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One Nut Wonder

December 18, 2014 Hamilton 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: This kid goes by the name Stephen Hysen i like to call him the one nut wonder this.guy likes to take peoples girl friends he us a dirty kush smoker and one time assaulted a cop he is a dirty asshole and doesnt understand how to treat people he also is in a gang and fights alot he smells like shit and isnt a nice guy.

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Nick Brigante Is An Escort

December 18, 2014 Hamilton 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. So heres a goof if I’ve ever seen one! Say hello to nick brigante, or casper, as he likes to be called by his “johns”. This gem enjoys bareback riding old fat hairy men for money. The only real job he has ever had in his life is sucking bear d*cks for bus fare… and weed money. He is a woman beater, a thief, a leeching pussy bitch.

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Hamilton Hairy

December 16, 2014 Hamilton 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Unfortunatly this is my ex. They call this untrained Wilderbeast Stacey Robins. Not only is Stacey A hairy whore, yes that’s right, (HAIRY)….This Wilderbeast indeed has hair, everywhere. She doesnt shave, what womem DOESN’T shave? Seriously, hairy armpits,legs,arms,FACE-mustache,unibrown,beard. Don’t get her to open her mouth, uh, i’m not even going to go there. Stacey is a lieing cheating, mouth running, drama starting c*nt . All she does is lie and lie, use people, she makes people fight her own battles she causes running her mouth. She not only cheated on me, but what I have heard, she in a convolsive line of cheating behind her. She is a horrible person, I regret ever wasting time on this thing. People be aware, ladies keep your lads close because if any guy gives her the slight gesture she will be all over him, she will try to get any guy just for the attention. Watch it guys…if you ever in your sick minds ever want to date this, warning her pussy you can braid 2ft long smells like the deep blue tuna and beyond, her teeth will shred your dick. Anybody else knows this lieing,cheating bitch.? Oh did I forget…she really likes to use men for their money, i’m living proof, I was always flat broke because of her, and if I didn’t give her what she wants she stole it. So glad i’m doing much better not with her, feel bad for the guy she is with now.

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Joshua Sferrazza

December 16, 2014 Hamilton 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello there. I have known this guy for some time. Recently I contracted herpes from this guy and it is embarrassing to say now but he took my V card got me pregnant the fourth time we got together and gave me herpes. LIKE WHAT A TOTAL JERK! I recently found out he screwed my friend ashley kimbal from peterborough when she was like 14 and he was like 22. I just want you all to be aware of this predator! also he does gay porn under the name of JJ starks which you can find on google if you google JJ Starks Dixter. I caught him smoking crack today! he was smoking crack in my alleyway!

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Selfish Deadbeat

December 15, 2014 Hamilton 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Long story short I’ve known this guy and his story for quite a while now and I feel it’s about time he finally gets put on blast for his selfish actions. This deadbeat decides to get some chick knocked up and they make the decision to abort the child and a month later finds out he has another chick knocked up and decides to live in denial for the rest of his life telling himself and family that the child isn’t his. The child is spitting image of him and also 6 years old now and he’s still never met her. Soon after decides to just vanish and hook up with some girl that already has kids, Some long distance bullshit and decides to help take care of her kids. He’s now moved from hamilton and none of his current friends have any clue that this idiot even has a child and I don’t think his current ongoing girlfriend even knows either. so for anyone who comes across this deadbeat he’s also a drunk who likes to fck up his parents house with his anger problems and used to beat on his partly autistic sister.

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Pimp or under cover informant

December 14, 2014 Hamilton 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: “A wolf dressed as a sheep but reality a former male figure skater who turned into a P.I. And then into a RAT!” let me tell you about a gentalmen name jazzy aka Jeff and real name andrew, the most wanted guy on the street , no one likes rats and unfortunately he snitched multiple times and there is recordings of him doing so. This “wolf”that dresses up as a sheep to put young underage girls on the pole and backpage is also a pathetic waste of a father ! Sneaky as a snake, don’t be fooled by his smile behind it is just lies and broken dreams for the next girl he wraps into his web. Basically he uses his girls for informations on anyone and everyone to put guys behind bars, he has his girls working, they find out who’s making money and how (guns,drugs,pimping) then sends the information to whom ever it is and gets paid. On top of everything this guys a TRICK , he pays for pssy, he f*cks his own escorts and caught drd from one of them. He pays people for protection and to go fight his battles , but since the last recording of him snitching he has no one on the streets. This is not for EXPOSER this is REAL FACTS with REAL HARD evidence in hands. Be carful, stay alert !

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Mina Ritaz

December 12, 2014 Hamilton 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tried having two boyfriends never goes well. Pussy started to smell told her to cut. Then she swallowed my kids. Went back and kissed that nigga. I texted the nigga asking how my dick tasted he response was I’m cheesed bro. Lmao I already new she was with him all I wanted was head.

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Infested Pepsi Head

December 11, 2014 Hamilton 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: This fckhead is tony aka Anthony SoBlessed Ingram on Facebook. Where do I even start with this piece of scum? He’s a fcking mess. He has drd and has basically fucked every liteskin or black girl in the city. But thats only when he’s not snorting coke or robbing his dealers. He owes so many dealers in the city and is in hiding. He now lives downtown but used to be in Kitchener. This fcking Lowe life is so disgusting he steals from his mother and sisters to pay for his habit. I’m surprised nobody has put this fool up yet. He’s infected so many girls in this city, and Denys it. I guess when you come from trash you become it. His whole entire family is fucked up. Him and his best white trash friend nathan hall have been pulling this shit for years

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