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Vanessa Bellamy

December 9, 2014 Langley, Surrey 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Vanessa Bellamy. Funny thing is her mom ended up on this site before she did, Linda Bellamy Conservative!! like fuk she is but Like mother like daughter, now I understand why you are the way you are. I use to go to school with Vanessa she would f^ck all these younger guys like seduce them its gross!! she is also bisexual with other well know Langley/Surrey sluts. funny thing is she doesn’t charge them anything other then booze or drugs.. she should just post her self on Craigslist escorting her self so at-least she could buy her own dam car and stop f*cking and sucking guys for rides. she is currently working at footlocker where she meets more guys there to take home at the end of the night. when she’s not sucking the hammer she’s out licking box. ladies don’t trust this slut around your man she ruined my relationship!! by spreading her legs. word is she has a stinky pu$$y Because she’s an alley cat who jumps from couch to couch and dose lots of hard drugs with many known Langley whores!! like groups of them every weekend is sex and party weekend this bitch makes me sick!!!!!! Nik, Put her on the blast!!!!!! its about time she ended up on here!!!

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Freeloading Loser

November 19, 2014 Langley 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik I’ll keep this short and sweet cause this loser isn’t worth the words. This is Whitney Grant, Currently living in Langley BC. This waste of space is nothing but a loser and a user, makes every one around her feel sorry for her then takes advantage of their kindness. She’s had her share of life problems but she’s now gone from the victim to the perp. Once she’s used up all a person patience and good will shell move on the the next kind hearted soul. This is so bad that her family wants nothing to do with her, even sick in the hospital they’d keep away for fear of being sucked back into her BS. Guy or girl everyone needs to see her picture and remember the face of Whitney Grant and know that she’s toxic human being. Thanks Nik, lets get the word out.

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Dyke with a Kite

November 18, 2014 Langley 82

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, Nik So this is Amanda Morroso this fugly dyke can’t choose between a dude or slooot, she is so poor she can barely stand on one foot let alone buy clothing with out holes in them. She is always caring a box full of empty tears and memories of dragging her loser friends down! then blaming the criminals! for retaliations. and her idiotic ideas of hiding behind the bear bottle she likes to drink and drive and when she’s not driving she’s sucking the hammer for pepsi. for her dyke friend who currently just moved and up’d 1.9m$ JUST WILL REVEIL TIC TOC TIC TOC

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Langley Psycho

November 6, 2014 Langley 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey guys… so this low life piece of trash is kayti brewer, she thinks she is the hottest piece of ass out there… more like nasty ass fat c.u.n.t with stretch marks all over. she is by far the worst excuse for a mother out there she leaves her kid with her parents and goes out to sleep around with anything she can find this chick tries to fight everyone too.. she could probably sit on you and kill you tho oh yeah and every tattoo and piercing on her body she has “paid” for by sexual favours classy b*tch right here… stay clear of this chick

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Andrea Sharman

November 5, 2014 Chilliwack, Langley 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey guys. so this is Andrea sharman by far one of the nastiest chicks i know. the girl cant even count on both hands and feet how many people she has been with.. did i mention she’s only 20? but here’s the icing on the cake…. she has drds and sleeps with random guys and and girls and doesnt tell them…. so here’s your warning ladies and gents stay away from this langley/chilliwack skank

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October 30, 2014 Abbotsford, Langley 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I am whom we could call ” anonymous” girl, I dated Malcolm weekes a while back and I later found out he had been seeing other girls behind my back in the short month we where dating. With that said I have to blast a girl named margo, I messaged her on Instagram to be nice and let her know her new boi, is seeing someone else and that this is what he does, she just did not care. Ladies this is the girl we warn Eachother about. The dirty girl that fcks your man and then let’s him go home kiss his wife/girlfriend. I’ve already caught him hitting up many girls and have messaged them and they all knew better and stepped back. Margo quick tip, stop posting quotes about being loyal and wanting a good man when your out there allowing men to do what they are doing.

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Joseph Creepin’ It Real Belcourt

October 23, 2014 Langley 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: so langley this is joseph belcourt he is a nasty hood rat dope simple wanna be tough guy who struts around thinking hes the hottest piece of meat around meanwhile he is a creep and should be sent far away !! he is a pig like even when a girl turns him down and says she isnt interested he will invite thwm over and try and seduce them multiple times. He has been known to force himself on women who dont stand a chance at defending themselves he fakes being into all that astrology and reading people crap, he needs to get clean get a life and grow up!! like he for sure is the definition of “CREEPING IT REAL” wouldnt you agree ?

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Sarah Laing

October 20, 2014 Langley 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik, this girl sarah laing is the dirtiest girl in langley. she sleeps with every guy that gives her some pepsi, and books trips on the sugar daddy website prostituting herself to any vacation trip possible. she cheated on every boyfriend she has ever had and has dating sites on every possible web app. she is known in langley as the gangster pass around, she crew hops from on group to the next, sleeping with any drug dealer that will have her. she even flew out to the bahammas to bang some old man in a disgusting gang bang where the guys didn’t even wrap it up. she has ripped off every friend or guy who has ever been kind to her or trusted her, i think she is finally running out of people who want anything to do with her in langley. just this last new years she fucked another guy without protection, cheating on her then fiancee, then went to the new years party with her fiancee just two days later, telling him that she loved him. gross. this girl loves to meet random guys off the internet for one night stands, i don’t even understand how someone can have such a lack of respect for themselves. she even has a daughter, what a horrible mother this chick is. what a slut! i feel so bad for her kid, can you imagine how embarrassed that kid will be to grow up and learn about all this? her last boyfriend was away at work and she hooked up with some guy off plenty of fish the first day she met him, telling him she was trophy wife material. what a sucker.

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