Tara Marie Barnes

July 20, 2014 Hartford, Manhattan, New York 1 7,124 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Tara Marie Barnes. Aka Lucy Locket. She’s a big fat blob that hates on everyone. She’s an escort in NYC AND CONNETICUT for cheap and let’s customers dominate her. She stole my friends phone because she’s so miserable with her own life. Her boyfriend that’s in jail doesn’t know she’s selling herself.

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Lets out this guy

July 20, 2014 Manhattan, New York 0 6,102 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this guy here is Larry Lackey Jr, he’s a complete slut for older black men but pretends he’s str8, i went through his phone and found these pix that he sent to some black guy, he needs to be outed so please people share this everywhere

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Dr Cindy Bressler – Suger Mamma

July 2, 2014 Manhattan, New York 2 7,552 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Vet Dr Cindy Bressler comes off as being a fat sweet woman wanting to help good looking younger guys. To the contrary! Dr Cindy uses her “celebrity status” to not only get guys but then pays them for their services. In return for sexual acts, Dr Cindy pays them, for gifts, writes them prescriptions (for themselves NOt their pets) and gets on her knees to service them. It’s all a way for her to get what SHE wants – what she MUST pay for bc no one will touch this fat pig. She is a pathetic and desperate woman that services men. Advice to all men… Have fun!

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Timothy Thill Loves Prostitutes

June 24, 2014 Buffalo, Manhattan, New York 29 10,396 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, This is Timothy Thill, Biggest creep I have ever met in my life, does so much cocaine that he\’s lost in the snow. He’s a 50 years old trout that is big in the chocolate molding industry ( Tomric ) in Buffalo, New York. Creeps on under aged girls and preys/lurks on the internet for conquests with the disguise of being a Sugar Daddy type, traveling the globe to exploit sex workers from all walks of life. He hires prostitutes, both male and female to fuck his ass with a dildo and give him golden showers. He sucks a lot of dick, and smacks his limp coke twat on many escorts. He has the personality of a full blows skitzo, is practically insane and not to be trusted. He uses his money and a false contradicting spiritual facade to blind others and mask his disturbing characteristics. He closely resembles Quasimodo, yet he is under the delusional belief system that he is a \”Rockstar like Mick Jagger”

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Premier Waiter Josh Copeland

May 30, 2014 Manhattan, New York 14 7,918 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey yo Nik, this has got to be one of the skeeviest mofos in all of New York City! His name is Josh Copeland (originally from Red Bank, NJ) and he works at Maison Premiere in Brooklyn. He tells people he has cancer but really he is HIV Positive and worst of all he lies about his status to the guys he sleeps with!! His tastes also run to the “Bryan Singer” side of things if you know what I mean…oh and despit being Jewish he supports Al-Qeada in Syria and elsewhere…he just hates America that much! He is also a HUGE alcoholic! One weekend he actually got so wasted he actually filed a crazy, rambling, racist, pro-se lawsuit against Senator John McCain! Saying McCain was denying him his “gay waiter tips,” and that Obama would test positive for “high levels of negroids,” and that McCain had prevented Rutgers from releasing his transcripts. Of course being a coward once he realized what he did (he got served with papers at work lol) he had his lawyer try to suppress it. Josh Copeland is a menace to gay mean and boys across New York and Maison Premiere customers! Not to mention us his (sometimes former) co-workers! Nik put this trash on blast!

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Natalia Christine, The Staten Island Escort

May 30, 2014 Jersey, Manhattan, New York 21 8,366 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Natalia. This Staten Island trash is a professional dominatrix and escort. Her Instagram is filled with pics of her at her “dungeon” and getting ready for her “clients” She looks like a worn out junkie with saggy tits and a foul smelling snatch. Ive had the unfortunate pleasure of being her client once and she is plain old nasty. She’s INSANE and truly has a few screws loose upstairs. Gentlemen, Avoid this tranny looking hooker…She’s a nightmare.

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Christiana Harry

May 28, 2014 New York 0 9,979 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I really hate liars. I mean really really hate them. Christiana Harry posted this long blog post about how men shouldn’t kill women just because they’re rejected….. after the situation with Elliot Rodger. But then turns around and likes her boyfriend post that reads: “I wish I could kill every jawn that curves me. That type of female doesn’t deserve to love.” Do you think that’s okay?” WTF ???? don’tcha think

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Stuck up Katie

May 8, 2014 New York, Philadelphia 10 10,173 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Katie Palazzo. She thinks she’s god’s gift to the world. If a bad tan and ridiculous poses make you hot then she’s got it. What do you think?

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