Brittany Laws

October 31, 2014 Nashville, New Orleans 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, this is Brittany laws , she is from Tennessee, she moved down to New Orleans about a year ago , she met a man name Wes Rodgers which was married to a woman name Rena Adams she passed away in January , Brittany and him met right before Rena passed, they got together two weeks later and now engaged , she is still sleeping with other men Sleeping with multiple , she has became westbank trash . Almost every man on the westbank done had that, I even got told that stank. It’s only been nine months since Wes wife has passed and around 9 months that they been together and they got engaged about a week ago . She sleepin with different men everytime some one turns the corner . She sleeps with men more then she changes her underwear. She is using him for his money because he works offshore. Every day that he is off she has a man come to his house some times more then one man. She likes sleeping with a lot of men at a time. Wes is getting told about her sleeping around , not believing it but questioning why is she never home. That’s just some westbank trash. Please hoe get some help.

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Nasty Cakes

October 29, 2014 New Orleans 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here, is a girl who has never grown up, her name is Cristina C**l Kottem**, besides being the best at picking rotten men to play daddy to her son, she has drained her dads wealth as well as every man she has ever dated, or married. Oh did I mention she is the best friend to anyone who will even slightly cater to her immediate yet petty needs and wants, afterwards she will insist she does not know you or that you were never friends. she is so desperate for attention she was screwing around on her husband with some guy who she claimed was her bestie at the time, when her husband found out about it, she lied o the cops and said he beat her up, just to get him arrested and end the marriage. Now this girl just makes and sells nasty cakes while trying to hook up and destroy other peoples lives. trust me misery loves company, so if your looking for a dumb girl to hit and quit, try this town bicycle, she deserves it.

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Gold Digging Harlot

October 29, 2014 New Orleans 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is casey folse, a gold digging little military whore. she doesnt care if the guy is married or in a relationship, she will spred her legs to any military guy who will open their wallets for her. then she will bleed you dry till you are beyond broke and in debt, then she will leave you for your best friend. she doesnt even take care of her kids, she just pawns them off on anyone she can find so she can go bouncing from dick to dick

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Bayou Slore

October 22, 2014 New Orleans 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is megan farbe or also known as one of the biggest wh0res on bayou lafourche. Shes only 19 and already has 2 kids under 3 years old. She has a new boyfriend every week, & who hasn’t slept with this bi***?! She thinks she is hot shit. People don’t know where she gets her confidence from cause she ain’t cute with that gap in her teeth, bad lace front wig and let’s not forget that she has the body of a 10 year old boy!!!!! At the boosie concert she wore swimming bottoms as underwear. She says she is so independent but I’m pretty sure she is on foodstamps, wic, & section 8 housing. She can buy weed but has no car. Always bumming rides. Mother of the year- kids should live with their daddies. CUZ SHE IS CLEARLY POOR LOL

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False Tooth

October 20, 2014 New Orleans 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl is so dirty she just had to be posted twice. This trifelin cm bubble l is going around fckin with other womens men then coming home to her baby daddy and tryna fck him when his girlfriends not there. This girl filed for child support when she LIVES in the baby daddys house and he pays for everything already! She aint got a job and nobody likes her. This girl is so jealous of everyone and thinks people are jealous of her cause she has a kid, hahah she cant even support her kid whatsoever, who would be jealous of that? This girl is sooo ugly too. Idk who would even wanna bang that. Ew! I heard she takes her front false teeth out to suck d*ck. She got beat up and got a black eye and tried telling everyone she aint got no marks. This girl is so scary she talks shit about everyone but denies everything in front your face. She blames anything bad that happens to her kid on everyone else, but constantly leaves her baby with an old women who can barely walk and a 10 yr old. Not only that but shes dumb as a rock! Born in america and cant speak the language properly. She dropped out of school at a young age and is too stupid to even get her GED now. she cant keep a job and leaves her baby with anyone she can find. This bitch is tryna wreck everybodys home, shes a skank and needs to be put on blast!! Everyone needs to know the true Chelsea Forbes so she can stop ruining everybodys lives she comes into contact with. Fck this little girl. Oh, and that picture you see is what this girl was doing on her babys first 4th of july instead of popping fireworks with him! So what do you think, Nik?

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Raunchy Ruth

October 17, 2014 New Orleans 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well, let’s start by sayings this little whore has dicks in her than octomom. By the age of 12 she was accepting the d three times a day, and she shows her loyalty to by holding her boyfriends rings in her pussy. She’s been fcked in mcdonalds play pin, under houses, in cars, you name it, this slut has done it. By age 14 she was pregnant, and you guessed it, didn’t know who the daddy was. Turns out she fcked a 19 year old and contracted a special gift called. Cl****ia also… whatch out because her kitty is on the loose! this slut craves attention so bad she lied to her boyfreind about having cancer, and about being pregnant! I feel bad for that dumb ass. Now after being 16 and a mom and having over 30 dicks touched her lips, she still continues to fck different guys! This little whore has no respect for herself! I feel bad for her daughter, who has a mother that’s a complete whore. Ruth lynch should he put in the webster dictionary as a synonym for EASY. This low down, trash ball, bat wing brown p*ssy  is a waste of human life at its finest, and too all who’ve been in her, I suggest you go get checked. Raunchy ruth, that name was earned, not given!

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Laci Kay Somers Has Natural Beauty

October 10, 2014 Hollywood, New Orleans, The Dirty 135


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Laci is a true beauty and I’m glad she was posted on the dirty.  I was wondering how she looked without makeup and she posted this picture… simply put, she is one fine woman.  Thoughts?

I think that towel needs to be washed.- nik

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Homewrecking Ginger

October 8, 2014 New Orleans 38


THE DIRTY ARMY: Homewrecker of marrero. Pretty much sleezes around. Can’t support her baby. Depends on everyone to help her. Pathetic, has to live with the baby daddy and his girlfriend. Disrespects everyone. Needs to learn her place. She needs to spread her legs and fly the fck out that house.

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