Pathway Cries Wolf

October 15, 2014 Hamilton, London-ON 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: meet Andrea and her partner Ben budda, Here it goes she fcks everyone and claims date rape poor excuse for just wanting to get fcked. she is madly in love with any guy who is not her baby dad. when she gets buated for sleeping around on him she is on the phone with the cops claiming rape but yet doesn’t remember. Ben budda poor excuse of a father a women beating drug dealing scumbag. He talks a lot of shit and can’t back up his mouth hides behind his telephone. Looks like a creeper smells like rotten pssy and grows beard to change his appearence while he try to go for the same peoplw under a different name. match made in heaven Nik expect I think he is the rapest and there both under cover. I have personally seen them talking to under covers not sure if there being investigated or there working for them butsomething strange is happening in pathway. seems like no one really leaves that house and they ppl come back with issues.

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Karate Instructor and Wife in custody for Perversion

October 15, 2014 London, London-ON 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: “Derek Morrison, a 5th degree black belt, who ran his own Kenpo school, in London, On, with his wife Christine was leading a sick double life. He and his wife are presently in Protective Custody (denied bail.) Their home was raided, and charged include; -Adult male of London: possession of schedule 1 substance, possession of prohibited weapon, five counts make available child pornography, five counts possession of child pornography, make child pornography, two counts sexual interference with a person under 16, invitation to sexual touching under 16, sexual assault, conspiracy to commit indictable offender of sexual assault-Adult female of London: possession of schedule Substance, five counts make available child pornography, five counts possession of child pornography, make child pornography, two counts sexual Interference with a person under 16, invitation to sexual touching under 16, sexual assault, conspiracy to commit indictable offender of sexual assault This man had hundreds of child students, turns out, it’s been alleged, and charges laid, that they were actually making child porn with 3-4 year olds! And the parents karate fees/money for lessons, was going toward Mth! The newest Bernardo/Hamolka sicko duo…It’s been all over the local news. *Puke* KEEP YOUR KIDS AWAY FROM THESE SICK BASTARDS, if they ever get out!”

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Leah Knox is a Terrible Mother

October 14, 2014 London-ON 24


THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t really know where to start with this girl. But I’ll give it a shot! She’s a mother of two who’s baby daddy is currently in jail because he got into a standoff with Sarnia, Ontario police after trying to set her apartment on fire. I should also note that he was addicted to meth. She’s currntly dating a guy who calls himself “Walter White” who dresses like Jamie Kennedy (if Jamie Kennedy was broke and also addicted to meth). She has been constantly battling with CAS (Canadian child services) over whether or not she is a suitable parent, mainly because her Facebook is updated regularly with statuses about her being up all night on drugs or being wasted and fighting guys or “ratchets” (her favourite word even though she fits the description of a “ratchet” to the letter). Worst of all, she drags her disgusting, ruined body out to the local bars and visually assaults anyone she’s within view of. Nobody wants to see her fat pouring over her jeans like some kind of fast-food created waterfall, and she probably shouldn’t be spending her welfare cheques on booze and drugs when her kids need clean clothes and food in the cupboards. I can’t let this girl continue to parade herself around on social media like she’s some type of super mom when she’s just a drug addicted street rat who needs a reality check. Pics included! FYI this is pretty much all available for view on her personal Facebook.. My friends and I are only friends with her on Facebook so we can follow her crazy shit.

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Jocelyn Mathurin

October 13, 2014 London-ON 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik scope out this sexy body what isnt there to like about it? Nik is this a yay or nay body for you? If you have a problem with the excess tummy skin you could use it for comfort to lay on like a memory filled mattress . men have told me I smell a bit yeasty down dare but I switched 2 Vagisal sensitive and feelin fresher. Nik would you??? Get at me!!!

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Mother/Daughter Con Artists

October 10, 2014 London-ON 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Janet L. Row and Raven tessa Peterson. These two are known through out London. Actually, the whole family is known through out London. Some know the mother as a sweet, kind reiki master who tries to befriend everyone she possibly can. She comes off as being smart and articulate, but what it hides is a professional con artist who uses the system, steals money, lies and uses people however she can. She likes to tell sob stories about her sad life as a way to reel people in and use them. She has swindled people out of money in London and various cities in British Columbia. She has wrongfully taken landlords to court. Got kicked out of a shelter for using several false names while receiving money under those names. Stole money from a young homeless man. Taught her kids how to use the system. Is on permanent disability from the Ontario government for a fake back injury. Got her daughter Raven on permanent disability. Raven said she was hit by cars two separate times in two different cities and used this to get sympathy from people. Wrongly took the young homeless man to court for supposedly harassing her. She lost the case for lying. Took other people to court and lost. My friend got a restraining order against her. Had the police called on her for refusing to leave her ex’s house. Lied about being pregnant to con ex bf. Said her life goal on Twitter was “to become a porn star”. Lied to police. Got kicked out of two apartments.

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Brent Jackson

October 6, 2014 London-ON 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: dear nik this dirty fcker is brent Jackson he will fck anything with a hole he put an ad on kijiji looking for a lady over 70 so he could get a gummer he has stds and is a complete whore he got several women pregnant and made them get an abortion he has one kid who he parties infront of he drinks and does drugs and he fcks men for money total scum bag he is. he had a girlfriend Katelynn who paid his rent ad bought him food for him and his kid hes jobless and a bum! get your kids off he streets people he likes them young

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Rebel Girl

October 6, 2014 London-ON 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this is Liz moniz aka rebelgirl She bounces from one girl to another She was with someone for 7 years and cheated on the whole time She works two jobs and never has money.. Even though she makes it out she’s living life She has tattoos and big into horror scene If you see her run fast…she’s dirty I’ve heard her pssy stinks

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Suncor Slore

October 6, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Sandy Coles AKA Crystal Coles. This one is a real piece of work. She is a free loader looking for a guy to support her and her kids while she sits on her fat ass all day. At the moment she is playing 3 guys at Suncor where she works as a janitor, but only till she can get one of them to support her then she will quit.

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