Chelsea Johnson

July 21, 2014 Fort Worth, Houston 2 7,337 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Chelsea Johnson, from Houston but stuck in Ft Worth, TX. Chelsea is a 22 year old pill popping, drug addict, thief, and mother” to a 1 year old. If she is seen CPS should be called immediately. She neglects the child hours on end while she spreads her legs and gets strung out on OxyContin. The 1 year old girl barely weighs 20lbs, because she only gives it soda or junk food; if she even feeds her. The child has had diaper rash for months on end because she won’t bathe or clean her. She completely ignores the poor girl and leaves her sitting in her feces! Her next goal in life is to get knocked up by another guy that she can claim child support on or get more welfare money with. So she can continue her OxyContin/crck binge. When she’s not popping pills or spreading her legs for them you can find her at your local walmart ripping off thousands of dollars worth of groceries. She’ll open up goods at the store just to give it to her baby, or she’ll use empty diaper bags to stuff groceries into. But be careful if you call her out in person she’ll get in your face and threaten to attack you while holding the baby in her arms between you. People need to be warned of this sticky finger thief. She’ll steal anything you have for a quick penny and she’ll guilt you with her child. CPS has been called on multiple occasions but she uses the mouthwash to pass the mouth swab test. Nik please put her on blast and save her poor baby Eva.

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Ivana Rafael McMeans

July 20, 2014 Houston 4 9,573 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: narcissistic prostitute, yes! She got a job working at some strip club. Now she sleeps withmen for money. Its no ssecret. Word gets around fast.

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Beware of Paul

July 18, 2014 Houston 1 7,917 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy paul uses women for money, sex, place to live, clothes, food, going out, paying his rent, phone bill, car, etc He is 24 yrs old has 6 kids from 5 different ladies, lies about his life to seem better, doesn’t acknowledge all his children, doesn’t pay child support, and sleeps around with all types of women. He’s selfish, narcissistic, manipulator, abuser, liar, game player, cheater, etc Watch out ladies for this guy because he is on the hunt in san antonio! He claims he graduated from utsa when he hasn’t highschool and works at high end restaurants as a server because he can’t get a real job with his record

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Twin Peaks Stank

July 16, 2014 Houston 11 8,465 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is Markie, She has been used by half of Texas. She first of all looks like an alien. second of all shes only used by guys to have sex with. and she aint even all that. she thinks she so bad and in reality she is a washed up river rat. from hooters to twin peaks. sure is keeping the reputation alive. STAY THE HELL AWAY, im sick of having men come in and complain that you gave them something.. nasty little girl! grow up, do your job and put your p*** away before it turn’s green and fall’s off.

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Houston’s Biggest Sl*t Loser

July 14, 2014 Houston 10 7,098 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Celestina Jane Villagomez. The biggest nastiest slut, whore, piece of sh*t girl in Houston. Here is her next victim. The poor guy doesn’t even know that she’s going to play him, use him, and cheat on him like damn pig. She is going to sleep with whatever guy she can sleep with during their relationship because thats how she iz! boy i hope he gets disease testing soon because he will need it. Anybody that hangs out with this girl will get sweet talked into and sucked into a nightmare. She will infest you so be careful! Celeste, you are 30 years old! when are you going to grow up?! Your future is down the drain because u have no morals!!

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Persian Madness

July 9, 2014 Houston, The Dirty 206 99,604 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t know where to begin, these so called PERSIANS think they run houston because of the “money” they have BUT dont want to spend it. They’re a disgrace I always see them at the club with different RATCHET girls and at the end of the night going home with different broads and they call themselves “classy” theres nothing classy about a girl throwing up outside of your car window. One of them thinks hes a “pimp” because he takes pictures with everyone claiming he works at the clubs just so he can get fame, the other one drives a car thats not even his and f*cks every girl that comes his way, the other one just got out of jail and now dipped out because he thinks hes better than everyone else just because he makes money and the other ones are NOTHING but show offs. My friend even showed me some pictures from that fat bitch keep sending her pictures of his shit thinking he can get her, step aside hes the most show off BUT doesn’t get ANY.  Every single one of these Arabs do nothing but screw girls over and lie to get out SOMEONE please TELL THEM THIS IS NOT THE MIDDLE EAST and that theyre not GODS.

There is no such thing as Persians.- nik

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Arian Foster’s Worst Nightmare

July 8, 2014 Hollywood, Houston, The Dirty 132 102,139 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Arian Foster’s alleged baby mama, Brittany Norwood, gave birth to Gatsby Alexander Norwood Foster last Monday in Houston. As you broke, Nik, Norwood claimed that the NFL star tried to force her into having an abortion but Foster claims he’s got recording claiming that as false. Foster apparently knows about the birth but hasn’t acknowledged if he is the father or not.

The ‘bunny trap’ is real. People whisper about it, but these bunnies make sure condoms are not involved for a reason.- nik

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Alyssa Cevallos

July 3, 2014 Houston 52 11,464 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this slut has left a trail of sucked d***s from Houston to the Corpus Hooters to the paper in Austin. She thinks she’s super inspirational but really she’s an idiot who can’t pass her classes without sucking someone’s d***.

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