Ashley Ybarra

September 19, 2014 San Antonio 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ashley Ybarra is a hotel motel run down how who fcken fcks around with every one man…. Bitch don’t you got a man…SHE DONE SLEPT WIT HALF OF SAN ANTONIO THIS BITCH JUS WANT TO GET PREGNANT N LIVE OFF CHILD SUPPORT SHE REALLY NEED TO GROW THE FUK UP N STOP BEIN A LYIN ASS HO…. What u needs do is get a job u lazy lil whore find da real baby daddie n stick to ur man whoever he is…. Poor guy… Wonder if he knows that they ain’t his kids… Found pictures of this dirty slut in my husbands phone I managed to save one so every one i n San Antonio Texas know what a real low life food stamp how is trying to milk every man…. Gold digging whore

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Barbara J Perales

September 19, 2014 San Antonio 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This bitch from san Antonio tx likes ducking around with married men. I told this who’re to leave my man alone. She already ducked around with two of my friends husband’s and they found video and pictures of the bitch having sex with both. She needs to step the duck off and pay attention to her own man and quit dropping that add for dinner and drinks. Step the duck off you ducking slut.

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Deadbeat Dad

September 18, 2014 San Antonio 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This DEAD BEAT Calls himself a “dad” lmao he works at strip clubs and “try’s” to be a DJ and wack as party’s fuks any Nast ass pussy he can actually get and every time he gets his kid he dumps it with mommy and daddy! He beats his baby momma in front of his kid and and smokes weed in front of his kid too! Oh wow father of the year for DEAD BEATS! This loser walks around on house arrest and likes to post up pictures of his nasty ass leg with his monitor on it that he begged mommy to pay to get it takin off so he can just get right back on it! Lmfao what a fuckin loser you are Julian bernal! Oh and one more think my friends litter sister that’s like 13 said she fcked Julian and he had a abnormally small pee pee eww! So watch out ladies you will be disappointed Hahahahahahahahahah barf!

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Stephen Morales

September 17, 2014 San Antonio 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: I just want to remind people of San Antonio what a low-life piece of trash the man is. This guy has lied to his friends and women he’s talking to telling them he’s in law school and owns his own business. None of its true. Its a story so he can conn people out of their money!! He’s stolen items from his “best friends” and who knows how much cash from women. He’ll feed you whatever bullsh*t it takes to get money out of you. He fails to tell women that he’s currently married. he’s just a bum and LOSER with no job and no education, thinking its ok to steal from people who can actually make money on their own. This man has a daughter he abandoned and refuses to pay child support. He’s upset ALOT of people, so much, you can read the last post about him.

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Betty Arimendez

September 17, 2014 San Antonio 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty dirty rat Betty Arimendez better learn to mind her own Business and stop sticking her nose where it don’t belong! Little hoe next time you think of calling my man when you see him you better think again you nasty ass bitch. Stop trying to get fcked again slut. And plz stop posting nasty ass pictures of your wanga ass body you disgusting slut. Stay away from my man or else bitch. Ghetto ass hoe!

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Irma Lopez

September 16, 2014 Corpus Christi, San Antonio 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi-ya nik! This big nosed psycho bitch right here needs to be put on blast. She posted me up on thedirty last year bc she was jealous I was talking to her bbysdads mark l. Well truth is I knew him way before she stuck him with a child. This bitch was spying on my fb page trying to find out every little thing about me. She never had the balls to talk shit to my face but little did she know mark told me all about this mensa. He was trying to get away from her bc she was always making a big scene about everything. She needs a reality check with her big Jewish schmooze shes sporting looking all cock eyed. She made up lies about me just bc she was jealous tht I was talking to mark. Well honey if u didn’t worship the devil maybe he’d wanna be around more often… stupid grow the fck up lil girl. U have a kid and ur still acting like a hs girl. Me and mark were good friends but ur so hateful tht u cant let him breathe. So now u and ur big nose are going up on here for lying about me and my family.

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Elda Cardenas

September 15, 2014 San Antonio 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty bitch is chriselda cardenas. 38 years old and alone. no kids cause the guys were smart enough to either pull out or have her give them head before the money shot! beware! she claims she has everything, house, money, and the dumbass still lives with her mom and stepdad which I’m sure she has fcked already. her boyfriend, poor guy, got locked up cause of her and the whore could not wait to try and fuk his friends. I’m sure some of his friends did, she’s pretty slutty. she fcks anything that gives her some booze. she piles the makeup on her face to cover all the drd scars and puts black around her eyes to cover up the bags from staying up all night and day. she’s a mth head, crack whore, easy slut who would give it up to anyone that swings the glass dick or money in her face. I used to work with her and she gave the boss head in the bathroom! and he still fired her ass! she claims to be skinny and a trainer? sh’s got cellulite everywhere and the only thing she “trains” are dudes. beware guys and girls! this slut is known to go both ways once drunk enough. one guy at work said her pussy smells like fish and she had crust on her underwear. he let her give him head and got mad he wouldn’t do her. sick bitch needs a muzzle and disinfectant. last I heard she was living in sunrise off foster rd in san Antonio texas. if u want a iced up, cracked out, old lady, fishy, stank ass, crusty coochie than this be the hoe for you! I’d worry about sexually transmitted diseases

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Little Joy Alvarez

September 10, 2014 San Antonio 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Joy Alvarez, she lives in Somerset, TX, she is a bad mom with no morals. I’m sorry, but as a mother myself, I can’t stand seeing how she acts like a kid taking no responsibility for her actions. Joy, you have a child and all you do is take pictures of yourself like a Slut and pop pills. do drugs. Grow up, get a job, get a life, and take care of your son!

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