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Ink-Tegrity Tattoo Studio Lots Intergity

December 14, 2014 Dirty Business, Kingston, The Dirty 256


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve been seeing posts everywhere, something that had to get out there. There was a Tattoo cover up contest in Kingston held by Ink-Tegrity Tattoo Studio called Kingstons Worst Tattoo *Free Cover up*. The winner would be choosen for completely free tattoos they choose 6 names, 2 tattoos were completed and the other 4 are remained untouched because Jo and Max Perodin feel they don’t need to honor there commitment when they took over the business. They were well aware of the contest and choose not to do these poor peoples cover ups. This is just dirty, slimy, and makes them look like lying little bitches! One was denied because the artist for her tattoo was sick, another denied because she stood up for that girl and one guy took a plea bargin of $100 off. They gained lots of publicity over this contest, had there name in the news and now they go and make these poor people feel like sh*t, NO ONE should believe them there contests are all lies. I thought Kingston needed to know the truth about these guys, there SCUM.

I vote for a company name change.- nik

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Flat Chest Falyn

December 10, 2014 Kingston 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this wannabe barbie slut is ktowns town bicycle. Loyal? far from it, if you think you’re her friend, you’re sadly mistaken. You just have something she wants or shes using you for something else ;) Careful not to get chl**ia but if you’re down shes happy to share, don’t worry about anyone she might be dating. It won’t faze her one bit.. she even has other facebook accounts to date them on. Don’t let her age fool you tho, this 17yr old probably has more experience than you. Over 40 guys and the list just keeps growing. Talks shit behinds everyone’s back then wonders why not many people like her. Selfish, self absorbed, manipulative, backstabbing, wannabe pole dancing mollied out whore.

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Rat Tat Man

December 9, 2014 Kingston 137

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This piece of shit rat is banging his daughter Robyn Ann Marie Poffley who is also on this site. The police raided his house and he was busted with weed, m*th and coke and he was out a few days later with no charges, why? Because he’s a rat. His whole family are rats and the best of them is Robyn who took money from a guy for sex then she claimed he tried to rape her. This guy here is the worst tattoo artist ever. His tats look like a five yr old drew them. He acts like he’s this big tough guy but he’s just a fat smelly rat. This guy and his family are the scum of Kingston.

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Classy Baby Shower

December 9, 2014 Kingston 103

THE DIRTY ARMY: Of all the place’s in Kingston to have a baby shower, let’s not pick some place nice. No no let’s have it at a strip club.

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Kingston Harasser

December 9, 2014 Kingston 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this six heads name is Bruno Perron, he lives a sorry life masturbating at his apartment when hes not pretending to work. he harasses women at the bars he frequents, pretending he’s a a PIMP. Watch out ladies, he will invade your space.

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Keep Those Legs Closed

December 8, 2014 Kingston 172

THE DIRTY ARMY: hiya nik, this is slutty Janell Sidey please tell her to keep those legs closed we cant stand the stank from this scummy hood rat. Janell lives on dating sites like pof posting her lame selfies looking for random hookups and gets around so wrap it up boys.

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Rob Lanteigne

December 4, 2014 Kingston 185

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rob Lanteigne is the owner of Overtime Sports Bar on Bath road. On December 2nd I was at his bar. I was already drunk when I showed up and his girlfriend Tina served me about another ten pints to the point I was almost blackout drunk. At the end of the night we were out front and I must have said something stupid because Rob who is twice my size and was sober, threw me on the ground and started beating my face in with another long haired guy who I am trying to find out who is. Real professional Rob!

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Yesterdays Bar Star

December 3, 2014 Kingston 150

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is trashy Tara Serson if you have been to the hub you have seen her.she thinks she is all that but is used up and passed round by 9 out of 10 bartenders and bouncers.Niki green by her side u boys know.

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