Small Greg Man

September 2, 2014 Kingston 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Allan Neal, although he occasionally likes to go by Yateman. This guy is the full package; he thinks he’s gods gift to women. He rarely (if ever) washes his clothes or even brushes his teeth. You can smell him a mile away, it’ll make you sick to your stomach. He can’t keep a job, and he relies on everyone around him. He’s crazy, and he will hurt anything or anyone in his path. He can’t afford to buy food for his dog, or even take the animal to the vet whenever she’s sick. He can’t afford to pay rent (be careful ladies, I heard his last ex is in debt close to 3 grand because of him), but he always has drugs and alcohol on hand. He’s know to abuse lovers, and although I may not know the full truth; after watching him in public with how he is with others, I certainly as hell wouldn’t doubt it. You can’t trust him to keep his word, but you can guarantee anything that you tell him will be the only words coming from his mouth once you’re gone. Don’t get caught in his path, it’s not worth the effort. No one can please him but himself.

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Likes to Share

September 2, 2014 Kingston 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is one of the Skankiest chicks from brockville,I’m shocked that she is only now being “Dirtied”.Nik, this is the dirty Courtney M Ethridge.So this girl is a supposedly “reformed” crackhead which is bullshit,she’s full blown. She would invite guys over and lock herself in her bedroom while her kids ran wild destroying her apartment, her daughter nearly electrocuted herself to death while she was getting fcked up and all she could do was laugh. If you have the lovely opportunity to be her neighbour then you get to enjoy 24/7 gut wrenching screaming because she doesn’t talk to her kids she constantly screams at them. Shes had her kids taken by C.A.S several times and some how she lies her way into getting them back. TBH they are better off with C.A.S. Young Boys beware! She has a thing for barely legal boys and dirtbags so if your 16-18 I would watch out…This dirty skank was severely assaulted by her baby daddy and a neighbour had to call the cops to help “save” this hoes life, during the ordeal she lied to the cops and left her child and that friend in the apartment with the assailant intentionally endangering both their lives. Of course this skanky bitch went back to the guy cause shes fcking stupid and to repay the girl who “saved” her life, she went and fcked her boyfriend as a thanks…SSSSSSLLLLUUUUTTTT! She would screw her best friends man and kiss her friend with a smile afterwards thats how much of a conniving bitch this whore is. I pray her kids see this.

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Chris Eyamie

August 28, 2014 Dirty Mugshots, Kingston 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay so this guy is already posted in Ottawa/Toronto. THE DIRTY ARMY: Legit tho, this guy is actually the WORST person in Ottawa. Christopher Eyamie is a total low-life bucket who pretends to pimp girls & sell drugs to trick people in to being his “friends”, within 3 days tho he will have pulled some next level scam, depositing fake cheques into “new friends” bank accounts, fronts large amounts of drugs with no intention or means to pay for it ever. He robs money,smokes,prescriptions, IDs, clothes, f*ckin anything .. YOU GET THE IDEA So This guy is my neighbor and he has to be stopped. He has fucked people over in every city he has been in , he robs people, steals , tries to sell fake dope tries to pimp out girls that are under aged. He would probably fck his own 4 yr old daughter if she exists like he claims. Bottom line is this guy is no good at all he will screw anyone over he can find who will talk to him and cannot be trusted with anything, something as simple as your last name and he will try to get u fired from your work call places pretending to be your previous boss ectt. he just finished collecting my mail for 3 months to bring it in to welfare to get me cut off so he has tampereed with mail and impersonated the owner of a house I think he should be in jail but he can get hurt worse out here so lets get him. Straight up tell all your friends / gf\’s stay the hell away from this piece of shit. Either he will fck you over or you’ll get hurt for standing near him

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Falldown Junkie

August 28, 2014 Kingston 34


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this trashy mth head is Sam Jackson. Im just going to say a few things as i really dont care about this waste of life, this bitch will take you for everything you got just to get high. Shes her daughter because she rather smoke( inject) meth. When she had her daughter she would take off, leavin her 5 year old to take care of herself, she even yells at her daughter calling her a little bitch when she makes a mistake. Now sam is dating rick plaku, which u all kno is a dope dealer, n now that ricks in jail sams fckin everything, this bitch told me straight u she wants to b a whore, a free whore at that lolAnyways a friend came across these ics n it just shows what linda loser mother she is. You have been warned! Stay away!!!! I could go on for days about the shit she has done lol

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Krystle Rickard

August 28, 2014 Kingston 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this slut Krystle Rickard (kay starr) gave me a drd, fuking bitch wouldn’t answer my msgs so im posting her on here and maybe she will finally go get her fuking cnt cleaned! Everybody in Kingston knows She is a rat, a theif and fucks any guy who has money Her tall titless and assless alien ass can be seen probably walking around the city of Kingston downtown This slore has screwed her way aorund that bars She’ll sleep with anyone and will go after guys knowing they are in relationships. She bribes them with booze, weed as well So just a tip brothers if you insist on doing this bush pig, triple wrap it!! She will steal from you lie to you, have drama in your home and drugs, Stay clear of this thing. Dont fall for her fake friendship she will show her true color. and Her*in is her love this nasty loss pussy bitch can be found on facebook under Krystle Rickard (kay starr)

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Terra Chubby Kennedy

August 25, 2014 Kingston 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this slut gave me a drd, fuking bitch wouldn’t answer my msgs so im posting her on here and maybe she will finally go get her fuking cnt cleaned!

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Carissa Selbee Sells Herself

August 20, 2014 Kingston, Toronto 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Carrissa selbee is a nasty skank with zero self respect posts picture of herself in bra and painties on facebook acting like shes hot shit when really shes a scabby slut with hiv and herps, she suck any guy off for a out ladies shes a major hoe so hide your children carissas scabby flappy loose pussy will eat them whole. This disease needs to drop off the face of the earth you can find her on craigs list selling herself for a cheap buck.she seriously needs help befoee she infects all of BC with her nasty ass . Check out her aweful butterfly tramp stamp tacky and ugly hunny you should just get Easy tattooed on your forhead .

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Backpack Brittany the Leach

August 20, 2014 Kingston 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everybody in Kingston knows Brittany Leach aka “The Leach” aka “BackPack Bitch”. Her tall titless and assless alien ass can be seen probably walking around the city of Kingston wearing a pink visor walking around with a pink backpack with drugs for sale such as marijuana, MDMA, crystal mth, crck / cocaine. Still living at home with her grandparents this long tall skiny skidmark on the under parents of society resides at her grandmas place at te side door of [removed]. She abuses and uses more hard drugs then she sells, goes around ripping people off, lying, lying about ripping people off, stealing and fucking people over so she can support her junky lifestyle and consume various chemical drugs. The Leachs personal favourite drug is crystal meth, which she is often strung out on acting like a big wheel, when in tweaked out reality this tweaker is a nickle and dime rip-off artist who can’t be trusted and should not be let inside your home. Watch out Kingston. She is a rat, a theif and fucks any guy who is horny enough to nut in someone who has less curves 2×4. She will rip you off. She does a bunch of drugs and spend the money, then makes up stories about being robbed as an excuse to not pay for some drugs. My advice to the Leach: stop being a Leach, someone is going to see you and twist your wig back solid. Stop going around ripping people off and lying about it. Everyone in Kingston knows your a drug addict out to rip people off or fuck them over to get more hard drugs for your own personal consumption. Watch out Kingston. She’s a rat, a liar, a thief and rips people off day in and day out to get by. Ask around if you don’t beleive me!

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