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Richard Loiselle

November 21, 2014 Ottawa 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik, I TRULY thought I would never meet someone so vile. I also never imagined posting on this site until I met this sleazy bastard. I’m a little shocked I haven’t seen the dirty son of a bitch on here. His name is Richard Loiselle. Richard is a 25 year old “man”, who prays on the young and old, single or married. I recently just broke up the guy after I found out he had 87 + women on the go. He has told each of these women that he loves them and they would “make cute babies”. He is jobless and He lies about becoming an OPP Officer. I’m sure its to make himself sound good for the next lady to come along. Richard has been engaged once or twice all resulting into failed relationships due his lack of loyalty and honesty and lack of being a decent human being. He will claim that every girlfriend he has had cheated on him but reality it is him cheating on the girls. When I caught him, his excuse to me was that he craves the attention from other women but his therapist suggests he wasn’t loved enough as a child. He is on every social media site imaginable. Zoosk, POF, Facebook, Whisper etc. and its all for the next fck. Do to his infidelity, he has caught ch**dia more than twice and he now has it AGAIN!! Although,he hasn’t done earth shattering things.. This scum of the earth needs to be put on blast so women know to stay away from him!! GIRLS, HE WILL HURT YOU AND ABUSE YOU. HE WILL GIVE YOU EVERY drd/S*I IMAGINABLE.RUN AWAY- RUN FAR AWAY FROM THIS TRASH!

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Tia Oakley

November 21, 2014 Ottawa 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, Round Of Applause To The Mother Who Has 1 Child In The Care Of The Biologicial Fathers Family Because She Was To Busy Being A Drug Addicted Escorting Cum Dumpster Than To Actually Care For The Child , While The Bio Father Does Crack And Still Had Time For His Kid. This Ottawa Is Tia Oakley If You Haven’t Heard Of Her She Jumps Around Vanier Often ! She Went From Jj To Mute To Kid To Hb To Phil & Many More Just To Name A Few Her Beautiful Escorting Name Was AMY, She Worked For Pink Kitty. Guarenteed This New Kid Will End Up With The Fathers Parents Or CAS, She Will Be Too Interested In Getting Her Nails Done To Be A Cum Dumpster Again With Niki Donovan ( Been On Here For Being A Falldown Mother/ Escorting Cum Dumpster ) Hopefully Tia Doesn\’t Go Back On Crack.. She May Need The Coke To Loose Weight. She Is Constantly Talking To Other Guys On Facebook And Just Everyone Who Knows Her Needs To Keep There Man On A Leash. Tia Oakley Is Back Ladies & Gentleman With Another Child For Society So Round Of Applause To This Fall Down Piece Of Shit Who Followed In The Footsteps Of Her Mother lol

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Flat Ass Pro

November 21, 2014 Ottawa, Toronto 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this hoe tries to pretend that she hasn’t sucked and f*cked whole crews off. Her body count is over 50+ men from Ottawa-Toronto-States. She travels between these cities and fcks everybody and has no loyalty to anyone but the black d*cks she sucks. She’s a fat bitch disguising as thick on instagram with her pancake ass , living on disability and f*cking black men at her families home in Toronto. Complains that the drd medication doesnt limit your breakouts but yet still having sex with everybody. Get up off ur ass and work you no educated flat assed fcked up teeth bitch. Everyone calls you JAWS for a reason: UR fucked up teeth and the amount of head you give B*TCH!!!

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Meet Amanda Maria Muise

November 17, 2014 Ottawa 121

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s one dirty whore, Amanda Maria Muise… recently my bro and I went to her house which was as dirty as she was… did some lines and had some beers.. threw it out for a three some and off comes her laundry no questions asked, she new my bro had a gf and she f*cked him anyways. Watch out ladies, she’ll f*ck your man.

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Crazy Barkley

November 17, 2014 Ottawa 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alanna Barkley from the east end.People stay away she is fckin crazy with like major different moods swings.Has already one kids doesnt know who the daddy is and another on the way.

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Bucket Jen

November 17, 2014 Ottawa 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik , this is Jen chaput one of the dirties skankiest sluts in the west! She will spread her legs for anything as long as you buy her drinks soo she doesn’t have to spend her whole walfare check at a bar! All her kids are in school and can’t even get off her fat ass to work.. Ohh wait she’s too busy talking shit and gossiping about people she calls her “FRIENDS” ohh wait all her friends do the same to her WOW matches made in heaven! Man this girl is soo grimy she has oils and dirt pooring out of her poor’s.. Wears the same clothes day in day out … She rather suck dick and party then deal with her kids .. Try n pon them off every chance she gets…. Dirty mouth… Dirty house… Dirty girl… She carries every kind of sexual disease known to man and woman she thinks she’s better than anyone else .. But yet she’s on walfare and on housing…. Fck stupid slut…. Go give your kids the attention they need instead of thinking of yourself you dumb bitch.

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Dany Craigslist

November 17, 2014 Ottawa, Quebec City 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies beware of a man named Dany who lives in Quebec BUT he goes for women in other provinces so watch yourselves cuz he is one sick ass….He will make you feel wanted and try to get you to send naked pictures and God only knows where they end up…..maybe married as well….He is a serious jer so watch out….He is famous for going on Craigslist and other sites to find a victim

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Martyn Craig Aka the Potchink

November 14, 2014 Ottawa 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: this guy is very well known across the Ottawa area for his lack lustered b&e skills, his wanna be pot dealing status, his rampant drug use, stealing from friends and family and anyone else he can to support his drug habits. he is well known to police for his illegal activities and had a lengthy criminal record. he is known to date only girls who are less than legal preferring 13 to 15 year olds making him because he is 19 a pedo. there are so many people who he owes money to that would love to “chat” with him. drds run rampant through his body

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