Canadian Soldier Shot At Ottawa War Memorial

October 22, 2014 Ottawa, The Dirty 276


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, a gunman shot a Canadian soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial in Ottawa on Wednesday, then entered Parliament and shots rang out, police and witnesses said. People fled Parliament by scrambling down scaffolding erected for renovations, witnesses told the Canadian Press news agency. The top spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Harper was safe and had left Parliament Hill. Royal Canadian Mounted Police warned people in downtown Ottawa to stay away from windows and rooftops. Cabinet minister Tony Clement tweeted that at least 30 shots were heard inside the building, where Conservative and Liberal MPs were holding their weekly caucus meetings. “Shots fired inside centre block during our caucus meeting. I’m safe locked in a office awaiting security.” Kyle Seeback, a member of Parliament, tweeted. Emergency responders are still on the scene and paramedics took the wounded soldier away in an ambulance. The shooting Wednesday comes two days after a recent convert to Islam killed one Canadian soldier and injured another in a hit-and-run before being gunned down by police. The suspect had been on the radar of federal investigators, who feared he had jihadist ambitions and seized his passport when he tried to travel to Turkey.

Please pray for America’s hat.- nik

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Jason Lescard

October 21, 2014 Ottawa 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jason lescard .so nice when you first meet him. Then bam he changes for the worst. He has major drinking and strong drug addictions. He has beat his x wife and her children. Causing her to lose her babies. He has abused all his woman. He is also being accused of drug rapping woman to get them to obey him. Just beware their is more to his evil. Cheating lying abuse he knocks girls including his x wife and destroy all good in them. He lives in hull with his new victim but plz beware he looks innocent but far from it.

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Hunter McNeely

October 20, 2014 Ottawa 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this is hunter mcneely the last name may sound farmilier as her brother’s on here as well there whole family’s grimy as hell. This girl and I used to be friends until she stole all my stuff ! She’s downtown all day everyday if you ever want some action just go to ysb with 20$ . She caught syfillis from her ex Darcy and gave Cody hunt he**itis (she told me all about that) this girl acts tough yet a four year old could take her. Well Ottawa you’ve been warned and if you’ve slept with her go get checked fast ! BEWARE

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Derek Nadon

October 20, 2014 Ottawa 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey ottawa. This piece of male trash is Derek Nadon. He likes to think he’s gods greatest gift to women, but in actual fact he\’s a dirty sleaze! Probably has every drd know of! Lady’s do yourself’s a favour stay away from this dirt squirrel. Men if you see this chump and he\’s near your gf or wife kick his ass! He deserves it!

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Calgey Manslore

October 16, 2014 Kingston, Ottawa 144

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is will calgey hes one of the biggest cheaters i know trust me. he will tell you how unhappy he is with his baby momma but say he cant leave cause the baby so he just screws all these girls on the side. i know of many girls hes sent his pic to and received pics from and all the girls he hooked up with he hasnt been faithful in the 2 years hes been with his baby momma i heard someone hacked his facebook and saw everything its sad his baby momma stays with him but being her i would take what i could get too. i screwed him a little ago and think i have sumething so if your one of his girls you should go get checked.

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Horrible Excuse of a Mother

October 15, 2014 Ottawa 100



THE DIRTY ARMY: Surprisingly this dirty bird hasn’t been posted yet. Sophia Nicole.. Comfortably bred trailer trash, full time stripper & c*kewhore. Find her at your near by strip club peeling off her clothes to support her habits. She also does in-calls at her very own home while her child is there, goes by the name of Vegas .. stroked more wood than a furniture polisher. Horrible person under all that makeup, will do anything for a bill. Retire girl, take care of ur kids and lay OFF the cock.. and c*ke..

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Anthony from West Ottawa

October 15, 2014 Ottawa 127

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Cornwall Sloot

October 15, 2014 Ottawa 19

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright nik so I’ve been looking on here for a while never thought I would ever post someone but this chick needs to be blasted and ppl need to kno this chick Taylor is a lying stealing fat b*** that is so pathetic and rediculous. My buddy met this chick off pof invited her over to his house so he could get it in or w.e then she wouldn’t leave she was there for 3 days.. she spent the whole time there lying to him and his roomates prego girlfriend .. she says she has all this money and works two jobs I found out sh’s just a dirty welfair case that lives at home.. she’s says she has a truck but if you talk to her she’s always taking the bus … She got my buddy to spend almost 200$ on booze saying she was gonna pay him back half then when she was suppose to pay it back her card didn’t work and then her dad was suppose to bring he ended up having a “heart attack ” then her step mom was gonna bring her money and her truck but her car had a flat so her aunt was gonna drive all the way from Cornwall to bring it to her made it to her house then blew her engine like come on who are you trying to fool .. needless to say that sloot got kicked outta his place pretty fast … All in all boys just be careful this broad has no money no job and will use you for anything she can

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