Ryan Hunter

April 22, 2014 Baton Rouge, New Orleans 6 8,408 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I met this guy who is a pilot from New Orleans. We had a good night together but here I am months later awaiting my test results for what I believe is drd! Found this pic on his Facebook that pretty much confirms it…a warning to all girls who meet him!

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Nacho Mama Amber Snyder

April 17, 2014 New Orleans 24 6,418 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well let’s get started by saying my name is amber Snyder and I work at NACHO MAMAs in Elmwood I have slept with so many people I need to just tell the world the truth I had a kid a few mnths back while I was married to great man well guess what it’s not his and I really don’t no who’s it is maybe the owner of nacho’s maybe a worker maybe the guy I fcked on a cruise maybe a random guy in a parking lot who knows but I know it’s not the guy I was married to I just wanted to tell New Orleans I am single I m open for sex with anyone man or it all my employees hate me and talk shit behind my back bc I o fcked the kitchen manger and the bar manger “my brother” yea I fuked them to and yes I said it I fcked my brother also well Im sure this won’t be my last post I need to change my profile names again and block a few more people on social media then I’ll post again till the call me at nacho mamas we can meet behind glass doors or maybe in the parking lot!!! Bye nik I M a pos and ruined so many lives what u think of me

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Brittani Morgan pt 2

April 10, 2014 New Orleans 12 6,123 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik as I’m sure most of you may know this is the infamous “Brittani Babyyy” Morgan. If you’ve read the previous post about her, just wanted to update everyone that the bitch is still doing the same shit as before. Except now you’re hearing it from someone whose experienced her shit firsthand. Before I start let me inform everyone BRITTANI HAS drd! I had heard from a few people that she mighta had it and of course she’ll deny to the ends of the earth. But I promise ya’ll, it’s unfortunately very true. This piece of work is the reason 1 in 4 people have it in Slidell, New Orleans, and parts of Mississippi. Bitch is going around acting like she has the right of god to just be sharing this permanent disease. She will talk to you like she’s normal and make you think she’s really interested, and she’s always interested in gettin it in, but be warned if you’re still stupid enough to try and fck the bitch, she just fcked some other dude possibly the same day she trying to fck you, definitely fcked some other nigga the day before she tries to fck with you and probably still has his jizz in her herpes infested pusy while she trying to get yours in it. All she does is use anyone and everyone she can get her hands on then cries on fb if she doesn’t get her way like a child. Worst part is she’s got a little girl. Not that being mother means anything to this ho she just brings any guy she’s fcking around her kid. I feel sorry for the kid to have that as a role model or god forbid one of her games ends up doing something to her. If every there was a case where OCS needed to step in and do something, this is it. You shouldn’t have a children when your a child yourself. Bitch you may be hot but that won’t last forever. I’m not the first person to realize and try to expose what kind of pitiful bitch you are. Grow the fck up. You don’t have the right to go around fcking with peoples heath and lives. . And I hope this posts saves another innocent brother from feeding into your lies and spreading your shit around when you spread your legs disgusting whore.

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Lisa Garon is a Hunting Cougar

April 8, 2014 New Orleans 1 6,268 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lisa Garon is a hoe with drd’s she sleeps around with a lot of men, she has a criminal record. She does a lot of drugs includes smoking crack on a regular basis. She is a lll ways loaded. Her only job is selling Avon. I’m sure she doesnt sell drugs also since she’s always high. Did I mention she lives on breathing treatments with an oxygen mask? she smokes crack in between her breathing treatments. Nik she’s a straight crack head who thinks her shit don’t stink. Nik she’s nothing but a loser and she’s trying to ruin other peooles relationships by emailing people on facebook saying she fucked our men while they were out of town working. Nik do you think she’s hot?

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Michelle Miller

April 8, 2014 LSU, New Orleans 19 6,393 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Michelle miller. The biggest attention whore ever. This girl is obsessed with herself. She takes daily selfies and think she is so hot. She also always talks about her hideous boyfriend like he is a god. She should be embarassed because he is so ugly. She is beyond fake. She likes to talk about girls being desperate and wanting attention yet she posts more selfies than anyone I ever saw. Do not make the mistake of adding her on Instagram. Huge mistake. This picture she especially looks like a drag queen. Like really wtf is she thinking. This is awful. STOP POSTING SELFIES YOU THIRTY ATTENTION WHORE. And no sweetheart you don’t have “haters” no one wants to be you nor look like you. We are just telling it like it is.

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Its Bunnie

April 8, 2014 New Orleans 19 9,276 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: My name be BUNNIE that B.u.n.n.I.e thats with an IE. Im tired of yall hoes be talkin shit about me being a slut and how I be actin man. I have 3 kids I gotta suport dog. If I gotta suck dick or fck a niggah fo some money then thats what I gottas do brah. And all yall bitches be talkin bout I have no ass or tits bitch yall jus jealous fcks. Keep hatin yall makin me be so famous. I be the one and only bunnie hop fo lyphe bitches. I be hustling and grindin to put food in my kids mouths. Anf if I get abortions and do cr*ck or coc*ine thats my choice. Nah say what ya wany I knows me and I does me so worry bout chu

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Brother Lover

April 7, 2014 Baton Rouge, New Orleans 14 6,102 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: First lets say if you have a brother watch your back because you will p rolly catch her in the bed with him from time to time. She pawns her kid off to her parents every chance she gets to pop Molly’s and adderal. Her tittes are so saggy they hang to her feet. She thinks she is so fine yet everyone knows she’s just the slut next door. If you show her a little attention she will let you fck that’s a fact. She thinks she has everyone fooled with her innocent waysbby if you have a brother or best friend watch your back.because she loves to fuck brothers. This two timing slut lives in stamant in a 2 bedroom trailer and fcks her boyfriend in the bed as her son sleeps in. With like 18 otha niggas in there you can always find her in a bar on the weekends.

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Straight Westbank Trash

April 2, 2014 New Orleans 15 8,511 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dude is a fake ass wanna be from the westbank always trying to stunt and acts like he’s everything . Walks around like he rich but he got everything he has from his parents. Stop fronting like your everything your a nasty guy who should be put on blast and he has a little di*k ladies and last thing we all know your on steroids your just all around fake ..

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