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December 18, 2014 Montreal 32


THE DIRTY ARMY: I know this b*tch needs to be up here for what shes really known for , Nik let me properly introduce this one here to you. Taylor Smith, aka Poppington. I got this picture of her from my boy sucking his dick .This girl has been all over the place , from Montreal to toronto to ottawa and back around . She has no real friends, she talks crap about all of them and then goes and hangs with them , her own family dont even like her, Shes been working as an escort even though she has her high school , her pussy caught drds several times . She claims to be hard and beats girls up and threatens peoples lives cause hers is so remotely boring and useless. She has no respects for others or family shes ignorant a hypocrite and a bully she loves to torment peoples lives and make them miserable because thats how she feels . Shes a escort for 50$ gives rub and tugs for a living ,and travels the city to sell her pussy ,she thinks she knows it all and has it all ,when all she has is a big mouth to talk shit and suck dick with . She’ll snitch you out to the cops if it comes to her getting a criminal record ,Shes done it to her ex before . So be aware of her and her drama ! Thats all thats written on her is drama ! . Anyways Nik , i want to know what you think?

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Trailer Trash

December 18, 2014 Montreal, Quebec City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Let me tell you about this trailer trash ho** rite here.She claims that she all that she aint nothing but a bum broke ass bi**tch she the biggest whore in montreal she claims she has a girlfriend but she be kissing making out with guys+girls when her girl isn\’t looking. I know my boys smashed her hard they say she sucks a mean if you ever want to holler her FB is Nadia Caballero she’ll suck you or F you just like that.. anywhere and anytime

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Alicia the Sloot of DG

December 17, 2014 Montreal 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: This bitch will sleep with anyone and anything she lying and saying Reilly the baby daddy but he not she slept with my boyfriend two weeks ago and give him a drd .. She nothin but a welfare bitch who acts like she has it on the internet but really she goes day by day with her kid who I feel sorry for cause when I see her on the metro she was smoking a spliff right infront of her kid while he was in the stroller while I’ll let the comments speak for itself !

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Trailer Trash

December 16, 2014 Montreal 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, Let me tell you bout this trailer trash B**tch this girl is the biggest slu**t of montreal she think she all that but she ain’t she’s dirty nasty bumb b**tch who never has money she claims to have a girlfriend but when her girl ain’t looking she be all over black mens D. she’s not loyal to her girl my boy told me he f**cked her maney times and other of my boys they say she’s easy so if you ever want your D sucked holler at her 514-NADIA-CABALLERO

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Trash Slore

December 14, 2014 Montreal 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is one is for the records. Here is Elyse  on Facebook. Not only is a known whore, she sleeps with other people’s men and jumps from dick to dick. She is a BLACK COCK WHORE! She act’s like a wanna be black and thinks she is \”keeping it real” At home she has random black guys smoke weed in her house around her baby…yes she has a child no more than 3 years old. She drinks and takes drunks in the house and fcks 24.7 even when the baby is around or she will let her drug addicted friend babysit while she does her thing. She has many enemies as i said she even stole my boyfriend and had sex with him while I was dating him. She is a liar, talks shit about all her “friends” and even her friends back stab her (I was one of her close girl friends) She hangs with the a crew of FAT, LAZY, NASTY WHITE BITCHES who are all hungry for BLACK COCK, BEWARE!

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Audrey’s Laundry

December 12, 2014 Montreal 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Audrey Fournier is one of the nastiest sluts around! She will sleep with anything that moves, constantly spreading her legs like butter as she is an attention whore. Women be aware as her favorite is married men! She will do just about anything with her low self worth she will get down on her knees and bag.. You will find her on the corner late at night or a where that sells booze she loves to drink like a fish and I’ve been told she smells like one too! She lost one daughter for being a druggy and have no idea how she still has one, with the amount of men she sleeps with- she nothin but a dirty scank that I’ve been told has had 2 stds and now sleeping with my now x husband in witch she used to bang my xs brother had a kid with before, catching another drd. Enough said about it this dirty slut!

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Prefers Married Men

December 12, 2014 Montreal 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is one of montreals nastiest chicks around she sleeps around with multiple men, and prefers married men, I found messages between my husband and her with her practically bagging him to sleep with her, her legs open like butter but no one can hid it better then her, don’t know how she still has custody of one of her kids as her self absorbed dug additive persinallty and Low self worth makes her montreal dirty momma! Maybe someone should steal her man dosent take much to find a better looking girl then her! Stay away keep your men away from this low life

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Valerie Vinet aka Kweeni

December 11, 2014 Montreal, Quebec City 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is the most nastiest hoe in Quebec and Montreal.. since shes 13 this bitch fuck with any black guy she meet. She walks around with herpes and many other std… Ive been around this bitch and her pussy smells like dead fish and blue cheese lmao. Shes a prostitute now and wanna act like a stripper but shes too fat to be one. She looks like sponge bob with tattoo. Bitch got 3 niggas names tatted on her. Plus she talk shit about the few friends she have. Bitch is sooo ugly and fat but yet she think she is a 5 stars (her words) expose that trick!!!

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