Skeet Skeet Sally

April 22, 2014 Sacramento 5 8,673 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dirty scab is a regular at The Maple. She can be found getting sloppy and cheating on her husband with bar patrons here. She runs her mouth about being better than everyone. She drives a broke down car, lives in dirty apartments. She doesn’t work and is proud to say she gets state aid. She is doing so good in life that she always bitches about not having money. But, she seems to use her state funded money on tattoos. They look like shit and half of the are bible quotes. Her next one should be ” Thou shalt not cheat on thy husband. She has no friends and I’m sure I know why. She seems to be an attention slore and will get down with whoever. Nobody uses the restroom after her and the bar stool gets sanitized after she leaves. Her teeth are busted, her face is 20 years older than she is and she looks like a joke. I think whoever did her tattoo work was having a seizure while holding the needle. When will Sally learn, she isn’t better than anybody? Talk is cheap and so is her crusty crotch.

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Your Average Slore

April 22, 2014 Atlanta, Sacramento 12 5,883 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik.This slore right here is Stephanie Archie Tresca. You can find this slore all over fb instagram and sacramento.It is not hard to find her just follow the fish smell and empty pill bottles. She has even been arrested for prostitution.She has two kids by 10 different guys lol. She needs to stop leaving her kids with everyone. She has ** and drd.Please expose this walking example of Sac trash

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Sac State Noodle

April 21, 2014 Sacramento 10 6,173 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl Mae was in my English Class and we made out a few times and she fcked everybody in my class and she’s a fuking hoe like she will use you and then dispose you like a piece of meet! Fck her! But if you want a good time, she’s a hoe she will fck anyone.

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Heartless P.O.S

April 16, 2014 Sacramento 43 6,321 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy sleeps with different women every weekend picking them up drunk from bars. he has a so-called girlfriend who put him through barber college right after he paroled from prison and he promise to pay her back but never did . while having this girl friend who does everything for him he has a another girl living with him while his main girls house is used for a storage unit. He cuts hair at marios barber shop in Roseville and spends all his money (which isn’t much) on vicodin. If you see this guy ladies walk the other way fast. He is very good at juggling multiple women. . Oh yeah he thinks he is black and his d@$! Is nothing to write home about.

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Dan Klatt

April 14, 2014 Citrus Heights, Sacramento 77 10,495 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Dan Klatt. He will have you believing he’s a hard working and a dedicated father of a 4 year old little girl who he has sole custody. Sounds great, right? He’ll make you feel special and then he’ll disappear for a couple of days saying he’s working. Don’t be fooled by the flowers, him inviting you to watch him play softball, or even him cooking you dinner….its all lies. He will invite you and then forget to give you the details so you end up not getting to go. It’s all an act. Then come to find out he’s got a total of four children total, 3 in Idaho. Supposedly the children were taken away by CPS. All a lie just so he wouldn’t have to face me….Im sure.

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Butte County Sloot

April 14, 2014 Sacramento 2 9,606 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is KARISSA TRUBY the biggest shitbag slutbag bitch i know. She works as a masseuse with happy endings. She once did some DIRTY ass shit for $10 because shes a hard up bag whore who is also pill’ed out and has a MAJOR addiction to me*h and h*roin. She sleeps with everyones boyfriends and she will be so quick to jump on someones dick if they wave any kind of sack in jer face. I have known her for years and NO GOOD comes fron this bitch. Its about that time to expose the real dirty of the dirty. This broad probably has an drd they havnt even discovered yet. WATCH OUT for this dirty in the 530. Shes a dum bitch who needs to be stomped out bc shes blown out, washed out, and sure the fck shOt Out. she will let ANYONE booty bop that ass if u have the right sack on you . I dont knoe why she hasnt been BLASTED on here yet. Shes ur typical Candace Lang . Despite, foul, ugly, and fcks everything and anything.

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Steven Birdsong AKA Captain Skinny Greg

April 11, 2014 Sacramento 65 9,447 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Steven Birdsong… Also know as Dirtybirdie777 or Dirtybirdie. Sacramento/Natomas/Roseville native. This little midget likes to browse the personals on all the dating sites. He’s the shortest liar you’ll ever meet. He likes to act like he’s 5’10″, but truth is, he’s maybe 5’2″, because he’s eye level to my chest and I’m 6’2″. Lol. Lame! This little terd burglar says he’s single. Bull! I know damn well that he’s actually engaged. She has no idea he hooking up with hella work skanks. He’s got 2 kids and I’ve heard rumors that there’s another one he keeps hiding in a dungeon. (Dungeon was made up, but you get my drift, red headed step child business). I met him at my job when he started a few months back. I watch this little mini mac walk around like he’s hot shit, flirting with chicks. He’s sleeping with everyone he flirts with. Takes the longest lunch breaks and slacks off, leaving his work for everyone to finish while he tries to climb the next chick. Known fact. We’ve all seen it go down. He brags about it with his buddies like no one can hear. Little does he know, all his buddies talk mad shit about him once he walks away. This pint sized mini man is a pill popper. He has no problem handing out pain killers to feed your addictions, as long as yo’re willing to give him some head out in his little wannabe ‘Fast N The Furious’ BMW. His family are all a bunch of weekers. It’s sad really. I hear so many b*tches talking about their stories of how small his Greg is and that it’s the size of an infants finger. I’ve seen the dirty texts he sends the broads and the pictures of his micro penis. Nothin to be proud of bro. I think a 6 year old has got one bigger than you. This lil homie also snips the “trees” for some extra cash. He’s totally hooking up with the person he cleans a pool for. He buys his suits at Baby Gap and I think I saw him trying on shoes at Stride Right. Captain Skinny Dick here has no problem bein a dirty junkie with a lisp who will do whatever he’s gotta do to get all up in Sac Towns panties. So when you see this vertically challenged little man, feel free to ask him if he needs your toddlers booster seat so he can see out the window of his nifty little BMW. Make him double bag girls, it will keep ya clean and add some girth to that little pencil he’s got between his legs. Keep it classy Birdsong.

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Melanie Nisewanger is Elk Groves Loosest

April 11, 2014 Sacramento 81 9,548 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty thirsty skank right here is Melanie Nisewanger. This local Elk Grove native will bang anything that walks. Whether it’s a chick, a dude or a chick with a d*ck, this hoe will plop her fat stench of a p*ssy on it. This girl has been a hoe ever since high school and never truly gave up her sleezy ways. She’s slept with 6 of my buddies that I know of to date. Doesn’t matter if you’re married. She’ll still screw ya. She was banging one of my buddies for a while and he’s been married for a few years. His wife caught him and this b*tch didn’t bat an eye. This tall frumpy gutter slut gave him the c**p and he ended up giving it to his wife. I’ve seen this chick doin blow off some fools Greg in front of hella people at a party I was at. She acts like she’s the baddest b*tch around. But truth is, she’s a fat nasty hoe that has a cheesey lumpy looking p*ssy and you can smell the stench of death seaping from between her legs every time she walks by. No joke. I’ve smelled and seen some tasty p*ssy in my days. But this chick, doesnt shave her bush, looks like she’s always got fuzz and lice crawling around in her pubes. She has flashed her floppy lips around so many times, it looks like a twisted scene with that crazy tweeker in that movie Waiting… It can never be unseen. She has a thing about taking pics in the same damn angle. ALL THE TIME. Hold that camera up high and to your side girl, may make ya look skinny, but we all know you’re Jabba the Huts twin in real life. You should see this haggard hoe with no makeup on. Lol. Makeup does wonders. This giraffe bitch looks so ran through, that when she’s in a bikini, she looks like she’s birthed 20 cows. That belly is like a saggy set of cow utters. Bro, if you’re gonna lose your Greg in this skanks gaping hole, triple bag it and douse your chode in bleach afterwards. Everyone needs to watch out for this gutter slut, she’s a loose meat whore who ain’t afraid to show you what bugs she’s got multiplying in that muff. What do ya think Nik?

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