Another Dirty Girl In Miami

July 29, 2014 Miami, The Dirty 8


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this trashy bitch has been seen around Miami in numerous lounges and clubs with her “rich friends” and their drugs. She already has one kid and guess what Nik? She has a boyfriend in New York. But that apparently doesn’t stop her from being with other men. She is a gold digger. She messes around with any NFL player in town. She does nothing but post her possessions on IG THAT OTHER MEN BOUGHT FOR HER. She recently got a boob job and last told me she wanted her lips done.

Who is taking care of her child?- nik

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Sword Case Needs Some Touch Up

July 28, 2014 Miami, Sword Case, The Dirty 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s Sword Case in Beach Bunny’s show last week. As you can see it looks like her Plastic Surgeon needs to make a couple touch ups.

Wow, Sword Case looks terrible. I had a bunch of buddies sitting front row for this show and they said Beach Bunny had the ugliest girls this year. I blame the hair and makeup staff.- nik

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Who Is Monica Ambrosio

July 28, 2014 Chicago, Miami, The Dirty 81


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl ‘Monica Ambrosio’ posts a bunch of pictures on facebook yet almost seems that no one commenting knows her and the only picture she ever takes is with her cousin, ‘Natalie Cerello’, who also has a very similar and sketchy Facebook account. She never checks in anywhere, never has any friends around her besides her cousin, is frequently in Miami, doesn’t look employed and I have never, ever seen her or her cousin out before. Who is this girl? I smell catfish.

Monica Ambrosio is really good at sucking in.- nik

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Is Mike The Best Rapper In Miami

July 26, 2014 Miami, The Dirty 196

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve been DA strong since the Dirty Scottsdale days. I love all the truth that you bring and the world needs more people like you. Anyway, I moved here to Miami from Scottsdale about 3 years ago and I can honestly say this city is awesome in everything that it offers. The one drawback it does have, like with any popular city, is the amount of delusional douchebags residing here. I mean I thought Scottsdale was bad but these guys take it to an all new level here. Take this guy for instance, Mike “Mortal Mind” Deluca Tuddenham. I see this guy everywhere and I can’t help but laugh at him because he is an utter joke. Every time I see him I just think “Wow why haven’t I seen this guy on The Dirty?”. Apparently he is a rapper, works in real estate, and deals in exotic sports cars. He has a bunch of retarded videos he posts on YouTube and other sites but this one had me laughing so hard here is the link I’ll let you and the DA be the judges. The bored looking, wannabe, music video model is his girlfriend. Please make this guy a Dirty Celeb!!!

Where can I buy this guys album? Mortal Mind > Jay Z.- nik

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Dumb Ass Gold Digger

July 22, 2014 Hollywood, Miami 12



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m sorry but I can’t be the only person that thinks this gold digger is actually ugly as hell! Bug eyes and skinny ass legs and some ridiculous +2′s… I mean everything in this girls life is weed and money… She swears she is Miami’s hottest but end of the day, she isn’t even hotter than the trannies down here.

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Justin Bieber’s New Girlfriend

July 21, 2014 Miami, The Dirty 129

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Yovanna and this is the new girl that JB is trying to make Selena Gomez jealous with.  She really reminds me of Chantel Jeffries and personally I don’t find her attractive… end of the day, what the hell did JB ever see in Selena?  She is disgusting little Mexican midget.  I don’t get it.

Selena Gomez is way hotter than this chick.- nik

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Sharing is Caring

July 21, 2014 Miami 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jonathan Estallo, well known in the club scene because he is promoter for the Opium Group, has been cheating on his wife for 2 years with this model and homewrecker, Brittany. The wife, who used to be a stripper/pornstar and has 2 small children, knows Jonathan is a huge slut and sleeps with and grinds with as many girls as he can regularly. I know him personally and his ego is the size of Texas. He is a First Rate Asshole and treats people close to him like Sh**. He has no real friends because he is such a prick, but thinks he is a rock star. When the wife finally found out about the cheating, she not only invited Brittany into their home, but they both share her regularly. What is the problem here? They all live together with two toddlers. The wife is trying desperately to prevent him leaving her, because she enjoys not working. Jonathan is currently supporting both wife and girlfriend. They all deserve each other, but I feel bad for the kids.

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This Guy Is So Fine

July 20, 2014 Miami, The Dirty 181

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I came across this guys pics on IG and he’s very attractive. His body is on point and his eyes are perfect, I kind of like the before all the tattoos but hey either way he’s a hottie, we need more hot men on TheDirty.

Eye color contacts for sure.- nik

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