Stacey Rauls Regino

August 20, 2014 Houston, San Antonio 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch Stacy Raula Regino fukd her own best friend Matildas husband paul Soria how can she do that to her own best friend, she also fcked his brother manuel and their cousin franky. Look bitch stop crying what dont YOU understand Ram DONT LOVE YOU!!! his just tired of playing ur little games, u want him to support ur stupid daughter after what they did to him years back. Stacy u want people to think ur so innocent but ur not ur just a fcken bitch money hungry gives her ass for money.she’s not even divorce yet n have an old man living with her poor grandpa she’s just taking ur money away.and bitch y dont you say your story about Janies cousins frank Alaquinez n manuel soria n paul Soria they all fuked your ass..yes bitch their her cousins and paul Soria is your best friends husband.wht the fck what kind of best friend is that n keep it up bitch i have proof.ill put them up here in this web.if you keep it up!

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Dickhead Cheater

August 20, 2014 San Antonio 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this asshole is named antonio aka dj tone his says his a good dj but always steals shit from over djs. doesnt know wat the hellz his the way guys his has the smallest dick i every seen and his hairy as fck, oh his a straight cheater, his this stupid ugly ass girl thinking his all that n shit. but he cheats on her evry time he goes out he fcks his groupies. he ask gizl on fb to come out and see him, they get drinks which he provides to later take them out. the gf thinks he has change but never did sweetet check his phone. Btw if u have had sex with check yourself he doesnt use protection fckin sick he gave one girl. He lies to get u in bed where his own gf sleeps in. His one fckin asshole that needs to be caught asap..girl watch out unless u want tha dirty dick go for it.

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Petty Thief

August 20, 2014 San Antonio 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mark Payam Shayani attorney of Shayani Law Offices, 2012 till now Beverly Hills , Ca spent over a million dollars on his remodel but refused to pay his workers.

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Cheating Husband

August 19, 2014 San Antonio 10


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this man is name Matthew Guerrero and he is a deceitful man, he cheated on his wife twice with how’s he found over Facebook and took nude photos of himself to different hoes while still living with his wife and kids he his filthy pig who is just after another piece of pussy he can get his dick on!

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Neighbourhood Rat

August 19, 2014 San Antonio 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Im putting this Whore named Lisa Mejia formerly known as Lisa San Miguel on Blast. My Friend and Lisa have been long time friends since high school and they became really good friends. My Friends husband who’s name is David Jones later married my Friend and stayed together for 24yrs. Back in Dec. 2009 Lisa met her fomerly known Boyfriend, Carlos Mejia and years later she married the guy. When she found out that my Friend was having marital problems, she decided she wanted to hit up on him even thou she was still married to her husband. Long story short, my Friend found out that Lisa has been having sex with David. Both still being married i think its disgusting that this WHORE has the nerve first of all to hit up on her Friends Man, and second of all to cheat on her Husband. To this Day, they still see each other but her Husband does not know that they’ve been having sex. I think this BITCH has to be Exposed and the Truth must come out. Here are some texts that Lisa and my Friends husband shared with each other. I also Failed to mention that My Friends Husband, David Jones, is also friends with Carlos Mejia, Wow, wut a circle of Disrespectful Whores!

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Gross Norma

August 18, 2014 San Antonio 32


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this thing goes by the name norma she is so disgusting was on my home boys face book when I saw her and thought she looked familiar turns out she was some hoe my home boy use to get his dick sucked from. She has like 4 kids she doesnt have no shame walking around like a slopapotimus in other words hippo.She really thinks she’s a dime..ha. home boy worked with her said she would always try talking to himbut all he wanted was some head. Atleast he stopped messing with her from what we hear at lackland that she has some thing.just look at her does she even shower? Oh and another thing she’s at the club with all her fat friends and that doesn’t make her look any better. I guess she picks ugly friends to try to make her self look better but not even that can help.

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Cruel Intentions

August 14, 2014 San Antonio 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: MEET OLIVA M GONZALEZ. this little dirty slut is close to the biggest and most sweetest cruel bitch in town. She goes all over san antonio with her groupies to get free drinks and attention because her boyfriend clearly isn’t good enough to tame her down. thats why she has repeatedly slept with a dj who has a girlfriend oh i forgot to say that THEIR ENGAGED. This dirty cunt slept with 4 guys while she waned the boyfriend he has now. She acts and trys to give the image that she’s cool and down to earth, but in reality she will talk behind your back. Her best friend now, she had a threesome with then she would talk shit about her,and anyone around her. She feels no happiness for anything around her who is succeeding in life. she hates her own. She wants to look like a classy rich lady but in reality she’s just a poor bitch. NO CLASSY LADY SLEEPS WITH YOUR FRIENDS MAN FOR YEARS BEHIND HER BACK THEN ACT LIKE YOU ARE BOTH FRIENDS AT CLUBS, THEN ASK YOUR BEST FRIEND TO JOIN THE FUN AND GET ANGRY AT THE WORLD BECAUSE SHE FUCKS BETTER. If you see this girl at clubs call her out for being a HOMEWRECKER!!!!

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Child Beater Update

August 14, 2014 San Antonio 76

THE DIRTY ARMY: i was wondering if anybody had any updates… i saw him downtown…so this guy was obviously bailed out of jail…. after giving a 4 year old child brain damage. smh

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