Kelsey Rivera

October 20, 2014 Sacramento 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kelsey Rivera is your typical bum prostitute that sucks d*** for drugs and money. She gave one of my friends the cl*p. You will see her with random guys she claims is her “brothers” in LA, Tahoe, and the bay area. She has a new boyfriend every few months and immediately moves her bum ass in and mooches like a leech. She looks like Drake, and has a muscular man body. She claims shes “God’s Gift”, hence the tattoo she has blasted on her. If God intended to gift sacramento with drd infested prostitute escort drug addict, then we are doomed. She walks around with this hard thug front, but when people have had enough and confront her panics and hides. She’s all talk and aint about shit she claims. If you ever see a girl walk in who has a permanent stripper walk, dressed like a prostitute off watt ave, and looks like Drake… vacate immediately!

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Monique Sirens

October 15, 2014 Sacramento 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is a deity fck hooker she will steal your money call her and tell her u know her game1 . such a wannabe

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Pathetic Attention Seeking Taylor

October 14, 2014 Sacramento, The Dirty 103


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Taylor Harris. To say I feel bad for her is an understatement. She is constantly getting back together with her loser boyfriend Jeremy who constantly cheats on her and f*cks around with anyone that walks. She posts about how “in love” they are everyday and he doesn’t even admit they are together. When they go out together and she isn’t looking he will try to hit on girls and try to get their number so they can sleep with them afterwards. It’s pathetic!! How many times can you break up and get back together????  When they do breakup all she talks about is how happy she is without him but She is so desperate for attention that she posts nasty pictures of her fat ass and her face from the same damn angle on Instagram. She always posts sh*t for people to tell her how pretty she is even though she needs to remove that thing she calls a chin.  She hangs out with a whole bunch of dudes and gets so trashed she will hook up with anyone so she can feel wanted. She thinks she is gods gift to men but in reality she needs to lose like 30 pounds, get a nose and a chin job and fix her teeth.  She has f*cked over so many of my guy friends. She will text them all the same exact thing and doesn’t even realize that guys talk too. Please warn people about this white trash fake ass bitch!!!!!  NO ONE WANTS YOU TAYLOR!!!

That is not a strong ITG.- nik

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No Damsel in Distress

October 13, 2014 Sacramento 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this broad is Monica Graves, she goes by the handle of Melody in her posts on Backpages, under escorts you can find her ad “Damsel in Distress”, where she asks men to help her out cuz she just lost her job and yada yada yada! The ho hasn’t had a job other than being a “Ho”. She is a skank, liar, manipulative, and a ROB! She will tell you that she is just a part time ho, set you up steal ur car and go straight to the casino. She’s an alcoholic, bag Ho, that says she’s in her 20′s but is really 30, she used to be kinda hot but the alcohol and drugs have left her fat and her face all poked up! Stay far away from her and watch ur car keys and wallet. Cuz she is a ROB!

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Justin Fleck Is A Loser

October 13, 2014 Sacramento, The Dirty 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this pathetic excuse for a man attacked a woman because he threw a tantrum, requiring this poor girl to be hospitalized. What man lays his hands on a woman out of a fit and runs away when their dude gets back… oh yeah a cowardly p*ssy like this guy.  Most dudes would beat your ass you’re so lucky no one has… for now.  He thinks he has intelligence but really can’t even spell.  You’re a miserable human with NO FRIENDS.  He’s a dangerous person because he lies so much he doesn’t know what is real anymore. A true psychopath. I’m so embarrassed for him, maybe he’ll stop looking like a tweaker who has been using for twenty years….

What is with the Ebola backgrounds?- nik

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Amanda Baird

October 13, 2014 Sacramento, Scottsdale 17



THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Centerfolds stripper Amanda Baird who has a son in elementary school. This post is her wake up call. She just got this ugly tattoo in addition to taking her clothes off for money. Amanda your son is getting older and so are his peers. How would you feel if you were in high school and all your friends rubbed it in your face that they saw your mom naked? Or when he goes to college how are you going to feel when you strip and fuck his friends and they rub it in his face? Time to grow up and be a mom to your son! Get a real job and some self respect!

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Taylor Harris

October 13, 2014 Sacramento 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh dear god please help this pathetic ass woman. All she ever talks about is her amazing man. If only she knew he will fck anything that walks behind her back. They break up so often I have lost track. He will try to hook up with anyone and when they are together he won’t even acknowledge her and his own. It’s really sad and I feel bad for her but she will continue to fight for her and claim they are sooo in love. BITCH PLEASE, he tries to get with anyone and everyone when she’s not looking so save yourself the embarrassment of telling people how happy you are together. Can someone please get it through her head? You are fat and ugly and need to realize this. No one wants your fat ass and no one wants your “same angle selfie” face. You are nothing but an attention whore who seeks love from anyone who will give it. How patheticalky sad. I also heard she’s got a loose pssy so who the fck you tryna fool taylor? No one. So step the fck up and admit you are a basic bitch.

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Would You

October 13, 2014 Sacramento, San Diego, Westside-AZ, Would You? 21




THE DIRTY ARMY: Alex claims to be proud of her Mexican/Latina heritage but always bleaches her hair, frequently wears blue contacts, and prefers white non-Hispanic guys. She works at a strip club (as a cocktail server) and spends her free time drinking, getting stoned, and making fun of blacks and Asians on social media. Nik, if you were single and she got a rhinoplasty, removed the piercings and lasered away the prison style tattoos, would you? She’s 21.

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