Amber Bellamy

April 18, 2014 Kingston 7 8,947 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik this girl has been up here before. Her name is amber bellamy, and she’s pretty much Kingston’s village bicycle. She cheated on her fiancee and the father of her two children with a lot of men including a 50 year old. Her favorite thing to do is lie, give sex for free tattoos and post photos of her hideous duckface. She dates a new guy ebery few weeks, she’s dated CJ Merkley, some 50 year old pedophile kid beating creeep, and many more. She can’t keep her legs closed. She causes so much drama for herself that everybody hates her so she ran off to Amherstview to “live with her new boyfriend” She’s an alcoho ic, druggie, high school drop out, doesn’t work and has no post secondary education. She is a typical trailer trash welfare bum and claims she can afford tattoos while she has 2 babies, on welfare and was livi g in low income housing. She tells people that she has sex with tattoo artists for free tattoos then lies when she gets called out on it.mOn top of all this, she is an animal beater and had a dog named Chaos that she would beat up several times daily. She is the biggest liar, and will make everything up and blam e it on her ex. Take responsibility 20 year old lying cheating slut!

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Shay Dowling

April 17, 2014 Kingston 8 10,131 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this classy assed bad boy douche Nik is Mr. Shay Dowling. I see this guy frequently down town Kingston mauling every female his drunk ass stumbles across. Did I mention he has a crazy girl friend that stalks out his female flings on a daily basis? Judge this character by its cover..Shay is the definitley the king of turn island and he believes his shit does not stink. On one separate occasion he picked up two of my friends in one night and when they found out about each other and he was confronted he threatened to punch my one friend in the face! Not to mention all the other girls he flawnted himself all over before he took them home!! Shay sleeps around and lies about not having a girlfriend!! Make a note ladies this dirty trash refuses to wear a condom and has another girl every night, annnd most of all beware of the crazyy girlfriend he resufes to tell you about until the deed is done!!!!Shay’s name should be more like Shady & dirty!!

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Linda Higginbottom

April 14, 2014 Kingston 38 8,916 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Why hasn’t anyone posted this PIG before?? This fat bitch, Linda Higginbottom, one of the biggest BJ-artists in the history of CFBK, is apparently sucking all the dick she can handle in Kingston. This dumb bunny was stupid enough to do a series of facial movies for the internet, thinking no one in Kingston would ever see them. Gee, where have we heard that one before! LOL! We can all agree on one thing, this woman is a PIG and one fcked up, fat, retarded slut, which makes her everyone‘s favorite cocksucker.

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Charlotte Hunt of Gananoque

April 10, 2014 Kingston 24 10,292 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This scary looking hoe bag is Charlotte Hunt in Gananoque and is a threat to every guy around. She dated my buddy in Ottawa about 5yrs ago and what a wreck of a hoe. The lived with him for a bit saying she was gonna get a job or go back to school. This skank has the mental capacity of a 6yr old. She is in her 30s and acts like she is 18. She has the zaklies…her breath smells zaklie like her ass. She is very violent, got my buddy kicked out of his place by the cops saying she was in danger. She sold all of his stuff, stole all of his tattoo equipment to boot. She brags when drunk that she slept with her uncle….ewwww. Lost her kids to the cas after beating on them. Lives and sponges off her family. Has had another uncle put in jail for sex assualt as well as a guy for rape. Guys she is a scary hoe. She has a really bad case of stretch marks, looks like freddie kruger got her. She steals from everyone. She sits and giggles to herself. Dumb bitch.

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Ice Queen In Hiding

April 10, 2014 Kingston 16 8,105 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I write this on behalf of several friends that were conned by this d bag woman. Here are some of the facts that we have learned. She goes by the following names…Tracy Lee Youdell…Tracy Gravelle….Tracy Duncan. She also appears on Plenty of Carp as TashaAngelEyes. She says she attended high school… home schooled by mom . Profession as listed is Automotive technology….. bullshit…she is on a disability cheque and has been for many years. She has a bad back, liar, she cant do dishes cause she has no feeling in her hands, lazy, she has more pills than the pharmacy, her favorite is morphine. She says that people are always trying to steal her pills. She is good at fraud, while being on disability she got money from her uncle to the tune of $100,000 and had it put in someone elses name so she could still get her cheque. She has ripped off people by signing false leases and then telling landlords she only gets a little and then pockets the rest. She has no problem forging names to get her cheque. She ripped off her elderly mother numerous times, even applied for cell phones in her mothers name. I was told about one guy in Brockville, she made up lies to ruin his life, said he stole from the fire dept., she stole his mail, bills , cell bills and even took personal files off his computer. All the while carrying on a relationship with a married army officer from Trenton who got her pregnant, she then lost the children during pregnancy and claims that she communicates with them….

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kraybee Kristal Burke

April 9, 2014 Kingston 71 7,663 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Its mind blowing this girl has not been posted before. She fcks everyone over. She owes so much money out.. Welfare doesn’t give her enough for being a fat lazy slob. This girl rips and fucks everyone over including her own family and the morrisons who have done everything possible to help this charity case! She is a lazy slob who collects ontario works. You can find her at the spot every weekend with the just of age kids. She tries to fck every guy she comes across. Noone is off limits to this trashy girl. She tries to fck all her friends boyfriends!! She thinks she’s gods gift to men and the hottest thing in kingston… Clearly she does not own a mirror. Trashy trashy girl. People tend to feel bad for her because she is going no where in life! Fucking every guy that gives you a chance is not going to get you any where honey. Such a pathetic fat slut.. Keep your legs close sweetie.. She probably has a few drd’s! She is obsessive over her friends and their men. She has such an obsessive personality, its actually scary! She might have some mental health issues. This is just a warning for anyone who doesn’t actually know kristal diane burke aka kraybee aka kb .. She has at least 6 fbs to stalk people! So sad..

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Kingston Rat Pack

April 9, 2014 Kingston 110 7,351 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Mandy Snyder and Melissa Rogers They are dirtbags and whores Lets start off with mandy shes a bum shes a couch surfing nasty Snyder kid who livs off drama and is always trash talkig people meanwhile she is the most horrible human being on the face of the planet. She is always starting drama and ratting on people. She recently ratted out her bestfriend but claims her bestfriend ratted her out. aha the truth will prevail itself soon mandy don’t you worry. sHE CLAIMS she only sleeps with 3 people but it is more like 30 plus ppl. ive been there. she is an undercover junkie always poppin pills and claims its cuz her back hurts. she rips everybody off. shes a liar a maniupulator and she will use u for whatever u got!! She was running around trying to collect the debts of a man who passed away meanwhile this guy didn’t even like her, he couldn’t stand her ( no one can ) and SHE went an got a tattoo in memorial of him, like who does that??? Melissa rogers is her follower her shadow always doin whatever mandy tells her to do like writing statements on people LMAO meanwhile she fucks mandys brother. Hides it from everybody because shes a bitch and too scared to face the consequences. Birds of a feather FLOCK together. (The other girl in the picture JESS is a rat too ) And mandy, why DONT YOU do us all a favor and leave Kingston like you were fucking supposed to you fucking trailer trash hillbilly GOOF

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Alysha Needs Major Therapy

April 9, 2014 Kingston, The Dirty 85 101,191 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Alysha is one psychotic bitch. Her and her group of friends. I dated her for a short time and let me tell you, I thought I was going to need years of therapy to recover not to mention the numerous doctor appointment I had to attend to rid my genitals of her “gift” she decided to pass on to me. This is no joke. She had a boyfriend at the time she was seeing me and never told me, she would go to the bars and flirt with guys , call me private number constantly show up and pretty much stalk me outside my house. Her friend Missy Thompson is just as bad, she would hit on me with her nasty fat grosse tits and caked on makeup when Alysha wasn’t around and try to get me into bed and then told me she couldn’t get pregnant cause she was already pregnant but going to get an abortion the next week, Alysha broke down one night after I confronted her about her calling and showing up at my house and told me she spent some time in a psych ward for a misunderstanding – to me, there was no misunderstanding this chick is down right dirty an crazy. And her friends are equally so. Stay away from this crazy one. I fore warned you!!! Nik, warn all of our fellow dirty readers!!!  Her friend Missy is the fat ass third from the left!!! Steer clear of her too.

The first image would make a perfect Kingston post card.- nik

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