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Who Is This Girl

October 8, 2013 Ibiza, Scottsdale, The Dirty 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, who is this girl? The blue eyes, the freckles, the gorgeously angled nostrils–you have to admit, this is one of the most beautiful faces ever!

She is a real model.- nik

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Paris Hilton Takes Over The DJ World

August 12, 2013 Hollywood, Ibiza, Las Vegas, Miami, The Dirty 68


As most of you saw and took part of… I posted a poll on TheDirty.com just to see what the DIRTY ARMY thought of Paris Hilton in the DJ world. I was shocked by the outcome [below] and it caused me to write the following on my Instagram last friday:

Who is the better Disc Jockey?

  • Steve Aoki (52%, 23,070 Votes)
  • Paris Hilton (48%, 21,531 Votes)

Total Voters: 44,598

@NikRichie: I put a poll on #TheDirty yesterday to gage the world’s opinion on DJ’s in our society. Are they really a gimmick or does talent play a role? I cannot deny the fact that @steveaoki has muscled his way to being one of the top 5 entertainers in the world. His business strategy from social media to signature caking and crowd water rafting has catapulted him to the top of the DJ realm. People want to be entertained and he provides them a show they will never forget (#Molly or not). But looking at the results of this poll and it tells me talent is not enough. People are getting hip to the game. Yes the right DJ is winning but the sting is still there. These guys strive to perfect their craft and @ParisHilton comes in and shits on their craft. The fans are not stupid. They know anyone can push play. Now the music needs to unique to the DJ as an artist to be respected. If they are not on the radio they are equal to @ParisHilton. So to all filler DJ’s you need to step up your game because respect is being lost in your industry. If @steveaoki has to go to game 7 against @ParisHilton to survive than who are you? And I know all of you have to kiss Paris’ ass because she sat behind your set once, but grow some balls. This is your world and you are letting her take it away from you. I guess the old theory is true – “She slept her way to the top.”

Thank you to all the real DJ’s who responded via Instagram. I’m glad we have opened this discussion… the true artist is being lost by gimmicks.- nik

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Who Is The Better DJ – Paris Hilton Vs. Steve Aoki

August 8, 2013 Ibiza, Las Vegas, The Dirty 31

Here is the world famous DJ Paris Hilton twerking spinning for her fans in Ibiza.

Here is Steve Aoki giving back to the handicap kids by throwing cake in their face.

Who is the better Disc Jockey?

  • Steve Aoki (52%, 23,070 Votes)
  • Paris Hilton (48%, 21,531 Votes)

Total Voters: 44,598

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Paris Hilton Rocked It In Ibiza

August 4, 2013 Ibiza, The Dirty 10


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wasn’t in Ibiza but some of my escort girfriends were and they said Paris Hilton killed it.  A few of them even said that Paris’ set was good as any of Kaskade’s, Tiesto’s or Deadmau5′s that they had been to before.  I want to ask you, when do you think the masses will stop talking sh*t about her skills without even being present at one of her gigs?

Paris has a really good index finger, pushing play isn’t easy.- nik

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World Class Superstar DJ Paris Hilton

July 31, 2013 Ibiza, The Dirty 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, couple things. 1) Screw all you haters that think Paris Hilton can’t DJ. Here she is at sound check in Ibiza. And for all you peasants that don’t know Ibiza is the mecca for all the best DJ’s in the world. Paris is DJing at Amnesia, one of the best clubs in the world. Paris is an international superstar and doesn’t need to even look at the haters in America because that country is not even on her level. 2) Paris Hilton is single I think. I don’t see that young boy with her anymore and she doesn’t claim love to any man these days. She is an independent world class DJ. Paris doesn’t need love like you haters who are in relationships. The world better be ready for the next level because her comes Paris Hilton b*tchesssss!!!

Amazing how the world works. Fool one country and just move onto the next.- nik

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I Think He Is Cheating On Me

January 8, 2013 Ibiza, Newport, The Dirty 440

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, do you know who this girl is?  I married my husband when he was 54 and I had just turned 20 years old.  In the beginning I loved him only for money and materialistic things, I slept around and cheated a lot… but you can’t blame me, I was young and dumb.  We had a child when I was 24 and when I turned 26, I think for the first time I really loved him and actually would be able to stand having sex.  I thought everything was perfect.  Now at 27, my looks have gone downhill a little bit, my massive GG boobs are starting to sag and my face is starting to droop.  I know I’m past my prime. My husband now is 61 and he just got on instagram and the only person he follows is this girl.  Every picture she posts, he makes sure to “like”.  He has been acting strange, not answering his phone a lot lately and going on vacation we use to take together by himself.  I hope he is not cheating on me, does anyone know anything about this girl?

It sounds like he is shopping for a new car.- nik

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**Update: An Invitation For The Ages

August 27, 2012 Hollywood, Ibiza, Miami, Porta Potty, The Dirty 67


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this submission is not to tarnish or impugn anyone’s character. It is an invitation to you my friend. You talk a lot about unemployed women and these so called boat trips. Well I think a man of your caliber is entitled to one. I have included my contact information and if there is a rate for your time I will entertain the offer. I can assure no documentation ie. photos/video, the girls aren’t free so why should you be. My reasoning for the invite is because I want you to truly be educated in this lifestyle. It’s tons of fun and the threshold for these women are completely released when you can smell the salt and sea. Yes, if you are into defecation that can be arranged. Everything in this world has a price and for guys like us money creates action. Also, my only real rule with these women which is MANDATORY for payment – all drugs must be inserted through the anal cavity. Nik you will never feel more aroused in your life until you insert a Molly pill into a beautiful woman’s anus. With the ocean breeze and the Molly hitting the bloodstream instantly these women become dead fish. Anyway I don’t want to give away too much enjoyment. Please join me on this private experience of a lifetime my friend.

Not really my thing. I get sea sick and I hate the smell of fish. Let me think about it (for research purposes).- nik

**Update: Mrs. Meyer sounds like a really good teacher.**

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Bunch Of Pervs

August 19, 2012 Ibiza, London 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I was watching the olympics, womens volleyball, and they would not stop zooming in on this spanish chicks ass.  Lilianna fernandez Steiner is the name.  I’ve been DA strong for years so I couldn’t understand what all the rave was about.  Did a search for her online and it seems the broadcasters were not the only one providing spank bank material.  The olympics should be ashamed of themselves, what’s next a beauty pageant in the olympics.

Her ass looks like it has a tumor on it.- nik

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