Moms Should Not Rage In Vegas

August 21, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 29


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Denise Lopez. She lives in Vegas and has a kid. I’m sorry, but as a mother of a three year old son, I can’t stand following her on Instagram anymore, let alone seeing her in public. She acts like an 18 year old in her freshman year of college. She is such a sloooot. Denise, you have a child and all you do is flaunt your ass around, do drugs, and party. When do you ever take care of your son?! You party all day and then dance all night for money? You make a terrible name for mothers in Vegas. Disgusting. Nik, what do you think about party raged moms in Vegas?

Lopez it’s time to relocate. Raising a child in Las Vegas has no upside. I decided.- nik

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The Dirty Army Was Right About Drai’s

August 21, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 75


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, went to Drai’s when visiting Vegas a few weeks ago and man you guys were right. Disappointing is an understatement.  Nothing but beat and fat chicks and yes, mainly dudes.  Don’t waste your money.  This is your crowd.

Nice melting pot. Middle eastern men banging Mongolians… makes sense.- nik

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Please Tell Scooby Snack To Stop Messing With Her Face

August 20, 2014 Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 111

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we all know Scooby Snack (Kina Tavary) is a creation of plastic surgery. But WTF is this pic all about? I’m not sure if its a SHIM with that jawline or Tara Reid with that nasty botch job on her stomach. She needs to retire already.

What is she washing?- nik

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Chewy Has The Life

August 20, 2014 Chewbacca, Las Vegas, The Dirty 570

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, for all you broke bitches hating on my girl. This was just one of the nights of her party week extravaganza.  Sorry you broke, non red bottom wearing girls can’t ever have a life like us Red Bottom Gang Bitches.

Chewy should get a raise for her atmosphere work in Las Vegas.- nik

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Ray Vinci Sadeghi Is A Cheater And Beater

August 19, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 137

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I just want to warn girls about Ray Vinci Sadeghi.  He might have money and he might be very attractive… but he will treat you like sh*t and hurt you if you try and leave.

War Machine part 2.- nik

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What’s Myrna’s Story

August 19, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 29


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Myrna, a bottle service waitress in Las Vegas. She claims to be a model and fashion designer but we always see her post pics in fancy cars and fancy outfits and she’s always traveling. I personally think she’s a porta potty. I mean C’mon its pretty obvious that’s not her car. What do you think?

A bottle server fashion designer… that’s a new one.- nik

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GoDaddy A Few Years Ago

August 19, 2014 GoDaddy, Las Vegas, The Dirty 127


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, check out GoDaddy before all the work she has had done.  What do you think?  Was she better off natural or now all plastic?

I prefer the plastic version.- nik

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Let’s Be Honest

August 18, 2014 Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 225


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, SS new man is as ugly as it gets! What is going on with her?? Is it money she’s after with this new guy? I’m looking at her profile and wondering what her motive is. We all know she plays guys like Manning plays football but she is going downhill. She is starting to look worse and worse in every pic. Plus her crew is as fugly as it can be. Trying to make 2+2 =4 here but I’m coming up short. This guys is as ugly as it gets! What given Nik?

She will always love Sharkey, every other guy is just to kill time.- nik

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