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Rachet Vanier Mom

December 17, 2014 Ottawa 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Kayla Walsh a.k.a Kaylaa Percival. This girl has two kids with two different dads whom she had before 18. The first baby dads wants nothing to do with her and the second beats her. But yet she still pawns her kids off with him knowing abusers end up abusing their kids. Youd think shed know better but hey she also cries to have them babysat so she can go out and get shit faced and sleep with every guy she can. The girl is soo ugly no guy really wants her, last week my boy slept with her and said it had to be the worst smelling p***y hed ever been with, protection was a must since she must be filled with drd’s. This girl is also the biggest backstabber, she sleeps around and flirt with all her friends boyfriends and even her own baby dads friends. Shes known for going out to clubs and parties and bringing guys home even with her kids around. Her bestfriend also little sister posts pictures of her cut wrists saying jordyn (kaylas daughter) put band aids on her bobos. That kind of parenting needs observation. This girl is lucky cas doesn’t have those kids yet. She pops E and drinks grey goose when shes on welfare, no wonder your always broke girl. She’s also known to be a snitch, so watch out don’t befriend this girl shes a loser. Go take care of your kids Kayla they smell like piss. Wash them and their clothes once in a while. Your disgusting I don’t blame Josh or Liam for calling those kids mistakes. She gets pregnant to keep guys around. Nasty and a bad mom.

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Pedo in the Midst

December 15, 2014 Ottawa 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Brittan Brickman he was posted before on here. I got word that he is fcking theses 14/15 year olds from MHS. He adds all his baby mamas friends young and older (has multiple facebook accounts) in hopes for a good fck. He goes for younger girls because he knows older girls will not put up with his shit. So girls and ladies once again beware of this woman beater now pedophile. Tried to message these 2 girls and Brittan who quickly denied it and blocked me. Parents keep close eyes on your daughters!!!

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Drug Dealing Thief

December 14, 2014 Ottawa 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Barbra Allison Dean is a drd infested, genital w**ts carrying Lazy Fat ass drug dealing THIEF!!!! She will look you right in the eye, as she compulsively lies about any and everything, just to get her own way. She steals money from her friends and family. DO NOT TRUST THIS BEAST. She lives in Vanier, and will give you an drd faster than the maggots can fall out of her twat. She is very unclean and acts as if that doesn’t bother her. Never try to talk to her about your personal feelings, as she doesn’t care and will just do her best to make every situation about her.. I like to call it “The Barb Show” This is one production you don’t want tickets to. If you value anything at all, stay away from her, she will rob you blind, as she has done to many in the past, and leave you with a disease you won’t be able to get rid of. She calls herself a Chef, but this bitch can burn water, and the ONLY thing she is good at is tossing a salad!! KEEP AWAY!!!!!

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Ronaldo sisters revenge

December 11, 2014 Ottawa 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this scumbag goes by the name Ronaldo but his real name is Alfonzo. He does whatever he can to make money off you but mainly hes a pimp that works really lowkey and pretends that he just works at a grocery shop. his time is up! He had my older sister working for him since she was 19 and he pretended to really love her. He gives her the good side about him he use to take her out on dates and buy her whatever she wants from luxury purses to brand name dresses. He use to take her to Montreal where he started getting her on coke till she became addicted. It all got to the part where she had to start buying to help and support her addiction and that’s where he walked away and forced her buy but due to the fact she didn’t have any money and he stopped giving her money his plan finally worked! He made her start working as a escort. My sister opened up her house for him when he was broke. He acts really innocent when he’s the biggest criminal mastermind , do not get carried away by his niceness or intelligence. Now hes running a big underground escort service and has more than 5 girls working for him. So Please ladies watch out from this Arab scumbag individual!

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Dirtbag Deacon

December 10, 2014 Ottawa 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Joshua Deacon Brown. Ottawa’s dirtiest sleeze bag. Rumour has it hes a crack head and from the looks of him seems pretty damn true. Not to mention who is mom is. Not only that hes a goof!! He tries pimping out underaged girls just to support his habit. He is homeless or couch surfing and claims to be a drug dealer but hes too stupid.

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Amigos Finest

December 10, 2014 Ottawa 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey Nik meet the trashy west end slut alica sara hedevery or as some call her echo.Lets start with how she lost her kid. she lost her daughter because she is a compulsive liar she is so sad and in denial its even in her papers she is a compulsive liar. her fav hobbys when she was trying to get her daughter back was hanging at amigos when they had the stripper pole there you could find her on weekends attempting to dance in hopes of getting free drinks when in reality they gave her drinks to keep her off the pole.she used to love going on pof to lure guys to buy her alcohol to feed her addiction to liquor or drugs her fav excuse as being a mom is tough id do anything for my daughter bitch please you rather drink and give head to all of amigios and when you don’t get attention you start drama your fav hobbys are stalking the dirty to see who is on there why because you are scared Ottawa will see how much a whore you are my boy recently got head from her and was drunk he said it was the worse he got it felt like he was fucking a child … and lets talk about her piercings they aren’t classy rather trashy on her and she loves to dress in tight cloths to make her tits bigger than they are if you want a quick fix tell her you will buy her alcohol or feed her and her brother and she will gladly blow you after all in her eyes she isn’t cheating if its for a “good cause” her number is  text her asking her for fun if the price is right its a go she needs it

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Deadbeat Daddy

December 10, 2014 Ottawa 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Definately at the top of the deadbeat daddy list would be this character. The mother of his child has tried for several years everything possible to have a healthy relationship with him for the sake of her children. With his anger issues and not being able to keep it in his pants, he will never amount to anything. He harbours underage, runaway girls at his apartment who willingly give it up to him. He is the most manipulating,pathetic excuse of a father that there is. He cheated on the mother of his child , countless times with over 20 different girls since they first met. Nobody every has anything good to say about him and he really wonders why ? If he was even half of the man that his father is, he would do just fine in life. Begging, borrowing and stealing is the way he survives instead of doing like every other normal person out there and getting a job. If Hannah is able to go out and get a job and raise her kids fulltime on her own , what is his sad excuse for not being able to be a even part time dad ? Isn’t it pathetic he calls it BABYSITTING when he is asked to spend time with his own child. His weed addiction and underage bitties have always been his priority and always will be. Lets be real here, I gave him endless chances to step up and grow up but a loser like this will never change.

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Dominos Slore

December 10, 2014 Ottawa 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: this gurl works downtown at dominos she sleeps with her boss as well as manager to keep her job. She does favor for customers in the washroom at work for tips sleeps with the delivery drivers for rides places and is disrespectful as fuck to customerrs. she wears tite pants that show her ass at work and acts like a tramp. this girl needs to be fired her pizza tastes like ass, i went in once and the pizzaa was almost as grosse as she is. she a homeless loser bum rideau kid . she is adickted to blow , well your downtown go to clarence street and get all ur diseases and infections cured.

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