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Jean Cachaya

December 18, 2014 New Orleans 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this here is Jean. He is scum on the earth. He got a girl pregnant then left her. He sends his babys mother pictures of naked girls amd texts messages of him saying how he sleeps with other girls unprotected. He is proud that he basically lives on bourbon street while he does nothing for his daughter. He bounces from chick to.chick as u can see in the pics. He is a little boy. Not to mention he sleeps with his sister that has 2 cervix. Lmao. Wont be long before someone else is pregnant. Heyyy belindaaaaa I guess u got caught up witj the wrong guy. Ur picture looks good tho lmao.

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Westwego Trash Dogfighter

December 15, 2014 New Orleans 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: She goes by. *** dawn tisdale and ajsha gerrica** ** dawn has 6 children, Bdoes whatever she canto get high, on some serious. shit. Collects free dogs. and sells them so cheap. as bait dogs, to a guy for dog fighting practice. Lying to people about her intentions, bringing two of her children to pick up free, unwanted dogs. She has posted on like30 sights begging for dogs. This is easy cash to her. Buying drugs. Ugh disgusting waste of trash! Has different guys all around her kids, guys on drugs. She is a trash ball.

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Danielle Thibodeaux

December 15, 2014 Baton Rouge, New Orleans 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Danielle Thibodeaux from BR or Walker and if she ain’t a flip flipper I dunno what is. Talking about how Victoria is a rat and posting it on someone’s fb status but then saying how Vic is her sis and she misses her. Bitch because you ain’t nothin without her!!! You wish you could be and look like Vic but it’s impossible with your old azz. Stop stunting like you know Kevin gates and obj –nobody believes that ish! And talking bout rats, everybody knows YOU, which is why you are still out right??? Beware this hoe

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Esther Skidmore thot master

December 11, 2014 New Orleans 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,this is Esther Skidmore, she goes by Estaa. She is from Leeville and can be found in her natural habitat , the spree as she calls it, attempting to twerk with her bony ass. Pretty ignorant right? But then again she is a high school dropout. Maybe if she was smart she’d have custody of all her kids. She’s trashy and works at a cheap azz Stage(like that’s a great job lol) with that sabine with the sperm eyebrows Lexis–seriously why are your brows so angry?! She sleeps around with whoever and is nasty, I mean look at that face! Ole pasty ass

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DJ Breezy aka Joey Craig

December 9, 2014 New Orleans 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: DJ Breezy aka Joey Craig will use you and eventually abuse you literally so don’t let him suck you in with his fake ass charm. It’s all a lie. If his lips are moving, he’s lying. We all saw through him but our friend wouldn’t listen to us. 3 years later, he proved what we had been telling her all along. He just wanted a meal ticket and she gave him everything but it was never enough. I’m sure he cheated on her but I know he put his hands on her. What a big man he is. I’m so glad he’s gone for good this time. She’s finally doing what she should be doing and doing very well. H’s moved on to another poor, innocent victim, poor girl. Cause it won’t be long before he puts his hands on her too. Just as soon as you don’t do exactly what he wants, you’re screwed sweetheart. And he knows how to hook them cause she still believes he loved her. He doesn’t know the meaning of that word. You don’t treat someone you love with disrespect and constant lies and deceit, especially after they lost a child and were already heartbroken. Screw her over when she needed him the most. Only a lying piece of shit no good sorry fucking asshole would do a decent woman like my friend who supported him and took care of him and gave him everything he wanted for 3 years. Look out ladies. He doesn’t work, he wants someone to take care of him and he’ll take everything he can and leave you when you’re broke. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Oh and he sucks as a DJ. Can you say trainwreck for real!

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Loose Lips

December 4, 2014 New Orleans 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Just looking out for ma peeps she stays all over the west bank,This chick named Michele Marie Andras aka lips. she used to be my friend till she decided to Fck my old man . she’ll act like a friend to ya face all the while sneaking behind ya back call in ya old man while u at work. She got that nickname lips cause supposedly she good with her mouth. but according to my now ex old man she could barely suck him off. she’s always getting evicted from houses cause she can’t hold down no job. I feel sorry for her current old man. she probably running that game on him Just to keep a roof over her kids head. this is a psa my ex also told me he gave her an drd. so look out men

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Ladies Stay Away From Ty Grubbs

December 2, 2014 New Orleans, The Dirty 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, would you please warn the ladies of Nola to stay away and run as fast as you can from this dirty little scum, TY GRUBBS. By day he is a so called respected insurance salesman and the nice guy next door. By night he’s whoring around , hitting & quitting any thing that he can pick up at a bar, popping pills and spreading DRD with out any regards for the other person or protection. Stay away, the wrapping on the outside only covers up the nasty that he WON’T tell you about.

That chick looks like Farrah Abraham without the plastic surgery.- nik

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Westbank Raver

December 1, 2014 New Orleans 11

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THE DIRTY ARMY: alright nik this bitch is so nasty before she got pregnant and ran away to grande prairie she use to be a big raver slut would dress half naked and be high on mdma or k you name it but even before that she started dating he drig dealer of a boyfriend who is is a complete ass anyways before she started dating her boyfriend she was the westbank whore literally fcked every giy like reagan sommer decker long all those nastys she even got pregnant woth reagans kid and aborted it!!! she would literally sleep around in what was called the shanty and fuk all the guys there like chad willliams hes like 27 they even had a relationship and heard she aborted his kid to. i just cant believe shes been with her boyfriend for this long and had his kid but hey who knows if it is even his this girl needs some help and get rid of that fcking ugly piercing oh and your fat abd thank god you got rid of that nast purple and pink hair

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