Manchild Williams

October 13, 2014 Richmond, West Virginia 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this man child is a liar, a cheater, and a thief. I have him on two account of identity theft.he has been unfaithful to every female he has been with including me. He promises love and life, instead he steals your credit card and bank account info while fucking a ratchet hoe in the bed he shares with another women. Beware of Richie Williams aka DJ Staccato.

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Hannah Graham’s likely Killer

September 22, 2014 Norfolk, Richmond, Washington 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik please expose Jesse “LJ” Mathew to the dirty army. This is the same scumbag who missing UVA student Hannah Graham was last seen alive with. He stalked this drunk girl and most likely raped and killed her. He has a white male friend and women who was also seen in the surveillance tapes. Please dirty army if you know something go to the cops yo get justice for this 18 year old girl. And don’t you dare fucking slut shame her because if it was your daughter we know you would be whistling a different tune. I don’t care how drunk a girl is or what she is wearing NOTHING justifies rape you pigs! Please get the word out Nik!

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Sara Shelton the Twitter Sloot

September 22, 2014 Norfolk, Richmond, West Virginia 8



THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is 19 year old sara shelton she sent nudes to my bf and likes to post nudes on twitter. find your own man

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Amay And Wuk Liu Sold Me A Fake Painting

September 22, 2014 Dirty Business, Richmond 0


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Amay and Wuk Liu Sold me a fake painting supposedly from China, and supposedly famous!  Supposedly the painting was one of the original ones of Mao Zedong, Former communist leader of China. Bought it for the rip-off price of $570………. ONLY AFTER…. I could talk old Wuk down to $570. ORIGINALLY HE WANTED $800. Sketchy couple they are that Amay and Wuk! Screw them! Seriously! They were told by police and notified on September 19, 2014 they cannot sell any paintings and things like that out of the store! Because they were illegally doing it !

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Zee’s Salon And Day Spa Are Nothing But Rip Offs

September 22, 2014 Dirty Business, Richmond 0


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Zee’s Salon and Day Spa are nothing but rip offs and the owner Zee is the worst. She acts like she doesn’t know what you’re talking about and tells you one price on the phone and then another price in person. You feel like you’ve walked into a sales pitch as soon as you sit down in your chair to have something done. They immediately start hounding you on products and asking you to “like” their various internet pages! Facebook, etc. I have been here twice and both times I didn’t like it. Friends of mine have also come here and didn’t like it…. I have spoken to at least 3 individuals who all said this place is a rip off and you can find better places in town! Its the truth! AND WATCH OUT! YOU WILL GET A CUTICLE INFECTION HERE! When they put on your fake nails its the worst! They don’t even pay close attention. They just slap them on! Cuticle infections can be serious!! Its called paronychia Look it up!!

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Heid Jo Rick Finally getting treated

September 8, 2014 Norfolk, Richmond 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Heidi has been posted on her multiple times for her DRDs and unfaithful ways. This time she has been admitted to the hospital for observation. Hopefully she had her fungus and reoccurring sores treated. Included in the fool who has been infected by her.

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Katherine Lynch

September 2, 2014 Richmond 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Clover Hill, class of 2003. She was apparently popular in high school and sought after by guys, so still thinks she is hot shit. She cannot get and keep a boyfriend of her own, though she has a house and a good job, so she tries to steal others boyfriends and husbands. She got dumped by one married man she pursued, and he ended up telling his wife. The wife actually came into this whore’s work and got in a fist fight with her, and almost got this whore fired. She loves to hit up guys in relationships on Facebook and try to lure them over. The thing is, whatever she has to offer must not be so great, because nobody leaves their girl for her, or even comes back for seconds. She is extremely catty and mean, and enjoys trying to tear other peoples’ relationships apart. She is also a drunk and chugs Four Loko and does a lot of drunkbooking/drunk-texting. Anyone else have any experience with this nasty bitch?

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Watch Out For This British Weasel

June 26, 2014 Hollywood, Richmond, The Dirty 53

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is ANTHONY KONDEATI.  This British weasel is a piece of sh*t! I worked with Anthony and he constantly grabbed my ass. I noticed he is now in America. Just make sure to keep your eyes open. He assaults you, especially if you are blonde. GROSS!

It’s ok to trim the eyebrows bro… this is America.- nik

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