What Do You Think Of Emily Kate Johnston

July 19, 2014 Melbourne, The Dirty 37 99,840 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, discovered this beautiful G0ddess on Instagram. I go googoo Gaga over her eyes and lips! Reminds me of Megan Fox prior to her botched surgery. I know you love your brunettes and she’s got to be one of the best I’ve seen. And those legs… god damn those legs go on forever.

Is this one of those tricks where you make me say IT has nice eyes, but it’s really a man. I’m not falling for it.- nik

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Jem Newton

July 18, 2014 Melbourne 0 8,679 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: His name is Jem Newton, lives in Adelaide, South Australia, comes from UK, has a posh english accent, tells you he comes from Oxford. He is 5’9″, dead blue eyes, wears black tops, blue or black jeans, red and black hi-top sneakers and always carries a black leather man-bag. He frequents hotels at Glenelg (Jetty Bar, Dublin, Pier One and Sol Bar, sometimes goes to Holdfast Hotel, also goes to the Royal, at Henley Beach and most Saturday nights, eats at URBAN INDIA restaurant on Henley Beach road. He is 53yo, and only likes 17-25yo girls, who are blonde, show cleavage and wear tight pants (so he can see the gap between their legs!) or short skirts. He sits alone at a table , picks his prey, watches them intently and tries to get their attention, even following them to the bathroom. This man has been diagnosed with Narccissm, Borderline Personality Disorder, Dependency, Psychopathic Tendencies, extreme emotional immaturity and extreme anxiety. (Forgot to say…his hair is bushy, grey and down to his shoulders, photo is to show his face). He is very feminine in his actions and the way he talks. His sole reason for trawling the bars, is to try and get a young girl to take him back to her place….if that happens, he will tell you you are THE ONE, and believe me…..you will never get rid of him! He mauls you like an octopus, gets angry when you don\’t let him touch you, you must give up all your friends, any males you know and never go out by yourself! WARNING!!!!

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Valeria Rye Mentally Disturbed Model

July 17, 2014 Melbourne, Victoria 5 7,860 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik WATCH OUT This SNEAKY RUSSIAN SHLYUKHA!a.k.a an adventurer Neuroscience meets kitesurfing American Apparel Pretentious CUNNING wannabe RAW VEGAN burntout model is a fcking JOKE! known to use & abuse men jumping from one mark to the next like the plague. Leaving her underwear on the beach like the WHORE she is marked by a stinky tat flower on her back & an inner blotch near her rotten cheese curd PSSY!. Manipulating lies does not even describe what come out of her stank ass filthy mouth! Fcking people over Lying FUGLY CNT known to have serious mental disorders has made a name for herself from YVR to MTL. Big reason running to AUS. BACK STABBING LOSER DRUNK scamming her way through life. serious drug abuser hallucinogenic JUNKIE going through school like a unqualified FCKUP at Melbourne University dropout in 2016. At her ends burning bridges because of her massive bipolar mood swings. Wishes she can go PRO LYING that she’s on the AIRUSH TEAM. This CANCER LUMP Gypsy. Spewed by a cunt of a unloved mother LANA where she learned all of her devious SCAMMING traits. This girl has serious foster child DADDY issues. Abusing drugs to escape her pathetic life has diminished looks no longer a model but a klepto seen riding her stolen bike or green piece of shit SUBARU aimlessly on LSD SHROOMS or any drug under the moon on[removed]. Fking about in St. Kilda. Loathing her life waiting for her next victim. KEEP AN EYE OUT PEEPS! stank ass HOE.

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Do You Still do Would U’s

July 8, 2014 Melbourne 5 9,154 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik,I used to regularly check out ur site for some afternoon delights if you catch my drift. Anyways not seeing any would yous lately. Thoght id send a local your way, sophie robertson.. You stilldoing them ay?

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Raquel Petit Is In Love With The Wrong Guy

July 6, 2014 Hollywood, Melbourne, The Dirty 51 100,152 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so this 21 year old Aussie model might be pregnant with her current boyfriend Wade Yates-Taui who was arrested in Hollywood early May for a murder, he is in a biker gang. It is believed Raquel is pregnant by this loser and he will locked up for a very long time and definitely going back to Australia now that he is caught. Why do hot girls like her fall for sure losers?

Which one is Raquel? I’m guessing the snaggle tooth.- nik

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Valeria Rytova The American Apparel Goldigging Kiteboarder

July 3, 2014 Hollywood, Melbourne, The Dirty 69 100,189 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Valeria Rytova is a American Apparel Model Goldigging Russian WH*RE. Taking her PHD in Nuroscience at Melbourne University, doesn’t mean she’s smart… She’s known to do do gangbangs with Dov Charney and his side kick Terry Richardson… Her chest is flatter than a kiteboard without bindings.  WARNING: She’s a sneaky Russian that will take it in the ASS for free surfboards and swag. But watch out you’ll catch something that will make your Greg fall off.   She is a dwindling model and has lost her looks and is fading away like a black American Apparel t-shirt in the sun.

Why are the American Apparel ads so creepy?- nik

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Mystery Goddess

June 30, 2014 Melbourne, The Dirty 105 111,111 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve been following this girl on Instagram for a whole now let me say wow she is the gift of all gods she goes by the name of Minnie I think it’s her stage name, anyone no her real name? I see she is friends with some Gold Coast girls so she must be from that area all I gotta say I’d happily take a bullet for that fine piece of art! What do you think Nik?

No way those +2.5′s move during sex.  What’s the point, guys want a little bounce and mobility.- nik

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Valeria Rytova American Apparel Sloot

June 23, 2014 Melbourne, Victoria 60 8,419 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: WATCH OUT This American Apparel Model… Is a Goldigging Whore! She’s a pretencious COCKSUCKING wannabe vegan who is strung out on LSD MUSHROOMS DMT. This Russian CNT will bleed & rape you dry if you let her… Currently doing her PHD in Nueroscience at Melbourne University doesn’t mean she’s smart… She’s as stupid as a Campbell\’s kid with Down Syndrome. Spawn by a CUNT of a mother Stinky TWAT Lena… Shs learned to swindle and steal like a clepto on CRACK!!! Stealing high end bikes to pay the rent. She’s has known to have done gangbangs with Dov Charney and his side kick David Shama. This SLUT is no stranger to DICK not to say she’s good in the sack… Her cooter smells like a day old opened can of sardines!!! & her asshole is hairier than DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTERS GOATIE! Her Tits what Tits sh’s flatter than a kiteboard without bindings… She’s a crack addict when it comes to surfboards or swag… she’ll suck the chrome off a tail pipe to get what she wants… Lying doesn’t even come close to what comes out of her stank ass filthy crook ass teethed mouth. This wannabe poser AIRUSH TEAM liar wishes she could go PRO. Known from Vancouver to Quebec she’s a dwindling model that no one wants to hire because her looks have faded like a black American Apparel t-shirt in the sun. When she runs out of money yo’ll usually see her living out of her green Subaru at some random beach trying to score free drugs…

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