sum, the purpose of this is for the females in the city to be aware when they are with him. He is very charming, he is labelled as a ‘cars salesman’ but if you want a husband, this guy surely isn’t it.. The best predictor of future expectations is past history. And in truth, he only watches his back, and takes any handouts from anybody he can. He’s not a man, he’s a boy. Be careful, be wary, and always wear a rubber with this one!

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Looking for Handouts

October 20, 2014 Hamilton 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK this bitch slept with me my best friend and 3 other guys all within 2 weeks. after this the skank got pregnant and started asking boys to help raise her kid including myself and my best friend. she then started to take guys with her to the park and get them to finger her without doing anything for them while she is pregnant. to this day she is still gettin people to fck her and stealing my friends bfs

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Coral Ainger

October 17, 2014 Hamilton, Herbert2z 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik meet coral ainger . this little c*nt just loves to get into everyones relationships and business . I met her once and I can tell you shes just a methed out whore . she thinks she can beat everyone up . yea im sure coral your so tough huh , anyways this bitch also thinks that any man with a girlfriend wants her too lol shes so ugly and drugged out half the time she doesn’t even make sense when she talks or has anything intelligent to say shes just a waste of human flesh and hopefully dies from a bad batch of m*th one day the world would be a much better place without this dumb little whore . coral your nothing but dirty used up pussy and a m*th mouth

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Stinky Amy

October 17, 2014 Hamilton 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch let some guy move in her house and new nothing about him at all and let him be around her kids she met him on the chat line and thinks her kids are better then everyone else’s she used to make her poor husband walk in the rain just to go get McDonalds and make sure her kids were sleeping and when she is to cook dinner she used to give her kids hot dogs and she would have a steak dinner her house so disgusting they call her Amy stinky crotchamy was cheating on her husband Ryan and then talk so bad about himshe thinks and the minute your back is turned she talking crap about and the minute your back is turned she talking crap about you she even likes to call cas on people how do you let a man move into your house that you know nothing about and have him be around your children and have him babysit your childrenhe seems like he’s not all there well she’s not neither Amy will never change no one wants her she goes on and on about how Ryan did this and how Ryan doesn’t want to be involved in her kids is life but she won’t give him a chance she acts like Chelsea is the smartest kid around and no other kid can be smarter than Chelsea and makes her kids get straight A’s and if they don\’t get groundedshe used to let heree on the pee on the floor and wouldn’t clean it up they used to be food all in our house all of the couches had a washer and dryer and would never do her laundry beware her Amy will never change Amy looks like she got hit by a Mack truck

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Kat Harmony aka Kathleen Clark

October 16, 2014 Hamilton 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik post this please…This hoe is name Kat. She is obese , has a bunch of pimples on her face that never goes away , dyes her hair a different color every month and smells like a fish market. The bitch is 300 pounds , on welfare , lives at home with mommy and her ugly buffoon Olga looking sister. They are both nasty. She takes the bus and never had a license before. She lies about her age buy she is really 40. She does drugs and sucks guys off for free. I caught her sucking a black dude dick off for free. Nasty is full of all kinds of diseases. She never had a job , no education and lies and says she is pregnant but no man will touch her nasty ass.

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Sarah Murphy

October 16, 2014 Hamilton, Windsor 118


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nit, this girl has been on here before and deserves to be on here again… This nasty little whore will screw anything that’s drunk enough to stick it in… Her man left her and her doors been open ever since… Ive heard stories about how nasty her fishy vag is and her stomach looks like cottage cheese… She will Never find a man to stick with her so she takes pride in screwing other girls men the second they break up… She’s the type of girl that guys Use for a quick and easy f**k. This nasty little scum bag looks like some sort of a mouse aka “big tooth Sarah” and “fishie”… Her eyes are too close together and she has hereplies. She acts soooo innocent but deep down she knows what a filthy dirty whore she is and sadly she accepts it… Sarah murphy everyone! Happily tryna fck yourman and then havino a fit when she realizes they just used her..

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Pathway Cries Wolf

October 15, 2014 Hamilton, London-ON 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: meet Andrea and her partner Ben budda, Here it goes she fcks everyone and claims date rape poor excuse for just wanting to get fcked. she is madly in love with any guy who is not her baby dad. when she gets buated for sleeping around on him she is on the phone with the cops claiming rape but yet doesn’t remember. Ben budda poor excuse of a father a women beating drug dealing scumbag. He talks a lot of shit and can’t back up his mouth hides behind his telephone. Looks like a creeper smells like rotten pssy and grows beard to change his appearence while he try to go for the same peoplw under a different name. match made in heaven Nik expect I think he is the rapest and there both under cover. I have personally seen them talking to under covers not sure if there being investigated or there working for them butsomething strange is happening in pathway. seems like no one really leaves that house and they ppl come back with issues.

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Jeff Yaremko

October 15, 2014 Hamilton 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this tool is the biggest cke head youll ever meet. He puts the charm on real well but in the end his true colours shine. Hes hamiltons/edmontons biggest walking drd!! Likes to think hes one big tough guy but in reality, hes nothing but another bitch on roids. He also as a child that he doesnt see or suport because his drugs fall number one on the list. This tool doesnt know how to be a faithful human being, hell stick his infested dick into anything that spreads. Nik blast this deadbead, cheating cokehead to warn the bitches of this city to stay clear!! gross pig!!!

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