Crazy Ricottone

October 22, 2014 Hamilton 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I really hope you post this because this girl needs to be blasted and put in her place. This is Andrea Ricottone and shes as crazy and as dirty as they come her and her loser man Rob Wintonyk both live with her parents and neither of them work she thinks every girl wants in her mans pants but hes a loser that got locked out of his own house for unpaid mortgage and he has a tiny freckled penis she has 3 kids with her ex who she still stalks and harasses even though hes remarried happy and has kids with his new wife Andrea claims her kids are Robs cause their real dad wants nothing to do with them since she moulded them into the crazy lunatic that she is and the kids call their biological father a c**k sucker because Andrea tells them its ok her eldest is only 12 and speaks like that Andrea fell HARD into drugs stays up ALL HOURS of the night harassing her and Robs exes then cries innocent when the exes respond to her craziness tts even been said (by people close to her fam) that she sleeps with her dad thats why she doesn`t work cause her dad pays her for sex can you say nasty?? This bitch is a drug addicted psychotic dirt ball and deserves to be up here in the pics you can see how she looked before drugs and how she looks now. Lay off the drugs/pills get some help stop being obsessed over your past and give those kids up for adoption like you were given up because they are better off without you Andrea!!!!!

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Kyla McGowan

October 21, 2014 Hamilton 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kyla: this girl started off being a sweet innocent girl then summer came and she turned into the biggest slut ever. She was doing drugs every weekend (molly, coke, ecstasy {SHE EVEN SMOKED CRACK [MY BOY TOLD ME]}) she has fuked over 20 guys and she cheated on her boyfriend Jakeim.. When I was with him hanging out he told me that she had fucked three guys in one night then called him after they left and asked him to come over then she fcked him. Like EW nasty. She has had sex with guys that are 6 years older than her and she goes around acting like top shit. She thinks she can fight anyone and that she’s invincible… She even tries to start fight with girls 4-5 years older than her. She beefs EVERYONE and is not a true friend, she talks shit behind your back and wont ever keep your secrets she EVEN fucks your EW BOYFRIEND LOL. she has had the clap bout 2 times and gave it to over half the city because she didn’t wanna get checked. She also physically abused her ex boyfriend, every time she would see him after they broke up she made a big deal out of it and would scream at him to make a scene because she LOVES being center of attention. She would walk up and punch him and try to fight him. She even asked boys to beat him up when he did NOTHING wrong. Anytime he starts talking to a new girl she will come alone and try to fight her. She is honestly a really pretty girl with a really shitty personality, all shes good for is a good night and someone to party with. LOL ew..

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Alcoholic Schlutt

October 21, 2014 Hamilton 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, this here is naomi schlett. Its a miracle I’ve never seen her on here before due to how much of a mess she is. This girl drinks more than most men i know (not to mention sleeps with them too) then complains welfare doesn’t give her enough once she’s spent all her food money on liqour, and just to make things better, she’ll do anything for a high, and that includes smoke crck. She makes you believe she just needs help and she wants to change, all while milking you for every bit of change you have. She once said to me, in her own words “i dont masturbate, i think its gross. Id rather just get fucked by some random guy, or call you” she has more bruises on her knees than anybody I’ve ever seen, and refuses to take it anywhere other than the poop chute. But best of all, she wakes up the next day and asks if we had sex. I POST THIS AS A WARNING FOR ALL drd FREE MEN IN HAMILTON

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Deadbeat Mike Timmers

October 20, 2014 Hamilton 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: Normally I would never post on this site, I view it to see what the comments out there say, because there is always a bit of truth to every story even if embellished and it’s almost better safe than sorry to view the comments about people you welcome into your life. This character here, Mike Timmers is quite terrible. He will sleep with your friends behind your back. He has no problem beating women, which I can claim to know for absolute certain. He has a massive stealing issue and does B&E’s at night-time. To boot will grow a grow-op literally anywhere he can. He has an almost-five year old son whom he has seen a total of 5 times in this poor child’s entire life, without exaggerating. His Facebook photo image is of him but what the photo doesn’t show is that it use to be a photo of him and his son (One of a few rare photo’s) and he cropped out the child from the photo. He has never had a job longer than a month, and literally lives off his mother Francine. I’m almost questioning if she even wipes his ass… In sum, the purpose of this is for the females in the city to be aware when they are with him. He is very charming, he is labelled as a ‘cars salesman’ but if you want a husband, this guy surely isn’t it.. The best predictor of future expectations is past history. And in truth, he only watches his back, and takes any handouts from anybody he can. He’s not a man, he’s a boy. Be careful, be wary, and always wear a rubber with this one!

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Looking for Handouts

October 20, 2014 Hamilton 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK this bitch slept with me my best friend and 3 other guys all within 2 weeks. after this the skank got pregnant and started asking boys to help raise her kid including myself and my best friend. she then started to take guys with her to the park and get them to finger her without doing anything for them while she is pregnant. to this day she is still gettin people to fck her and stealing my friends bfs

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Coral Ainger

October 17, 2014 Hamilton, Herbert2z 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik meet coral ainger . this little c*nt just loves to get into everyones relationships and business . I met her once and I can tell you shes just a methed out whore . she thinks she can beat everyone up . yea im sure coral your so tough huh , anyways this bitch also thinks that any man with a girlfriend wants her too lol shes so ugly and drugged out half the time she doesn’t even make sense when she talks or has anything intelligent to say shes just a waste of human flesh and hopefully dies from a bad batch of m*th one day the world would be a much better place without this dumb little whore . coral your nothing but dirty used up pussy and a m*th mouth

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Stinky Amy

October 17, 2014 Hamilton 78

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch let some guy move in her house and new nothing about him at all and let him be around her kids she met him on the chat line and thinks her kids are better then everyone else’s she used to make her poor husband walk in the rain just to go get McDonalds and make sure her kids were sleeping and when she is to cook dinner she used to give her kids hot dogs and she would have a steak dinner her house so disgusting they call her Amy stinky crotchamy was cheating on her husband Ryan and then talk so bad about himshe thinks and the minute your back is turned she talking crap about and the minute your back is turned she talking crap about you she even likes to call cas on people how do you let a man move into your house that you know nothing about and have him be around your children and have him babysit your childrenhe seems like he’s not all there well she’s not neither Amy will never change no one wants her she goes on and on about how Ryan did this and how Ryan doesn’t want to be involved in her kids is life but she won’t give him a chance she acts like Chelsea is the smartest kid around and no other kid can be smarter than Chelsea and makes her kids get straight A’s and if they don\’t get groundedshe used to let heree on the pee on the floor and wouldn’t clean it up they used to be food all in our house all of the couches had a washer and dryer and would never do her laundry beware her Amy will never change Amy looks like she got hit by a Mack truck

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Kat Harmony aka Kathleen Clark

October 16, 2014 Hamilton 83

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik post this please…This hoe is name Kat. She is obese , has a bunch of pimples on her face that never goes away , dyes her hair a different color every month and smells like a fish market. The bitch is 300 pounds , on welfare , lives at home with mommy and her ugly buffoon Olga looking sister. They are both nasty. She takes the bus and never had a license before. She lies about her age buy she is really 40. She does drugs and sucks guys off for free. I caught her sucking a black dude dick off for free. Nasty is full of all kinds of diseases. She never had a job , no education and lies and says she is pregnant but no man will touch her nasty ass.

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