Rat Goof

September 15, 2014 London-ON 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Chris sheeler of chatham ontario. He is no good he gose around sleeping with everyone’s girlfriend. He thinks he is untouchable. He is nothing but a walking disease. If you’ve sleep with him ladies I suggest you get tested cause he gose around spreading it to everyone he has had drds multiple times. He will talk sweet get you into his trap and then leave you. He gose to bars to creep on woman. Chatham beware of this douchebag you might be the next one with drds.

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London Trash

September 12, 2014 London-ON 5



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is kayla Ladd of Chatham ontario.she is a nasty slut. She fcks random guys. And acts like she is innocent. This bitch is the biggest slut. She had to leave chatham to move to london cause she wanted to cheat on her boyfriend who did everything for her. She is now with a man that dose everything for her. He even has a child with her and she is still out sleep with random men. She has had drds multiple times.she traps guys by getting knocked up. This girl is nothing but a nasty little slut beware london you might be the next guy trapped in her scam.

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Chatham Troll

September 11, 2014 London-ON 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is tiffany vanhumbeck from Chatham Ontario thathas been rolling with one of the biggest sluts in ham Kent .so you can see where the apple dont fall far from the tree.all she does is fuck around with who ever when ever.nasty slut she will go with who ever takes her home.she also has these so called friends that talk mad shit about her.there all to funny looking like sluts in the chatham bars.there all jokes actually there whole family is a joke.if u wanted to get head look for this one or the two she roles with u will get it.there all nothing but fat sluts.she had nothing but a bad past who trays to hide it.well keep trying hunny not working to well for u is it.she is a thief and fake as fuck .she always already has one slow kid.watch out chatham u could be the next to fall into this and she will steal ur money like the rest do.pretty soon the whole family will be up here .where they all fcking belong.

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Clinton Perrin

September 11, 2014 Edmonton, London-ON 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Updated information: Confirmed DRD carrying scum bag, months this loser spent(POF winner) , he rented a car came down to Edmonton from Edson where he apparently lost his job (if he had one) for refusing a drug test for weed but more likely blow bc hes cool like that. We “got together” then he got with my roommate not hours later (also confirmed by the condom found by MY BED, winning lol) anyways this loser stayed in my bed creeping my fb hitting on my friends, i know this by my LOYAL gfs, he ends up going back to Edson, sorry i cant spend the whole day in bed im not a drug addict junkie, he calls me, boo fucking who my grandma “died” come pick me up, like a retard i drive four hours to get this fg lol he needs a medal for that one, only for me to find it all out the next day, apparently hes married too probably to a girl in london ontario (if thats not a lie who knows who really cares) anyways sorry for that life choice, seeing as hes still lurking like a DRD predator on pof prepare for this psycho hes a catch

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Under the Table

September 10, 2014 London-ON 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this is Sara Blomme, of Chatham Ontario. She is the biggest sl*t around. Sleeps with multiple men. Claims shes pregnant but also says she cant carry any kids.. funny because she already has 1 child. Poor baby daddy has to put up with that. Thinks shes in a relationship with a guy yet they just use her as a booty call, if you’d seen her booty you know why. Big but not cute. She smells like fish, and it has been proven that she’s had multiple drd’s. Her only friends use her for food cause they’re fat too like Natasha Edwards. This girl shouldn’t even be able to have a child in her care she’s so stupid. Never has her kid to begin with, passes that poor child off to anyone who will watch her. not to mention had CAS called on her multiple times. B*tch went to college yet works at a call center. Be careful of this one, you might just see her at the club one night and your bound to see all her cellulite with the tiny dresses her fat ass wears.

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Pedo Alert

September 8, 2014 Kitchener, London-ON 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: THIS GUY CALLS HIMSELF YLBER HENNESEE on facebook! Nik, This fcking dirtty nasty man goes around picking young girls ages 13-17 and tries to turn them into prostitutes! He purposely choses young girls who are vulnerable and going through hardships in life and buys them drugs and booze and gets them so fcked out of their mind and takes naked photo’s of them and then posts ads on criags list. This guy is a nasty fucking loser, I know he does this because IVE SEEN IT HAPPEN TEXTS AND PHOTOS AND ALL! He has numerous diseases and tries to fuck these children because they are too young to know any better. This guy needs to be locked up! Poor young girls get forced to do so much MDMA and COKE and K that they dont even know their own names or how to blink. Nik, i would love your input on this fcking loser!

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Holly Taylor

September 2, 2014 London-ON 20


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is holly she is the best person i know…super sexy chick with a great personality…..her bf mike means the world to her….i bet if she ever caught him messin around that girl would get her ass beat and she ould still be in love with him…she has had a rufff past but every one deservese a second chance….Holly is by far a slut n is drd free love this bitch always

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Charles Nicholls

August 27, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 23



THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy will charm you with his smile and his charisma. He is a club regular at 48, even goes out every weekend he has his son. He has been playing two women for over a year now, telling them both he loves them. On tip of that there is multiple other women that he has “dated” and mislead over thenlast three years. Ladies stay away. This is the guy we all laughed at in our 20s for being at the bar trying to pick up everysingle weekend. Has his son for 48 hr’s every other week and spends it in the club, stellar parenting.

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