Sebastian Gente The Private School Nightmare

April 23, 2014 Miami, The Dirty 63 99,448 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this right here is Sebastian Genta. The people of posh Miami Beach call him “Sebass”.  He walks around every night club/party with a snark attitude and his bleached out hair like a snobby private school homo boy, while everyone watches in utter confusion and complete fascination. Not only does he run around wasted throughout the city, but with an entourage of blonde big-titty bimbos who pretend to be pretty, when in reality their only asset is their pro-photoshop talents. Not to mention it is impossible to get on any form of social media without seeing his glowing teeth and pictures of their f*cking “Fabulous Life” all over my news feed. The kid is EVERYWHERE in my life, a sort of permanent figure inside my brain that never ceases to f*cking dissapear. Part of me wants to unfollow and unfriend his ass as quickly as possible, but the other part of me can’t help but stalk his every instagram upload and Facebook status. The struggle.

His name should be Prognathism, not Sebass.- nik

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Everyone Is Tired Of Miami Cougar Kristen

April 23, 2014 Miami, The Dirty 20 100,040 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, for the love of god PLEASE post up this nasty old cougar Kristen. I am in awe that no one has put this nasty piece of trash up before this! Look Kristen , we all know you’ve managed to keep your body this long because you won’t stop forcing it into our faces. It’s so nasty watching this b*tch out on the prowl after men half her age. I recently met this hag on a friends of friends boat. I wondered to myself why is this 35 year old woman here around all my friends who are 22-25. All I know is that she kept on and on while sloppy drunk about how she was a chef and model.So i was so intrigued by this slop bag that I found her IG and FB apparently shes a porn star or at least done it.  All my friends kept pushing her away but she kept throwing those horrible hack job of boobs upon us.  Think she needs to work on that horse face and gain some weight if she wants to keep up with the 22 year olds of Miami beach. numerous occasions we have heard her say that she cant wait to take a young boy home.At least make an attempt to cover your drd tracks. But you know, I’ll let pictures speak for themselves.

The chest bone looks pre-historic. My guess mid to late 40′s.- nik

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Sailorboy Ed

April 22, 2014 Miami, South Florida 0 9,834 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met this guy by the name of Ed. I thought he was a cool guy and we hooked up while he was staying in Miami but I came to find out he is a liar. He told me he was 34, single and into sailing. I found articles of him: he’s a professional sailor, he’s 36 years old, I have feelings he has a wife, he’s on various sites preying on women because he is a man slorrree! Never will I hook up with him when he comes to Miami , just shady!!!

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Bojana Burned Her Bridges

April 21, 2014 Miami, Toronto 12 8,349 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think this girl has been on your site before, the slore she is. She is Bojana Djukic from Winnipeg but has been living in Miami since January and Toronto before that now she trying to make nice with everyone she know in winnipeg cuz she’s gona have to come home soon. She been working without a visa in Miami as a ‘model’ and her agency dropped her so she can’t stay longer than 6 months. When she was in Toronto she said she escaped Winnipeg, when she in Miami she said she was from Europe now she wants to come back to Winnipeg and say its just for a little bit. Screw her. Winnipeg may not be a big city but I’m from here and she be disrespecting us ever since she left. She’s nobody’s friend, she just using you for whatever she can get. She can’t even afford her own place and lives in a building her parents own. Stay in Miami, your not welcome here.

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Dangerous Wannabe DJ

April 21, 2014 Miami 2 7,085 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Anthony Triguero!! Ladies DO NOT talk to him!!! If you come into contact with him call the police!!! He is wanted in New Orleans for beating his friend with a pipe and left him for dead. Now he’s wheelchair bound. He overdosed a girl and then buried her. He has 4 kids from 3 different girls who he beat the crap out of daily! He owes over 40,000 in child support! He believes he’s a DJ and a model. That’s a crock of shit!!!! He is very dangerous!!!! Don’t fall for his lies!! He only goes after young girls younger than 20!!! Please contact New Orleans police if you see him.

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Miami’s Biggest Bottle Rat

April 20, 2014 Manhattan, Miami, The Dirty 68 98,406 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Miami’s Biggest Bottle Rat/Illegal Immigrant has now moved to New York but without causing harm to some good samaritan trying to help him. Mike Troy didn’t have a place to stay since he bounces from couch to couch and was headed to Salvation Army since no one would take him anymore. One of our good friends took him in, gave him food & money. For 3 months Mike Troy was just too busy playing PS3 all day and spending time at Night Clubs every night rather than figuring out how to better his situation. His image on IG and Twitter is more important than real life. My friend got fed up and asked him to leave.

The same week as my friend is out of town on vacation, his car was left on Bricks with his wheels missing. COINCIDENCE? Security in the building reported that the vehicle tail gated another resident into the building and went straight into his car. Since the incident, Mike Troy is no where to be found in Miami. Rumors has it that he has since moved to New York to scam, steal and couch surf his next victim….  Can someone call INS and report this scum bag? He used his grandmothers Social to go to school. He has been living in the US with out papers. Can someone have INS pay him a visit?

Being a Male Bottle Rat is very trendy these days.  If girls can do it, why not guys?- nik

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Bojana Djukic Is Still At It

April 20, 2014 Miami, The Dirty 39 102,165 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, remember that man Bojana that was wasting our Miami air? Well she is still hanging around, now illegally, she is desperately trying to work under the table because no modelling agency wants her, as she is ugly as f*ck and now that she has overstayed her visitors visa to the USA, she is illegally here. Lets contact INS or whoever to get this busted ass tranny deported back to canada. I feel like the longer she is here the worse our american image gets. She is literally just f*cking every gay man in Miami for any money she can get as she is broke and poor, and his boyfriend, Corey is more of a woman than bo ever was. There is no doubt!!!

I’m so confused.  Shim or no shim?- nik


Bojana Djukic Will Do Anything For Fame

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I Don’t Get How Claudia Sampedro Convicnes Her Johns To Date Her

April 15, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Miami, The Dirty 185 107,855 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, not only did Claudia manage to date Julius Peppers but many don’t seem to remember she use to date Reggie Bush.  I’m having a hard time understanding what these guys see in her?  She is a confirmed hooker and I’m pretty positive Julius and Reggie had to pay her for sex the first time, why would any rich man want to date a girl he paid for?  Are they not thinking with the right head?  I’d understand if she was hot, fit and sexy, but Claudia is none of the above, all she keeps doing is putting more and more injections into that ass of hers.

That Ass is black bait.- nik


How Did Claudia Sampedro Get NFL Player Julius Peppers

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