Married Slore

April 17, 2014 Houston 2 5,716 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this little slore screwed my friend over big time. Fcked him for nearly a year and was supposedly getting divorced, then got back with her husband supposedly but was still sleeping with my friend each time her husband would leave. My friend swears she was sleeping with the husband the entire time and maybe others. She asked him for money all the time for her rent, to get food for her kids and expected him to pay each weekend they went out with HER kids and he did since he says he loves her and the kids. She asked for new cell phone, watches, gift cards and thousands of dollars if he wanted her to leave her husband and be only with him. Told my friend that if he supported her and her kids financially then she’d marry him and be with him forever. Sad part is the idiot actually was going to do it all but I talked him out of it. He still sulks around that he loves her and all but the bitch is out all the time drinking, partying and shopping rather than putting her kids first. Instead expected my friend and her husband to take care of her kids so she could work and spend her money only on herself. Her dumb husband is probably still kissing ass for the occasional pssy from her

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Sarah Scogin Was Sleeping With My Fiancé… While I Was Pregnant

April 15, 2014 Houston, The Dirty 280 116,475 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so I have been with Josh Martin from La Porte TX for over a year and a half.  We were engaged and getting a house. I recently found out I was pregnant while he was cheating on me with a dumb bitch from Clear Lake TX. I contacted her on Facebook and she completely ignored what I had to say. She is a trashy slut and has been f*cking him for awhile. Her name is Sarah Scogin. She is trying to get in the medical field when she needs to be getting out of people’s lives!!! She has no morals and thinks it’s ok after letting her know I’m pregnant!!! She put a cute pic on all her internet profiles but is ugly in person and reason being she gets men is she is a trashy slut!!! Please be aware to any girls… She does not care if your in a relationship, engaged, married, pregnant. She is a HOME WRECKER!!! I can’t wait till the day I meet her!!!

What happen to Josh Martin though? Please tell me you dumped his ass!- nik

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Stop Drawing On Your Eyebrows

April 15, 2014 Houston, Victoria 16 6,472 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: soooooo nik im cruising down my timeline after a long ass day at work , and i always see the memes about girls with stupid looking eyebrows because they dont know how to draw them on ! and then i see this shit ! lmfao . like wtf ? is this real life right now ? so my question is , how do you feel about girls drawing on fake eyebrows ? BTW the thot in this pic is Pricilla Alaziz on the book , lol . ewwww .

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Photoshop Fail

April 14, 2014 Houston 78 10,314 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl has no idea how kt photoshop. She tries to hide her cellulite and yellow teeth. What Photoshop program is she using!!?? She looks like clay. Someone please tell this girl she isn’t fooling anyone. Maybe now you will get the hint, that you look ridiculous and WE all know you don’t look like that.

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Deloitte Escort – Paige Finstad

April 11, 2014 Houston 66 9,133 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Paige Finstad, accountant by day high dollar hooker by night. This texas tech graduate works as an accountant for deloitte in Houston. But will sleep with literally anyone who can afford it. She has slept with countless of really old dudes.. for some cash… and she doesnt care if they are married or not or if they have gray pubes as long as she gets compensated… I wonder what her family or employer will think about her side business…

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Jessica Lickus Lovely Escort

April 11, 2014 Houston, Wichita 2 5,728 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, This is lovely horse head is known as Jessica Love on Facebook but her real name is Jessica Lickus. This chick walks around like her sh!t don’t stink. Uses guys for everything thing they have. She is abusive money hungry ho3. Lately she started escorting as well. Thats how she can afford vacations left and right and everything else. Nik, put this trash on blast so everyone can kbow what type of a person she really is.

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Deadbeat Mario Ezequiel Bowers

April 10, 2014 Houston 0 5,996 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies please run far away this. Dead beat ass daddy he is nasty. He likes to date bitches that r in highschool hes. A lier. No job haven always in and out of jail. He likes to fck bitches raw with his little ass dick last time i checkd he had an drd. And he got antha broad pregnant. He think he got. Game. He pulls bitches off of fb becuase he a scary ass nigga lmao ahh now run and tell that

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Cheryl Blair, on the Loose

April 10, 2014 Houston 20 10,034 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet the Trashiest, Troll in Pasadena TX Cheryl Blair. She has slept with a married man while his wife was pregnant and continued the affair off and on for over 3 years. Will spread her legs to any man that will have her gaping, black hole of a vagg. If you’re ever around this slut make sure you have a gas mask because if the smell from her mouth doesn’t kill you the smell from between her legs will!Remember her preference though is married men, but every now and then the occasional four legged canine. She is the laziest bitch I know constantly popping pain pills in her drd ridden mouth. Nik will you please put this nasty skank in her place ???

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