Will Taylor

April 23, 2014 Ottawa 1 8,569 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik would you??!! ;) mmmmm. He says hes the sexiest man in Ottawa!!

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The White Trash Wonder

April 23, 2014 Ottawa 5 6,878 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to begin with this ass hat of a girl. she’s a rude, manipulating, hypocritical, bitch. And a sorry excuse of a human being. Let’s start with her weird obsession with her brothers…. I have never seen any woman other then A side chick or an ex of a mans to act so jealous over her brothers attention Or to have lives out side from her. One of her statements that’s always stuck out in my head was when her eldest of brothers WIFE was pregnant and was taking care of his wife. She was pissed off he wouldn’t join her on going train wreck of a week day to weekend partying which happens on a day to day basis…. She had the nerve to say well just because Gloria’s pregnant she seems to think he is too. UHHH hello he is too ya wack job! Wtf. But this same girl will put on her big fake smile when Gloria comes around and pretend like she isn’t talking shit 90% of the time she isn’t around or the rest of the gf’s for that matter. Moving forward from that holly has very interesting two gf whom both have fucked her once was married brother with three children at the time this was happening. Did holly care Thea fcked her married brother? Nope! one can only wonder does she get off on it? Why does she continue to hang out with these sluts of girls whom have ruin marriages in ur family, or attempted to hook up with other brothers? Like what woman in her right mind would keep friends like that around or to even bring them around? Makes me question if she’s the same kinda girl. Ever heard the phrase … Your friends are a reflection of yourself? I bet she’s a filthy slut just like them and keeps them around to try and continue out her failed youthful years seeing as their an 11 year difference between her self and her friends…her being the grown ass adult of 32 years old. Maybe the age gap shows the maturity level of hers. Which would explain why she’s sunk her claws into one of her brothers friends whom is also much younger but 100% better then her in every way a person can be. Leaching herself to him because she would not have the life she does if it weren’t for him. She’d probably be living somewhere in skid row. Which would suit her aggressive personality much better then living In Winchester. Oh almost forgot this white trash ass hat, also punched his sisters girlfriend in the face when she was finally confronted on her bs from the previous years of crap from her. And then hit her again while her brother was checking to make sure his gf was ok. WHO does that? Well ottawa there u have it. The white trash wonder the list of crap goes on and on and I truly do feel sorry for any one who has to encounter this slop job of a person. No surprise she never finished her schooling to become a psychiatrist.

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Christina Brady

April 22, 2014 Ottawa 6 6,702 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik let me tell you about this Rank ass bitch, for one she works at OLG WINNERS CIRCLE AT RIDEAU CASINO and is fcking 3 of the 15 security members at her work oh and the security men are married home wrecking skunk however shame on the men hope shes using a condom cause who knows how many herpes she’s already spread!!!! I used to be college friends with her and she told me she got drd from a one night stand and got pregnant with HIS KID…. then I went to the abortion clinic for support. Listen understand why people choose to get an abortion you shouldn’t use it as a contraceptive but when you do it 4 times thats fcking BABY KI**ER ALL OVER IT . Go wash your face someone your getting bad acne oh wait maybe thats the here brake outs. Im done with this bitch she stole a lot of my cloths when she crashed at my place after college, your a whore your dirty AND WATCH OUT OTTAWA DRD FCKING DRRRRRRRRRRD WELCOME TO THE DIRTY OTTAWA BITCH SHOULD BE A BILLBOARD CAUSE YOUR FCKING TOP 25 DIRTY HOES OF OTTAWA.

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Kyle Allen Is A Complete Freak

April 22, 2014 Ottawa 1 6,737 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Kyle Allen! and I cannot believe NOONE has put this pathetic excuse for human on here. I had recently met Kyle and really liked him, about a month after we started seeing each other his REAL colours came out he destroyed my garage door and started smashing all my stuff! He is always screaming, not even at anybody! just at the fact he hates the people he lives with and his life, but yet wont move out, he cannot shut a door without slamming it! He is always huffing and puffing and sighing and talking shit about the people he lives with! He beats his dog for looking out the window! He is a low life 20 year old, who cannot do anything else but sell drugs! even than he sucks at that , seeing as he just got ripped off for a lot of money and now is in debt up to his knees! There is NOT a day that goes by where Kyle doesn’t scream at him self..or maybe he hears voices, I hope he hears voices than he FINALLY has an excuse for his mentalness!

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Wigger Life

April 21, 2014 Ottawa 12 5,419 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this crackhead loser has no morals he fcks any girl he can spreads his drd’S around like its cool uses women for money to buy crak…tells them he loves them just to get what he wants. CR*CK doesnt take care of his kids hes a deadbeat who lies and steals he thinks hes a thug but hes a p*ssy and now hes got some other dumb bitch that he married hes a big joke no doubt he will have her smoked out in no time ..watch it ladies hes a walking toilet always has a big nasty drd on his mouth this dude needs to growup and stop using women for his drug problem not only does he smoke cr*ck he does pills too hes disgusting just hope all these women hes with use protection so they dont catch all the shit hes got low life scum needs to go to rehab and take care of his 2 kids..Run ladies while u can befor he turns you into his next crack hoe…

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Ashley Gaumont, Tease

April 21, 2014 Ottawa 19 9,246 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this whore Asley Gaumont loves to post half naked pics all over the internet for attention. If you talk to her she is so dumb!! She like to post pathetic attention seeking status all the time. She works at Bayshore shopping centre. For a good time she loves snap chatting @ amegannn Or txt her some dirt pics. She loves it. Ask her on her tumbler page. She will tell you anything you want know!! And her tumblr She’s a dirt ball and will do anything you ask!!

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Shawn Wojciechowski Mooching Rat

April 18, 2014 Ottawa 39 5,829 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Shawn Wojciechowski , 24 years old father to a little boy who has never had his father nor seen any support mentally / finacially and it is probably better off that way. this scrawny skin and bones acne crck head freak can be found on rideau st with a different flavour man or woman almost every week , has two children on the way that he will never support mentally / finacially and takes care of someone elses child like thats his how fucked up can this idiot be. give him a drug and he is your best friend he uses woman and mooches off everyone he knows because he is a lowlife supposibly being deported and all this crap and whatever lies he has come up with since then well Shawn, Alison took the hint and ran away , Chantal took the hint and ran away , Brianna took the hint and ran away , I think it is time you just stick to men they can handle your diseases and all your problems and if not just get deported already . Your a no good piece of crap who will never be anything in life.

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Cornwall Legend

April 16, 2014 Ottawa 8 6,409 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this beaut right here is Cornwall Ontarios fave troll/lesbian. she is very well known for being rude and a huge shit talker, but don’t say anything to her cause she will get all defensive. biggest hypocrite ever. shes also the grossest lezbo in the world and currently engaged with FESBIAN Casie Bergeron probably keeping her locked up in her room so she cant run away!!!! cant believe the most hated girl in cornwall hasn’t already been put up on here.

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