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Thieves, Chris and Brook Lynn Travis

December 23, 2014 Denver, Houston, Reno 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this married couple are scumbags. They’ve been living in an RV, hiding in campsites from people they’ve stolen from in TX, CO, and CA. Chris has a warrant at large for gun charges in TX. These losers ripoff people shortly after befriending them by burglarizing their home after the homeowner leaves. They don’t work besides stealing stuff. They are raging alcoholics and druggies, often selling stolen drugs.

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Jordan the Leech

December 19, 2014 Houston 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: He lives out in Conroe, TX and cut and Shoot area now, he is a compulsive liar and criminal, I doubt he even has a conscious. He tells people he has two personalities, one Jordan and one is “Jp” how crazy, he blames all his screw up’s on his friends, family and co-workers, girlfriends on anything. It doesn’t matter to him but he’ll never own up to acting like a man, he’s on Probation and can’t even do that right. Warning to all Conroe girls.

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Cholla Rider

December 18, 2014 Houston 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: gina marie lives in kirby gets fucked every othernite uses guys for money to pay her bills lives in kirby area easy skank with a weird body find her on craigslist backpage charges at nite $60 a hour she also has drd

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Sad Excuse of a Father

December 17, 2014 Houston 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy Mark Vasquez that works at State Farm has a baby momma and a fiancé. He sleeps with his baby momma along with other many women. One of the girls he slept with has an drd. He makes girls have abortions and then just leaves them . He’s a piece of garbage. No matter what he does his fiancé believes him because he’s so good at lying, he has her controlled, makes her go to the gym constantly so she can look how he wants her to. He exposes his child to all the women he sleeps with. He is a sad excuse of a human being.

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Rabbit Dabit

December 17, 2014 Houston 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alexis is dating this guy. FYI behind your back, he was sending pics to girls and asking for them as well. You are dating one of the biggest players around. He definitely has chl**dia. He gave it to me after I was raped by him. So now you’re dating a rapist with DRD. Clueless wench.

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DL Thot

December 15, 2014 Houston, San Antonio 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch acts like she’s too good! when her man was locked up she wwas out every weekend and the nights she wasn’t out she was home fckin Route and who else knows. It was all over Facebook. Everyone knows!!! And now that her man is out..they are happily married!! lol if he believes she was being faithful for the little time he was gone he is just as dumb as she is. or maybe its just he doesn’t feel so bad because he is such a hoe too?? hoes flock together..especially her nasty orange ass homegirls. ewww they think they look good with their flab hanging out…yuckkkkk!!! go get some clothes that fit..hoes!

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Check Out These Eyes

December 12, 2014 Houston, The Dirty 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, since we never found you your eyes, I figured I’d send another set in for you to check out. Tell me these aren’t amazing?

My neck hurts…why do chicks take these stupid sideways pictures of themselves?- nik

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Our Last Hope To Save Our Friend Scott Angelico

December 11, 2014 Houston, The Dirty 147


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Obi-Wan-Richie, we believe that you are our last hope. Our good friend Scott Angelico has entered the early stages of Dementia with hooking up with this chick. Her real name is Erika Hilt, but she goes by several: Alexa Loren (Porn name)…Google it. This chick has got to be the laziest do nothing, know nothing fraudster here in Texas. We have never really liked her and we come to find out that she is a former porn star (check out her Sex Kitten #43 debut) and has been engaged several times and has kept the ring each time (Yancy I think was the guys last name). She lies about her education, kicked out of Auburn because she left to be a porn star and then tried to go back, huh? Failed out of University of Houston. She is not a realtor, she works for her mom’s rinky dinkey company. She claims to be a nursing student now.

Scott is a decent hard working guy and he is blind to her fraud and is now buying a house and moving in with her? She buys all these gifts and sh*t on his dime and wants everyone to believe she is paying for it by herself… yeah right… her parents still support her ass. Scott, when you meet people like that, with multiple FB, Twitter, Instagram pages under multiple names… that should be a sign that they are frauds. SHE IS TRYING TO MILK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE..GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN..WE ARE BEGGING you….kick her back to the sewer where came from.

Scott Angelico — do what makes you happy.- nik


Sarah Josal Bavar Is On A Downward Spiral

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