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Old Slore

December 12, 2014 Orlando 0

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty m*th hoe by the name of Ellen Katherine jumps from motel to motel looking for men black or white who have any kind of drugs especially MTH just to freeload off ur dope. Then when the men run of dope n money she leaves them high n dry. This hoe basically lives off the streets n crashes at random peoples motel room for free n then when she stays at their motel room she causes drama n as like she the victim to get attention. She always tallks shit about how her boyfriend beats her up which ain’t even true. Then she comes running back to her boyfriend for a day or two til he runs out of money. She basically just fucks any men n don’t take a shower for days. She doesn’t clean up after her self, she expects everyone to do everything for her like if she were a princess, which she’s far from one. Watch out for this hoe she jacks ur money n if u happen to fck her make sure u get checked cuz she was fuming a dope dealer who has H** without using protection. U can hit her up on Facebook: Ellen Katherine n you’ll see all the men she’s fuked in the past week. If you have a dub of ice she’ll suck u twice.

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Heart Breaker

December 10, 2014 Orlando 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this female was with a dead beat who would beat the shit out of her till she finally had enough and left him, he abandoned their daughter leaving her to figure out everything while he got fcked up and did drugs .while she care for her and stayed clinging to the bottle because she couldn’t handle the pain apparently emotional pain is far worse than physical because she went back to the abusive prick he made her miscarry their second child, then got her pregnant again before going back to jail for trying to kill her in their kitchen AGAIN, of coarse she went and dropped the charges again. Some people never learn.i loved this girl stilldo.jjust don’t get why females always pick the asshole

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Gloria Christine’s Boyfriend Must Love You

November 30, 2014 Orlando, The Dirty 7


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, about a week after your post went up calling out Gloria Christine on her weight gain, her Instagram went silent. Three weeks later she was back posting selfies and with her circa 2012 body back. Her boyfriend must love you.

Are you sure the pictures aren’t from 2012? Why are they so grainy?- nik

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Diana Lovell

November 21, 2014 Orlando 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Diana Lovell, a prostitute and thief in Orlando. She writes a bunch of responses and acts like different people that are defending her. Honestly it’s just her writing all the time. She is a crook, always acting like she’s broke and never pays anyone she works with, will always short change you and steals little shit at grocery stores! Acts like she’s really something. She’s nothing more than a common criminal and a shitty lay. Selfish. Her kids even hate her, she’s a deadbeat.

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Gloria Christine Is Still Serving Drinks

November 20, 2014 Orlando, The Dirty 19


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just an update on Gloria Christine, the old O-Town phone is still serving alcohol for a living. Why can’t a rich Trout lock this hottie down already?

Every time I see a picture of this chick — it’s blurry. #SCAM- nik

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Zoradia Perez

November 18, 2014 Orlando 2


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is the most disgusting person alive, she is the biggest whore known to men. she has cheated on her husband of 15 years with a co-worker while her husband was dying and on his death she had presented him with divorce papers saying she no longer wants to be with him , then she sat here and jump from dick to dick. all she cares about is money she will sleep with the nastyness men in order to get her hands on their wallet. she slept with her bestfriend husband of 25 years and got busted, she slept with all of her friends boyfriend and husbands, she claims to be a perfect mom but while her husband was dying she left him with the kids said that she was tired of being a mom , her daughter learned from her mother how to be a whore and look for men with money ,so if you want to get your dick sucked and get an alright fuck jut throw some dollars at her. btw she is currently living in clermont she is a gold digger and a dirty ass bitch , we doesnt care about anyone but herself so feel free to text her

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Females Beware

November 14, 2014 Orlando 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: To be frankly brief Randy Harris was married with three children and lied about having a divorce up to a month before she personally kicked him out. He will lie to you and say whatever it is he needs to say to get with you. At the time he was with me he was with many other females one whom is almost 5 months pregnant. When you try to end the relationship he will complain and beg you not to end it when he knows hes still talking to other women. Females beware!

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+2s Giveway In Tampa At The Drynk Halloween Night

October 24, 2014 Orlando, Tampa, The Dirty 0


I’m doing my Halloween party in Trampa this year. Because Trampa appreciates +2′s!! Trampa come celebrate a very Dirty Halloween with me at The DrYnk for your chance to win +2′s from Dr. Martin in Scottsdale.- nik

Click here to enter the contest for your chance to win +2′s!!!

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