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Erika Mesa

December 18, 2014 Reno 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Erika Mesa is a dirty shank. She fcked a different person every night and lies to every single one of them saying they were the only ones. She never cleans up after herself so boys watch out cuz she is not clean. And when she takes off all her makeup you’d better run to the hills cuz she won’t be the same person.

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Kristy Howell

December 17, 2014 Dirty Mugshots, Reno 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: renos best mom cant seam to stay out of jail nik this dope head cant stay off dope she is going to drug court and is on paper she also has hepatitis Frome slamming this bitch needs to get off the shit and start taking care of her kid instead of looking to get high

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Clepto Nick Esparza

December 12, 2014 Reno 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nick Esparza is the biggest little long haired punk POS in Reno. He acts super nice but its all a front and he deserves to be exposed. I had just met Nick and he seemed so nice, it all was so perfect but not long after we were together he stole from me, and people close to him like it was no big deal. He always said “well fck it if it gets us by baby” but that was all bullshit when he started stealing from me and my family. Nick Esparza you are a sleazeball and nobody else should have to deal with your BS shenanigans. Nothing else, its that simple, Nick Esparza is a clepto thief and thinks its OK for some reason.

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Mike Wagner aka Mike Acosta

December 12, 2014 Las Vegas, Reno 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is evil. i was in a 2 year relationship with him and helped him get his license, get him a job, do the things needed to join army, paid for his family to go to boot camp graduation, was 100% loyal and faithful, stay in shape was super adventurous sexually and i just discovered that while he was asking to marry me… BEGGING, he was hooking up with girls abd trannies behind my back. thats hurtful and dangerous to cruise okcupid, craigslist, datehookup etc and sleep with whatever will take you. he could of given me any number of diseases. we had unprotecte sex all the time. the most hurtful part of this is he wanted to get married and asked me to have my sons call him dad. thank goodness i didnt tell them too. they were close to him. and the fact he was screwing alllllll these people and risking my life made me decide that he needs to be exposed. he made less than me and i thought he paid his mother rent so i always paid for things. theyre poor, and i am a successful business owner that works my ass off but i wanted to make their life happier. i later found out, not only did he not pay rent, he didnt even pay his car insurance or his cell phone. and his mom is like, welfare poor and he spent money on hookers and workout supplements. his real name is michael s wagner aka mike acosta or mike jiminez from vegas and henderson but lies and says hes from new york. this is for public safety

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Couple of the Year

December 2, 2014 Reno, Wichita 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik the douchebag on the right slept with his psycho gf on the lefts sister. Droski is back at it with sisters again. The question is- did she deserve it for playing him their whole relationship, or is he the almost 30 year old who won’t ever grow up or learn how to treat a woman? Also the sister, not significant enough to be pictured, is an escort as droski himself admitted, revealing that he has a special thing for escorts (since he posted on thanksgiving about Olivia and we know hes tapping that again) which makes every man wonder…WTF why man? Higher risk for disease, just plain dirty, and almost all of them are psycho or with daddy issues….Droski get a clue-ski

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Reno Cleat Chaser

December 2, 2014 Reno 43


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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl right here, Haley Gadsby, is the biggest whore! She has slept with the entire UNR football team and sends them all the same nudes! She thinks that it is attractive to sleep with a football player and then brag about it. Guess what whore? We all talk to each other and we only talk to you because you put out! You should do something with yourself like get a job or a car or maybe your own place, instead of living with mommy and daddy! You are so disgusting and your nipple piercings are not attractive at all!! Please take all of this into consideration and stop sleeping with the whole football team. Have some self respect and recognize that all we want is pussy and you\’re so easy to give it to us all..

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Trying to be a Player

December 1, 2014 Reno 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: ok nikki this B%$ch Holli Marie right here uses her looks too get what she wants outta guys shes a stripper at the spice house and does lots of drugs even while pregnant she still continues to do it …iv asked her plenty of times if she can just get a real job she just yells and says she makes more money . but in realty she don’t she barley comes home with shit ….she loves to drink a lot and be all flirty with every single guy that walks thru a bar…WATCH out she will get with u and then rip your heart out ..she plays victim so much im surprised she dont got her own bag of chalk …. but yea nik this bitch is phsyco beyond help

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Lying Whore of Reno and Lodi

November 19, 2014 Reno 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: I dont know what gets more action, this girls vag or the 7 eleven doors, and boy does it stink 3 states over! This girl has quite a collection of trashy facebook pictures, can we talk about a FIVEHEAD, and nudes floating through the web and peoples conversations. She is way too confident for being a stick, only accomplished by meth and an anxiety pill addiction. But thats not all, oh no, she has to be one od the most terrible mothers known to man. She never has proper clothing on her children and theyre always in the hands of other people. Including druggies. 8 out of 10 times her kids are with someone else, but that doesnt stop her from posting as many pictures of her kids as she can during the short visitation time. When she is visiting there is sure to be bongs and paraphernalia in the desert form in reach of her girls. She would rather just go out and drink and do drugs. This girl is a pathological liar who is scared of any sort of confrontation to the point of sending her bitches on to the people shes upset with. She is so fake because she will act like everyone is great in person then will have people spam you with random nonsense to the point of harassment. The funny thing about that is that she can blame it on others while continuously acting like a victim. She is the quickest to accuse you of all these crimes right after she committed them. Guilty conscious? Because she sits on her ass all day spending her mans money and having sex with her “best friend” she has time to attempt to turn everyone against each other. It really just makes her look dumb. She tries to get a reaction out of everyone , and to a point she does, but nothing more than a laugh. She pretends her marriage is all grand, whilw going out letting other men mess with her ass. She can flash her mans money everywhere and needs to think about vaginal reconstruction surgery. That pussy claps with every step. But that pussy I guess aint that bad, sence shes gettin it on with her sister in law while on molly an a xanax cocktail. Long nipple no titty havin as bitch! Shave your cooch next time you wear yogas.

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