Backpack Brittany the Leach

August 20, 2014 Kingston 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everybody in Kingston knows Brittany Leach aka “The Leach” aka “BackPack Bitch”. Her tall titless and assless alien ass can be seen probably walking around the city of Kingston wearing a pink visor walking around with a pink backpack with drugs for sale such as marijuana, MDMA, crystal mth, crck / cocaine. Still living at home with her grandparents this long tall skiny skidmark on the under parents of society resides at her grandmas place at te side door of [removed]. She abuses and uses more hard drugs then she sells, goes around ripping people off, lying, lying about ripping people off, stealing and fucking people over so she can support her junky lifestyle and consume various chemical drugs. The Leachs personal favourite drug is crystal meth, which she is often strung out on acting like a big wheel, when in tweaked out reality this tweaker is a nickle and dime rip-off artist who can’t be trusted and should not be let inside your home. Watch out Kingston. She is a rat, a theif and fucks any guy who is horny enough to nut in someone who has less curves 2×4. She will rip you off. She does a bunch of drugs and spend the money, then makes up stories about being robbed as an excuse to not pay for some drugs. My advice to the Leach: stop being a Leach, someone is going to see you and twist your wig back solid. Stop going around ripping people off and lying about it. Everyone in Kingston knows your a drug addict out to rip people off or fuck them over to get more hard drugs for your own personal consumption. Watch out Kingston. She’s a rat, a liar, a thief and rips people off day in and day out to get by. Ask around if you don’t beleive me!

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Animal Abuser Chelsea Salter

August 19, 2014 Kingston 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this mother of the year here is the one and only Chelsea Salter. She claims she’s an amazing mother, but she’s just another skid who got knocked up. But that’s not what she’s on here for. She’s on here because she kept a kitten in her house after it “accidently” fell into a burning deep fryer and obviously got burned. Oh but it gets better: This fcking skid does absolutely nothing about it. She makes this poor kitten “walk” around with 4th degree burns on over 98% of the poor guy’s body. Anyway, someone ratted this floozy out and the SPCA searched her house, and found the poor kitten. She was recently charged and convicted of animal cruelty, among other things. She told the police that she couldn’t afford to take the animal to the vet to get treatment. What a fucking low life welfare bitch. She could have at least took it to the humane society; they would have done something. Now if this cheap hooker can’t take care of a fucking kitten, you have to wonder what kind of mother she is to her kid. I could only imagine. She’s just another welfare skid who claims she’s a “good mother”. I hope this bitch gets what she deserves for what she did to that kitten, and anyone else who knew, and didn’t say shit to about it. Fck her and her parents who raised her. Dumb bitch.

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April Martin

August 19, 2014 Kingston 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this homewrecking fat fcking slut preys on men that have a low self of steam and are havibg a rough patch in there relationship with there wives. She will lure him in by acting all innocent and *sexy* wah she isnt even close to sexy. She will take your husband any chance she gets. Use all his money and fuvk him to make him happy. But by what is said her in bed is like sticking your dick into a black hole. Shes a fucking slut. Shes fcked more people then she can count. Her kids are also fcked up. High all the time. She doesnt care. She doesnt care about her kids at all. As long as they stay away she is ok with it. She bar hops every fcking weekend. Finding a new prey. She cheats on every one of her boyfreind. If you have fcked this creature then you may want to go get checked for drd’s

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Lilly James

August 18, 2014 Kingston 8


THE DIRTY ARMY: this is samantha holmes aka lilly james. when she was younger she sold her self for crack and beet the shit out of her two boys. now she lives on barbra av and stocks her ex and nabours. she the newset net whore she has more naked picture aound canada the a cheap porn star. the ring around her neck is from some guy she has never met and she went to a diffrent city to meet his friend and after getting the ring she fcked the friend.. NASTY she so hasty her ass has sage.. her drug dealer bf pete aka jj has hep and lied and said he was clean and has no clue that the night she met him she had already fucked 4 guys before he showed up.. told everyone he was stocking her and all this shit.. she will act like your firend and when she wants you to fuck off she will make out that you came at her and her live is in danger and tell the hole town how sad her life is cuz you did her so wrong.. i even herd she moved her poor sister in just to get her to spend her money on booze and when she was hanging with poeple sam didnt like she got high on meth snaped and tryed to keep her 4 year old boy from her and then tryed to stab her.. sicko, mth head, net whore.. she needs to be shown what happens to cnts like that.

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Melissa Reynolds

August 18, 2014 Kingston 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, this here is Melissa Reynolds. I don’t think theres anyone around here who doesn’t know her or at least have heard the name before. And not in a good way. This girl may be alright looking on the eyes, but she will backstab literally anyone she knows. Bestfriend, boyfriend, family member, you name it. I was friends with this girl for 2 months and within that 2 months she slept with 4 different guys. WHILE HAVING A BOYFRIEND SHE WENT HOME AND SLEPT WITH EVERY NIGHT. Like cheating is bad enough, but than going home and fcking your man after? YIKES. Her boyfriend is the crater face in the 3rd photo. Might I add she calls the police on him practically every other night for “beating” her. Even the cops laugh at her now because she’s cried wolf too many times. But that’s only the beginning. Do not trust this broad with ANYTHING. She will steal your money, your weed, your clothes, makeup you name it. I even caught her stealing my USED UNDERWEAR. She cant keep a job for more than a month because she’s a giant crck head and can’t go 15 minutes with a bong or a line. So now she’s just a huge welfare bum living at her parents house because she just recently got evicted for not being able to pay rent. And any money she could scrounge up, she either stole if from a close friend or bummed up off her welfare fein boyfriend. Might I add this bitch has no boundarys, I’ve watched her repeatedly hit a dog until it whined for help and I had to tell her to leave it alone. Anyways I could literally go on for pages and pages about this girl and all the bad shit she has done, but if rather hear everyone elses story about her and how she fcked you over. GO

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Megan Ashley

August 15, 2014 Kingston, Ottawa 152

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Megan Ashley. This slore has screwed her way from Pembroke to Kingston Ontario. Sleeping with anything that moves. She walks into a room and fish stop swimming! She’ll sleep with anyone and will go after guys knowing full well they are in relationships. She bribes them with booze, weed as well as harder drugs and will screw a guy with her son awake in the living room. She has had ch***ia, g***ea and is said to most recently picked up drd. So just a tip brothers if you insist on doing this bush pig, triple wrap it!!

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Likes To Share

August 14, 2014 Brockville, Kingston 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is one of the Skankiest chicks from brockville,I’m shocked that she is only now being “Dirtied”.Nik, this is the dirty Courtney M Ethridge.So this girl is a supposedly “reformed” crackhead which is bullshit,she’s full blown. She would invite guys over and lock herself in her bedroom while her kids ran wild destroying her apartment, her daughter nearly electrocuted herself to death while she was getting fucked up and all she could do was laugh. If you have the lovely opportunity to be her neighbour then you get to enjoy 24/7 gut wrenching screaming because she doesn’t talk to her kids she constantly screams at them. Shes had her kids taken by C.A.S several times and some how she lies her way into getting them back. TBH they are better off with C.A.S. Young Boys beware! She has a thing for barely legal boys and dirtbags so if your 16-18 I would watch out…This dirty skank was severely assaulted by her baby daddy and a neighbour had to call the cops to help “save” this hoes life, during the ordeal she lied to the cops and left her child and that friend in the apartment with the assailant intentionally endangering both their lives. Of course this skanky bitch went back to the guy cause shes fcking stupid and to repay the girl who “saved” her life, she went and fcked her boyfriend as a thanks…SSSSSSLLLLUUUUTTTT! She would screw her best friends man and kiss her friend with a smile afterwards thats how much of a conniving bitch this whore is. I pray her kids see this .

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Mahayle Brant

August 14, 2014 Kingston, Ottawa 18


THE DIRTY ARMY: Mahayle is a big waisted, lazy, freckled face, troll. She gets everything handed to her by men. miss flapjacks here has an extreme habit of getting involved with men that already have some form of involvement. Be it a full blown relationship, marriage, occasional dating, or even something as simple as a friend’s with benefits, mahayla Is the kinda slut that doesn’t care. She actually seems to seek out these kinds of people,as if she needs to feel as if she’s bested someone else to feel good about herself In anyway. and then she’ll do whatever it is that the wide flat probably also freckled ass can manage to make sure rant these men are wrapped around her little finger, and when that happens the isolation starts. But god forbid these men don’t bend to her every will? That’s when the head games really start, and if tormenting you until she gets her way doesn’t work, if your a guy that won’t play her games she’ll just fck your brother, best friend, even father she doesn’t care, whatever it takes to hurt the person Shes aiming for, and fck anybody else that might get in her way. How do I know? Because not 8 months ago she was with my brother and his best friend, and the only reason she was caught was because she gave them BOTH ch***dia. She’s well known in Kingston, napanee, as well as Ottawa, not to mention god only knows how many other places shes been trying to fck her way to the top.minxy

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