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Supported by her Parents

December 19, 2014 Pittsburgh 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Ciara Moreschi…. A real winner…. This orange make up faced overweight fake blonde is in her early 20s however her phone and vehicle are provided by her parents whom she also lives with as she is an uneducated “Aspiring actress” lmfao. This gem works part time at buckle in the South Hills village Mall where she tries to pick up anyone and everyone regardless if she knows they live with their significant other or not. Once the victim (girlfriend or wife) of the man she is trying to desperately get w finds out and calls her out by messaging her…she has her parents Roy Broaddus and Lori Moreschi start calling and harassing the victim …. Even calling their work!!! Her latest victim simply asked her via text if she was carrying on a relationship with the victims 45 ur old boyfriend whom Ciara was caught sexting and openly admitting she didn’t care he lived w his gf. Ciara proceeded to not only deny the sexts which was ridiculous but then also proceeded to talk shit on the mans girlfriend and have her parents repeatedly call and harass the victim as well as call the victims work. It’s not a surprise that Ciara lacks responsibility, education, and ethics as her parents clearly have made her this way and are just as morally corrupt as she is. Watch out SHV shoppers cause she will definitely try to pick up your man even if you are there shopping with him!!!! See below for her profile pic on her “aspiring actress page”. Lol

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FaceTime Sloot

December 19, 2014 Pittsburgh 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slut has the nerve to FaceTime my husband while having sex with man how dare her I just want to rip her fcking head * this nasty old flat titty bitch old jelly belly cut by the way she lives in Carnegie pa

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Gym Slore of the 724

December 19, 2014 Pittsburgh 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. Im surprised this walking DRD hasnt been on this site yet! Her name is Rachel Katherine Heckman and you know her when you see her bcuz if she isn’t making out with random guys she just met in public places, you can’t mistake the smell of nut sack on this dumb bitch. First off, she’s batshit crazy. Crazy Rachel (Craychel) is 32 but acts like a desprate 15 y.o. She has no friends and it’s obvious why. She gets really clingy and tells “secrets” to you, like her obsession with panty liners and how she loves you. Then if she gets jealous or mad, she’ll message you threats over facebook then tell you later it’s because she’s on her period. She can’t hold a boyfriend bcuz she keeps sleeping with this gross creepy old married man that trains at the gym she works at. It’s nasty the way he “trains” her, he’s twice her age and it’s so obvious they are doing the nasty with their body language. She sends nude pictures of her ugly body to older male members of the gym. And constantly on social media changing her pictures just to get the attention of all the old ass guys she has as “friends”. Even when she does get a bf, they dump her bcuz she’s such a stupid skank who can’t stop sucking old floppy dick. Guys who dated her back in high school even say she’s a stupid slut. Craychel will hit on your husband or boyfriend when you’re not around and act like a scared little bitch when another female shows up. She’s so trashy, she runs her mouth about everyone and even name calls girls behind their back at Wal-Mart but won’t really say that shit to your face. She also is a favorite of that pervert “photographer” Wes Connors (who is also on this site!) if that tells anything more about her. Everyone needs to be warned about Craychel the smelly gym slore bcuz nobody likes a crazy hoe! Please post her on here, you’d be doing the public a favor.

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Meet Wheeling WV’s Drama Sloot

December 18, 2014 Pittsburgh, West Virginia 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this class act, also known as Heather-Harris Thompson likes to think people are after her whenever they can care less. Instead of confronting her problems, she blasts peoples full names on social networking websites without knowing the whole story. Especially people she doesn’t know! She likes to also do the thinking for her brother as well. She likes to pull people she doesn’t know into her drama. So this is her own karma. Until she takes her youtube and other dirty account down this will stay up. It’s only fair. NO ONE IS AFRAID OF HER NASTY ASS. SHE NEEDS TO LEARN HOW TO GROW UP AND OH YEA PAY HER BILLS! SHE OWES PEOPLE MONEY AND CAN’T COME UP WITH IT. She is by far the nastiest ugliest ratchet bitch in wheeling. She can’t even keep her own damn kids I wonder why? Oh and she let a dog die in a fire. SICK NASTY BITCH. DON’T MAKE FRIEND’S WITH THIS PIECE OF NOTHING.

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NikkI Oleksa

December 15, 2014 Pittsburgh 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet the nastiest trash around Nikki oleksa. She recently got out of rehab and was injecting herself with testosterone. She dated body builder derek marr and cannot get over the fact derek is dating a prettier girl now. Nikki also went to jail multiple times check her arrest record. She has no tits and a botched face now with pimples from testosterone. She stalks all her exes and tried committing **e. She sleeps with all the nasty body builders. She makes a fool of herself at the gym and smells like asshole. She got her tires slashed by cloey lewis (on here too) thats when nikki went to fight her at the dive bar. Nik give this nasty sore a wakeup call.

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Fake Flaviano and Loser Lewis

December 15, 2014 Pittsburgh 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet pittsburgh’s two biggest sluts in pittsburgh cloey lewis or “cloey ann” on facebook,and sarah flaviano or “sarah liberty” on facebook. They are both nasty as hell and are escorts. Cloey is a sever living at home with her parents and sarah is a smut stripper in vegas and pittsburgh still escorting every night. both are the biggest coke heads I ever met plus alcoholics. sarah thinks shes cool for smoking pot every hour.Cloey works at the dive bar and has been known to go home with guys for the right price funniest thing about all of this is these two can’t stand each other. Cloey was arrested for fighting her dad and sarah was arrested for selling drugs. Cloey and sarah have had immature drama since high school and won’t grow out of it at 23. Cloey thinks she’s all that. she has an ugly tiny body and a weird face. Sarah has a weird face and thinks she’s hott from her fake tits and bleaching her hair. Sarah went to punch cloey before in high school and these two losers can’t get over it years later and stalk each other. they have a lot more in common than they think both do blow,escort,and were bred from smut training aka north allegheny. Both these losers need real college degrees and to stop escorting.

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Husband Lover

December 15, 2014 Pittsburgh 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fat 300 lb bitch seems to only take selfies of her face because she dont want you to see whats goin on other places. bitch needs jenny craig fosho, she f**ks men in relationships and who are married with families, desperate as f**K.sleeps with dudes first day has a sloppy p***y needs labiaplasty. she gave my friend herpes n constantly pops pills. got pregnant dont even know who the baby daddy is. she flopps betweeen men n women, but no men seem to want her past the first night so she keeps a butch dyke on the side, she is a psycho delusional manipulative cunt. she is from the delmont area. honey boo boo and mama june

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Graduate Student of Molecular Cellular Biology

December 12, 2014 Pittsburgh 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rachel Coombs is a dirty nasty freak bitch. I met her online and she took me right back to her house she shares with two roommates and f*cked and sucked like there was no tomorow. Good thing she’s a biology major with the go***rea she passed along to me. I needed to rounds of antibiotics to rid my rod of this broad … She should have left that shit in San Fran!

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