Jacqueline Elliott – Halloween edition

October 31, 2014 Little Rock 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it didn’t register in the last post you approved for me (ALSO SEE) And on the brink of Halloween, what’s scarier then a lying pregnant drug head that has 3 boyfriends and continues to drink while pregnant? All that post did was made her move out of Little Rock to escape her problems instead of face and own them. She ran off to Dallas to “start a new life” (her words not mine). And you know what she did? She immediately met a boy by the name of Matt. She didn’t know Matt was an acquaintance of mine. Dumb whore didn’t start a new life. She simply migrated her whoredom to another zip code. Picking up where she left off with her open legs, sad stories, roxy addiction, and lies…. And oh my God the lies are abundant with this one Nik. Let’s start with Lucas. Her newest addition to her 3 boyfriend lineup. Lucas Luis San Martin, you giant overgrown Spanish idiot. You graduated with a degree in law and u can’t see how retarded you are to be with this girl? Just call James Elliott, her husband… He’ll fill you in. That poor schmuck is still married to her. Or, maybe you should call Matt, my acquaintance (her second boyfriend). He is still trying to figure out if she’s going to have the baby or not. Or perhaps you should ask the baby, you know the one you keep poking your dick towards at night. I’m sure the baby has many stories it could tell u of drunken nights and mistakes its mother has made. Lucas you deserve better. A girl like me.

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The Ultimate Poser from Hot Springs

October 26, 2014 Little Rock 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please tell Maria, Dolo, Dolores, Doe, whatever name she is using at the time to ease up on all the selfies and posed pictures. Everytime we are out she wants me to take lots of pics of her for her to pick to post on facebook. This latest pic of her “checking the oil” makes me wonder if she is working at a has station now. Fill er up! I’m starting to believe that she is her own biggest fan. What do you think Nick?

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Cindy “Insane” Hudson

October 25, 2014 Little Rock, The Dirty 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Cindy Lee Hudson (Conway’s Insane Jeweler) has to be the craziest women ever known. She wants people to feel sorry for her so she pretends to be actively involved in charity events where she preys on innocent people’s genuine kindness then turns the table on them and goes psycho threatening to call their wives, husbands, friends, employers, etc. claiming to be a victim of some unforeseen circumstance which was of course no fault of her own. She has no life other than her cats who are her only friends, and is obsessed with her ex-husband who she stalks constantly. And she definitely loves leather; just look at her face. If you happen to see her run and run fast from this psycho, squeaky voiced costume jeweler who delights in making everyone around her miserable.

You can see the cats in her face.- nik

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Micah Kellebrew

October 22, 2014 Little Rock 9


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I can’t keep my mouth shut about this slooze any longer. Guys if you are in the central Arkansas area beware. This trick will burn through your wallet then kick you to the curb. She uses her three kids(from 3 different guys) to lure these sympathetic guys in, then after they get hooked she boots em. She only keeps a job for a week or two, then its back to living off her babies daddies and whatever sucker she can manage to drag in. And ladies watch out to cuz she’ll snatch up your exes faster than you can imagine. She’s managed to work her way through the suckers in Hot Springs and Malvern. She’s spread herself around so much there’s no don’t she frequents the health department. She trolls all the dating sites and has been on a military guy trend lately. Matter of fact she’s gota new guy tthat’s she’s “Oh so in Love with” that she’s only known for like a month and has already moved her kids in with this fool. Nobody who should really care for their kids should just dump them on somebody like that. “Hey I like you, let’s bang, buy me dinner, I’m moving my kids in with you.”

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Beulah Renee Hohn

October 22, 2014 Little Rock 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: OK nik were to start I met her online I find out later she was married that was after we had slept with each other and I had noticed a burning sensation I have kept myself tested so I know I was disease free until this point she had bumps on her vagina I asked her about that she said they were skin tags well I went to the Dr with her only to find out she had drd **ts in the trich was so disgustedly appaulled . I stayed with her because I didn’t want anyone else to catch what she was spreading we had been together for a while but I been told by several people including her own brother that she is a whore but I ignored the obvious if you slept with her get tested

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Handy Mandy

October 21, 2014 Kansas City, Little Rock 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is mandy rogers. She thinks she is the hottest thing that walks the planet. She has a x husband and many bfs. She loves dick chasing and loves chasing other girls men. She tells guys when she meets them let’s go out get drink abs have sec at my place while her babies sleeping or your place. She Also cheats on all her bfs. She works at a car place selling cars and asks the cute sales guys if she can go to their houses for lunch to have sex. She acts like she’s into god and a good girl bit really she is a snake and the biggest hoe in little rock. She also has a bad name at every job she works at. She is well known for what she does dick chasing. See mandy rogers arkansas fb

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Homewrecker Lori Hancock

October 13, 2014 Little Rock 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl, was in my husbands house within a week of my moving out. I left partly because I knew he was cheating besides his other bad behavior. She then tried to threaten my job immediately and unsuccessfully. She thinks because her parents own this big ranch and her parents have some money…., she can get any man she wants, any man who is willing to do the work required on her ranch for free…. Spoiled brat, home wrecker, no husband or kids of her own…. Beware wives, she doesn’t look like much but she apparently buys these men presents and lures them in with money whether they are married or not… What do you think? Worth it? Like a new pedigree dog, or expensive horse? I don’t think so, but maybe I’m just upset because it was MY husband..

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Sara Evelyn Pankey

October 1, 2014 Little Rock 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sara was an RN at White County Medical Center from 2008-2011, got her license suspended . Graduated from Newport High School in 2001. Now, since she’s no longer a nurse you can find her on different sites backpage and eccie selling herself to guys she don’t even know.

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