Butthurt Bonnie Combs

August 18, 2014 Oklahoma City, Tulsa 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: Bonnie Michelle Combs is an unemployed high school dropout and self-proclaimed incest lover from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She pretends to be many things she is not, including a professor for Oklahoma State University, a three-time university graduate, an ex-he*oin junkie, a mother of 5 and a cancer survivor. Every detail of her made-up personal life has been shared with the Internet since 1999- due to severe schizophrenia and psychosis, she’s unable to distinguish the difference between reality and the voices inside her head. To nobody’s surprise, she lives with her parents Clinton and Patricia Combs in a ghetto trailer. She is an attention whore who spends her days spewing lies on her many blogs while stalking and defaming several hundred people online out of pure envy. Bonnie admits to having several mental illnesses which include schizophrenia, psychosis and bipolar disorder. Her parents neglected her at a young age and placed their daughter behind a computer rather than actually parent her, this is why Bonnie is the monster she is today. Bonnie Combs is well known online for her cyberbullying, stalking and harassing awesome people that she wishes to be. Her cyberbullying dates back to 1999 as the result of years of neglect by her batshit parents. Bonnie has over 200 victims.

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Gage Ty Wilson

August 11, 2014 Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This kid is the biggest joke I’ve ever met. While him and I were dating he decided he was going to be a drunk punk and hold a gun to me.. Hes an alcoholic.. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt.. And stayed with him. A few months later. I went to the DR and found more than I bargained for.. He gave me Genital drd. He blamed me and said it was my fault.. And I did it. A few months later after all my guilt.. Knowing I was clean when we were together. I got tested and never heard back from the DR when we first started dating. Genital Herpes is no joke. He a couple months later told me he was sleeping with two different girls while we were together. And he was sleeping with someone new now.. And she didn’t know about it. My hopes in writing this isn’t just to slander his name in what he did to me. But to hopefully maybe one day save a girl from what happened to me to her. No one deserves this pain. This disgust in themselves.. His name is Gage Ty Wilson, he’s a pipeliner.. From Oklahoma.. He was in Ohio .. Now he’s in Mansfield, PA.. He is currently 22.. He will lie and cheat his way through everything.. Including the Oklahoma Government. But that’s another story. Girls watch yourself and your body. Trust no one. You can find him on POF his name is gagety. Just watch ladies. You deserve better.

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Mindy Hodge

August 7, 2014 Oklahoma City, Tulsa 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I feel the need to warn the general public about this leech infesting the 918. She is a pill-addicted slut who goes by the name Mindy Hodge. She has multiple pathetic boyfriends who she works over for money and drugs, and keeps them in the dark to the fact that she has a supposed fiance who is the father of her child that she lives with. She has countless friends, suppliers, and strangers trying to chase her down for owed money, in addition to people from other states whom she’s convinced she’ll repay, and then she disappeared off the face of the earth once she got the cash. Word needs to get out about this two-faced skank before she works over any more well-intentioned chumps!! Beware!!

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People Like Liz Rizo Don’t Change

August 1, 2014 Oklahoma City, The Dirty 30



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just happened to see the old Dr. Phil clip and recognized the name. Liz Rizo was in a local swimsuit contest. As you can see, PEOPLE DO NOT CHANGE!!!! Thought you’d enjoy.

Isn’t she too old for this? I guess when you are desperate for attention 24-7 old habits never die.- nik

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Cop Block Admin Dustin McCaskill

July 30, 2014 Oklahoma City 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: He’s spent years attempting to destroy numerous families online. His constant harassment, stalking, threats, and lies caused some to stand up for themselves, and now Dustin is in full bitch mode. Whining, crying, just all upset because people are telling the truth about him now. He uses his own child to try and defame others…and he is generally just a worthless piece of shit. Dustin McCaskill definitely hates for the truth to be known…especially the fact that he and his mother had Southern Oklahoma Cop Block removed for harassing people. Dustin lives with his mommy in Manitou Springs, Colorado. He’s one of those over 30 year old men that just couldn’t grow up and take care of things. He pulls a crazy check, so he’s a taxpayer funded online bully, or a corrupt online cop. After drug court in August, I’m sure he’ll get to see a lot of his old friends. Dustin McCaskill is still clinging on to his Southern Oklahoma Cop Block, operating a page called “Citizens opposed to Southern Oklahoma Cop Block”. Dustin McCaskill is a miserable shitstain, and will never amount to anything.

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Chelsy Trello Is Very Popular In OKC

July 29, 2014 Oklahoma City, The Dirty 53


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this lovely lady is Chelsy Trello, she is a high end prostitute in OKC and a BAAAAAD drug addict. Like the kind that sleeps with 80 year old men to get their pain pills and spends her days home alone drooling and shooting up. Sadly at the age of 21 she now is rumored to have DRD… probably from her frequent needle use and unprotected sex with strangers. I just want everyone to be safe around her.

Nose job before boob job. Please ladies.- nik

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Cherrelle Janae Will Let Ya Have It

June 7, 2014 Oklahoma City, The Dirty 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Cherrelle Janae is a dirty ol tramp. She trashed my friend’s house (who was letting her stay there for free). She came home from Europe and found this ho naked in her bed with some dude. Apparently this girl goes out every night with a totally different guy (never the same one twice) so your odds are pretty good. She loves to drink and I mean DRINK! She’ll give it up to anyone who will let her stay with them. Nevermind that she’s been divorced and was dishonorably discharged from the military for salacious conduct, you won’t care about that once you see her fake hair and nails. Granted the girl has a nice body but that’s the only nice thing about her. Her best friends are 50 year old ex-con ladies (real treat fellas) she doesn’t work or go to school so she has plenty of time to sleep all day and sleep around all night. She’ll break your stuff and steal your booze but she does it all with a fabulous gap toothed smile. Don’t trust her, whatever you do because all this chik does is LIE (she does that supremely well). So OKC, meet Cherrelle Janae, she loves herself so much she tattooed her own name on her arm. She’s a true class act. She’s such trash she actually lives out of a giant trashbag.

How can any guy not feel Gay sleeping with a girl who has arms like that? It’s like Cherrelle eats spinach.- nik

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Oklahoma Trash

May 5, 2014 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Stephanie Michelle Smith. Uneducated, classless and puts out without a fight. She up and left her boyfriend OVERNIGHT 6 years ago for some guy.(whored around and got pregnant with another man, surprise) Well. Tried to make herself look better so she got married,but realized she’s got an itch (literally) to scratch and divorced only to get back with her ex and is getting married this month. Sad part is, the dumb sack who took her back is raising her daughter as his own, and has 100% faith that she “changed”. Also part of “victory life” church or some creepy mega-church in Oklahoma that I guess is okay with adultery. Good luck in the marriage, you two were inbred for each other. Also, if I were her, I’d check her husband-to-be’s browser history. I’d watch my 15 and under girls around him.

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