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Lucy Sky

December 8, 2014 Jacksonville 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lucyskysuicide, as she likes to be called, is a 34 yr old woman named Angel Davis living in Jacksonville, Florida holding on to a long gone time of her life of being a “suicide girl”. Lucyskysuicide in reality is a woman with devastating substance abuse problems who cheats on her husband with several men while leaving her young children at home alone all hours of the night. She continues these activities to this day and has no regard for anyone but herself. It is our belief that she uses these men for money and material things – is Selfish, self centered and oblivious in regards to being a good mother. Tramples on anyone that she can and does not care the reputation that she has nor the fact that her alcoholism is not only destroying her life but her childrens lives as well. She constantly plays the victim and according to her, nothing bad that happens in her life is ever her fault. She knows that she can always run to daddy and use his money to get her out of any jam that she finds herself in. A typical night for Mrs. Davis consists of drinking and consuming xanax until she cannot stand up any longer. This is usually the point when she begins falling down in her attempts to walk while in her drunken pill induced stupor. We have seen this first hand on a number of occasions.

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Brian Cox Support Group

December 5, 2014 Jacksonville, Tampa 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brian Cox has lured too many women with his lies and deceit. He is spreading drd and genital w**ts. Women think because of his title – Colonel Cox, and his pilot status, he is a gentleman. He has been married three times in eight years, and is currently married. but he lies about his past and his drd’s.

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Since Jenn Needs To The Attention

November 25, 2014 Jacksonville, The Dirty 9


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl named Jenn streams video games in her bikini to earn donations and free stuff. Her +2′s are square shaped and escaping to her armpits and her face is nothing special either. If she wants attention then here is her attention!

I’m more concerned about her face. I could never play poker with shim.- nik

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Broc ‘Florida Raised’ Chitty

November 21, 2014 Jacksonville, Tampa 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Broc is a tattoo artist at River City Tattoo in the Landing and tries to fck every girl with a tramp stamp without a condom so he can share his drd with everyone (sharing is caring.) He can barely make an Instagram post he’s so illiterate and is a rapper just like everyone else in jax. No bank account. No car. Plenty of drd. Ladies, he’s not “available” but I’m sure he’ll give you a go.

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Eric Cole

October 16, 2014 Denver, Jacksonville 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this man is a lying cheating douche. He will constantly lie, even when he is caught in something. No one deserves the lies and bullshit he will put you though. It is unbelievable. He will do everything for you, seem really sweet, and even please you in bed. But its all a game. He will cheat on you and lie about it. And not even use a condom. beware ladies. He is a marine but he plans to play football in CO for college. He is legit the biggest piece of shit I’ve met. Please stay away. Unless you like constant bullshit. He is from Boulder CO btw.

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Tallahassee Cheater

October 14, 2014 Jacksonville, Tallahassee 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: She stole my baby daddy

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Bondage Around Kids

October 14, 2014 Jacksonville, Tallahassee 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: She’s a whore jeniffer west

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Heather Used to Be

August 27, 2014 Jacksonville, Tallahassee 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: We used to date in high school when she was skinny and hot. However she slept with at least 7 other guys that I know of. She already had 1 kid when I met her and at 16 she became pregnant again with my child. (It is mine there was a DNA test). She continued to sleep around on me even while pregnant. 20 years later we start fcking around again only to find out that even fat as she is now she is still a whore and fcking whoever she can. She invited me to a party where she met my best friend and sent him these photos that very night. I went to confront her and walked in on her with 2 men.

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