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Frankie the Fraud

December 19, 2014 Raleigh-Durham 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Frankie Mosier. A practically teenage trash bag residing in Pikeville NC She has slept with over 25 people in our town. She is constantly on social media bragging about how she can twerk and how good she looks and everyone is hating on her. She sends out nude pictures to practically anyone who asks for them. The one here she sent to a random guy after 2 days . She was pregnant here. She starts random fights with females because her babies father doesn’t want to be with her. So anyone he talks to she harrases and says their ugly and makes up a whole bunch of shit to post on Facebook. Lol. She’s a train wreck. She works at Hardees and lives with her mom and dad. She sounds money one cigarettes instead of buying formula for her child. But brags about having wic. She talks like she’s from the ghetto. She got blasted for having herpes (which she then tried to day she was CURED of lmfao) Then she posts a fake Google picture of clean test results (for chlamydia only) and when someone called her out for not posting her name she said it wasn’t worth her time. Obviously lying lol. It’s a well known facts, she already had admitted to it publicly once. Someone needs to take her of her high horse. She’s ugly ass shit has a nasty body and no tits at all. Throwing her vagina around and thinking ththat means she’s hot shit. Someone send her a PSA lol. She’s to bust being delusional to get some help.

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Pepsi Monster Sylvia

November 20, 2014 Raleigh-Durham 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Being a bat shit crazy alcoholic, pathological liar, cocaine addict and prostitute isn\’t enough to drive the dick away, let me tell you that’s the least of your worries with this bird looking bitch. Ill admit I make mistakes, I give people the benefit of the doubt alright? Take my advice and don’t. I hooked up with this crazy bitch at her boyfriends house twice, while the boyfriend was there. (haha) All fun and games until I found out she has type H*V-2 genital drd. It was bad enough I had to get fucked up to get a half chub for the slut, but it sure as fuck was not worth it after I saw the drd positive paperwork. Nothing worse than herpes infested beef curtains and a pussy wider than my left ass cheek. I’ll give the girl credit though, with a nose like that you will never need a bottle opener. The name goes by Sylvia Concepcion, dont say you wasnt warned Cary.

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Christine the Dream

November 13, 2014 Greensboro, Raleigh-Durham 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this is Christine the drd queen she’s your local 23yr old nite club door girl skank who goes from one club owner to another giving the gift that keeps on giving with no remorse or care in the world until she gives it to you then she try’s to flips it around and tell you how she wants to marry you and have your kids and meanwhile she\’s texting and calling all theses dudes but as usual there just her friends (with benefits) and how every guy has treated her bad and that her parents hate her but the real reason is because they want support her and she’ll slowly try to move that in on ya and make you pay for everything while she spends her money on anything she likes.

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Thot of Wilson

November 10, 2014 Raleigh-Durham 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: She is the biggest THOT of Wilson nc. She sleepa with other guys on the regular and is currently in a relationship. As long as I have known her she has been like this. I can’t even tell you how many guys she has sleep with on a daily bases. Shit is unreal. If you want a quick fck this is the girl to go to but please rap it up fellas. It would not surprise me if she is out here giving people drd’s. I have meet plenty of thot’s in Wilson. But I have never meet a super THOT till I meet Stephanie. She has a daughter and she is doing this kind of stuff around her child. Wow. What a bad mother.

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Lock Up Your Daughters From Larry Pulliam

November 6, 2014 Raleigh-Durham, The Dirty 137

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Larry Pulliam of Pulliam Properties Inc. in Asheville, North Carolina. He is a 61 year old pervert who uses the sugar baby/sugar daddy site Seeking Arrangement to lure in underage girls for paid sex. He claims to be a good Christian man who recently went through a divorce and can’t date within his home town because of his crazy ex-wife. He is a disgusting pig looking to have sex with girls that are barely a few years older then his own DAUGHTER.

What a strong GoPro.- nik

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Alex Is Not A Proud Mexican/Latina

October 18, 2014 Raleigh-Durham, The Dirty 85


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Alex claims to be proud Mexican/Latina but always bleaches her hair, frequently wears blue contacts, and only dates white non-Hispanic guys. She also works at a strip club (as a cocktail server) and spends all her free time drinking, smoking weed, and making fun of blacks and Asians on social media. If she had saved up for a nose job instead of getting prison style tattoos and piercings she could have been attractive.

You know life is rough when your tattoos look like stretch marks.- nik

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Cierra Crockett- Rocket Jumper

October 15, 2014 Raleigh-Durham 8


THE DIRTY ARMY: To any and everybody who has and is sleeping with Cierra Crockett read this entire post.she gets with men because she wants a free ride in life,she wants to stay home on her ass or ride the roads spending your money. As long as your giving it to her she loves you and worships the ground you walk on,but when you put bills and priorities first she says she needs a break or that you aren’t ready to commit.everyone who knows me, knows im a good guy who tries to help everyone I can.she seen that and tried to take me for granted.she has a two yr old son that she lets run wild,and only disciplines him when she’s around other people ,so that she seems like a good mother. She lets him go hours with a wet or soiled pamper because she relys on others to change it for her.she doesn’t work or go to school and shes still too lazy to port train hin.her son hadn’t even known me for two hours and she would tell him that’s your daddy,tell him to change your pamper and fix you some milk,mommy is buisy on facebook. She claims she’s been raped by every bf she has ever had just because they dont want to be with her stinking loose monkey. Supposedly her baby’s father raped her andcThats how her son was conceived. But she still takes her son to stay with him. if It was true,what parent in there right mind would let there son stay weeks at a time with a rapist,weather it’s his father or not. Oh yea and her dad sapposidly gang raped her with his friends but she loves him so m much she lets him keep her son anytime.she bounces back a forth from Raleigh,Nc to morganton ,Nc in the mountains to use her ex gf for all she’s worth.she makes the girl think she lovesvger so much,just so she can kuve somewhere free. All of her family in Nc has disowned her because shes a purple crayon puller.and they refuse to raise a mixed baby.he’ll she doesn’t wanna raise him herself.sorry excuse for a human being

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Sketch As They Come

October 14, 2014 Raleigh-Durham 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: OK. Let’s go ahead and just sum this up. THIS 25 YEAR OLD KID, is still stuck at home living off his mom and whoever else is willing to support his coked out drug habits. He has nothing going for him. He can’t hold a job, he can’t keep a steady girlfriend… I’m sure being a broke dude with no ambition OR CAR, helps. All I’m saying is, let it be known, Ladies & Men, stay away from this dude. He steals and is fake as they come. He claims to deal coke and all types of shit but somehow still takes the bus. Maybe you should find a new hustle, GRIZZ DOG AKA CALVIN JOHNSON.

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